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How long does it take to make decent line count?

Posted By: thinkin on 2005-07-06
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I am considering joining an outsourcing company. Can you tell me how long it took you, as an experienced transcriptionist, to get up to snuff that you were making a decent wage? And what is your average rate per hour when paid by the line of 65 cpl?

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Other than it really is broken a lot, you cannot make a decent line count on it.
It is a horrible disorganized program that is not user friendly like some of the other ones i have had. Sound quality has to be the worst of any company there is. Tech support is nonexistant for at least 6 hours to 6 days. Pay is horrible, especially if you get stuck on editing an account (about 4 cpl) Happy bankrupcy
RE: Other than it really is broken a lot, you cannot make a decent line count on it.
Your opinion is not shared by many who work at Transcend. I personally get all the lines I need using BeyondTXT and I think it is a great platform for transcribing or editing, and I do both, and believe me I have never gotten close to starving. Editing compensation is 60% of transcribing line rate by the way and my compensation is not 4 cpl as you so erroneously posted.
I've given up on a decent line count. SM
I'm just waiting to be let go and hope I can get unemployment. I don't know how people get a decent line count on DQS.
Can a decent line count be made
doing discharge summaries alone, multiple,consistent, bad doctors, without working 12 hour days? 
making a decent line count

Pretty much, yes.  Unless you work in a small hospital and even then sometimes that is the case.  I worked in a small hospital where we did 15 different work types plus radiology.  You can make normals for some of the doctors and others...  Line count comes with time and experience.  Gaining medical knowledge helps because it helps you figure out what the doctor is saying, even if you can't understand his dictation. 

How long to make decent $$$??

This may seem like a stupid question to all of you "veterans" out there, but how long until a "newbie" can expect to make a decent wage in this business?  I have only been employed for about 5 mos, so I am trying to cut myself some slack, but minimum wage is hard to swallow.  I do reports from a pool of doctors so I can't seem to utilize the full benefits of expanders, and on my best day, I can type about 110-125 lph.  Again, I know I just started, but I can't keep making this kind of wage forever.  Are there tricks I am missing?  Any insight would really be appreciated!!  Thanks in advance!! 

I guess so! I betcha make your new line count!! NM
Yes, but didn't your line count double to make up for it? SM
I love EditScript. My only problem is that--reportedly--the profit margin for the MTSO can be very low, encouraging them to send it offshore. Does anyone else have information on this?
What average line count do you type per pay period. what is considered above average and how long

You need to watch your line count. I was working for them and got reports that had line count of 0
You need to watch your line count. I was working for them and got reports that had line count of 0 in them. They did not pay for templates, they would deduct the template even if it was not used and deleted. I notified them and said they could not change it.

So I asked to be put on another account and they refused. I quit.

I was also promised they would have an incentive plan going into place if you type a certain # of lines. Two years went by and nothing.

I was really disappointed in OSI.

They also offered to pay half on joint AAMT, which they failed to do.

I am glad I am no longer there.
One year and you make decent money? What is decent money to you?
VR decent but long way to go before replaces MT
I was present at a demo of Dictaphone's/Nuance Enterprise and HDI's VR systems. While both were fairly decent, Enterprise even took on one motormouth Ortho at about 50% accuracy, we were told the systems would never replace live people. The hospital I work for is now looking at Enterprise in the next fiscal budget.
Take the character count divded by 65 and that will give you your line count.
How long would you say it takes to get a decent grip on them. I do have samples already I have read
over and they arent hard but I havent heard the voices yet.
As long as they have decent internet service there, you should be fine and if you use your laptop no
my laptop because it uses a 9-pin foot pedal and I havent been able to get an adapter that works. Obviously, most all laptops these days have the USB on them. What I have had to do is bubble wrap my computer (I have a small desktop and flat screen) put it in the suitcase and off I go. Also, doublecheck on your time change. I take mine to Hawaii and have to remember there is a 4-hour difference so you'd have to factor that in if someone needed you to do something a certain time. Just check on your internet service before you go etc.. I travel all over with my computer. I cant afford to miss work. Best of both worlds..vacation and work..Nothing is nicer than sitting out on the lanai in Hawaii with that gorgeous view i.e. sunset and working away. I mean I could be home staring at the four walls..boring...
I am, but not because of pay. I make decent money, more than I would

make in most fields today that don't require a degree or experience.   I'm just burned out with the monotony of it.  Type, type, type and then type some more because the account is behind and others aren't pulling their weight, so type, type, type, go to bed without spending time with family, exhausted, kitchen not cleaned up, and get up the next day and do the same thing all over again.  You have no control over your paycheck because you are paid by production.  If you have one of those days where you get the worst dictators or the sound quality is really bad you don't make your lines.  If you don't feel well you don't make your lines.   

I've done this nearly 20 years, about 19 more than I ever thought I would, but I'm tired, I don't enjoy my job, and I want to do something different.  My problem is that I need to be home 5 more years and I don't know what I can do and make the money I need to make. 


I make decent money at my
I just feel like a cog in a machine,  unappreciated, unnoticed. I work for a hospital. I have also felt this way working for large services. I would like to feel that my time and services are valuable and appreciated, but I just don't seem to feel that way.
That's the only way to make a decent wage --

How long was the in-house training period? I'd be willing to travel for a few days for a decent
I have a flexible schedule, I make decent money, better

than I could make working in an office, even though I haven't had a raise in 5 years and not likely to get one anytime soon.  I homeschool my children, we don't have a 9 to 5 lifestyle, DH doesn't have a 9 to 5 job and it allows him a 3 day weekend so we like to travel.  I am able to work anywhere I can get internet access so we can pickup and go at a moments notice w/o me having to worry about work.

I hate office politics.   I don't have to spend $$ on clothes as I work in jeans or sweats, or can stay in my jammies all day.   We only have 1 car and that works for us now, but wouldn't if I worked outside the home. 

Life is just less stressful not having to get my kids up at 6:00 a.m. to get ready so they can catch the bus by 7:00.   My DC would be getting home at 4:00 or later if they were in school and by the time they did homework and we had dinner it would be time to prepare for bed and we wouldn't have much family time.  By homeschooling my DC have been able to explore their passions, have really developed a love of learning and we have developed a wonderful family bond.  We spend hours every week talking about world events, relationships, etc.   My DC are my #1 reason for working at home.   When they have left the nest I may consider working outside the home, or at least exploring other work-at-home options. 



Decent line rate question......
I have been a MT for 16 years with acute care experience in all specialties.  I have also covered various clinic specialties also.  The hospital I type for at home is gradually moving everything over to EMR.  We will be losing ER reports in June, with discharges to follow thereafter and so forth.  We have a couple girls who work the ER notes who are extremely fast so once they are pulled off ER's and start typing the other reports, we will be low/out of work a lot.  I have started looking for a supplement to this job and I have had lots of responses and offers.  My problem is that I make 11 cpl on a 60-character line for this hospital.  All offers I have had thus far are for 8.5 cpl then going to 9 once off QA.  This is an acute care position.  I also was offered a clinic position with one doctor.  They pay 7 cpl and will move me to 8 once off QA.  8 cpl is the maximum they will go.  I know there just isn't a company out there that will pay me what I'm making now, but is 7-9 cpl the norm?  I just hate thinking of taking this much of a cut.  Any information you can provide will be appreciated.  Thanks
I've beat my head against the wall trying to make a decent

the ESLs, I can't get much past 1200 lines daily anymore.  Anyone else in the same boat?

What's considered a decent line rate for radiology?

I don't know about you, but I've got kids to feed, clothe, and house. I need to make a decent

living.  I'm not going to be cheated.  It sounds as though you've decided to let yourself be used and abused aby the MTSOs all with a big smile on your face.  Whatever!  It's MTs like you, not I, that have caused the pay rates to decline.  MTs like you who will accept whatever abuse they companies hand out, accept being cheated, and accept losing jobs to India. 

You'll be back on here next week or next month posting under a different name, crying about your paycheck and looking for sympathy. 

New England, 16.50/hr, 8 cents a line after minimum line count..
full benefits available with general contribution by the hospital before you start paying for them, retirement, 403b, all benefits, and working at home as an employee, BUT, you have to live local to the hospital.
I *only* make $40K a year for full time work. Now I find that isn't decent is or fair?
A gross line IS a gross line regardless if it's 90 characters long or 1 character long... SM

I'm very sorry that your lines are 90 characters line and you get paid by gross lines.  You are cheating yourself - that's not my fault.  You cannot change the definition of a gross line.  So I gues I'm not understanding what you are trying to say.  Now if you are trying to say that your line equals 90 characters and that's how you figure your lines, than you are not using gross lines.  You have defined a line to be 90 characters, whereas most MTSOs define a line as 65 characters.  If that is the case, then I must say again, you are cheating yourself.

So which is it, do you get paid by gross lines or by a 90 character line?

A gross line is any line with typewritten characters on it - no matter how long or SM
how short.  So your gross lines may be longer than 65 characters, but you get credit even for a line as short as "Sincerely,".  If your gross lines are not being counted that way, then you are not being counted on gross lines and are probably getting screwed.  I'd look into that if I were you.
Line Count...
Does anyone know if the Word 2000 line counter is generally the same as what most MT companies go by? I'm trying to see how I do being paid by lines as opposed to report.
Line count. No way, no how, ever. nm
Line Count
I have worked for SS for a few years and I DO NOT like the fact you cannot check individual line counts. I do not like having to trust someone to be in charge of my line count and I have no way of verifying it is correct. The line counts bounce all of the place. Try it yourself. I have a line count program and one day it is a couple of lines off and others over 10%. Not good and I can't believe they get away with this.
changes in DQS line count..sm
Apparently, now the ASR count is included in the "transcription" count. As of yesterday, I had to
look under "correction" to see ASR count and as of today, there is no "correction" listed. Hmmm.
line count
When they first started ASR it was under transcription, then they separated it, now put it back. Actually QC is a level higher than QA, at least that is how it has been explained to me, if QA can't fix it then it goes to QC
mq line count
Yes, I was surprised to see that suddenly happen on Sunday, I believe it was.  Seems like explanations should be given to us before or at least shortly after making such a change.  Maybe their lawyers suggested they do it this way?  I have not yet had a pay cut for ASR.
line count
Hit F9
Hit detail
Hit today
Get line count
Line Count
I have a Line count software, if you want please do email me, I shall help you out!
DQS and line count
I have been frustrated with line count on DQS since I started on program well over a year ago, but have adjusted to it. It might not have been as disappointing/frustrating if they hadn't made such a big deal about how many MORE lines we would be able to do on this program....... even had "employee statements" to back it up. I have since decided they were just actors, like you see in those drug commercials, you know, "I am a doctor/nurse/medicine man", etc. ......... It DOES get better ........
MQ line count
YES - I work for a hospital that uses the DQS software from MQ. Our pay went down 40%. Nobody knew what was going on, until we discovered that they cheat their transcriptionists! QUIT THEM... I want to see them go totally under. They are horrible, horrible people!
Line count
Can anyone tell me what is good for a newbie to get for line count?  I have a company that is going to pay 8-10 cents a line. Is that good?  Please help!!!
line count
No its not a IC position, its a employee position, I have benefits and so on.
line count
It depends on how the company is counting the lines. Transcription companies are getting better as to what they can count and what they don't. Spaces after lines have entered can easily be taken away. As technology moves forward, so does the ability to be more accurate with counting.
line count, etc.
It has been my experience that companies get defensive and leery of hiring you if you ask much beyond the very basics.  They have sort of a do you want the job or don't you attitude.  I hate it too that we don't even get to find out what their software is like before we accept the job.  I usually can tell IMMEDIATELY if I want to work for them after being on their software for 5 minutes.  Waste of their time and mine if I don't. 
Line count
I count gross lines using the Microsoft Word.  It will count the blanks between lines but I count those also.   Have used Syncount and liked it, a little different to get used to and you have to save your documents differently but it did fine.  You can define it to count several ways.   Guess there is a lot out there and you should get several answers. 
line count++
Please Miss, may I have one.
getting my line count up
I would love to get your book. What is the charge? My email address is above.

Paula McCann
getting my line count up
I would love to get your book. What is the charge? My email address is above.

Paula McCann
LIne count
Okay, lets cut to the chase.  The way our lines are counted has been RADICALLY changed.  I've done this for 15 years and you get a feel for how many lines you are producing in a set amount of time or in the number of reports you generate.  Everyone is denying it but the line count is NOT the same.  But I'm sure the clients are still being charged the same.  They also cut out our pay for headers and footers.  So what to do?  There is nothing we CAN do.  These large companies are all about end results.  If they have to hire armies of TYPISTS what do they care?  They only have about a zillion QA people who can clean up the reports and make them look good.  Lets pay the typists peanuts instead of paying our TRANSCRIPTIONISTS decent pay.
line count
I know I have seen this posted before, just cannot find it, is there a good line counter out there that is freeware? I have MPcount, but it does not count headers unless you upgrade from the freeware version. Thank you
Line count
Charge them for all the lines. If they have doubled their provider staff, they have to expect to pay more to have all the names on the template. That's only fair. If they had lost half of them, you would have cut the price, right?
line count
banging stapler, rummaging through chart, shaking paper clip cup while talking, looking up referenced doctors names, stumbling, starting over.
line count
Its been a while but from RAD menu, Transcription Statistics will do time frame by typist and Stats/comparitive will do line count, report or report type. That is if you have those menu options. Think that counts header too though.