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Posted By: Proud CMT on 2006-02-02
In Reply to: AAMT website - all you need is there! Happy - MQA

Can't tell you how refreshing it is to see something POSITIVE be said about AAMT.  Most of the time on this site it gets bashed and criticized.  This QA document they have put out is excellent and I'm just happy to see people recommending it!

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I am Dr. Phil and I am THE BEST! I am on Oprah you know. Everything I say is right, even Ophra says so.

The nasty posts are absolutely wonderful to hear - it shows that peoples are bold, beautiful, and very, very intelligent individuals. They are full of life and are living it through MTstars - Again, I say HOORAY!
We need to take back our jobs for our citizens.  I am sick to death of these big CEOs raking in the dough and outsourcing the jobs that Americans would LOVE to do!  That line that they are jobs "that nobody else wants to do" is just that ... a line.  You have taken a big step in standing up to these big boys and I applaud you!! 
VERY well put. Being on the QA staff at a national, it unfortunately has gone away from Oxford Grammar and other 'common sense' means of editing, whether MT OR QA. Nit-picking over 'Gram stain' versus 'Gram's stain' must stop. Serves no one well. The AAMT Book Of Style is referred to frequently as 'guideline' and not actual biblical thunder and lightening. I don't endorse the 'addicted to BOS' style of QA, although again, it is required by the employer as THE guide. More than one guide would be more chaos. Most of us in QA are nice school teacher and mentor types and want to be, otherwise we wouldn't be here. It's not THAT fun/money-making. :)
Hooray for you! Please SM
Nevermind what anyone else states -- this is definitely a personal decision.

If you can get a CMT Review Guide, it would be best. For me, the biggest challenge was pharmacology.

Bless you for giving them a chance to learn and grow! "Each one, teach one" are words to live by.
Hooray for you MQMT2!
You go girl!!
Hip Hip Hooray Trolls go away.

Hooray! That's exactly what I did 18 months ago. Best job in the world.
Hooray for Jodi!! You are SO MUCH STRONGER

...than you were last week.  I am SO happy to see that.  I am glad that you came here for our support.  I wrote you a nice long e-mail in your original chain and was so worried about you.  I see with each additional posting that you are growing stronger and stronger!!!!  I sure like to think it was all the support we gave you here.  You deserve so much better than what was happening to you.  I am so happy for you!!

"I am woman...hear me ROAR!"  You rock, Jodi!  Please keep us updated, okay.  You know you are in a lot of prayers.  ((((hugs))))

Hooray for the Good Guys!
This was very courageous to post here. If we can continue to expose these companies, we can fight to win back OUR jobs! Great job - way to go!!
Oh, a report just came in. A report actually just slid in, can you believe it. Hip Hip Hooray. I

had better get that sucker typed before it gets out of ONE MINUTE TAT.

Didn't you tell me?!?!? No, Liza, you didn't tell me. Hooray for you! lol