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Hoping companies will get their VPN, etc. compatible soon.

Posted By: Love my new computer with Vista on it on 2007-06-09
In Reply to: Please let us know if your software is compatible with Vista and thank you. - Vista compatible companies out there ?

Vista is so smart and fast -- at least my computer is !

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Had satellite; and most companies are not compatible with it, personally, I was not happy with it.
I am hoping to do this ..... sm
I want to do 1 or 2 small accunts. Getting ready to "pound the pavement." For the first time in a long time, I'm feeling excited about this profession again.

I decided I wanted to take control of my career to the best of my ability. I didn't want to continue complaining about the sludge I was getting thrown my way to type, the office politics, the disorganization.

I decided, as John Lennon used to say, "No problems, only solutions."

We'll see how it goes. Thankfully, for the most part, my income is a cushion income, so that helps.

I think with the handheld digitals it will be easier to do this than it used to be years ago.

This site and "other" site are chock-full of great information.

Good luck (to all of us adventurous souls)!

I'm hoping many will see it and think
a *fare* opportunity? Kind of says it all, doesn't it? lol
I was hoping Roddick would win, but
he made WAY too many errors!  Fedderer was definite good but Roddick could have returned a lot more than he did.....guess he had a bad day...unfortunately that does happen!!  I'm glad that Wimbledon at LEAST makes the players hold to the "white" clothing rule.....truly believe someone needs to do something about the obnoxious noises that some players feel are necessary for each and every stroke!  Give us all a break, please!!!  Have a good 4th!! 
Thank you! That was what I was hoping to hear.
was hoping it would be a start though :(
Thanks! I'm hoping to get the hang of it


Well, maybe they are hoping beyond hope that your
position might be the kind that perhaps offers the equipment after all - if they like you on the interview. Or perhaps lease it.  That has happened to me on some jobs I have applied for. I am an awesome MT, though, with decades of experience, yet new to ICing, and not lots of $$ for equipment. I remember I didn't even know that a C-phone and a dictaphone were the same thing! Some jobs were kind and saw a good deal in me, so they helped out with the equipment. And they were more than rewarded by helping me out. Must be frustrating for you, but that's part of being your own business.
I like it. Depends on what you are hoping to get out of it.
I agree, but I am hoping that it's...
Soul Patrol...yeah baby! Go TAYLOR!!!
Hoping for the best for you! I have a Smokey too!...nm
Hoping they see the light!
I agree with you 100%. I have been in this line of work for over 30 years. (I started off making $3.23 an hour in 1975 (had no experience) and worked with the large belts on a Selectric typewriter. I have always LOVED this profession; however, over the years the stress has increased for me especially in the last three years.

I would like to be able to retire from this job, yet I worry constantly about our profession and my job just going away and what will I do then? I still work in a hospital and the way we are treated even has changed. Pencils only provided, no Kleenex along with the attitude that if we are not typing, we are not working and virtually have problems just getting up to go potty or take a much needed break.

The out-sourcing has really shocked this old gal and I don't really know about the quality of the work returned to comment on it. Does anyone know? I would be curious.

However, I am hoping and praying that one day, our MDs will say "ENOUGH!" Maybe, they will decide that paying for quality work and providing benefits, etc., far outweighs the cost savings benefit of outsourcing to other countries and sadly in companies in the United States also. When I think about the knowledge and dedication we put forth every day to produce quality work, it just really hurts that the hospitals and doctors don't want to pay benefits and pay for the best transcriptionists they can find.

Signed, The Dreamer.

Thanks D!! I was hoping that was the case! nm
True, which is why I was hoping she could
And I am hoping just the opposite of
VR being done away with. I love it, mine is an excellent platform and with all the ESLs we have now, I don't have to rack my brain to find out what they are trying to say. Thank goodness for VR and I hope the hospital I work for keeps it.
Also, hoping there is more work.... but guess what!
Just got up to start my shift 1 a.m.- and there is no work in the system?
Hoping doctors would read this, how to get thru to them?
IMO, they just don't really give a crap!  As for respect, that has to be earned.  I'm sorry but just because you are a doctor doesn't make you God and doesn't make you better than that poor Transcriptionist behind a keyboard!  I've been doing this stuff for 10 years and am at the end of my rope with these so-called professionals.  By the way, IMO, seems to me they're getting worse at dictation.  These whippersnappers getting their degrees now can't even make a decent sentence; singulars for pleurals as in "there is no murmurs, gallops or rubs," or "conjunctiva is clear" emphasizing the word "is" when the patient obviously has both eyes, but I'm told to transcribe verbatim, and that's what I have to type, makes no sense to me, but they got it.  Docs who couldn't or won't pronounce a drug correctly if it killed them and don't even care to, English a second language whether foreign or not.  If docs really cared at all, just a little bit, they would slow down enough,  not slur, not eat, stop it with the sucking in ________ (enter your own word for it) cause it makes me absolutely ill the sickening sounds they make with their sinuses, or burp, just talk to me as if I was the patient sitting there, so that I can understand them without making me sick, a nervous wreck, a detective, a pharmacist, a mindreader, or drive me crazy for my few cents a line.  Then you got QA who is on another high and mighty jaunt.  That's another story.  Just sick of the whole job.  Can't wait to retire!  Just my two cents worth...
Thanks for that great info. This is what I was hoping
from my current MTSO. I was looking at another company that requires their ICs to have this insurance. I guess the grass isn't always greener.........
Hoping, that sounds like a strange way to SM
get fast. Where did you read it? I have to say it sounds like a big waste of time.

Back in the old Selectric typewriter days my friend typed an amazing 140 WPM with very few mistakes, but no amount of watching her sped my clumsy, badly coordinated fingers up. After years of experience I probably eventually did about 75 with lots of mistakes.

With intensive use of an expander, tho, which I recommend over any other method to get fast, I now easily beat that old seemingly-forever-unreachable 140wpm standard (but I prefer not to think what her count must be with one.)

Also, when I'm working "in the groove," I know I'm as fast as I can be, so I'd also suggest researching methods for reducing distractions and whatever else it takes to settle down and concentrate.

And something I've never done--learn to the get most from your programs.

Boring, "same old" type of advice, I know.
also Hoping...speed comes with experience...
nobody starts off fast because we do have to learn new dictators, research, et cetera...but once you are a bit more experienced I bet the speed part will follow right along...don't give up!!!
To Hoping: Pretty sad state of sm
affairs isn't it? Posts made my eyes kind of burn too!
Nope, I was hoping to clear $20K this year, - sm
but won't, I should hit $19K though or just under for my MT work. I do have another PT job though and that will be about $2500....so I will reach $21K but it just won't all be MT work. Now need to set a fire under my butt and shoot for $25K next year.
I was hoping to get this info on here from someone from that office that can give me a person to
speak with that would be willing to discuss issues I would want to know before I would decide to transfer. People that work there would know the best person for this that would be the most likely to be honest about everything.
I'm an on-site, hoping to work at home soon. I originally (s/m)
got into MT for the flexibility, but over the years on-site MT where I work has no flexibility at ALL. They stand there all day looking over our shoulders, monitor our bathroom breaks, and even go into apoplexy if there is a gap of more than 30 seconds or so between finishing one report and starting another. Who needs THAT? And the OFFICE POLITICS.... OMG... I'm so sick to death of office politics, power struggles and back-stabbing. I would rather do ESL doctors all day long, by MYSELF, in the peace and quiet of my own home, on a flexible schedule so I can go outdoors in the daytime once in a while, and maybe get enough exercise that I won't become fat like all the rest of them in my office. After being an MT for more years than I care to admit, I know that money isn't EVERYTHING. It's not always how much you have, but how well you MANAGE what you do have. So at this point in my life, I'm ready to have fewer dollars in my wallet, and more peace in my life.
I have a 1997 Tahoe that we bought with 55K on it - now has 160K and hoping to get to 180 K (sm)
we've had very few problems but just had to put in a new fuel pump.  Love the way the Tahoe rides - doesn't ride like a truck like some SUV's.  Good luck and have fun shopping!
OMGosh. You too??!! I'm hoping to get back into transcription here in the next week or so (sm)

and I am dreading it big-time.... I know when I had to retype a report while QA I was not only S L O W - but WOW (!!) what a humbling experience..... Much easier to verify what is in front of you than to dream it up yourself!!

I'm hoping to go part-time January 1, at least for several months.
I am just so burned out I'm not getting the lines I need, my house isn't getting cleaned, I don't seem to have any leisure time, etc.   I'm hoping that going part-time will be enough of a break that when I am working I'll be better focused and can actually produce the minimum lines that I need.  
I was thinking the same - hoping for a "been there, done that" post to enlighten
I've been doing the same thing with my Smartype LOL was hoping there was a program
Working on my tax return and have a couple of questions, I'm hoping

First, A company I worked for briefly at the beginning of 2008 sent me two different W2.  One lists all the pertinent boxes (wages, federal taxes paid, etc).  However, in box 15 where your state and local taxes are listed, they have the wrong state.  It is a state I used to live, but haven't lived there for the past three years.  I definitely did not live there at all in 2008.  The second W2 they sent list nothing in any of the boxes except box 15 where it lists the correct state, income, and taxes I paid.

So does this mean I paid taxes in a state that I didn't even live in?  And if that is the case, do I have to file a return in that state?  Or do I contact the company and ask they correct my W2? 

I am using TurboTax to prepare my return.  My second question is I have a 1099 from IC work I did in 2008 and after I enter the information, the software asks me for a business ID code on attachment form C for my "self-employment business."  I have no idea what to put on this line.  I looked at a list of the codes on the IRS website and there is nothing that is specific to medical transcription.  There is a code for Data entry and then under legal there is a code for document preparation and stenotype.  Those are the only two codes that even come close.

So which one do I use?

Oh, and have I mentioned, I HATE TAX SEASON! 

I will quit also...I'm hoping to get into doing something else, such as medical billing/.coding
They are not compatible. nm.
Sorry, they are compatible.
I guess they're hoping enoug people will quit
that it won't be a problem anymore!! Sigh.
I have the 2007 Saunders CD and I think it's kind of slow. Hoping the QL is better this year tha
It's very compatible with Word, and quite
similar to Autotext/Autocorrect.  That's why I like it better than IT.  Download the free 3-day trial offer to see how you like it.
SmartType compatible with DQS
Has anyone had any luck getting SmartType to work with MQ DQS?
No you don't have to buy it. If you don't have a compatible player - sm
that can play "PlayAll" files then they will supply the PlayAll XTRA player, though they do ask you send them a CD for it I believe. They supply the WP DOS 5.1, Stedman's Spellcheck via email. That is why I said don't let the question throw you, you don't have to buy anything.....unless you are new of course, then you will need a footpedal. Bytescribe is compatible with the sound files and that is what I use, I also have a copy of the PlayAll which I use to pull up the file information I need to transcribe, but it won't work if you have Bytescribe on your computer. I love my Bytescribe so it stays. They will train in in the use of WP 5.1 and they hire newbies too. I started to work for them with 2 months of experience....it will be 4 years in May since I began working for them. As I said good people, I appreciate them as much as they appreciate me.
Won't work, new IT Pro V is now compatible with
expander compatible
Shorthand runs with meditech
eScription isn't compatible yet . nm
bayscribe is compatible.
I don't know if Stedman's is compatible or not, but it
is considered the best and the most widely used I believe. 
Is Shorthand not compatible?

You have to have a program compatible
with whatever he has to download the voice files from his office.
Is Escription 3 compatible with

I have MS Word 2002 and I know that it is not compatible with Escription 8 which is what I am going to have to start using Monday.  I have a Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007 disk that came with my laptop.  So....my question is.....will MS Word 2007 Home and Student work with Escription 8?    My next question is do I need to uninstall my MS Word 2002 before I install MS Word 2007 or will the Word 2007 overwrite the 2002?  Any help with this would be wonderful

I mean Escription 8 compatible with



Are wav pedals compatible with all programs?
I'm looking to invest in one since I see a lot of jobs require you to have one.  I was wondering if there was a brand out there that is compatible with most programs.  I see some ads say they must have the Start-Stop one and so on.  Any information on this would be greatly appreciated. 
Thank you! Do you know if DocQscribe is compatible w/ satellite? nm
.dss files are not compatible with wav players--sm
They need to be *converted* for WAV players to be able to play them. your wav player may have a conversion tool within it. If it has a *tool* button, open that. It will not automatically play them and saving your files in Word will not convert them to wav files. you have to do that manually. good luck.
MS Works and MS Word are NOT compatible. SM
If you do a document in MS Works and try to open it as an MS Word document all you will get is machine code.  So if you are transcribing for someone who wants the files and they have MS Word, they will not be able to do anything with them (except pull their hair out).