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Holy cow, 11? My brain would explode.

Posted By: tnmt on 2008-01-10
In Reply to: Increasing line count - help! - SAHcatmom

Here's a neat website that's all about productivity:


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Holy cow! That's, like, a lot of clinics! In only 7 years? Holy Cow!
Legit place...hmmmm. There are a few out there. Whether they have clinic work is another story. I'm sure someone will have suggestions. But, isn't it cool that you'll probably already know the doctors no matter where you go!
Mass affect on brain or mass effect on brain?
HOLY COW..can you believe this?

Man dies after 50 hours of playing computer games.



Holy Cow!
I can't believe that's their top out now. I made 9 cpl when I worked for them back in 2000!
Holy Cow! How do you get that much done?
holy cow

I type ortho all day. So for some reason, just for fun???? I decided to give myself a Phalen's test.  (If you aren't familiar, Google it and you will find tons of info, picutres and instructions) Yow, I did not feel it at first but now I am all tingly in the palm and ulnar nerve distribution in my hand.  Probably not a good thing to do when you still have to type another hour. 

Don't try this at home....or at least when you want good use of your hands. Guess I need to review my ergonomic, or not so ergonomic, positioning of my equipment. 

Holy cow
Can you fight the price with the hospital? Thats insane
Holy cow, that really does work! sm
I never knew you could do that. Will really save my poor old blind eyes. LOL
Holy cow! Now I don't feel so bad!! nm
HOLY CRAP!!!! Here's what I'd do:
1. Get a hotel room.

Holy Cow! - that was infinitely appropriate!
is this for real? 
Holy cow? Yep, a lot of those in India.
not Holy, just forgiven :) - NM

Holy cow, wonder what is in that poor cat's water??
Holy Cow Tony....I hope he gets help!!
Where is this job? On this planet of MT? Holy crap!
as Frank Barone would say. 
I hope you raise holy sand! nm
So none of you holy rollers are eating on Easter
GUILTY!!! Im a holy roller but I will definitely be eating too!!!!!
and what he did for all of US
Holy toledo batman can this be true? I couldn't do it

Unless I want to totally ignore my family, housework and total sense of well being!

I only signed on part time because I get at least 4000 lines a week from a local employer.  These are tapes with day sheets and you can pretty much pace yourself if you want to.  No schedule with local.  Sure I might have to work at night sometimes.  It's 8:00 on a Saturday night right now, but I'll have all day tomorrow off.  A WHOLE DAY! I'm finishing up because my kids have gone to the movies.

If I am "required" to do 4000 lines a week on top of my local (and I'm already getting tired of having to have a "scheduled online time" with the national, work available from them or not) I think my hubby and kids will just move out and leave me in my little "hole of an office." :)

I bragged and bragged nearly a year ago about how wonderful it was to work at home, but I'm rethinking.

It's been fun for us too! Holy smokes, the freebie inbox is SMOKIN!
Holy smokes...you poor thing. How nice is it that this seeming
psychopath preys on the newbies in the business while conducting his business driving around pretending to interview you...shouldn't he be mentoring his new transcriptionists or something constructive?
In case you didnt notice, oh holy one, my story related
Yes I have worked in customer service.  I did it with a smile, and when I was done, I would go scream in a room, not serve my forked tongue to someone who just wanted to buy a corn dog and some fries. 
Holy Cow, a gallon of Jack Daniels? I had a whole juice glass once sm
and was sick for a week, can't imagine a gallon.
Good choice. Appauling, insulting, and every other neg. MT word ya can think of. Holy Smokes. Grant
the Serenity Prayer.
oh please. Put in a brain. Unfortunately your
type of thinking is very common in our field.
Brain surgery... ha....sm

when I thing of some of the doctors I've known over the years, we could probably learn brain surgery before they could learn transcription ! 


If he had a brain, he'd take it out and play with it
Who needs to use the other side of the brain?

Life is complicated enough for us guys!

open your pea brain :)

he comes from the ghetto, his family still lives in the ghetto, he's trying to help kids in the ghetto......and you want him in a TIE, TUX, and TAILS?  He is dancing for a charity.  That's all he's there for.  To get $$ toward his charity of helping kids in and around the ghetto.

Perhaps you want him to dress like the late Fred Astaire? 

Get real.................

Brain spazzm...

Eh, those adapters really were ''gender changers'' (or gender *and* type changers).  Maybe something more like this (what I'd do anyway, if needing to frequently plug and unplug any USB device ... an extender would make that much easier, too):



Ischium now in the brain?!!!

Had to take my son yesterday for a CT of his right ischium, to check for osteomyelitis.  I gave that info to the person on the phone when I made the appointment.  Soooo - get to the imaging place, and get all the myriad forms to fill out; at the top, under 'Test Performed', was 'CT scan of the brain'.  I went back up to the desk to question this of the secretary (who is a retired nurse!!), and she looked at me and actually said 'The ischium is in the brain''!!!!!!!!!!  Told hubbie later, and he said I should have told her, not unless my head was up my ***! 

I'm sure the techs would have caught it when they looked at the script from the doc, but still!!!!


brain is not working, the 15% was only the SE tax- sm
still need to pay your state and federal on top of that. I have not sat down and actually figured that out by itself, need to do that though.
Don't know where my brain is today - sm
I am drowning in work, have 200 minutes due by Monday and I am not used to doing more than 60 minutes a day. But I guess 200 rolls of nickels is a bit much, $400, I think a roll is $2.00- but depending on the person they will need at least 50-100 rolls. That is a lot of nickels!
Thanks. The brain gives me problems too (sm)

(in Radiology), but Google helps.  Stedman's Radiology book is great, with all the CTs, MRIs and PET scans of the head.  I'm pretty sure it would help with some head-related Neurosurg.

Since when does anybody get respect for their brain?

I have always "felt unappreciated, underpaid, misunderstood, disrespected, ignored, or taken advantage of as a medical transcriptionist", AND as a typist or clerical staff.  Its the way the cookie crumbles since I'm not a VIP with a suit on and a bunch of fancy letters after my name.

Oh, yeah, I've also felt all that as a wife or girlfriend, because I didn't have the wonderful appendage that causes one to think they're automatically entitled to the best of everything.

On the other hand, I always felt relieved that I didn't have the stress of being as high profile as the more important folk out there.  Like, I'm not the first one they want to sue or pick a fight with, you see.

I don't mind being one of the powers behind the throne.  When I first got into the medical field, it put me in mind of those birds that get on large animals like hippos and pick off their parasites and eat them.  The hippo probably doesn't like carrying a bird on its back all day, but that bird improves its general situation, so it stays.  I suppose that's how all the doctors and CEOs see us, as a necessary evil.  These days, the hippos want to try electronic flea collars (think VR) and other methods to see if they can get the bird off their back.  Sooner or later they will find that the bird isn't so bad, after all.

Once upon a time I thought there was an advocate for MTs - known as AAMT.  They got greedy and bailed, huh?.  Unions are greedy.  Everyone is greedy.

In another incarnation, I had a high-paying job where I was a unionized clerical worker.  I paid big dues to the UAW.  When I needed them, they pretty much bailed, just like an insurance company or the government will do.  They want to take from the group, but they don't want to give to the individual.  I don't really believe in any organization any more, they've never done diddly for me but made a bunch of empty promises and found loopholes when it was time to make good on them.  I'd rather just be a free bird, flying to the hippo that can feed me best.

brain cramp!
half a brain...
Again... I am not trying to win any friends or make any enemies.  If you are happy and have no complaints, that is wonderful.  I was observing and making comments.  Half a brain was not meant as a cut to anyone, simply a figure of speech. 
Debbie Matenopoulos. She was no brain. nm
dead brain regarding digital!

Trying to switch all my clients to digital, but first I need some help with it!  Using the free ES wav player.  One of the drs are going to email me the files and the other is going to use a FTP site.  I dont know the first thing about transcribing files "digitally"  Any instructions would be really appreciated!

Thanks ya'all!

What is "O" work? I'm racking my brain trying to
think of what it would be..???

You're right. Brain fahrvegnugen.
brain freeze....< is Left......got it? nm
my brain... the older I get I can't remember
you're right, my brain foot, will need to buy
a cable that will convert 9 pin to USB successfully.
My son also had a traumatic brain injury
Please let me know if you do find the answer to your question. My son, who lives with his father, has become a drug addict. He will not return to school or work; he is only interested in getting his SSI check and whatever else he can get from the government and everybody else. Please let me know if you have any answers. I do know that I went to college with a learning disability (ADHD), and I not only asked the professors to put me in the front and center seat but also had free tutoring for math classes when I needed it (I kept losing my glasses). They offer free tutoring through Student Services for a variety of handicaps. Good luck!
sorry - it's bellsouth.......*lol* - brain stalled..nm

cause is brain going faster than fingers
I don't think there's anything we can *do* about it - except perhaps proof better as we type and/or not type as fast as we are.....it's our own flaw..I think.....and every time I re-read - I find something omitted - so I'm re-reading it all :) 
Your brain does not turn to mush?
I find that if I type and type without taking breaks, my brain feels fried. I get so terribly bored. I think it is how repetitive the reports are. How do I stay focused when my brain is dying of boredom? ::bangs head:: I also find when I add speed I make a lot of petty spelling errors and/or typos, no matter how hard I try not to. Those are my 2 challenges.

I would love to be able to do it, as it would certainly meet my financial goals and then some. However, I don't want to have mush for brains all the while turning out crap reports.

I guess that is why I wonder if you are reading behind what you type or if you are watching each word or letter. Do you just think of a word and mindlessly type it? Or do you think of the correct spelling and each letter of the word as you go? I am curious about the details of it. @.@ I know, I am weird. ;)

Thanks for the advice. :)
My brain gets tired at times too, but --sm
I wouldn't call it mush. What I try to do is to really *get into* the report. I take an interest in what the doc is saying about the patient. It helps alleviate any boredom, at least for me. Some of these reports are pretty interesting, if you really listen to them. and no, I don't watch each word or letter I type, but I do watch for errors. I also find that when I try to FORCE myself to be faster, I too make mistakes. Just let that come natural. you do pick up speed over time. Sometimes I even play a little game with myself to see if I can type and keep up with what the doc is saying without taking my foot off the pedal. It is a personal challenge, or sorts, which is another thing to alleviate the boredom. But again, we all have good days and bad days. Sometimes these things don't work for me either, and I find myself coming to this board more often, looking for entertainment. Sometimes you just have to discipline yourself to it, I guess. When I get really bored and don't want to type anymore, sometimes I create a *reward* for myself for when I get done...like, maybe I will think about rewarding myself with a beer when I get everything done and if I get it all done by, say, 6 p.m. That works too, and you know, that beer tastes really good at those times! When things get repetitive, I guess you have to find your own way of alleviating it. these are just some things that work for me. Hope it helps.
wow, my brain is spinning with this info!

i will go over it and read through again when i have more time. 

thanks for the info!