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In case you didnt notice, oh holy one, my story related

Posted By: to the discussion above. on 2005-07-27
In Reply to: Yeah, that's why you're the one whining - WHO is holier than thou?

Yes I have worked in customer service.  I did it with a smile, and when I was done, I would go scream in a room, not serve my forked tongue to someone who just wanted to buy a corn dog and some fries. 

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Probably not the same article, but this DOL case is related to topic -sm

It's a long article and requires close reading, but here is an excerpt:
Whether waiting time is compensable "hours worked" within the meaning of the FLSA depends on whether an employee is "waiting to be engaged" or "engaged to wait." See generally, Skidmore v. Swift & Co., 323 U.S. 134, 136 (1944). In Skidmore, 323 U.S. at 136, the Court stated that "hours worked" under the FLSA is not limited to active labor: "No principle of law found either in the statute or in Court decisions precludes waiting time from also being working time," and "[f]acts may show that the employee was engaged to wait, or they may show that he waited to be engaged." Accord Owens v. Local No. 169, Ass'n of W. Pulp & Paper Workers, 971 F.2d 347, 350-51 (9th Cir. 1992). See also 29 C.F.R. 785.7, 785.14; The Fair Labor Standards Act 8.II.B (Ellen C. Kearns and Monica Gallagher eds. 1999).

Thus, "idle" or waiting time is compensable "work" under the FLSA where it is controlled by the employer and is spent predominantly for the employer's benefit. See, e.g., Armour & Co. v. Wantock, 323 U.S. 126, 133 (1944) (a companion case to Skidmore).(4) The Secretary's interpretive regulations explain that an employee is "engaged to wait," and therefore performing work, when the periods of inactivity are unpredictable and of short duration:

In either event the employee is unable to use the time effectively for his own purposes. It belongs to and is controlled by the employer. In [such] cases waiting is an integral part of the job. The employee is engaged to wait.

Holy cow! That's, like, a lot of clinics! In only 7 years? Holy Cow!
Legit place...hmmmm. There are a few out there. Whether they have clinic work is another story. I'm sure someone will have suggestions. But, isn't it cool that you'll probably already know the doctors no matter where you go!
I wouldn't use lower case. I'd use upper case. Don't worry about it. nm
Not MT related, but pet dog related. See message.
I have a 5 year old Maltese dog who has always been a great sleeper at night. He has always slept on my bed next to me and never budged all night. Last week he started to wake up shivering and panting in the early morning and could not settle back down and would just jump off the bed and go off somewhere else to sleep. Now he starts this shivering and panting as soon as the light goes off in the bedroom but instead of jumping off and going off on his own, he just stays there next to me and keeps sivering and panting and is unable to fall asleep. He's perfectly normal otherwise during the day and sleeps fine during the day, behaves normally and is eating and drinking normally. I called the vet and she thought he was having nightmares. But I'm not so sure. Last night when I went to bed and the light was on for about 15 minutes he was quiet and comfortable lying next to me. As soon as the light went off he started the shivering and the panting and could not go to sleep. Anywone gone throught this before? Should I be worried about his health?
HOLY COW..can you believe this?

Man dies after 50 hours of playing computer games.



Holy Cow!
I can't believe that's their top out now. I made 9 cpl when I worked for them back in 2000!
Holy Cow! How do you get that much done?
holy cow

I type ortho all day. So for some reason, just for fun???? I decided to give myself a Phalen's test.  (If you aren't familiar, Google it and you will find tons of info, picutres and instructions) Yow, I did not feel it at first but now I am all tingly in the palm and ulnar nerve distribution in my hand.  Probably not a good thing to do when you still have to type another hour. 

Don't try this at home....or at least when you want good use of your hands. Guess I need to review my ergonomic, or not so ergonomic, positioning of my equipment. 

Holy cow
Can you fight the price with the hospital? Thats insane
Holy cow, that really does work! sm
I never knew you could do that. Will really save my poor old blind eyes. LOL
Holy cow! Now I don't feel so bad!! nm
HOLY CRAP!!!! Here's what I'd do:
1. Get a hotel room.

Holy Cow! - that was infinitely appropriate!
is this for real? 
Holy cow? Yep, a lot of those in India.
not Holy, just forgiven :) - NM

Holy cow, wonder what is in that poor cat's water??
Holy Cow Tony....I hope he gets help!!
Where is this job? On this planet of MT? Holy crap!
as Frank Barone would say. 
Holy cow, 11? My brain would explode.
Here's a neat website that's all about productivity:

I hope you raise holy sand! nm
So none of you holy rollers are eating on Easter
GUILTY!!! Im a holy roller but I will definitely be eating too!!!!!
and what he did for all of US
Holy toledo batman can this be true? I couldn't do it

Unless I want to totally ignore my family, housework and total sense of well being!

I only signed on part time because I get at least 4000 lines a week from a local employer.  These are tapes with day sheets and you can pretty much pace yourself if you want to.  No schedule with local.  Sure I might have to work at night sometimes.  It's 8:00 on a Saturday night right now, but I'll have all day tomorrow off.  A WHOLE DAY! I'm finishing up because my kids have gone to the movies.

If I am "required" to do 4000 lines a week on top of my local (and I'm already getting tired of having to have a "scheduled online time" with the national, work available from them or not) I think my hubby and kids will just move out and leave me in my little "hole of an office." :)

I bragged and bragged nearly a year ago about how wonderful it was to work at home, but I'm rethinking.

It's been fun for us too! Holy smokes, the freebie inbox is SMOKIN!
Holy smokes...you poor thing. How nice is it that this seeming
psychopath preys on the newbies in the business while conducting his business driving around pretending to interview you...shouldn't he be mentoring his new transcriptionists or something constructive?
Holy Cow, a gallon of Jack Daniels? I had a whole juice glass once sm
and was sick for a week, can't imagine a gallon.
No, she didnt but so what if she did?
She was self supporting.  She didnt take anything from anyone or go on the system. 
i didnt see that.
what was the report?
How do you know that she didnt get ....
the newest edition out used??? I agree with it being worthless after a while but you can get used books that are the newest editions.
She didnt say they

were paying production. Probably an hourly rate position. Wipe off the drool. they ain't no fool.



That didnt work out right! Sorry.. NM
Didnt Seem Rude
You didnt seem rude to me at all. You adressed exactly what I was looking to get more info about. Should I even invest in the training, and if so what was the best way to go? Was MT even something I should get into? Sounds like more bang than I want to get tied up in so I appreciate your reply! Thanks!!
DH now knows reality of my job, didnt at first.
Good choice. Appauling, insulting, and every other neg. MT word ya can think of. Holy Smokes. Grant
the Serenity Prayer.
Why didnt your ancestors stay?
Why didnt your ancestors stay wherever they came from?  What a horrible statement.  We are all descendant from another country, unless we are American Indian.  I know two doctors who live here and do help in their home countries.  One from South Africa, the other from Mexico.  One goes back each year to hold clinics where they operate on children. 
Nixon didnt declare war
Lyndon Johnson stepped up the fighting in Vietnam, we were there back in the 1960's.  Pressure was put on Nixon from the courageous and so right protestors to end our participation in a wrong war a war we were in because we didnt want the South Vietnamese to become communist, which happened anyway.  The protests at Kent State were peaceful except some students started throwing rocks at inexperienced guardsmen.  The guardsmen were called before the protest to keep calm on campus, which is something that should never be done and was never done before.  You do not turn military against student protestors.  You do not use military to guard Americans, that is what police are for.  Only during Martial Law can you have military take over American streets.  We have a right to protest.  When the students saw the guardsmen, some threw rocks.  The guardsmen then shot their guns.  Trust me, this is how it went.  It is burned into my psyche.
Thank you. I didnt know if there were a lot of parts to assemble.
Didn't have to do much of that (didnt really mind that
part of the job, though). Just didn't like working 11-7, hated the fact that with being responsible for so many patients, I felt like I wasn't giving any of them very good care.
wonder why my email didnt work??
That makes me wonder, I have been getting emails lately, it should be working.
Vets were I worked didnt want to pay for MT. Had
Not RadGuy but didnt take much to get banned
You did call the school, didnt you?
Very wise post. Didnt look at it this way before.
Are you sure she didnt mean strap, like black
Didnt know we have our own country now of Georgia!
I love my country(and state).
Trust me I would if it didnt feel like someone took a hammer

Her point was Rosa DIDNT do as in Rome
im not really complaining...i just got mad when i didnt get my check right before christmas...
and started looking at other co... and then of course i get this offer... that i cant seem to weigh out ...and then my currnet co. made it all better. so i will prob just stay put, and gain some skills adn time to my resume'...you kno?

Ok, I didnt post this, another JWA did. just wanted clarification.

it just sounds like they didnt want to work with you anymore
I wouldnt let it get me down. I dont feel like you should go back to school. It takes time to do the more difficult doctors. Unless you did not go to school and do good. Only you know how well you learned and whether or not you feel comfortable with doing transcription.

I think this lady was aggravated and took it out on you. Dont give up.

Keep your chin up. This is a tough field.
Yes, we agree. I 1st posted to person who didnt