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Going Back in Time?

Posted By: MTbackwards on 2005-07-04
In Reply to:

Hey all! I have another side of the old MT coin for you!  Well, I got the nerve up to leave that BIG national that we all know and love.  I have a job with a company, actually 2, that is nice enough, but...I really miss the technology of the big nationals.  I can totally remember not having work via the internet, but what I had forgotten from "the good old days" were the days when your supervisor got to "load" you with work - whether it be those old tapes or pooling work to your C-phone.  THE PRESSURE!  Its been only a few months, but I hate this. I had forgotten the drudge of C-phones and dialing in, and then the game of having to finish all the work in your pool "or else"... One night I started at 9 pm and wasn't done til 7 am the next morning.  But I did it like a jerk. My husband was furious with me when he woke up and found me typing - when he realized I had not gone to bed the night before. He was like, just hang up! But i'm the perfect wimp personality for being dumped on - how could I hang up? The work was in my pool, or the tapes were in my desk.  Remember those days? I do remember those were the days when I used to make BIG $$$$ - the tapes and work pools that you absolutely had to do, or you got fired. Period.  But I don't like it, either! I am really stressed out again, and dread work each day. I tell my supervisor I only want to type around 500 lines a day, but I get double or triple that. I really hate it, and am getting really stressed out again.  Its funny to me as well, with all the talk of voice recognition and Indian MTs, there are still LOTS of companies out there who use C-phones and tapes no less!  So, I feel like I'm going back in time instead of forward! I just read an inspirational message on my Sparkle paper towels...I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails...shows a cute little fish, but I feel like I'm swimming backwards........................has this happened to anyone else?

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I would not do them back to back - I have done 2 and 3 jobs at the same time -- all PT - sm
It is possible to do of course but you will burn out fast. Now I do one almost FT (about 30 hours a week) and the other is about 8-10 hours a week-- I still get beat doing that and that is w/o set hours. I find that the older I get the harder it is to work late and I am only 40! But a mid afternoon 30-minute cat nap helps a lot in order to keep going on busy days.
Man, if I could only go back in time...

Once upon a time, back when I lived in a city, I worked three 12-hour overnight shifts at an answering service and was all by myself.  It was considered full time and had all the benefits that went with that.  Sometimes it was busy but most of the time not so much.  If I knew about transcription back then I would have totally double dipped!  All I did all night was either read, watch movies, or surf por...um...educational stuff.

Personally, I adhere to the "don't ask, don't tell" policy myself when it comes to these sorts of things.  So long as one doesn't interfere with the other, go for it.  Like I said, if I had the jugs for it, I'd totally be hooking up a boobie cam so I could earn a little sumthin' sumthin' while I typed away. 


I think it's about time we took it BACK.
There should be a stiff financial penalty to them for doing that, too.

So let's all remember that when we go to the polls in November!
Mine too and 3/4 of the time I have to look at his back
while he puts everying in the computer. It's impersonal, it's rude, and it's the way of the future.
I applied with them some time back.

I was interviewed and asked to test. The test recordings were so full of static and hard to hear that I decided the tests weren't worth the time or frustration. I sent the recruiter an email regarding the poor quality of the recordings and never heard another word from her. Has anyone else had the same experience with their test recordings?

This has actually happened to me some time back sm

I transcribed the report.  I didn't tell the doctor about it.  I didn't tell the little MTSO I worked for and I didn't tell my family member.  I have not ever disclosed any of the information I heard, either.  As a professional, I can't be "interested" in what I am doing, not in that way.  What is contained in the medical records is not my business either.  I transcribed the report as any other.  I have to say that the family member in question doesn't know I transcribed anything to this day, although it was years ago.  It was, and is, my job to produce accurate medical records and not to concern myself to whom they belong.

I have talked to other MTs that this has happened to and they all did exactly what I did.  As a fact, the MTSO above had this happen to her.  A friend had an abortion, but told everyone she had miscarried.  This MTSO had been working for someone else at the time and had transcribed a report that discussed the abortion.  She kept it to herself because it was the right thing to do.  A gal who was a nurse at the doctor's office knew both the MTSO and the woman who lied.  SHE was the one who broke confidentiality, but before all was said and done the MTSO had been blamed for it, her boss had been blamed for it and there was quite a stink, but the leak didn't come from the MT end of the equation. 

Done that, but it turns back off every time.
Is there a trick to keeping it on? Or did I maybe get the one messed up program?
Thanks for your feedback. Will see about adding back the time.
Thank you for taking the time to post back....sm
I'm sure he must be depressed, and my brother also. I'll bring up the subject to him and see if I can make him see that they are really needing some outside help here, more than we can do just as family members.  You bring up a lot of good points.  Thanks again. 
I know because we are back to the SAME argument but worse this time...
We have spoken today briefly. He is furious. He is saying everything is my fault, etc. I just told him I am tired of the bickering back and forth, that it is both our faults, and if he wants to do the bills he can have them - but I reminded him last time he was offered this but did not look at the bills one single time. What can I do? Nothing I don't think.
time it takes to hear back

General question for you all. I recently applied with a company that took a month getting me through their hiring process only to be told that one of their accounts dropped them so they could not hire any more MTs. Now I've applied somewhere else and interviewed, a company that sounds like a great company, but it's been about 7 days since the interview and have yet to hear back. I interviewed with them last Wednesday and was told that I would hear back one way or another by the end of last week. I sent a follow up email yesterday and have not heard anything. How long do these companies typically make you wait before hearing something back? How long before I should give up and apply somewhere else? Thanks.

I saw on this board a long time back
a suggestion that helped me. put the drugs in your Expander using maybe the first 3 consonants, ie, lidocaine is ldc. Sometimes i'll use 4 letters. for some shorter words i'll spell it out in expander, and cap if necessary. you may wish to make some exceptions to the rule too, ie for me, Neo-Synephrine is neos.
This is the last time I will post on this subject or back to you beacuse
you are most definitely a very unhappy person who needs something to fuss about...... It can never only cost 7.5% more because your social security and taxes are based on how much you make. When you add your IC income it is different for everyone, depending on what tax bracket they are in, and yes it cost me more. Even if it were 7.5% I would still say it is not worth it for ME but that is my opinion - you are free to have yours.

P.S. I do fill out my own taxes because I also refuse to pay anybody more than it is worth to do them when I can go buy Turbo Tax and fill them out myself. If you really want to see the difference, fill out your Taxes without your IC income and then put it in and see the difference!
I'm 46 and I went back to school this year full time for a BSN...sm

I was worried about because, let's face it, my short term memory isn't what it used to be LOL. Plus the program is ONLY full time. They had 1000 applicants and picked the top 70 of us. If you didn't have a 3.5 GPA, you didn't get in. But I am doing really well in school - after I got past the shock of the first 6 weeks - tons of work- and I am at the top of my class. My husband, bless his heart, is doing all the cooking and we are basically kind of ignoring the dirt. My house will be clean again another day. I am finishing up my second semester, have 3 more semesters for a BSN, and then another 2.5 years to get my masters and be an advanced practice nurse. 41 is definitely not too old! You will have to work smart to save your back but it can be done. Also MT is starting a slow slide out...you would be smart to start your second career now while you still have a job... IMHO

good luck!




I also lost my sex drive the minute I got pregnant the first time....never got it back....that was 8
To adminstrators. Love your new format. Could you please back the actual time of the post.
Love the little smiley faces that can be added too.  And the print.  Just bring back the time along with the date of post if possible.
Way back when, a long, long time
ago and in a galaxy far, far away, I had my own accounts also and some years cleared $75,000.  Yes it can be done, but you need to have your own accounts.  Also lots of delivery, and other duties involved.  I work for a large national now and make much less, but I got tired of accountants, having to deal with hardware problems, deadlines, driving deliveries, printing, printers, etc.  So I decided to simplify my taxes and stay home and just type.  Don't have to worry about computers either, because the company will just send me a new one. 
With short arms, I need chair with shallow seat, good back support and high back. Want arm rests
OK! I'm glad you're back down here. Now don't go back up there and read those evil posts ag
Okay? But I have to leave you now, sadly. Thousands of noble dictating doctors are anxiously awaiting my help with their "dictations"....They're all loading up on chips, drinking lots of soda so they can burp, and then have to go to the bathroom...You know the routine! Off I go to earn some pennies!! But, truly, I am thankful that I have a job!
PS.. It apparently worked..I heard back and already submitted the paperwork back.

I'm not sure how many people they are hiring but you shouldn't stress too hard over it. Do the best you can.

How do you set your computer back 1 day. I messed something up and need to go back 1 day.
Not anymore. For some time now, I've been working 32 hours and am considered full time to receive
Working full time at home with small children is hard but part time works great
is almost impossible. You will either have to work when your spouse is home or for only a few hours during the day and then more when they are asleep. I work part time at home and my kids (2&5 now) have done very, very well. They are great kids, very well behaved, don't get into much. I stop working to check on them/give them some attention every hour or so while I work (5 hours each afternoon or so) and they get all my attention in the morning and at night. It has worked out beautifully for us.
Yeah, our choc. lab does that from time to time - makes it interesting!- nm
Cannot legally require you to commit time to them as an employee and then not pay you for that time.
full-time in office/ part-time at home
I currently work full-time in a physician's office and have started part-time online. My hope is to eventually go full-time online; however that will be done the road for a single mom with a son in college. My suggestion would be try to type part-time for a MTSO and see how that goes i.e work and money with a decision down the road for ultimately being home all the time. A guaranteed paycheck is always a necessity for me. Hope this helps.
I work part-time hours with full-time pay...
I made over 26,000 this year...
Yes, you get back to work now. Go back to
some routine, and it does start to hurt less. I know  And remember, she is still there at work with you. Always will be. I figure at this point I have a whole herd of loved dogs under my desk each day - along with a couple horses, hamsters, parakeets, rabbits...If only I could see them - must be quite a happy zoo! But I know they are all there I sense their love.
I work a full time and a part time, but not sure about 2 full-time...
My hubbie is disabled and I am the only one in my family working also, so I fully understand. You will not have a day off at all working 2 full-time as that is going to be the only way you will get in all your hours. I work one job in the mornings from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. and the other from 5 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. and do have off one day a week, but if I had to get in the extra 15 hours to make the other job full-time I am not sure how I would do that other than lose my only day off. Also, make sure you have your account specifics in front of you at all times because you will get yourself confused as to who is what and having notes will help in that area. Good luck to you, as it is possible, but forget about your house being clean, having any social life, etc. Feel free to email me personally if you just need someone to talk to, as I have been where you are and still am.
Maybe they will. Give it time. It takes time to set up links.
OSI, Precyse, etc tell us more.
full time, part time, statutory
newly defined full time...

newly defined part time....(which is an added classification)

I believe statutory just was not mentioned because there is nothing new about the definition of statutory.
full time/part time/statutory
The definition of full time is new.

There is a new classification called part time.

I believe statutory was not mentioned merely because that has not changed and they do not receive PTO/benefits.
I work 1 full-time, 2 part-time....nm
its a waste of time yet you take the time to respond?

**yawn time for your bed time old thinker*
Hippie??  What pray tell is a hippie?  Im not judgmental..I dont care what another is partying about or with or whom they are with..Im not a cop or the warmonger in the White House..far be it from me to judge another..You, however, by your post seem to have grown old before your time..I recommend you just graze on your back yard grass and leave us **alive ones** alone..**yawn**, time for you to go to bed now, hun?  Bye..bye..old person..
I do believe she is good enough, and has more than proved that time and time again. NM
part-time or full-time
I'm curious. Are you FT or PT? Thanks.
4 week's time or 4 weeks' time
Does anyone know this one. I will see the patient back in 4 week's time, 4 weeks' time or 4 weeks time. Can't seem to find this in any of my reference books. Thanks in advance.
1 full time and 1 part time for now
I am still pretty new, so that is all I am taking on. I may take on more after I get more experience, if possible.
I never denied that I need a break from time to time, but
I was just stating how I took her post and the fact that I am worried about how my son will react since he is already getting quite upset. But, yes, any parent SHOULD be able to admit that they need a break from time to time...we're only human too! :)
even ISPs have to do maintenance from time to time--sm
and most do this during the wee hours of the morning when MOST people are sleeping and not using the internet. They need to upgrade their services and virus protection just like the home users. This is probably what occurred.
I recently requested time off for the first time...
(3 days off) and gave 2 weeks notice but was asked by my boss to give more notice next time.  I thought 2 weeks was decent, but next time I will give at least 30 days.
Do we enter each time there is a new prize, or just the one time?



Not 1st time, wont be happy the 2nd time and
Utter waste of time, unless you have a lot of time--then have at it! nm
I've had 3 at one time, but only one open at a time. nm
Virtually never. Time spent doing that is time SM
that could be spent typing. Instead of stopping to listen, then typing to catch up, I scan AHEAD of the dictation as I type, looking for upcoming questionable areas.
Yeah, but full-time lines does not necessarily mean full-time hours, so I would do it if your produc
1st time 22 (6 yrs). 2nd time 33 and 13 years.
Still going strong! 
SO the little one takes up your time yet you have time?
I have side this time and time again
It's crazy how these nationals or even smaller MTSOs think that we should be working set hours as an IC or even set lines as an IC.  I totally stay away from those companies.  Also, stay away from the ones that keep you on messenger (like Advanced in Oregon) or require you be logged in their platform, etc. or require a time clock as an IC.  This is against the law.  They cannot clock you and expect you to work certain hours under an IC status.  They are getting away with it though, time and time again.  It's a shame what we MTs put up with in this profession for pennies!!!