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Hospitals that require remote transcriptionists

Posted By: WannabeRemoteMT on 2007-01-11
In Reply to:

Hi, I'm wondering if anyone can tell me how to find hospitals that hire remote transcriptionists. I've been googling all morning, and I'm not having any luck. If anyone could point me in the right direction, I'd really appreciate it!

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remote transcriptionists
Go to mtjobs.com. There are plenty on there.
Hospitals that will hire remote MTs
Thank you, Linda. I'll check them out. :o)
Depends on the company. Some companies require it; others do not. Some don't require it
if you promise that you will seek your certification at some point in the future. Other companies could care less if you are certified at all at any time.
Hey, my old cable remote had a remote! sm
We called it the flipper box.
Yeah, but hospitals are already largely using VR in hospitals. (nm)
Yes, it says remote.
Remote Control
AND you can keep the remote control right next to your keyboard to mute it when necessary. I think it sounds great. I might try it!
Remote PC connection

One of my clients allows me to remotely access their computer to obtain patient lists and transfer files. I have high-speed cable, but there is some delay when I use Word on their computer. I imagine other programs would be a bit slower as well.

If you have Windows XP Professional, you can give this a try yourself by setting up a Remote Desktop Connection. A Google search for this will give you step-by-step instructions.

Probably best to do remote training overall. sm
I realize you probably needed several MTs right away, but most are going to agree to remote training faster than flying somewhere. I am looking for a new job right now but I'm also still working at my old one, and need to make a living in the meantime, so it's hard enough for me to find time to test online for other places. I make the time to do so, but it often means working longer hours. There's no way I could up and leave my family to train elsewhere since my DH travels a lot. Granted, I would not have agreed to that in the first place if I knew it was not feasible and definitely wouldn't have backed out without notice. That's just wrong on the part of the MTs involved. Yes, MTs complain about MTSOs a LOT, but many don't realize just how bad some of what the MTSOs put up with can be. I've often had to fill in for others who just flaked or went missing without advance notice. IC or not, that's just bad business. If these were in-house jobs, they'd be canned.

In my job search, I've noticed a whole lot of ads now want on-site MTs and specifically say not an at-home position, and I have to wonder if it's because they've been burned by the flakes. If that's the case, then it's hurting ALL of us who wish to do this from our home offices. Whether you are MT or MTSO, you have to remember the golden rule. If you use respect and act professional, more times than not, you will in turn be treated with respect and professionalism. There will always be bad apples, in any profession, so you have to take your lumps and just move on without becoming so jaded.
Yay for this board, I don't feel so remote
I admit I leave this page open all day (addicted) and refer back, just because knowing there are fellow MTs online makes me feel like I have coworkers again!  Sometimes I do get cabin fever with the only souls around me all day being my cat and dog.  Wondering how everyone copes with being remote and getting cabin fever once in awhile...has anyone gotten to the point where they were either too lazy/scared to leave their house??
Remote hospital transcriptionist
Hi, I work for a 270-bed hospital in Cape Girardeau, MO and have been with them for 14 years. 9 years ago we went to at-home typing and it's been great. We have health insurance (family plan is only 105.00 a month) and you get 50% employee discount for whatever insurance doesn't pay. We get 11 cpl on a 60 character line. We can work our own hours, just have to meet a 5000 line quota per two weeks to maintain health insurance. We go on-call for a week at a time where we are available that week to type stats should there be any during the night or weekend, but we receive on call pay (an additional 220.00 that week). By looking at what some others offer I feel very fortunate to work where I do. Right now they are not hiring as we don't have a turnover. One of our girls has been there for 25+ years. Hope you find what you are looking for. They are out there if you just keep looking. Take care.
Remote hospital transcriptionist
I definitely will! Thanks!
Lanier Remote Station
Can anyone send me instructions on how to program an older Lanier remote transcription system? I think it is an LX-128? I just don't remember. I took my out of the closet to see if it works and have lost my instructions. Everything is all plugged in and works. HOwever, I get a double tone and not a dial tone. I remember having to program it but it has been sooooooo long ago. Any help would be appreciated.

no but these remote companies have a habit of pulling the
Tell you one thing and do another once youre under lock and key.  I don't trust them anymore, so I'd rather stay right where I am.
Tell that to certain tribes in remote areas of the world
Body deorating has been around about as long as man has been around. Your opinion is just that, yours, and I'm glad not to know you in person.
I live in remote area - no cable or DSL

and Clearwire is also not available.  I have the satellite service. It is expensive - you have to purchase the equipment and pay for the installation ($600 and up). The service is expensive too ($65).  The speed is not quite as fast as DSL, but I download and upload jobs with no problem.  Some MTSOs won't allow satellite service, citing security issues, which is dumb.  It's like any other wireless service - you have to make sure your signal is secure, which you do through your computer (not the service itself).  Even this is ridiculous in remote areas for 2 reasons: 1) I really don't think anyone is going to bother camping out on my land or drive down my mile-long driveway with their laptop just to see if they can pick up a signal and 2) even if they did, they can only gain access to the internet itself - they can't see what you are doing online.  So this security issue thing is baloney!  Also, in 2004 when we were hit by Hurricanes Charlie, Frances and Jeanne, there was no phone or cable service for nearly a month, but I was still able to work by just using our generator for my computer until the electric came back on - those that had dialup, DSL or cable were outta luck.

That's a typical hourly rate for remote
I personally wouldn't drive that far for it.
Have a remote garage door opener?
Could have scared the bajeebies out him by shutting it while he was in your garage. Only thing is, you'd be cleaning up bajeebies off your garage floor.

I have a dog that does a very good Tasmanian devil impression, spitting included, when people knock. The people can see her through the door and they usually leave a card or whatever they have and move out pretty quickly.
Meditech remote workstation 3? Shorthands?
The company I work for will only pay hourly for Meditech remote workstation 3 transcription becuase you can't use any shorthands in it. Is this true? It seems like an awful program that works like an old DOS-type program. I've seen other posts about Meditech and ShortHand but I'm not sure if we are just using a terribly old version or what the deal is. Can you offer any help? Thanks!
Remote 008Keylogger found constantly on my spyware.
Everytime I log onto the server for the company I work for I run my spyware.  Everytime  I open a job lately I have re-run my spyware and it seems to me that "008remote keylogger" is constantly on my PC.  This spyware enables the "server" to see everything I type, every email, and where I go on my internet.  Would anyone else be concerned?
Which TASP companies allow remote users to transcribe online?

what they require
Summary of requirements: Work environment must include separate room in the house with a door that closes. Workstation must be free of any noise/music/TV or other distractions while working. PC password protected including locking screensaver. No one else in the room while working unless they also work for this company, etc. Dunno, maybe working for a hosp at home has more strict requirements than some of you.
All the require it, though ..sm

even though DOL states you must be paid for all mandatory work performed.  If you were to volunteer to do it, that's a different story, but we are REQUIRED to do all this BS clerica/bookkeeping for the hospitals, demographics, notes on discrepancies, CCs, look up names, bombarded with e-mails, phone calls, reviewing account specs every time an account is changed, told to do "exhaustive search" if name cannot be found (easy for THEM to say, isn't it?).

I could go on and on and on.  VERY PROFITABLE for the MTSOs, who use it either as a selling point to keep the account or are actually being paid for it. 

Does anyone send Christmas cookies or presents TO your office, if you are a remote employee? sm
Just wondering if that's a weird thing to do or not.
Swiss Army Knife, steak dinner, anything remote controlled
maybe a toy remote control car or a new universal remote?
So you can work completely remote on a laptop and access your home PC with this program

please e-mail me with more info if you can.  thx

Which companies require ULD???

I'm looking for a job right now and obviously can't afford this headache (or added cost!)  Can you give us names of MTSOs who you know "require" LD??? 


Sorry, not require but WILL HIRE
I'm sorry. I meant hospitals that will hire remote MTs, not require! :o)
Why do you require 50% of the money

I am not so sure that will go over well.  What are they paying you for if they have not given you work yet?  Big turn off in my opinion. 

How about offering a free trial? 

West Florida Hospital is hiring for remote MT - must train on site for 90 days though. Where are you
Do most companies require you to keep a handwritten log?
Do most companies require you to keep a handwritten log?
If they want to do many things that require money
then they should work. If they are happy doing without many things, then no. It sounds like that friend of your daughter has FOUR very irresponsible parents. Not her fault. Another product of divorce it sounds like. I have read that many parents of divorced kids spoil them rotten out of guilt because they broke up the family. Sounds like you got it together, though! ;)
Keystrokes has accounts that do not require ULD. Some do, some don't. nm
they require your uncle to travel; thus, pay him to
No---all companies require you to test - sm
one way or another. Some will hire w/o a test based on your resume and experience, and will know rather quickly if can do the job or not. I have gotten 2 jobs that way, one as an employee and another as an IC, however this was after I had a minimum of 3 years experience for this ever happened to me--at 6 years now. I am still with the IC one (since 06/2007), had a falling out with the other one but did work for them for about 9 months and they were happy with me; left as I was unable to continue working a firm schedule due to change in circumstances and they needed someone to work a set schedule, so we parted ways. But as a newbie no one will hire you w/o a test. So just keep plugging away and test a lot, they are a very good way to learn what to expect.
Most state they 'PREFER' a CMT, not REQUIRE.
I think the reason that's put on most job ads is that considering what they're paying, they're going to get a lot of applications from newbies. The companies THINK the CMT guarantees a good employee, though this isn't true, either. If you're an MT professional that's been around a long time and can do the work, you are still, without those three meaningless letters, more of an asset to any MT dept. or company than at MT of lesser experience WITH a CMT.

Another take on that: Often those of us without CMTs have been around longer than that dubious organization has, and we know what MT is REALLY worth, because we used to be around back when it was a respected position. Lots (though not all, I realize) CMTs are younger, have been in the biz a shorter time, and have been told while they were in school (and possibly a school associated with AAMT/ADHI) that a CMT was 'necessary'.

Nowadays even the best national companies out there pay 'rinky-dink' wages, which has nothing to do with whether or not an MT has one of those useless 'credentials' after their name, and everything to do with greed, and competition from cut-rate transcription companies in other countries.
In future, require a deposit sm
equal to the cost to replace the equipment and put in a contract that the deposit will be returned within 2 weeks of receiving equipment in good condition.  Anyone who truly intends on returning the equipment will have no problem paying a deposit, especially when the terms are in writing.
Most companies these days require even
FT employees to work at least part of the weekend. I tend to work almost every Saturday, 3 to 4 hours. I am a FT employee working a 40-hour week and just take off early a couple of days during the week.
do the Bose QC2 require batteries?
If so, how often do you find you need to replace them - and/or do you think there is any health hazard to having batteries up next to your head?  thanks.
And does your state require an exam like that?
You know it doesnt and neither does any other state for driving nor for working. This person sounds like not only under stress but more going on and perhaps she should see a doctor.
The industry does not require QUALITY because
there is no reimbursement to the hospital or the physician for the actual transcribed report. The insurance companies are requesting written documentation but do not pay anything for it. This is why the hospitals are willing to settle for the cheapest rates.
Last year I purchased a Lasko 30" tall digital ceramic pedestal heater with remote for under (sm)
$80.00 at Home Depot.  Features include: Automatic temperature control, oscillate, timer, and high (1500W) and low (900W) power settings.  Assembling the base took less than 5 minutes. Kept me very warm last winter, and plan on purchasing another one for my upstairs. Cut down on my gas heating bill significantly. Great buy.
Age of transcriptionists
61/female/married 40 years/ 11 grands
How many men transcriptionists
are out there?  Have been noticing a few men's names lately and was curious as to how many men transcriptionists there are.
M.D. transcriptionists
The doctors who are supposedly training for transcription have degrees in ayurvedic medicine and homeopathy. Neither has much to do with western medicine. And, can they type? Some of this sounds like bluster to me.
MS transcriptionists
Hi guys.  I put this on the state boards, but I don't think anybody reads those.  Are there any MTs from Clarksdale, MS or around that area?  Love to hear from you.
Low Pay for Transcriptionists
I am 57 and have been transcribing for 28 years.  I recently moved from California to South Carolina.  I was doing VERY well there working in a clinic, but since moving here I am living at the poverty level.  Even with my experience they started me at $ 10.00 an hour.  I've checked all hospitals in the area and none pay any better.  This is very disappointing.  I've applied all over the place, and nobody seems interested.  And working for 7 to 8 cents for a 65 character line is like giving your time away for nothing and 3 to 5 cents per line for editing.  At 57 I am in bad health, have spent my life transcribing, and don't know how to do anything else.  I plan to enroll in school in the fall to learn a different trade. 
Hey VTS transcriptionists! DQS still down
Now BizGroup, too.  Just keeps gettin better and better.  I know that MQ is huge, but we are teeny-weeny, and this is day two with no work...gettin really frustrated.
Amphion does not require weekend work. sm
Set your own schedule.  No holidays or weekends required.  Good pay, good people, good accounts. 
Does MDI-MD still require the mt to have unlimited Long Distance? nm