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I've heard talk that they are considering changing the name of the organization

Posted By: Proud CMT on 2006-02-02
In Reply to: "American" Association - yet they are encouraging outsourcing? - this is why I don't support them.

All of this takes time, but I support the name change issue.

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Amybody heard of AAMT changing
on this from others.  My opinion is they want to take out the word American since they seem to be so supportive of offshoring work to other countries.  They can't keep calling it AAMT.  I think this is the chief reason they want to change the name. 
I've heard that before sm
then the account suddenly and mysteriously dries up and there you sit on OT waiting and waiting and waiting.
Now I've heard it all.

I just saw on CNN (which is NOT my news station of choice, now I remember why), that people in other countries feel bad for the people on the Gulf, but they figure it is "our fault"  because it is because of global warming and that global warming is the fault of the United States.  Please.  I was wondering when President Bush would start getting the blame for the hurricane.  I guess it won't be long now.

I've heard of that .........
and have a friend that seems to have it. I just give him a hard time about it *weg*, since I have menopause. 'Sides, its IMPORTANT for me to give him a hard time at all given opportunities LOL
I've never heard of this. Why? nm
Oh, please. Now I've heard it all! nm
Well, I've heard it all...
Well, I'm struggling through a dictation and finally figured out the problem.. The doctor is driving while dictating (quality is wobbly and he is by nature a VERY fast dictator) and his wife/girlfriend/friend/significant other is on her cell phone talking just as loud and fast as he is... It's terrible.. yak-yak-yak-yak-yak. She hasn't slowed down one bit to even take a breath.. 4 minute dictation.. has so far taken 30 minutes!   OUCH!!!!!  Why do I put myself through this??
I've heard of it
...about eight months ago and it was pretty user friendly, I'd say, based on the tour of it they gave me. Do you mind if I ask you the per-line rate they're going to charge you?  When I talked to one of their reps last year, the per-line rate they quoted me was pretty darn high, which is the reason I didn't go with it, but if they've lowered their per line rate a bit, I would consider using it. Thanks, and please let me know anything else you find out about IntraScript.  I'll keep an eye on your post and replies.          
I've actually never heard that myself, but
I wouldn't think you would be any less fertile than you were prior to this pregnancy.  Be sure if you do miscarry to keep in touch with your doctor and when the bleeding has stopped that you go in for an ultrasound to be sure it is complete.  I did not pass everything during my first miscarriage and ended up with an infection and was on antibiotics for a couple of weeks.  An infection could obviously cause problems with fertility if left untreated.  After both of my miscarriages, I was told to wait three months before trying again, but I ended up having a D&C in the office for the unexpelled contents the first time and the second time I opted for a D&C in the hospital under sedation because I found out the pregnancy was not viable and my first miscarriage was very painful - a lot worse than menstrual cramps.  The three month wait could have been because I had the D&Cs.  I am so sorry to hear someone else is going through it. ((((Hugs))))
Okay, now I've heard it all
I could be mistaken, but I think I am transcribing a doctor who is breast feeding while she dictates.  I can hear the baby (sounds like a newborn), and her soothing little comments, and then a definite almost like an "ouch" sound, but she keeps trying to talk through the pain. 
I've heard both..sm
I leave it on the majority of the time, but on the weekends or when I know I won't be working I will turn it off to let it rest (so to speak). I don't know why but I just can't leave it on forever, which is why once or twice a week I turn it off.

Now I've heard it all!
Nice try, but your excuse just doesn't fly. Everyone's "overbooked," as you say and the vast, vast majority of people's salaries keep going down, down, and DOWN!  We'll see how much you appreciate doctor's padding their wallets when, God forbid, you don't have health insurance and your doctor won't treat you or your child unless you're able to pay for it all out of pocket.
I've heard like maybe being put on (nm)
I've never heard of this?

Please, tell me more?!!


So I've heard
I don't take for granted how nice it is that she stays where I put her (she isn't yet mobile), never talks back, is always smiling, and hasn't even started teething. :) I wish I could figure out how to keep her like this forever.

That's why I was looking to find something to fill my time with, not something permanent. One day all too soon she will have a mind of her own! :) I honestly wouldn't have it any other way of course.
I've never heard of that either sm
Is this supposed to be similar to Word? Does your new computer have a number where you can call and they can give you instructions over the phone on how to work it? You could call the place where you bought it if not and maybe they could tell you who to call or even help you themselves.
that's what I've heard as well...
It's kind of like wireless internet set-ups where if the person wasn't aware of and able to patch the holes in security and someone tech savvy were in a certain range, they can hack into and use your internet service, access files on your computer, see everything you are doing.
I've heard of it
Sounds like a position that is similar to something that I read about in my local paper not that long ago.  It is being implemented in one of the local hospitals in Minneapolis and is a job for medical students only.  Here is a link to the newspaper article:  http://www.startribune.com/1757/story/1060338.html
I've heard that one before - the
protein pump inhibitor. Nails on a chalkboard. Thankfully I just type ppi no matter whether they say it right or wrong.

i've heard some say
that their carpal tunnel symptoms went away after using the classic type kinesis keyboard, ? It did help mine, but mine weren't severe yet either. Or for another line of work, what about dictating for the doctors? I'd bet you could do better than these nurse practitioners as a whole...or take your medical knowledge and go into coding. Or teach local wannabe transcriptionists the trade?
I've heard these ads for these

seminars before, and I'll admit it is frustrating.  It's what makes your friends and family members think you have a cake job and anyone can do it.  But in all reality, most people that hear those ads and go to those seminars don't really buy into that.  And even if they do, they soon realize they've been had.  I encourage those who think my job is a cake job to go those seminars.  Not only does it give them false hope, it also wastes about 3 hours of their time.  Serves 'em right for thinking I have it so easy.

I had a coworker (in the office where I temp) who went to one of these seminars and she actually thought she could do it since she was a physical therapist assistant and had some medical background.  I told her she might be okay if she sticks to orthopedics or physical medicine, but otherwise I doubted it.  She was miffed that this company held this seminar and wasted her time as well.  She ended up working per diem for a nursing home as a PTA to bring in extra money, realizing MTing wasn't something she could "just do for extra money".  Satisfaction.

I've never heard of a company having to pay
when they got out of TAT.   In the contract it states that TAT time is, and if consistently out of TAT is a negotiable point for renewal/cancellation of the contract, but no financial penalty to the company for not meeting it.  My company is out of TAT 80% of the time and rarely offer a bonus to work extra, though does occasionally offer bonus, more often just asks everyone to work 2 more hours.
The reason I've always heard...
Rochester does not outsource, while Scottsdale does, but I'm not sure if Jacksonville does or not. I recently worked at Mayo Rochester (loved it, had to move) and I always heard it was because of quality issues. They felt they could hire better MTs themselves, rather than outsource and trust another company to do it. It is likely, however, due to difficulty keeping employees (everybody wants to work at home, and there have been lots of people moving away), that they will be going to telecommuting soon, which I'm looking forward to, since I can work for them again!
from what i've heard, its a lot harder

I know they could care less about us, we're just numbers/slaves to them, but why don't they get a little integrity for the business, make us happy for once, in turn improving quality and giving themselves a good name, and pay by the hour while we learn this technology at least.  How can any company cut pay across the board like that and get away with it?

first I've heard of it..sorry I missed it; but
they'll get their code of conduct course in jail I guess.
I've heard this a few times- maybe you have too

Do you think anyone would ever be on their death bed, surrounded by loved ones and say, "I wish I had spent more time working."  Doubt it.  My kids are grown now, and the good memories for them are the ones I didn't think were so great.  Like the time we lived in an apartment building in the Northeast, had all our Christmas decorations in the storage room in the basement, and someone stole them.  We made all our own that year with aluminum foil covered cardboard and strung popcorn.  Not even any lights, couldn't afford them.  They to this day call that tree their Charlie Brown tree.  That's just one of many "little memories" that may not seem like much when they are happening, but it's the things they remember.   

I've heard that 4:1 is average.
So an hour of dictation would take about four hours to transcribe.  It all depends on the dictation and the transcriptionist.  There are so many other factors, too.  Is it repetitive, can you use an expander, is it one person, are you used to that person, how focused are you, how user friendly is the platform, etc.
I've heard that most of their dictators are..

ESL?  True?  And bad dictation.  Just curious.


you are absolutely right, I've never heard of this

I have to wonder about compatibility issues and what operating system or platform it is being used on.  If the platform is proprietary even if it uses Word, it may be a stripped version of Word.  If that is the case, this would make ST not act properly as it was only intended to work with an full version of Word...that is what makes me keep coming back to it not working properly with Word.  If you have to correct things on Tools, it is a compatibility issue with Word.

The only known issue I was aware of was that once Stedman took over ST and Word went to 2003, ST has expansion and crashing issues because of an upgrade that Word made causing compatibility issues within ST.

My best advice is to go directy to customer service or perhaps locate B. Grow and ask her advice.

Vacation? I've heard of that
I haven't had a vacation since 1996 and I've had ONE two-day weekend off since 2001.
From what I've heard, you'll have fun! (nm)
Definitely challenge it - I've heard of others who have
asked for a review and they were then found to have passed.  Go for it.
I've heard it has too many bugs in it...
and to wait until Microsoft works things out better before buying it.
I've heard that if it is a severe CTS
symptoms as the nerves can become permanently damaged.  I'd look into first to see if this would help or not.
I've heard a few things about N/T
From a fan list I'm on. Michelle is gone, gone, gone. Thank God! Everyone follows to Hollywood. I believe they'll show the baby. I actually just started watching last season with bits and pieces in between. I caught up watching episodes on line. I didn't see that episode, but I heard about it. I'm in the process of getting the complete series on DVD through Ebay.

And feel free to email me personally if you'd like. I don't want to bore anyone with tales of N/T.
I've heard that Smarttype is exactly like SH, so . . .
SH may not work either. You might want to go to the SH website and contact tech suppor. They may be able to tell you. Good luck.
I've heard all of that, in addition
to being sworn at and called every name in the book.  An egotistical neurosurgeon who was famous for throwing his instruments all over the op room and abusing the nurses/techs, decided to spew his venom on the MTs one day.  I gathered everyone around and we all listened and laughed and said what a jack@ss.  Then my boss called the HIM director.  About 2 weeks later Dr. Wonderful was not working there any longer.  I don't think it was just our complaint, but cummulative transgressions by this jerkwad.
I've just heard a tiny bit, but...sm
apparently Fusion also offers a transcription platform. I was just trying to see if there might be some comments on that. I appreciate your response.
I've never heard of hacker free but I do
shop a lot online. when you go to check out and give credit card info, etc, make sure that in the address line it changes from "http" to "https". the s lets you know that it's supposed to be a secure server. I also check with the bbb before making a purchase.
I'm out of Monrovia too and the only place I've heard about it is here.

I don't know if this is company wide or local office changes.  Guess we'll all find out when the time comes.  Until then, I'm not going to worry about it. 

I've recently heard a LOT about corruption in NO as well,

including politicians and police.  These terrible things that we've seen on TV are actual everyday occurrances in NO on a NORMAL day, not just springing up since the hurricane and tragedy.

We're talking about 2 separate tragedies, first the hurricane THEN the breakdown of the levee system (an accident waiting ot happen IMO and the opinion of several other people).  I have a friend in LA who tells me they've had problems with this levee previoiusly, had gotten money to fix it, but somebodies deep pockets (sounds like some MT companies) got a little fuller through the process and the repairs were not done as they should be.  THE NO government KNEW there was going to be a breech in the levee system soon, I think it just happened sooner than they thought it would.  OF course, NOBODY is going to be investigating this now.....they have bigger problems to deal with and more than anyone can handle right now.

With that said, I thought the NO government did try to get people to leave.  THERE are STILL people that WON'T!  How absurd is that????!!  Death and sludge all around you and you CHOOSE to stay....even though it means you may die.  I heard several reports on the TV with the NO mayor telling people to LEAVE the CITY, they didn't want to until it was too late.  The Super Dome was supposed to be a place of refuge for elderly and sick.....not everyone.  It certainly turned out to be a BAD idea all the way around. 

All in all, I think the government there did TOO LITTLE TOO LATE and the people surely SUFFERED.  These people will have a long recovery ahead, no matter where they decide to make their homes, and I'd be real curious to know how many WILL NOT go back to NO just because of this tragedy.

Thanks for the heads-up. You are 2nd person I've heard that from

holding "outsourcing" over the MT employees' heads.

So I guess hospitals by and large still have not learned the lesson quite yet.

Sit back, they will. 

They haven't heard the "sucking" noise of their money going out the mail shute yet.  When they still have to hire people to CLEAN UP what comes back to them after spending wads of money TO BUY OR LEASE THE EQUIPMENT TO HAVE VR...and the finance and accounting man comes to the staff meeting and says WE ARE SPENDING MORE ON MEDICAL RECORDS AND TRANSCRIPTION  THAN ON THE WHOLE HEART DIVISION !!!! there will be a clanging of the doors to nationals.  (stay tuned )

I've heard it called a "johnny" before. nm
I've heard its really an easy platform...
We use IDXRad and I'm told its easier than that - and IDXRad is really, really easy, so I think you'll like RadNet!
I've heard "why don't you go out and get a real job"
These are some of the responses I've gotten from people who don't know anything about my job, "Oh, why don't you go out and find a real job?" or they refer to "that stuff you do on the computer"
I've heard that you have to stay away from lotions and
use creams as they contain less water and lotions with more water tend to make your skin dryer. Anybody else ever hear this. Petroleum jelly based ones may work better, I'm not sure of this though and hope someone else will know for sure.
I've heard they are comfortable, though never tried one. Wasn't sure how
I would be able to use my foot pedal with it. 
I've heard similar about other brands of
that is the most ridiculous bunk i've ever heard!
Well, I've heard rave reviews about (sm)

The Surgery Word Book too.  I'm thinking of make it the next book on my wish list.  I recently purchased the Stedman's Medical and Surgical Equipment Words, but from what I understand now I should have gone with the Surgical Word Book instead.  Oh well, never can have enough books can we? 


I know. I've never even heard of a VR job paying by the hour. It isn't QA at all. nm