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Hear people talk about VR issues

Posted By: Grrrrrrrrrr on 2009-06-20
In Reply to:

There is no way, none that a person's record could be any more compromised than with the dictators we have to put up with now days. They are unable to speak English to where you can make sense out of it. I get livid anytime I have to put up with this crap every weekend. We even have some PAs now who are non-English speaking. Where does this stop?

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can't talk, can't hear, and will not follow directions! NM
I am so glad to hear you talk about VR in a good light
I have a jewel of a platform and you can make a decent salary. It is not garbage and like you said, the people here complaining are ones who do not have a good system. You have to be fast in scanning and hearing. If you are a slow typist to begin with, I have no idea how this would play into a person who does really good with VR. I do not fit that category and the people I have know that did VR did not either.
Some people have said things about reliability issues. Others have said there can be problems with


Awww, thanks! Yes, it's the judgmental, you have some serious issues lady, kind of people
that has kept my ENTIRE family from the church. We had neighbors who would just look down while walking to their car on their way to church. My mom would always frantically wave and they would just look terrified! She is so harmless. She really is. I don't deny the other posters above that there is something wrong with her, but she's always lived life to the fullest.

If you pray, remember Ann. She had major surgery today for tumors in her lymph nodes. This may be cancer coming back. Biopsies will return in a week. We are all so anxious. I wish I could be there for her. It breaks my heart. She lives over 2,000 miles away. I am her middle daughter. She has no one up there but my dad who just called and said she was in recovery with drains sticking out of her body. I just sent 2 bouquets of flowers via the internet which I know she will love (one from me and one from sis).....Thanks for your kind words towards my mom who really does love everyone!! She just has a "funny" way of showing it.
Ever watch people talk?
move their hands more freely Some people make (larger movements) than others. There are ways to position differently ... elbows in, elbows out, etc. Ever watch people talk (the movement of their mouths). Watch two people say all the same words. Bet they will look differently.
Wait til yu talk to people then who only had to add a program

It's just a zoo at MQ.  Nobody knows sh^^.

But then it's not their money they are having you spend, is it?

my point is -- not like there's a shortage of people to talk to.
You need to talk to the people who pay the bills where you work. nm
I hear people say that we should do something..
But what?  Does anyone have any ideas as to what we could do.  The only thing that I know would make them choose the US would be to drop ourselves to a penny a line--pretty sure no one is willing to do that (I know I'm not).  Is it legal for them to send work over seas where confidentiallity laws would not be the same?  I know that I wouldn't want my medical records somewhere where they may or may not respect the laws of confidentiallity.  Anyway, I have no suggestions, but there are so many smart people on this board, I'm sure someone must have had an epiphany of some sort. 
That's exactly what I hear when I ask people who
Boy, do I hear ya on that one! People think I'm working less (sm)
and basking out by the pool every day. HAH! I've been putting in 11-hour days and having to call it "8" (much time wasted looking up doctors & experimental drugs). More interesting and challenging, but requires a lot more research & knowledge per page to complete. Co. wants topnotch MTs, but still I'm making less per line than at the in-house job. But I had to take this financial hit in order to get away from the hideous management style at the old job. I DO get to break up the day, but that has its pitfalls, as well, and can make for a long, long day.

So I guess we MTs get a choice (if you could call it that): Work in-house and be browbeated & treated like the scum of the earth daily, or work at home and be considered invisible & non-human.
I hear that; we had tapes broken several times where silly office people had put post-it notes on th
In retrospect, it was nearly laughable.
Eewwww... you don't talk like an MT, you talk like mangement. Ick. (n/m)
Brain dead today - or is it hear hear? I'm going to bed.
Marry me?! :) Seriously...hear, hear. Good post. - nm
if you live among trashy people, low income people, people w/o goals or direction,
content to just get by, you by default become a part of a group. "people" have decided to group trailer people as trash. that is because there are enough people in that group to earn the title and even if you aren't trash, you are categorized by others. did i think i was trash in lower class neighborhood surrounded by people who drank and fought all weekend? no but i knew i wasn't staying and did not try to pretend that all the fools in the neighborhood were just nice folks who ended up where they were because high horse snobs deemed their neighborhood low class. people for the most part live exactly where they belong because they don't want to educate themselves, they don't mind "trash" around them and they don't want to be bothered trying just a bit hard to extract themselves from that world. they justify everything to themselves i guess saying everyone who doesn't like their lifestyle is a snob and the comedians (Jeff Foxworthy/Chris Rock, etc) who make fun of them are just ill-informed.

As for me, I fought hard to get out and don't even want to look back. It amazes me people stay for generations.
Hear, hear! I agree with Dakota - sm
The MTSO should be giving feedback to the hospital/doctors who slur, speak too rapidly, etc. They need to pull up their socks! And there's no reason why these doctors shouldn't be given an outline of what is expected from them when they dictate, such as cell phones, chewing food, candy, gum, etc.
And you think I have the issues!
You have a pretty vivid imagination. The only way you could think up all of that is if you went through it. I am sorry all of that happened to YOU! I really, truly am!
See? There you go with your issues.
If you weren't calling names or belittling people, why are you arguing with me?  No, I don't have to put up with verbal abuse from you or anyone.  I have no problems with differing opinions, so say whatever you want.  For someone who never did any of those things, you're sure coming back to this post to continue arguing about it.
She had issues
Yeah, I belive that's what it was. By no means do I feel repsonsible for what was going on with her. She had marital problems, 2 children at home that she couldn't bear to be without and was just confused about what she wanted to do with her marriage, not to mention the stress of working b/c she was used to the MT world.  But nevertheless, I'm kind of glad she's gone b/c she always came in with some sort of sob story.
I had issues with that one.
I have yet to be able to get my foot pedal to work with escribe. I finally downloaded transcription-buddy and it worked for me.
I have issues with this also .....sm
Some times I am so focused, no interruptions, stick to my schedule.....other times it is interruption after another, inability to focus, house to take care of....

It is pretty much Life and I just roll with it...

MS having issues
Yes, I have the same issues
I have the same issues at my company, and the bad thing is, once they make their changes, whether they be right or wrong...our initials are still on that report.  I had an issue with a QA person saying I had the wrong word...well the first time I let it go because I thought, maybe I heard it wrong...the next time I got a report from that doc, he clearly said the word that I had typed previously, so I emailed the QA person and told her NOT to change my word..this is what he is saying, and besides, I confirmed it through Google and other transcriptionists that I trust...she said, that is not the write use of that word, and I told her, that's not my problem, call the doctor and tell him it's not the right use of the word...I'm typing what HE says, he's the doctor....who are we to change what he wants...but I was really frustrated, and she told me she would look into it and let me know...I asked her all day about it, but she never did tell me what she ended up doing, probably changed it....It really makes me mad!  So, I'm right there with ya, and like you said there are some fair QA people out there, but the company I work for have a few that just drive me crazy!
SS issues
Please contact the Director of HR by email and the HR team will see to it that this issues are handled. Sorry for any inconvenience. We will looking at where the previous emails have gone and how (or if) they were handled properly.
no pay issues
do you think maybe you need to go to the source before believing all the negativity? the people posting these ads are likely disgruntled people fired for poor performance. i have worked for this company for quite some time and have not had my car repo'd! i wouldn't stay around if i wasn't happy.
Pay issues.

I don't understand.  I hear people complaining about their wages.  Yes, I know we aren't exactly paid that great of an amount, but seriously.  I see people complianing about making $20/hr or more.  I am lucky if I make $11.50 an hour right now (including shift differential and 5 years experience), but I don't care.  I have the luxury of being at home so that I can work while my son is sleeping (thus not paying $500/mo for day care).  I don't have to pay for gas to get to and from work.  I don't know about most of your situations, but I would be forking out at least $100/mo with gas prices at $2/gal in order to get to and from an outside of the home position.  And, I even qualify for benefits.  Add all that up, and it is more than worth it.  Why can't we just be happy that we have a job and can make money?  I am the sole supporter of my family right now, and $11.50/hr, I still can make it.  Yeah, I don't even have an extra $5 at the end of the month, but I can make all my payments, provide a roof over my family, and provide food and clothing.  I have a nice house (only 4 years old and +2300 sq ft), with a nice chunk of land, so it isn't like I am living poorly.  I don't understand how those of you making $20+/hr can sit here and complain that you aren't making enough and can't pay your bills.  I think instead of complaining about your wages, you should reevaluate how you are living.  I know different parts of the country are more expensive to live in, but I could easily make it on my income alone in most of the country.  Every position is suffering right now.  Our business is not the only business where people are taking pay cuts.  Why can't you just be happy with what you have? 

you certainly have other issues with sm
"abuse" besides your husband! T his is not abuse, this is the "norm" for medical transcription. The company you worked with last, probably didn't have enough work to give you a second account. Most MTs would love to be in thep osition of having more than one account. some barely get anything.
one word- ISSUES!!

I don't have issues with my parents are they are

both deceased, but I have "disowned" all my brothers and sisters and nieces and nephews.  I grew up believing I was the black sheep of the family and maybe I am, but their lives are so screwed up and I never heard from them unless they needed something and there was lots of bitterness and anger about various events - mainly my parent's death.  The only way I was able to deal with the issues was to disown them.  I was not interested in making things better because they aren't willing to make an effort and I just don't have time for that. 

My oldest sister hated my mom and was very ugly to her.  My mom did so much for her. All I heard was what a lowsy mother she was.  Well, my sister's daughter had a baby and gave it away, did drugs big time, drinking big time, has lived with several guys.  Her son is gay and can't hold a job, has had so many wrecks he has lost his license twice that I know of.  They just keep buying him vehicles very time he wrecks one.  He can barely make a move without having to ask mommy, is a druggie/drinker/liar.  Only my sister can't see all of this.   We all make mistakes and I don't claim to be a perfect parent, but.....

AAMT issues

There are many MTs out there I have encountered on other websites who all have different opinions and solutions regarding state of the AAMT.  Questions:  Would you like to see a new organization built and structured for the MT, not for money or politics...or would you like to see MTs unionized.... or do you think it would benefit MTs to have state licensure to practice?  Please go to website http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/hardworker1111  and place your comments.  Hopefully if we all voice together we can make some real changes.  Looking for real solutions.  Thank you.


Autocorrect issues

I copied my autocorrect .acl file to a disk to load it to my new computer.  I copies it into 3 separate files that each had .acl and nothing comes up but the stuff normally put in, not my personal stuff.  Any help greatly appreciated.  Been searching internet too and I've been at this most of the day and I've just about given up.  Windows 2000, XP OpSystem

Keyboard issues
It was not hard at all, maybe a day or two, if that to get used to it and it didn't take long to get up to speed.  I love the hand positioning, it is very comfy for me.  I bought mine off ebay very cheap, 27.95 with shipping.
some major issues!
If the post set off some "emotions," then keep them to yourself, or scream them out loud at home where no one can hear you. The person who posted this did not do so to set off YOUR PERSONAL "emotions." I think your major emotion just might be jealousy!!
I have all the same issues you mentioned as well.
I guess everyone else is thrilled with the new version or just does not use it? May be my last year wasting my money with them unless I hear they have made dramatic improvements for next year.
server issues
I work for a large national and we have servers down, programs down, instand messager down pretty often.  And, no we get paid nothing for downtime even when it's the company's fault.  Really sucks! 
Subcontractor..help with various issues
I need some advice on how to handle having a subcontractor.  I have a subcontractor now helping with one of my accounts.  My process is that I have a separate checking account and separate savings account for business.  All of my checks from work as an IC go into this business checking account. I then transfer to the business savings account a certain percentage for taxes.  We'll then transfer most of the remainder to our household checking accounts. That way, I can look at the business checking account and see my deposits and know exactly what my income is.  Anyway, now that I have a subcontrator, I don't know exactly how to handle everything. Do I just keep track of what I pay her and then claim it as an expense at the end of the year? Will I have to give her a 1099? I guess I should only hold back for taxes on the percentage of the money I keep now. I'm just confused on the whole process. I could use any advice...or a point in the right direction for where to find information on this.  Thanks!
Not having those issues anymore since
I switched from the Belkin to my networking system through my telephone company, Bellsouth. If I had any problems with anything prior to my changing, Bellsouth came and would not touch the equipment, saying they could work on mine if I had their networking. Ok, since I had so much trouble anyway, decided to give in and try theirs and no problems at all anymore. I have had theirs now for probably around 5 months.
punctuation issues

I was very careful about punctuation until I had to research things and found that the MTs at my hospital NEVER use commas. I could barely understand some of the long, strung out sentences. I always researched obscure medical terms to make sure my work was accurate, yet I make $10 less an hour than others there because the pools are set up so some MTs get the profitable work before the rest of us. The point of this is, I don't feel that my excellent work is appreciated, and I don't believe the pool situation is fair, so I just do minimum to get by.  I also work IC to supplement my income,  and my IC work is much better because I feel appreciated.


MT Workplace Issues

What a long thread!  I wasn't sure where to post this within this thread, as it goes back and forth in topics from dying field, to let's strike, to managers are Satan, etc. 

My only conclusion from this thread regarding the unhappiness so many have with being an MT is that the majority of you are young. I say that because you have such passion to defend a field you feel is worth fighting for, and that certainly is not a bad thing.  I used to be you.  I am older, though not necessarily wiser, but I have learned what works - the hard way.

All your complaints are very true for this profession, as well as for every job on the planet.  There will always be office politics.  There will always be a gossip.  There will always be somebody who doesn't like you or that you can't get along with.  There will always be a supervisor you think is incompetent. On and on and on. 

At my last on-site job, there was a very tight clique and I did not fit in, probably because I didn't try, nor did I have the desire to do so.  I brought my lunch, ate it outside, in the office, where ever.  Sometimes someone not in transcription would come in and join me, which was great, and sometimes I would eat alone, which was great.  I was invited to go to lunch with my co-worker out of politeness I'm sure, and I did go - once.  After listening to the gossip and the complaining and the attacks on everyone who walked by, I knew that would be the last time I would go to lunch with her.  She thought she knew it all, and I let her think that.  It made her happy and my life easier.  She did her thing, I did mine.  We got along great at work, but we would never be friends, and that's why it was a great place to work. 

In a nutshell: Do your job and do it well.  Do your time, and when the day is over, it is OVER.  You don't worry about what others are saying about you or anyone else.  As for being the meek little typer flying low and never saying a word, don't be quick to judge.  She is the smartest one of the bunch provided she sticks up for herself on the job front if need be.  She doesn't get involved, she minds her own business and does what she was hired to do, and doesn't go home with a headache or an ulcer at the end of her shift.

If you don't like your pay, approach your supervisor with facts and figures backing up your work.  If you are unhappy, start looking elsewhere.  Unless you have legal recourse for some action that management has done, you are wasting your energy.  Actions speak louder than words, let your work speak for itself.  No company wants to see an A+ trancriptionist head for the door, but by all means do so if the job is not right.  Trying to change the mindset of your supervisor will come back to bite you in the butt because you are not the one with the power, she/he is, and you will be looked upon as a threat.  Live by your job description, the one you agreed to when hired.  If your working for the social aspects, lots of luck. 

This is a dying profession.  I will be 50 shortly and I am looking to change my profession because I don't want to be looking for a job at 58 because low pay, outsourcing and VR made it impossible to make a living.  I do not see this being a viable way to support myself in the long run. 

Wow, do I sound OLD!  


You really need to understand the issues.

The wage demands (usually union-driven) are what have priced Americans out of the more than this business. You need to get beyond this drama that you've created for yourself and look at the issue. Your 7 years in the business are nothing compared to my 21+ so don't think that your name-calling and having to have the last word are impressing me at all. You are letting emotions control your responses, not level-headed thinking.

And two other issues come in to play.
It's the company's responsibility also to make sure the MTs have the tools they need to do the work, not pass along unreasonable expectations and demands to the MT with no help. I'm thinking things like facility punishing for not filling in demographics when said dems aren't available to the MT. IME it's the "st*pid clerical stuff" that often gets focused on. Stuff that could be fixed with a little footwork and planning.

Secondly, the supe should get over the emotional delivery and hysteria. The MT needs to know the facts; they don't need to know how upset you are about it. They don't need to be made to feel st*pid without being given the tools to solve the problem. Management needs to go into problem-solving mode, not blame mode.
satellite issues

My satellite transmission goes out if there is heavy rain, snow, clouds.......birds flying by (just teasing).  Very frustrating when you are trying to meet a deadline, but this is the only thing I can get.  It was also EXPENSIVE.  $600.00 up front to start installation and then they stuck me for another $150.00 for "additional" costs.  Monthly fees are expensive too. I live in the sticks though so I am lucky to have satellite.


Sleep issues
I have tried over the years so many things without success or with side effects. Melatonin puts me in a light phase of sleep, waking up frequently. Valarian root causes palpitations. Antihistamines do the same thing as the melantonin.

My godsend ... Tension Rx Nightime. You can buy in a healthfood store (though can be hard to find) or on-line. It is a mixture of a few herbs, aminio acids and GABA. It is very relaxing but not over sedating, and I am thrilled that if I get up in the middle of the night, it keeps me drowsy so I can go back to sleep. Only downside is your body builds a tolerance, so instructions state 6 weeks on, 2 weeks off. It also improves concentration and focus the next day.

Happy sleeping!
For IT issues/questions
I have found that productivitytalk.com has tons of information!
Give them a try! :)

tonighst issues seem to be
Urology and hip replacements! I dont even know where to begin to look for samples, et cetera
Wrist issues
Hi everyone!

I am having an issue with just my left wrist. It feels like it keeps locking up, and is pretty painful if I just let my hand dangle (like if you hold your arm out and relax your wrist so your fingers are going towards the ground). I only started working in April as an MT, and I am only 21. Do you think it could just be deconditioning or is it something I should get checked out? I don't have insurance right now so I really am trying to avoid a doctor's visit but I don't want to mess myself up permanently this young!

Security issues.
Does this have anything to do with personal issues?
I would not think the rules apply here- your name does not give history about you just by your signing in. I think this is a non-issue.
I had the exact same issues! sm
Maybe I'm an old dog. I started out with PRD and basically use IT the same way. I don't utilize all the bells and whistles that IT has. It really got overwhelming when I tried to use every aspect of the program. I basically just use it like the old PRD program and it works for me!
These are my issues with VR (at the moment, that is)
I say this because the platform I work on has changed from 1 of really, really good to now: No periods even though starting another sentence and the next letter of next sentence capitalized so it knows; numbers can be completely haywire from 4,4, 3, 1, 4 and 5 to perfect for some dictators, mostly not though, doctor's names no longer in although previously had them in; no matter what the patient's name is, completely opposite from what is being said; sometimes throws in categories capitalized not even said and in wrong place. Now the good thing about VR, I am my own spell check now. Everywhere I go I am seeing misspelled words and I find literally hundreds all over the place. Just found 1 this morning in the doctor's office, surgeies. I guess the person making the sign did not have or use spell check. I do not think literally possible to do that many lines per hour myself.