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Soon to be exCMT, please elaborate why

Posted By: To CMT or not to...nm on 2006-02-02
In Reply to: You are certainly jumping to conclusions. I assure you sm - Soon to be Ex-CMT

you would not recommend AAMT CMT to MTs.

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Are you not going to elaborate???
Can you elaborate?
Can you elaborate on something for me? sm
What do you mean it will soon be over? Are you talking about the new pay structure or is there something I missed?

Thanks :-)
Please elaborate
You are such a fat imbosil! DUH!

Clean the slobber off your screen and adjust your bifocals you geek - nobody knows what the heck you are talking about.

Are you scared little Miss Admin might remove your post or what.

Can you please elaborate...
What exactly is your question?
Can you please tell me what SmokeAway is?  Is it a pill?  Patch?  Gum?  I really need to get someone to be repulsed (as the poster below mentioned) by cigarettes and smoke.  Also, is it expensive?  I would really appreciate some more info . . . I'll try anything to get him to stop.  Thank you very much. 
Can you elaborate? (sm)
Can you explain in more detail how you "settle" an account? I've heard of that but don't know how it works. Thanks.
to elaborate . . .
Sorry, I didnt' read your inside message the first time. I would say it depends on you - are you the adventurous type? I have a friend who lived in Paris for a year and hated it - the people were rude and anti-American. You might want to look into how Italy regards Americans !!
Could you please elaborate on this?
I would LOVE to be able to set up to work without a footpedal, especially on my laptop, but I have no idea how I would use hotkeys to do this. Please share!
I'd like to help you..Please elaborate.


Please Elaborate??
Thank you :)
Could you elaborate on what that is? nm
Could someone elaborate on what this really means.
Electronic Medical Record could cover a lot of territory.

What is the point and how is it done?
Please elaborate on your question.
Could you elaborate? Are these people recruiting, or what? - nm

Beta test? Can you elaborate on this a little bit more?