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Does anyone send Christmas cookies or presents TO your office, if you are a remote employee? sm

Posted By: twyx on 2005-11-17
In Reply to:

Just wondering if that's a weird thing to do or not.

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I think you mean presents like Christmas, but I agree with you also.
Veteran's day has nothing to do with it.
Christmas presents for doctors (m)
Does anyone w/their own clients give presents to their doctors/office staff?  I'm looking for some nice, but reasonably priced gifts for physicians.  No alcoholic beverages and no food that will spoil (doc leaves on a trip for the holidays so he'd either have to eat fast or it'd spoil while he was gone, LOL).  I appreciate any ideas!  I don't know this doc super well so I really don't know what his outside interests are like golf,music, etc.
No presents for kiddies this year. Hoping for Jan. birthday presents.
sucks, too. its never been this bad.
I do send out Christmas Cards...sm
My youngest was sick the other day at school so I picked him up. While he was resting on the couch, I took that opportunity to start my Christmas cards. I got 20 or so done. Will finish during this week - about another 10-20. I love getting snail mail Christmas cards and think it is a wonderful change of pace (even my next door neighbor sent us one in the mail) from getting emails all day long. This also gives my family a chance to see them as opposed to getting them via email.
To any ICs out there who send Christmas gifts to MTSO, see msg
I'm looking for a different idea than Harry and David.  Do you have any suggestions?  Thanks.
Christmas tree blobs are my absolute fave. Send some to me. nm
The sister of a co-worker of mine passed away a few weeks before Christmas. Can I still send a *sm*
sympathy card without looking stupid.  I have been off on medical leave and various reasons have kept me from getting the card out but I really want to send one. 
Are you IC or employee of the office

I transcribe whatever they give me as I get paid the same amount for a thank you letter versus a chart note.  I also let them know when someone is missed and there are times I have to re-run some notes -- I do not charge extra unless there are a lot.  But then I just got back from a conference and four out of 6 doctors actually stopped to talk to me about my conference and what I learned and did I take any time for "fun" and so I guess that is why I do little extras for them as they treat me as part of the "team".    Also told me not to kill myself getting the dictation caught up.  But if you are an employee and paid hourly or line count -- it does not matter what you type you are getting paid for that thank you letter.   If you are an IC or MTSO you are being paid for those lines also -- as long as you include them on your line count.  There must be more here than meets the eye if you want to give them up after five years and they are just asking for some help with missing dictation.  Keep your lists, charge them for rechecking and resending and perhaps they will smarten up or your wallett will get bigger. 


don't print for them. Send the file to their office...

you might as well start smart. Push the advantages of them having the file in their office. Doctor gave wrong physician name? No problem! They don't have to wait for you. They correct it in their own Word file. They need to archive their transcription. You however are required by HIPAA to only hold it long enough to do billing. So that is why you, smart business person that you are, send it to their office in a digital format.

1.  Can anyone or everyone recommend a good medical spell checker that interfaces with Word?  Stedman's

2.  What about an Expander to work with Word? I know some use Instant Text, but at least one says she uses the Word Autocorrect feature. (I think.)  Does the Word autocorrect hold a bunch....can you put whole reports into it...large capacity? I only use ShortHand because I have a Meditech account and Shorthand works with all Windows based applications. Some of the other ones didn't. Will defer this to other MT's.

3.  You all mentioned that the docs usually supply their letterhead and to use plain copy paper for subsequent pages.  Does the MTSO usually supply the paper or the docs?  Same question with sticky paper...that sounds expensive!  

Write a macro to put the letterhead into a header on the letters he dictates. Then they can use plain paper to print the whole file.

Think about whether he wants logs or not. They can be good (line count) but a pain. Not sure if you make any money off of it or not. Look for ways to streamline your billing, i.e. don't be telling him you will take off for the ones where he dictates his standard paragraph, etc. and make line counting a nightmare. Most of all, use what is already out there...i.e. why pay for a TASP when you can send stuff over the internet for free. Why DRIVE to deliver transcription when you can send it over the internet for free...get it?

inexpensive tips you gals can think of that can be gotten ready now besides the main transcriber? (Would want to wait on that to see which type the office uses.) 


Now that I have the ball rolling, I am also going to contact the two MTSOs that I know locally and ask if they have any overflow.  Might also send a sample psych report to my shrink and see if he can spread the word.  Scary stuff, but you gals really helped!  Thanks so much for all the encouragement!!  

Does anyone send cards or anything to the office they work for? (sm)

Years ago when I worked for a smaller company a bunch of us made a big  box of goodies and mailed it to the office.  They were such great people, helpful and cheerful. The company always sent us something and we didn't want to just send to the owner of the company so we felt a card in a box of goodies everyone could share.  Smaller places have more of a personal feel .

Now I work for a larger company and home made goodies may not be such a good idea. (The shipping alone would be a killer.)  I guess a card addressed to "everyone" will have to do it.  Thought about having X-mas cards made up with  my family picture on it and sending that to kind of help them also put a face to the name.  Too much?  Think I would be better off with just a standard card? 

Those of you that are doing anything for the office you work out of, what are you doing?  Would love to "borrow" a really good idea.


I also took home office expenses as an employee, but --
You can only get any good out of it if you are also a homeowner with a lot of mortgage interest or have a lot of medical expenses, etc., that would make it higher than the standard deduction.
too many variants. are you employee or statutory? what office? what reports?
not my office.  you have to work so many weekend hours per pay period but you can choose the hours.
home office expenses are still deductible if you are an employee - nm
Hey, my old cable remote had a remote! sm
We called it the flipper box.
Good. Why dont you send some our way. What office do you work for so I can call and get your work.
That was with full benefits, which are the same benefits as an in-office employee for the QA staff..
However, I hear that their current QA staff are being asked to reach numbers that are out of sight and goals are basically impossible.
Merry Christmas! There is a story named Cat and Mouse Christmas...search Google and you'll find
she presents herself overall as not being a bright person....
A Christmas Story is my fave Christmas movie...forgot that one!

MSN.com has article today on worst wedding presents ever!
Skip Christmas Day and do drinks/snacks Christmas
Eve and spend a peaceful Christmas doing whatever it is you want to do.  If you're all of 47 years old you're evidently a slow learner  : )
If there are MTs losing their homes and can't get presents for their kids, they aren't living
Mom-CMT..when you get those cookies done
how bout sharing them around here LOL...heck at this point, I'll take the ones that don't have any shape.  Sounds good!
Thanks for the info. Will try the chilling, as I am not at a high altitude. Sure would like to make some pretty sugar cookies and gingerbread men!
You take cookies?????

Gee, does your doctor bake you cookies when you make an appointment with him?  What about your attorney, your accountant, your plumber, and your carpenter?

Baking cookies, to me, is so totally unprofessional.  I would NEVER do that.  It's almost comical, as a matter of fact.

Excuse me but federal taxes are paid as employee by employee
The ONLY difference in IC is you pay the ENTIRE amount of the SS which is the 15.25%, as an employee you only pay 7.75%.  And you can easily make up that difference in deductions.  As an employee you just have someone else manage your withholdings and as an IC you do it yourself.  I have much more usable income being an IC and not an employee and I am strict about putting aside what I need to.  But everyone always says you have to pay your own taxes, well your employer does not PAY them for you -- except 7.75% of SS, they merely withhold it for you.  As an IC you are the employer. 
My cookies do not keep my accounts for me

Gee thanks a lot, guess it is my cookies that do my 35,000  to 40,000 lines per month for my accounts.  All I do is that if they respond to my brochure, express interest or talk with me I swing by with a plate of cookies to say "thank you" or if it is an account I really would like I swing by with a plate of cookies with a brochure and more times than not at least the brochure will make it to the manager's desk.  It is the same as giving out pens with your business name on it.  Again I stress, if I did not do a decent job I could not have stayed in this business as a MTSO for 18 years, support myself, own a home and have a half way personal retirement fund set up.   Guess I will put on my tombstone, "I owe my success to my cookies".  And really my flyer is a brochure. 



I received cookies
I received cookies from an MT company I know longer work for and of course nothing from the ones I do work for!!
Not sure what you are looking for. Deleting cookies
should take about 30 seconds. 
Did you clear your cookies? nm

cleared the cookies
call me when the cookies are ready
and pour me some warm milk!
She wasn't asking how to delete cookies, she was going
to be instructing people on how to do it. 
Yes, it says remote.
Cookies! Uhm, well, now I do have some cookie dough in the fridge!
Perhaps I should dollop a few out and bake'em and eat'em while they are hot with some cold milk before bed?!?! Then, I can fall asleep as my blood sugar plummets to new lows! ROFL

No, don't read those posts. It's irritating! Who wants to be irritated?! NOT ME!! LOL
Be sure to keep the temp files and cookies cleaned
defrag often.
Just got back from a booth sale for GS Cookies - sm
been doing that for the last 3 Saturdays....working some now....will do the rest tomorrown. Have an easy weekend as I only took on about 40 minutes of dictation and my own acct. did not upload any work Friday though I will pay for that on Monday. Plan to clean out my older daughter's closet tomorrow and organize their close (i.e. remove all the stuff too small from one kid and give to the other while removing some of hers as well)...very time consuming and desperately needs doing.
Remote Control
AND you can keep the remote control right next to your keyboard to mute it when necessary. I think it sounds great. I might try it!
Remote PC connection

One of my clients allows me to remotely access their computer to obtain patient lists and transfer files. I have high-speed cable, but there is some delay when I use Word on their computer. I imagine other programs would be a bit slower as well.

If you have Windows XP Professional, you can give this a try yourself by setting up a Remote Desktop Connection. A Google search for this will give you step-by-step instructions.

remote transcriptionists
Go to mtjobs.com. There are plenty on there.
Probably best to do remote training overall. sm
I realize you probably needed several MTs right away, but most are going to agree to remote training faster than flying somewhere. I am looking for a new job right now but I'm also still working at my old one, and need to make a living in the meantime, so it's hard enough for me to find time to test online for other places. I make the time to do so, but it often means working longer hours. There's no way I could up and leave my family to train elsewhere since my DH travels a lot. Granted, I would not have agreed to that in the first place if I knew it was not feasible and definitely wouldn't have backed out without notice. That's just wrong on the part of the MTs involved. Yes, MTs complain about MTSOs a LOT, but many don't realize just how bad some of what the MTSOs put up with can be. I've often had to fill in for others who just flaked or went missing without advance notice. IC or not, that's just bad business. If these were in-house jobs, they'd be canned.

In my job search, I've noticed a whole lot of ads now want on-site MTs and specifically say not an at-home position, and I have to wonder if it's because they've been burned by the flakes. If that's the case, then it's hurting ALL of us who wish to do this from our home offices. Whether you are MT or MTSO, you have to remember the golden rule. If you use respect and act professional, more times than not, you will in turn be treated with respect and professionalism. There will always be bad apples, in any profession, so you have to take your lumps and just move on without becoming so jaded.
My daughter's Brownie Troop is sending GS Cookies - sm
A few people in the troop know people in Iraq and the soldiers they know said they don't care if any melt.....of course we are not sending all mints, or all chocolate ones but a mixture. Needless to say I am sure they will all be gone in 10 minutes!
Homemade cookies? A nice potted plant?
What do they like? Do they have a hobby, or collect anything?
deleting cookies-go to TOOLS, internet options

Once you get to internet options from TOOLS at the top of your browser, you have a radio button to delete cookies, one to delete history, one to delete online files and then offline files - that is how you delete the cookies AND the cache/memory/history.

Is that what you need to know?  Hope that helped!! 

Yay for this board, I don't feel so remote
I admit I leave this page open all day (addicted) and refer back, just because knowing there are fellow MTs online makes me feel like I have coworkers again!  Sometimes I do get cabin fever with the only souls around me all day being my cat and dog.  Wondering how everyone copes with being remote and getting cabin fever once in awhile...has anyone gotten to the point where they were either too lazy/scared to leave their house??
Remote hospital transcriptionist
Hi, I work for a 270-bed hospital in Cape Girardeau, MO and have been with them for 14 years. 9 years ago we went to at-home typing and it's been great. We have health insurance (family plan is only 105.00 a month) and you get 50% employee discount for whatever insurance doesn't pay. We get 11 cpl on a 60 character line. We can work our own hours, just have to meet a 5000 line quota per two weeks to maintain health insurance. We go on-call for a week at a time where we are available that week to type stats should there be any during the night or weekend, but we receive on call pay (an additional 220.00 that week). By looking at what some others offer I feel very fortunate to work where I do. Right now they are not hiring as we don't have a turnover. One of our girls has been there for 25+ years. Hope you find what you are looking for. They are out there if you just keep looking. Take care.
Hospitals that will hire remote MTs
Thank you, Linda. I'll check them out. :o)
Remote hospital transcriptionist
I definitely will! Thanks!
Lanier Remote Station
Can anyone send me instructions on how to program an older Lanier remote transcription system? I think it is an LX-128? I just don't remember. I took my out of the closet to see if it works and have lost my instructions. Everything is all plugged in and works. HOwever, I get a double tone and not a dial tone. I remember having to program it but it has been sooooooo long ago. Any help would be appreciated.

Now I cant see the different broads again. Everytime I clean out my cookies and offline files I cant
get in the different boards. Any suggestions. They are gone again.
no but these remote companies have a habit of pulling the
Tell you one thing and do another once youre under lock and key.  I don't trust them anymore, so I'd rather stay right where I am.