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Holy cow! That's, like, a lot of clinics! In only 7 years? Holy Cow!

Posted By: Clinic-A-Day! on 2005-11-01
In Reply to: Question. - jss

Legit place...hmmmm. There are a few out there. Whether they have clinic work is another story. I'm sure someone will have suggestions. But, isn't it cool that you'll probably already know the doctors no matter where you go!

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HOLY COW..can you believe this?

Man dies after 50 hours of playing computer games.



Holy Cow!
I can't believe that's their top out now. I made 9 cpl when I worked for them back in 2000!
Holy Cow! How do you get that much done?
holy cow

I type ortho all day. So for some reason, just for fun???? I decided to give myself a Phalen's test.  (If you aren't familiar, Google it and you will find tons of info, picutres and instructions) Yow, I did not feel it at first but now I am all tingly in the palm and ulnar nerve distribution in my hand.  Probably not a good thing to do when you still have to type another hour. 

Don't try this at home....or at least when you want good use of your hands. Guess I need to review my ergonomic, or not so ergonomic, positioning of my equipment. 

Holy cow
Can you fight the price with the hospital? Thats insane
Holy cow, that really does work! sm
I never knew you could do that. Will really save my poor old blind eyes. LOL
Holy cow! Now I don't feel so bad!! nm
HOLY CRAP!!!! Here's what I'd do:
1. Get a hotel room.

Holy Cow! - that was infinitely appropriate!
is this for real? 
Holy cow? Yep, a lot of those in India.
not Holy, just forgiven :) - NM

Holy cow, wonder what is in that poor cat's water??
Holy Cow Tony....I hope he gets help!!
Where is this job? On this planet of MT? Holy crap!
as Frank Barone would say. 
Holy cow, 11? My brain would explode.
Here's a neat website that's all about productivity:

I hope you raise holy sand! nm
So none of you holy rollers are eating on Easter
GUILTY!!! Im a holy roller but I will definitely be eating too!!!!!
and what he did for all of US
Holy toledo batman can this be true? I couldn't do it

Unless I want to totally ignore my family, housework and total sense of well being!

I only signed on part time because I get at least 4000 lines a week from a local employer.  These are tapes with day sheets and you can pretty much pace yourself if you want to.  No schedule with local.  Sure I might have to work at night sometimes.  It's 8:00 on a Saturday night right now, but I'll have all day tomorrow off.  A WHOLE DAY! I'm finishing up because my kids have gone to the movies.

If I am "required" to do 4000 lines a week on top of my local (and I'm already getting tired of having to have a "scheduled online time" with the national, work available from them or not) I think my hubby and kids will just move out and leave me in my little "hole of an office." :)

I bragged and bragged nearly a year ago about how wonderful it was to work at home, but I'm rethinking.

It's been fun for us too! Holy smokes, the freebie inbox is SMOKIN!
Holy smokes...you poor thing. How nice is it that this seeming
psychopath preys on the newbies in the business while conducting his business driving around pretending to interview you...shouldn't he be mentoring his new transcriptionists or something constructive?
In case you didnt notice, oh holy one, my story related
Yes I have worked in customer service.  I did it with a smile, and when I was done, I would go scream in a room, not serve my forked tongue to someone who just wanted to buy a corn dog and some fries. 
Holy Cow, a gallon of Jack Daniels? I had a whole juice glass once sm
and was sick for a week, can't imagine a gallon.
Good choice. Appauling, insulting, and every other neg. MT word ya can think of. Holy Smokes. Grant
the Serenity Prayer.
Could maybe see clinics going over to
full EMR with doctors documenting, but it would be very hard in hospitals for physicians to do this considering how complicated some dictations are.
Try hospitals and/or clinics-
I don't know about other places but in at least 3 of the major hospitals in my area they have people work both in house and at home. Everyone works in house to begin with and has to prove themselves before going home. Some people (like me) just prefer working in house, so it works out.
Local Clinics
I would seriously try to find work at a local clinic if you're finding it hard to get hired with a National. I also went to a local community college. I didn't take me long to find a very small local MTSO to hire me, thank God they decided to take a chance on me. I now work for a local nephrology clinic. I definitely know though that if I tried to go out on my own, there would be no way I could have done it. Good luck with whatever you decide to do.
Yup and I love my clinics! nm
Try local clinics
Or if you have a small local MTSO, they may be willing to give you a chance. That's how I started. I trained with the MTSO at her office for a couple of weeks and then I started working from home for a local nephrology group and I've been there for the past five years. Try not to get discouraged, although I know that's a hard thing to do.
That is great if you can get the same dictators. I have over 85 and all different clinics. (sm)
That is why I started my own business. It really depends on who you work for and if you get a great account your lucky. I unfortunately wasn't that lucky and after 15 years a GF and I do it locally for doctors. Much less stressful. Glad you can do that!!
I wish more hospitals & clinics would get the picture that (sm)
what you have just described is the best and most cost-effective way to get quality transcription. At the hospital where I used to work, MTs are treated like the scum of the earth. The nationals want us, but pay peanuts. By eliminating the middleman and the overhead of having enough office space for MTs, a hospital/clinic can pay the MTs what they're worth, the MTs can afford to keep working for them and stay on for many years, gaining a better knowledge of the doctors and the institution. Both that and having decent pay and a more flexible schedule means happy MTs, and happy MTs will go the extra mile to produce top-level work. It sounds like your employer is ahead-of-the-curve in the way it deals with its transcription needs.
I think the MDs that care in their offices or clinics sm
keep their trans in-house. My personal MD does and overseas every last little detail and she is tough! The ones who dont want to mess with it go to a service and let the service take responsibility. So neither will care....IMHO
try local hospitals/clinics around you
that still have in-house. My local hospital did this and the education/experience/hands-on help provided was golden. Then go home and work - you will be viewed as a step up if expierience is in-house.

DO NOT pay for mentoring.
I would try local doctors and clinics
I only work weekdays and nights only when absolutely necessary, no weekends or holidays either.
Hospital with many smaller satellite clinics associated with it
So true, work for some doctors and clinics also and many are now
jumping on the save lots of money and offshore bandwagon! We just can't win. It's over everyone :(
I am an IC and my accounts are clinics and doctor's offices

So I have weekends off unless the docs dictate late on Friday, in which case I have the choice of working late on Friday or getting the work done over the weekend.

With clinic work, you don't have the constant flow that you have with a hospital. You can't work harder or longer hours to make more money. There is a specific amount of work, and when it's done, that's it. Your income will fluctuate. But if you're willing to put up with that - you can have your weekends off.

ALL of the clinics I work on use SS #s as medical record numbers, and many of them cc to the
patient at their home address, which is conveniently typed at the bottom of the report.  Seems pretty straight-forward to us, then why can't the govt figure this out and put a stop to it?
Is this Holiday a major one? Clinics and offices closed?

I guess I am out of it.  How big of a holiday is this?  All the kids home from school today?  Post offices and banks closed?  Seems rather quiet work-wise.  Wondering if I should start cleaning the house or keep staring at the no jobs to do in my queue.


TO the person who emailed me about their experiences on the multispecialty clinics, etc.
I tried twice to respond to your email and help but it keeps coming back undeliverable.


good luck getting hospitals/clinics and the med communityto
Yes, I always have the notes. One time, it was an entire day worth of clinics except for one!

How did they just get one note and not the rest?  There have been a couple of times when the doctor just didn't dictate on that particular patient, but most of the time I typed the notes, printed and delivered the notes, and then they say they never go them!  And I always have them on my PC and backed up on CD.

I'm just putting my clinics on digital too, check out enclosed links - sm




I have 2 clinics still on tapes, love'em! Also work for a national. Like that too. nm
Check around your local area for clinics or transcription companies
That's what I did. I first started out working for a very small MTSO and worked at their office for a couple of weeks and then they moved me home and I started working on a single speciality account. I'm still working for the office after 5 years (altough the MTSO closed her business).
Any hospitals/clinics hiring home-based employees on an hourly basis? TIA


p.s. my clinics give me Bday gifts and bake stuff for me! I'm a skinny single girl and I guess th
58, AHP/self-taught, trained at hospital 5 years, now with 2 of my own accounts for 10 years, employ
Also worn out 2 keyboards in 4 years. I will never retire. DH will come home some day from work and I'll be slumped over my keyboard. I put in 14 hours a day 7 days a week.
Pack years = packs smoked per day x years of smoking - sm
25 pack-years = 25 years of 1 pack a day, or 12-1/2 years of 2 packs a day.

I don't think pack-years applies to someone who smokes only cigars. But I don't know for sure.
I worked for Cbay for 3 years. I was also part of their lay off back many years ago. sm
Even though I got stuck in a lay off era, I still love the company. They paid well then. The people were nice (exception of 1 person) and if I had the opportunity I would go back again. Fortunately (or unfortunately - depending on how u look at it), I have a great paying job right now, so I am not looking for a change. I do know that at one time, they asked management to accept late paychecks, but never sure of the reason why. My check was never late.
I know it used to be 5-10 years back, but the laws changed within the last 2 years. They can only g