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OMG, just found it myself! Your bad, MTStars.

Posted By: must've slipped through on 2005-08-09
In Reply to: outsourcing ad - sayitain'tso


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    found an old MTStars discussion (see inside)....you can google for more


    Now Released! MTStars FlashCount & Invoice Generator. Completely FREE to MTStars Visitors.

    Freeware - No Registration or Purchase required.

    Lines and Word counter software. Scans your documents for lines, words, spaces and generates real time invoices the way you want. Full customization to generate invoices to save or email to your clients.

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    I received MTStars Flashtype and MTStars Internet Speller!
    You might try MTStars FlashCount. It's absolutely free to MTStars visitors.


    Oh, I found it really creepy when you said you found the flowers not so skillfully arranged on your
    steps, and from your own flower bed.  That's what I was worried about, having gone thru some psycho kids myself with my pups.  Someone's been in your yard and in your garden and at your door without your knowledge.  Its just creepy to me, and I'd still be very, very careful.  Especially valid sounded the other MTs warning you about potential fake molestation charges.  You just NEVER know nowadays, and these people have already turned on you big time once. Luckily (though I don't believe in luck), you had it on film to save yourself and your puppy.  You might not be that lucky next time, and the whole thing just sounds very unstable to me right now.  I know you feel sorry for the little girl, but probably the only time I have ever made BAD decisions regarding my life is when I felt sorry for someone, particularly kids.  My son even has an evil kid in his life, but one who has a million reasons for sympathy, and I was saying how we should "be bigger" than the situation and invite this kid over to play.  Thankfully, I regained my sanity long enough to remember - ever time I have done something like that on a personal basis for someone just because I feel sorry for them AFTER horrible behavior, it has always been a disaster... Be kind, but you don't have to risk your family again. Be kind from a distance.  Its sorry she went thru this horrible experience, but YOU didn't cause it, and its not really your problem.  But it could be your problem if this kid acts out in your life.  Know what I mean?
    I think I found it, found multiple recipes with the same
    exact ingredients so I figure this must be it. 
    Found it, Prolastin, also found
    Well Done MTStars!!!
    They own MTStars.
    Scroll down to bottom, and see. Long story short, they know the ins and outs of this field and never heard anything bad about them.

    I know they (MTstars) can
    I want the question to be absolutely clear to her (admin) because she is not answering the question. If she can read the replies she needs to say that she can instead of deflecting by not answering the question.
    here at MTStars............nm
    Thank you MTStars.
    A big thank you to MTStars for
    being the only MT site to honor us with really nice gifts year after year during MT week. My hat is off to you.
    Thanks again MTStars!

    mtstars sm
    Great job, thankful!!!
    oh, okay; but don't you mean MTStars
    other than MTstars, ?, no. Why?
    Thank you MTStars...
    So cute! 
    Time to thank MTStars...
    Firstly, because they are always updating and perfecting the board...

    and secondly because they sent me Happy Birthday wishes...(I signed up, but still, it is nice to get the message). 

    You're still the best in my book! 

    Thanks again...

    Visits to MTSTARS...sm
    How many times a day, on average, do you come to this website?  Just curious.
    See MTStars FlashCount.
    MTStars FlashCount
    See Freeware by MTStars.

    Group you mean MTStars?
    This group, you mean, MT Stars?  No, however, I cant let an ignorant poster get away with posting ignorant judgmental stuff..
    Yes, and I use the mtstars search too!
    this website...mtstars.............nm
    Thank you MTstars for doing the giveaway again!

    Thank You MTStars and Transcend! now...

    please tell me which number I won with.  Was it 68??? 

     I need to play my winning number on the roulette wheel today!!   

    Rock on MTStars
    Thanks for the prize. I think it will come in handy for all those abbreviations they throw at us.
    Ditto - thanks MTStars........

    how long has MTstars been around?
    How long has MTSTars been here?  I love this board but it can be addictive. Anyone know where the administrators are located?  Just curious. 
    Thank You MTStars and Ascend...

    I received my Godiva yesterday....thank you so much!  It arrived beautifully packaged and is sinfully delicious!

    Thanks again!

    Thanks to MTStars and MT-Stuff

    I just received my mouse pad from MT-Stuff.  Thanks to MTStars and MT-Stuff for the great recognition of Medical Transcription Week.  It was great.  I usualy have no luck at all so this is truly amazing.

    MTStars FlashType
    see link
    try MTStars flashcount
    The invoices are professional and easy to use for a "newbie"
    Your mtstars post
    Hi - I just posted a reply to your post. I know it is a few days old so I wasn't sure if you would see the response.
    mean? the rules here at MTstars is you cannot

    Thanks MTStars and Santa!
    What a wonderful and fun thing you provide for us MTs.  Indeed, it is we who should be thanking you for the opportunity to come to this board and network with fellow MTs throughout the year.  I am very grateful that you are here in spite of all the grinches who try to ruin it for the rest of us all year long.  Thank you very much for your thoughtfulness and care in giving us this respite from our difficult jobs and stressful holiday season.  It is MUCH appreciated by most of us!  God bless and Merry Christmas to all of you who do the hard work of monitoring and providing this outlet for us all.
    MTStars Flashcount

    Is there a way to enter your clients information and keep it stored in Flashcount so I do not have to re-enter it every time?  Also, what is the difference between Regular Word Count and Extended Word Count in the Rule Selection section?  I ran both and got a higher count with Regular than with Extended.

    then what is the scoop on mtstars.. net t????
    is that Sherrie (Sheerrrii was a bad word) or not? (MTStars. nettt was considered a bad word, makes you wonder, don't it?) Is she still running this site? Not according to the other site, this was was taken back by the former owner who happens to be in Pakistan. So I would presume this is going to be an offshore site from now on.
    With new membership, will MTstars still have
    MTStars boards
    What does the blinking yellow symbol on the MTStars communication boards indicate?
    MTStars boards

    The main board, job board have sporadic yellow blinking symbols at the beginning of some the posts.  Just curious if that had a specific meaning. 

    Did you try Expanderic by MTStars?
    Isn't this MTStars FlashType under a different name?

    Can you start a forum, or a petition, can you help us MTstars.  We need help and you have the exposure we need.  Please help us do more than complain.  We need to keep our jobs, at a pay rate that is fair for Americans, not a third-world country's pay. 

    You can demo MTStars FlashType and if you want to buy it, it is only $59.95
    Shorthand.  Click on the link below.
    What do you think of the MTStars Flash Count?

    Any pros/cons that you have found? Have you compared it to any other line count programs, i.e., MPCount?  If so, how does is compare?

    Thanks so much.