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Posted By: NCMT on 2006-06-01
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Happy Anniversary, MTStars!!! sm
  Here's to many, many more years!!!
Happy Anniversary

Happy anniversary!!

Which company did you start out with? I am a new MT looking for work..


Happy Anniversary -- congrats! :-) nm

Happy Anniversary! :) Hope you have a special night. NM
Happy Valentines Day from everyone at MTStars!

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

HAPPY 4TH OF JULY from all the staff at MTStars!

Happy Mothers Day from the staff at MTStars! May you have the best day!
Happy MT Week from all the staff at MTStars!

HAPPY 4TH OF JULY from all the staff at MTStars!
Happy Mother's Day from all the staff at MTStars!

Please email me, I would be happy to chat with you. admin@mtstars.com
HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all MTStars members! Have a great day!
Happy Thanksgiving from all the staff & moderators at MTStars!
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I received MTStars Flashtype and MTStars Internet Speller!
You might try MTStars FlashCount. It's absolutely free to MTStars visitors.


Just wanted to say hello to all and say that I have reached my first year in the MT profession. I had always thought about doing this, worked in retail, which I hated, and wanted to be more available for my kids. I have to say I do love it. I have always loved typing, weird I know, so this is obviously perfect! To everyone out there going to school, good luck and hang in there. To those newbies still looking for a job, keep testing...something will come along!! It is hard for me to believe that just a year ago, I was so slowwww and so nervous, it seems like forever ago. I remember thinking how does anyone make a living at this! While I only work part time, it has become a great second income to our home. Again hang in there newbies!

DH anniversary gift

One year my sister had some very beautiful "beaudoir" photos taken that she gave her husband for an anniversary gift and he was nuts about them.  They were all taken by a very reputable photographer, all the shots were tasteful and nothing X-rated was exposed or showing.  One showed her very covered up with a red feather boa, you could see her bare shoulders and her bare legs, but not much else; another showed her kneeling in an unmade bed covered in all the important places by a sheet.  She had 4 taken in different poses and different settings.  They were some of the best photos I've ever seen of her.  They hung them in their bedroom so that they were kept private, but they were beautiful enough and tasteful enough that she showed them to family and close friends.  From what her photographer said, quite a few women have this type of photo taken for their significant others.  Just another idea to ponder.  :)

The one by me is having an anniversary special -sm
I believe it is 1 year since they opened up. $29 a month, and the normal $149 membership fee is discounted to $49 ($100 off) for the first 100 that sign up this month. So I figured that is a good deal, plus my neighbor and I will support each other. She is very competitive so she will keep us both going. They have monthly contests there as well. I am planning to go either this afternoon to check it out or go with her tonight and sign up. I need to lose this weight before it starts affecting my health in any major ways (get out of breath with minimal exertion though) but that will not last. Plus I'd love to go up to my dad's at Christmas and be 40+ pounds lighter, I'd still be overweight but I know I'd look a lot better.
One year anniversary is perfect timing. I think the
amount depends on the company and/or your experience, QA scoring, etc. I have never been with a company that gives 1 cpl raises, though. More like quarter cent to half cent per line, but I'm sure there are exceptions! Not saying you don't deserve it, but I think the companies like to streeeeeeeeeeeeeeetch it out!!
Today would have been my 19th wedding anniversary....
But I divorced him 17 years ago! LOL!
Don't cap happy holiday season. Cap the others and Happy Holidays alone. nm
Heck, I did not say not to wish her a happy birthday! She deserves a happy birthday.
I was just saying her birthday was on Sunday!! :) Why does everyone always want to read something negative into everything on this board. I certainly did not mean anything negative by it! I was just makin' it known WHEN her birthday was!!
Well Done MTStars!!!
They own MTStars.
Scroll down to bottom, and see. Long story short, they know the ins and outs of this field and never heard anything bad about them.

I know they (MTstars) can
I want the question to be absolutely clear to her (admin) because she is not answering the question. If she can read the replies she needs to say that she can instead of deflecting by not answering the question.
here at MTStars............nm
Thank you MTStars.
A big thank you to MTStars for
being the only MT site to honor us with really nice gifts year after year during MT week. My hat is off to you.
Thanks again MTStars!

mtstars sm
Great job, thankful!!!
oh, okay; but don't you mean MTStars
other than MTstars, ?, no. Why?
Thank you MTStars...
So cute! 
Time to thank MTStars...
Firstly, because they are always updating and perfecting the board...

and secondly because they sent me Happy Birthday wishes...(I signed up, but still, it is nice to get the message). 

You're still the best in my book! 

Thanks again...

Visits to MTSTARS...sm
How many times a day, on average, do you come to this website?  Just curious.
OMG, just found it myself! Your bad, MTStars.
See MTStars FlashCount.
MTStars FlashCount
See Freeware by MTStars.

Group you mean MTStars?
This group, you mean, MT Stars?  No, however, I cant let an ignorant poster get away with posting ignorant judgmental stuff..
Yes, and I use the mtstars search too!
this website...mtstars.............nm
Thank you MTstars for doing the giveaway again!

Thank You MTStars and Transcend! now...

please tell me which number I won with.  Was it 68??? 

 I need to play my winning number on the roulette wheel today!!   

Rock on MTStars
Thanks for the prize. I think it will come in handy for all those abbreviations they throw at us.
Ditto - thanks MTStars........

how long has MTstars been around?
How long has MTSTars been here?  I love this board but it can be addictive. Anyone know where the administrators are located?  Just curious. 
Thank You MTStars and Ascend...

I received my Godiva yesterday....thank you so much!  It arrived beautifully packaged and is sinfully delicious!

Thanks again!