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Very well said. I let mine expire, too. nm

Posted By: MT on 2006-02-02
In Reply to: There was an excellent letter to the editor in Advance Magazine last month sm - Soon to be Ex-CMT


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My Norton subscription is about to expire.
I can't afford that $40 renewal fee right now.  What can I do? 
Question. Does Fleischmann's yeast ever expire? The reason....

I am dying over here for pizza. Have ALL the ingredients - cheese, sauce, toppings, but forgot the yeast for the dough. Called my 80 y.o. sweetheart of a neighbor to see if I could borrow a packet until I get to the grocers (quite a bit away).


She drives to my house and lovingly hands me the package. As I go to open it to place in my dough mixture the expiration date reads: Oct 25 1992


LOL!! Should I go for it or what, girls?

Funny! Mine is almost as large, and I don't mind cleaning mine!
It's no problem at all.  Besides, I'll take lots of oodles of square footage any day of the week over living in a sardine can!
Mine isn't like that. Mine is 2. All are programmed different.
Mine are 10, 7, and 4.....sm
I get up early and get my work done by noon. If I have more that needs done I do it late at night after they go to bed. I have a very flexible schedule, so as long as the work is back in 24 hours it doesnt matter when I do it. Mine are all girls, so they play really nice together. My 10-year-old is pretty good at keeping the 4-year-old playing. When the two older ones are is school, my 4-year-old is pretty good at playing with her toys, computer or books until I am done. I stop occasionally to read to her or play with her, but I am usually done everyday at noon. For me personally, I would never use daycare. I would try to make it work with the little ones at home. I used to work in a very demanding hospital job doing insurance and billing. When I started work at home I knew I would never see another day care again! Good luck to you and hope you can find a way to get the little ones to stay at home with you!
not mine
I did not make that post
Yep, that's what mine is...
That "azul" thingy - think I'll take my computer, desk and chair to that island and sip a cold drink while I type....
should see mine!
Ours this time was 441!!!
mine is for $96 - but what for??? nm
You can have mine.
What a slap in the face! I will be returning mine with a nice little letter. They obviously think we are just a bunch of idiots and are just going to sit back and take their BS. I have had it.
Mine was $27 nm
Mine are up a bit too. NM
He's mine. Now get out of here.
Do you spend at least 2 hours doing your hair and make up in the hopes that he stops by your house? I didn't think so.
Mine does - up to 14 cpl for certain...
accounts.  I'm sure there must be others.  Our experience has been that there are still plenty of doctors/healthcare facilities who appreciate quality.  Yes, many simply want to save money.  Thankfully, some know money is not the most important factor.
Mine did for me
I worked for a company (not MQ) that used DQS and I only have dial-up available to me. I connect at 50.6 Kbps almost all of the time and never had a problem. Once the first dictation loaded, which took less than a minute, the rest would upload in the background while I was working so I never had to wait. Sound quality was always very good, but of course that can depend on your account.

I currently am working on the InScribe platform for a different company and it takes a little over a minute most of the time for my first dictation to load (so it is a little slower than DQS was for me) but after that there is no waiting, just like on DQS.

I have a really reliable ISP so very rarely get disconnects, etc.

HTH. :)
that's how I do mine, too...and they are

mine is
Pink Floyd, Wish You Were Here
Also keep in mine...

While it is very true what the other poster said, you also need to take in to account how much you are getting paid per line. I get paid both ways, for two different jobs I work. If I were to make say $.09/gross line (based on 1" margins all around, Courier New 12 pt. font), then I would need to be paid approximately $.12/65 characters per line to be making near the same amount (this is just a rough estimate).

Me too. Mine is really bad in the a.m. - sm
The pain is not really in one area of my arm, but all over and achey, even going to my wrist sometimes. I absolutely cannot lift my arm over my head without excruciating pain. Heating pad helps me too. Mine actually started when I got this crazy idea to add weightlifting to my cardio regimen at the gym. Since I have bad knees from time to time, I am guessing this may be arthritis. I'm 38. Arthritis is very strong in my family.
Wow! Ask for mine too and keep it! :)
Was an original member when you paid by the MINUTE to use AOL in the early 90s. I think it lead to my divorce...

Mine too
I'm an IC and was fortunate enough to receive Christmas bonuses from three of my accounts this year.  I was more excited about being remembered than the money!  It is nice when they communicate with you other than in a monotone voice on a tape.
that is what I still use. Mine looks sm
awful but works great. I found a couple on E-bay and bought them for 4 bucks a piece but they are rebuilt and the keys are tighter. Actually I wanted the cords off of them because you can't get the cord anymore and mine had a crack in it. These are the cords the snap in and are not on permanently. I love the clickety clack keyboard and don't want to ever change. I have bought so many adapters, you can't imagine! LOL
mine is this now too:)
Why are you making a big deal about this?
mine too
of course this is my cup of cocoa since I haven't ever touched coffee. 
Almost all of mine say thank you, more so than the
American docs.
Anybody like their job? I like mine
I wish mine had. We'd all have been better off.
Actually I've always wished I was adopted and had nothing genetic in common with those freaks.
Not Mine!!!

Mine is a
He also just quit a high paying, benefit-loaded, pension-loving job in sales for Time Share Sales because of the hours. We have 5 kids and they are growing up WAY too fast for him to work 70 hrs a week. Pray for us...this is scary! I am tying to find a better paying MT job and maybe some benefits to make up the $ difference while he trains and gets used to a change!
Mine is 143. nm
Mine is 137. It used to be 146. Getting
older ;)
Mine is 159 - nm
That's what mine is, too.

Mine was from my GRE (sm)
[graduate record exam] scores and a Mensa-administered test.
I wish mine were like you
Mine has never done that. Isn't that what QA is for?
Mine is a lot like that too.

Everything he does is oh so much more important.  When he is sick, he can just lay around the house like a vegetable.  When I am sick, I still have to function.  ARRG.

And a mama's boy to boot.  His mother can waltz her old can into our home, stay for days camped on our couch, never tells us when she is leaving, she treats me like an imbecile, takes over the girls like she is their mommy and woman of the house.  I tell the old hag off, she starts bawling and guess he gets the azz chewing from dh, ME!  GRRRR! 

Sorry to hijack your post but I know where you're coming from.

Mine did too!! sm
He swears by AMD processors. More affordable too. They tend to be a little more noisy than Pentiums because of the cooling requirements, but I am very happy as well.

He built mine, his, his sister's, and his dad's, all AMDs and (knock on wood) all running smooth.

Isn't it nice to have a resident computer tech? ;-)
So are mine!
Every day my docs tell me what a great job I do and how thankful they are to have me.  They give me raises each year without me even asking!  Christmas and birthday bonuses are always there.  The OM tells me how wonderful I am and how thankful she is to have me too.  I feel VERY appreciated and AM!  I thank my lucky stars every DAY for blessed accounts such as these.
Grease, Dirty Dancing, Pretty Woman
Boy are mine different
I count my blessings once again.  My office staff in my four accounts are so nice, they go out of their way for me, treat me well, like to see me, and the docs treat me with respect and appreiciation.  None of mine drive that super fancy cars, I know of more of my neighbors that drive fancier cars than my docs.   One or two has the lower class BMW.  I really do not see them raking in the bucks that they were 10 to 20 years ago.  Of course it seems that the ones I have always stated that they feel as though "they walk on water" and we said that when I worked at the hospital in social work, were the orthopedics and neurosurgeons.   They are the ones with the attitude and the cars and houses.   Anyway when I read posts like yours, I once again thank God for the accounts I have. 
I just got mine...sm

I thought it wasn't working and spent a good deal of time with customer service (who were all very nice and helpful).  My problem ended up being that I had no bars in my home, but if I walk up the driveway a few steps, I have full bars!  Home is in a valley; live in a very small town.  Darn, I wanted to use it as a back up since my Dictaphone uses my land line.  When I'm transcribing, I can hear someone beeping in, so that's not a problem.  But if I want to make a quick call, I have to wait until I get to a good place to sign out on the Dictaphone first.  It will be fine though for traveling around town if there's an emergency. 

You have to buy a refill card every 3 months, and that's OK, unless I should ever forget!  Existing minutes transfer over.

PS:  Before I purchased the TracFone, I read some comments about it and somebody had said that they couldn't get it to work right away and had to spend a lot of time with customer service.  Customer service would do something on their side and then told him to wait 24 hours a couple of times.  He wasn't happy.  Customer service told me to do this also.  It took 3 calls to figure out the real problem, which wasn't a problem with the phone, just a problem with the location of my house.  I wasn't annoyed about waiting the 24 hours a couple of times since I saw this happened to someone else also.


Mine are......
1. ERs
2. Psych (H&Ps or DS)
4. Orthopedics
5. Really any kind of Op and procedure notes
I like mine too !
Here's mine...

I have a seat cushion. It is square but cut out in the tailbone area. It has saved my rear literally. I broke my tailbone some years ago and have lived with the pain. I got it at a dept store local to my area (Shopko). Here is what it says on the cushion:

Seat Solution

Orthopedic Seat Cushion

Distributed by Ontel Products Corp in Fairfield, NJ

Good luck!

I think it will just pop up. Mine does.
i got mine at
i got one at transcriptiongear.com very reasonable. try the foot control finder area to get the right plug.
Mine is...
getting my ears knocked out by these cell phones, beepers, audio directly next to the dictating equipment and these things go off and screech like you would not believe in my ears… Ouch!
Mine don't look right to me either.
But I'm still looking for my old pay stubs to compare...
mine does
I have to plug it in through the external speakers and cannot have it plugged directly into the desktop or the laptop. Sometimes it does not make much difference, but it does work
I got mine at

Office Depot about 6-8 weeks ago and it had a rebate, making it only about $75.00.