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Good, I hope it works... nm

Posted By: Another KSMT on 2007-08-23
In Reply to: Thanks I had thought of that - LinK

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Good luck. I hope it works for you!
I always used to wonder why  so many people on ebay started listing from smoke-free home. Then I bought an antique book,and boy did I understand! Now you will definitely  be asking the smoke free home question right away for anything on Ebay, right? Yuck. Again, I used to smoke for decades and had no idea how awful it smells.Smokers don't really smell it themselves! Have fun, too!!
I hope it all works out well for you . . .
but I doubt very seriously that you will be able to get the best rate in a year.  Unfortunately what someone tells/promises you can be very different from what can/will actually happen.
Hope it all works out for you
My son was diagnosed with GERD at the age of 9 months. He went through a multitude of tests before they diagnosd him. The reason for so many tests was because the only symptom he had was vomitting about every 2 or 3 minutes ALL DAY LONG. There was no slow onset of this. Three days after I stopped breast feeding, I noticed he would constantly vomit. Like I said, he would vomit literally every few minutes, and this went on for over 4 months!!! After trying Zantac and it not being effective, he was scheduled to have a fundoplication with a feeding tube at about age 1. However, our last hope prior to surgery was to try Reglan for 2 weeks. My husband and I were hesitant because of possible severe side-effects, but at that point we had no choice but to try it, as surgery was already set up. Amazingly, 10 days after starting Reglan, his symptoms 100% resolved and have yet to return. The doctors were absolutely amazed. His pediatrician and specialist have never seen a infant with such severe reflux that had such a quick onset and then have it so severely, only to be cured 100% by Reglan in 10 days.

He was even so underweight from 9 months to a year of age that his weight would not even register on the chart. Needless to say, he is now 3.5 years old, is not on any medication and is at about the 98th percentile for height and weight. The best thing you can do is hope your little one outgrows it and keep trying different meds.

Best of luck to you and your little girl!

Certainly hope it works out for you...

Good attitude to have!  You can't let everything on here make up your mind for you.  Take it all in..do what you wish with it.  Alot of people unhappy with my company..I happen to like it.  Just like I hated MQ..there are alot that love it. 

To each his own and best of luck!

And hang around on here...no matter what the topic is...when stuff like this happens it's comic relief and a good stress buster lol

I really hope everything works
out for you.
I hope it works. :)

I know I removed all the hot keys in InScribe that they had listed as there were conflicts with me using some of them with the hot keys for the platform I work on and I fortunately recalled that (which with my memory is surprising-lol), so thought I would suggest it. I am not the most computer literate person but I stumble my way through. :)

Please do let us know if you found resolution to your problem, ok? Good thoughts being sent your way. I know how aggravating things like this can be. BTDT. :)

Hope the new one works for you !!.nm
Well, I hope it works for both of you! sm
I had a bad day too, so I understand how frustrating things are when they don't work right. I also discovered a while back that I can't save macros that are created while I am in my employer's platform. I have to close the platform, create them in Word only, and then reopen the platform. Then they are there and stay there, so maybe that is part of the problem, as well. Macros, autocorrect, and autotext are all saved to normal.dot file. Good luck to both of you. Have a good evening.
best wishs,,, hope it works out better.

I hope it works for her! You're welcome!
If you buy from Sylvan, I hope it works...
I paid $90 for a defective product with them and they would not send me a new one or give me my money back. I told them over the phone that I wouldn't do business with them again and their response was very arrogant, something about having other customers who would. It has been Stedman's ever since. If I have a problem with a CD from Stedman's, I get another one sent to me. No problem.

You're welcome, hope it works for you! I've used
Instant Text, but only briefly. It seems to be "bug-y" on my system. I usually have at least two or three documents open in Word at a time and when I switch back and forth using F6, IT screws up my being able to switch between documents easily, also when using IE I don't like the adjustments I have to make with my mouse to get the screen back to how I need it to be when Instant Text. I started with PRD+ for DOS a long, long time ago, used it for years until I switch to Shortcut for DOS, then made the switch to Windows and started with ShortCut for Windows. I used that program for about nine months before finding Shorthand. I really liked Shortcut but it has it's limitations with coding. I love ShortHand the most of the three programs mentioned. It's easy to use, I can duplicate easily, a really nice feature that I wish IT had. I also tried SmartType. It wasn't user friendly, or at least I couldn't figure it out! I think it may have been bug-y with my system or something. Anyway, long story short, I love Shorthand, it's easy to use but one can do rather complex things using it. Oh, and that little box that follows around on the screen showing what my short will be when I expand it is a great feature!
Not a new concept, Hope. Works this way in all industries.
If you can't give yourself a break, at least give us one.

I personally enjoy VR work and make better money, even with a reduced rate. It's faster. Easier.

Outsourcing..Check this out hope it works
Good point, ours have never gotten that bad as yet, hope they never do! - nm
Good to know. Thanks. I hope he has someone at home sm
who can do that for him. He'll just have to keep growing! Thank goodness no one has thought 20" is too small!
How was everyone's Christmas? Good, I hope.
We wound up missing the big Christmas Day family feast because one of our kids woke up from a nap with a 102.4 degree temperature.  It hit 104.9 in the middle of the night last night.  Of course, the clinic is closed today so I'll have to take him to the ER if things don't get better soon.  Poor little sprite.
Good grief. I hope you are kidding, please. nm
Hope you get good news from the biopsy, sm
My husband just had a similar situation, only his was a growth on the side of his nose. Doctors thought it was a cyst or a mite that got stuck in there. After sending it off to 3 labs, it was diagnosed as Cutaneous T-cell lymphoma. They may have gotten the whole thing during the surgery, but husband still has to undergo 20 days of radiation therapy to the site. His prognosis is excellent. He was very scared during the waiting period and once he received the diagnosis, however he has adjusted to getting the radiation and has settled down.

You can be his support. When my husband had all kinds of negative things running through his mind, I kept encouraging him that it may not be as serious as he is imagining. I also have a brother that had Non-Hodgkins lymphoma and he talked to my husband about his treatment, which helped my husband a lot, as well.

Good luck, I'll keep your family in my prayers.
Wooohooo!! Good for you!! Hope you stay there!
Nope, didn't write the letter!

Now if we can just keep the termites like yourself away, we'll do just fine thank ya!
Good luck..hope you have a better experience..
than I did with them
Hope you're good with accents! sm

All customer service is outside of the US and I had a really tough time communicating with them.  Also if you choose to discontinue early there's a whopping $90 fee that's buried in the fine print.

I used Vonage with broadband satellite for 2 months and it disconnected frequently on me....my satellite has been stable for years with multiple platforms so I suspect Vonage is just not suited for satellite.  Just a heads up!

Good to hear it. Hope you find it useful. NM
Good grief, hope it doesn't have too many changes sm
If so, we should get our money back on the 2nd, geez! Enough is enough.Some of the 2nd is wrong anyway, leave us alone!
I hope I can be that good and exp. one day that a company trusts me enough to say hey you don't n
Good for you but I hope you get off your high horse
i agree with your post -- however, you just don't seem to get it -- CIRCUMSTANCES happen -- my s/o and I had something happen last month to where he had to renew a license for his work -- had it renewed and on PAPER, however, his company said they wanted the "hard plastic copy" he has to carry a gun to work and the state and federal government took their sweet time -- he got laid off, applied for unemployment, got a couple of checks for a WHOPPING $275 a week!!! -- Finally, last week got a call from his employer "even though you legally can't carry a gun right now, we have a position" -- this week the PROPER paperwork came in, he got rehired, but LOST ALL his senority. I hope you are wonderful and yes, we DO live within our means, we use ATM cards etc and I balance my checkbook but who the heck are YOU to judge!!!!
Anytime! Hope it gets worked out. Good luck! nm

good on ya. Hope all goes well and you do not have to figure out what India is telling you.
I have a Dell, but everytime I have to talk to India, they always make the problem worse, and I have had to pay 50 bucks for them not to be able to fix it.  
Good luck, I hope you get a nice raise! nm
I copied and pasted, hope you do not mind but this is really good (NM)
Been there. A few good suggestions. It works.

My poor daughter has been blessed with very curly, unruly, bushy hair.  She is a target for head lice and used to get them at least 2 or three times every year. We tried cutting her hair off, but it made it worse, because it grows outwards like a big bush. 

I have read up on this subject in detail and have found many things that work, or at least help, as the new generation of head lice seem to be impervious to most treatments.


No matter which treatment you do use, wash your child's hair and wrap it in a towel and LEAVE IT WET FOR A FULL 15 MINUTES.  The lice can shut of their breathing for only 15 minutes and then they have to breath again.  After the 15 minutes (set the timer), do the treatment. That way they can no longer breathe without sucking in the treatment.

For younger children either soak the hair in mayonnaise or vegetable oil and put  a rubber bathing cap or plastic grocery bag, tied snugly, on their head and have them leave it on overnight. This suffocates the nasty little bugs.  Wrap the cap or bag with a towel and clip it to avoid leakage of the oil and slippage of the cap or bag..  It's gross, but it works.  My daughter still won't eat mayo. :)

For older children, NIX and ONLY NIX.  No substitutes.  They do not work.  Believe me, I've tried to get out of it cheaper. It's expensive, but it works.  Buy the box with 2 bottles, because you MUST do it again a week later. Nix treatment must be repeated in 7 days after the first treatment.  I always do it in another 7 days afterwards, just to be safe.

Lice comb must be METAL.  Plastic does not do the job. 

MOST IMPORTANT:  Remove all nits from the hair.  The stinky buggers have been reported to live even after 2 treatments. Recheck for nits every single day.  With my daughter's hair, at shoulder length and bushy, it was at least six hours the first time and I picked the nits off daily for weeks. You can also cut off the hair strands to make it quicker. Sunlight works best to see them in, but a good mag lite that you can wear on your head to keep your hands free works just as well after dark. Buy a pair of strong reading glasses at the dollar store for a buck.  That will given you magnification enough to see the nits, as they are hard to see.

HOUSE CLEANING:   Don't just spray, bag everything they have in their room that is cloth. PUT ALL stuffed animals, bedding, pillows, etc. in a trash bag.  Tie it up tight and don't open it for 2 weeks. A favorite blanket or stuffed animal can spend a full hour in the dryer on high if need be.  Vaccum, but if you use vacuum bags, remove the bag EVERY time you vacuum (include the cloth furniture) and tie the vacuum bag up tightly in a trash bag or plastic grocery bag and throw it out of your house. 

PREVENTION:  Buy shampoo that smells like coconuts.  Apparently the buggers don't like the smell. Suave sells one called "Tropical Coconut" for under $2.00.  Hair gel, hair spray and anything else with a strong smell will deter them as well. They don't like sweet smelling sticky hair AND they don't like dirty, greasy hair either.  They like the really clean fluffy stuff.

CHECK, CHECK, CHECK every week through the school year, and don't wait until your child is scratching their head.  If your child's hair is long enough, insist on a tight ponytail during school, preferably sprayed with a good amount of hair spray.

Most important, if your child comes home with lice, REPORT it to the school, daycare, church, camp or wherever.  It isn't your child that is giving other kids lice, it's the other kids that are giving lice to your child and either their parents are too ignorant or embarrassed to report it.

I reported my daughter's first incident, which was very mild, when she was in kindergarten the minute I noticed it. The school did a head check and hundreds of kids were just infested, but nobody had reported it.

Good luck.



I'll be here! Good luck tonight!! Hope you have work
Good luck to ya! Hope 2008 is the year of the transcriptionist !
Good luck to you folks. I hope I can perk up soon. I thought I was the only one with this disease
Works ok, but you get what you pay for. I think there is a free trial version. Not nearly as good
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I hope this applies to companies like Medquist. I hope there
isn't a way they can get around it. I REALLY hope.
Full Word is in the Works "Suite," not plain Works.
Works saves files in a different format, but you can open them in Word if you have the correct filter installed.
RIGHT!!! Someone who works 16 hours and someone who works 60 will have a HUGE difference. NM
Emdat works with Instant Text Por V - ony version that works with Emdat - nm
Shorthand works with every program, it works outside the program you use, does not interfere.
That is a good offer. Pay is not that good at UIMC. Good luck! nm
I hope so
I really want to do IC where I am a stay at home mom with a very active 2 yr old and hate to commit to hours until he is older. One other girl did not do IC because of this
Wow, a ray of hope
that's very encouraging to hear! Even though you didn't take the job, at least they seemed to be concerned as to why! Good job!!!
I hope this is okay
A friend of mine is in second place right now in the Staples invention contest. Please vote for Julie Savage and her Glue Swabs. Right now she is neck and neck with a musician, who has the online musician community bucking for him to win.

Hopefully MTs have more pull than musicians.

Oh, and you can vote once a day from each email addy you have.
I do hope it gets better for you.
I am struggling tremendously myself and working many, many hours to get my quota. But like yourself, I have got to have the insurance. It is so frustrating, but I will do what I have to do - and that has been a lot of praying here lately!

I hope so,

Oh boy, I hope I have this right...sm

He was told to follow up.

He presents for followup.

I hope you
are not still doing any work for her.  If you and she live in the same area, I would pay a friendly visit.  It's very easy for people to ignore emails.  If you speak with her face to face, even if she is unable to pay you during  your first visit.  She will find a way to get your money if she knows that you will come by again. I would continue to drop by occasionally and just say, I was doing a pick up in your area and thought I'd stop by to check the status of a few outstanding invoices.  It couldn't hurt.