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How many of you have given your company a christmas gift? (new pole)

Posted By: no name on 2005-12-09
In Reply to:

Curious to see this answer.

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Pole (North): Have U finished ur Christmas shopping?
I'll start: NO!
To Moderator re Christmas gift
I made a small donation to MTStars Santa's House for Christmas Angels on December 19th but never received any gift.  Would you let me know the status?  Thanks.
Dictator's Christmas Gift

Yesteday I had the best gift I have ever received from a dictator in 20+ years of transcription.  I have had them wish me Happy Holidays or Merry Chrstimas but this is one I will never forget. 

The dictation begins, no sound, then  I hear 'The Barking Dogs doing Jingle Bells."  After it finished, the MD wished me a Merry Christmas.  The fact that he realized a person was on the other end and he wanted to put a smile on their face was a wonderful gesture. 

BTW, I work for as an IC for a small company.  Couldn't get me to work for a national ever again. 

Merry Chrstimas to all.

Yes, give her a new car - it would make a great Christmas gift!

Do you want a birthday gift too? Christmas is for giving, not receiving.
Christmas is for giving, not receiving.

What have you given your work place?
Kohl's gift cards, and at Christmas I give - sm
tree ornaments (buy them at 60-70% off after Christmas at Kohl's, keep at least 15-20 on hand as last minute gifts too). This year we skipped the gifts as our school was blood sucking money out left and right the whole month of May (private school, no tax funding), so the teacher's got nadda this year, though I did contribute to the "class" give for Teacher Appreciate week which was the week of May 22 at our school. I have to buy for 4 teachers as each class as the main teacher and assistant, and I have 2 kids in the school. Gets to be a bit much, especially when I do $25 on a gift card for each of them. I think an ornament though can be given any time of the year, of course Christmas time is a bit more appropriate.
Favorite company Christmas party..

Do you have a favorite you went to?  I'd like this to be a positive thread, fond memories, that sort of thing.

I worked for a very large hospital for about 4 years.  Every year at Christmas, the company party was in the cafeteria (a huge, monstrous cafeteria and half of it was curtained/walled off for our party).  The party was during an entire 24-hour period on 2 different days.  We could sign up for 4 hours time (paid) to go in groups to the party during our shifts.  When we got down there, after showing our badge, the CEO would hand us a crisp new 100-dollar bill.  They would have tables and tables of all kinds of fantastic snack/finger foods and desserts.  The TVs were showing videos that were scanning the crowd the whole time.  There was a band that played some and upper management would put on silly plays, sometimes children's groups would come sing.  We really had a good time.  Everyone got to enjoy the party.  We went home with an extra $100 in our pockets.  Enjoyed good food and entertainment and got paid for it!  Then we were worthless the rest of the day in the office, hahaha, while we continued to snack on all the dozens of goodies that clinics and offices had sent to the us, the transcription department.  :)

Now, we don't get THAT working from home, huh?!  Hahahaa 

What do you think your company will give you for Christmas: (Survey, I guess, LOL)
Great company but like everyone else they over hire. Haven't had work since before Christmas *sm
because it is a slow time and I refuse to get up at 4:00 a.m. to beat someone else to it.  I am in the process of obtaining a second and third account and am going to start looking out for myself from now on.  I now understand why there is such a turnaround with MTs and companies - seems like the companies overhire and then the MT has to look elsewhere - they work at the new company for awhile until they find that they have now over hired and then they look elsewhere.   I have been with MDI for a few years and I plan to stay there but I am going to take on another job or even two so I do not sit idle when times are slow. 
Pole of the right kidney
Now you are in the ballpark!! Go back and listen yet again.
I consider 6 cpl the bottom of the totem pole...nm
You say you're at the bottom of the totem pole
and that you're fine with it. Well, you are getting treated the way you have taught them to treat you! Either voice your feelings to them or put up with it. The old reap what you sow proverb. As Dr. Phil would say, we teach others how to treat us. So teach them to honor you, if its not too late. Otherwise, try to learn from your mistakes and focus on the young one.
Merry Christmas! There is a story named Cat and Mouse Christmas...search Google and you'll find
Gift of gab is a gift in deed. Not having it has cost me dearly.
I became an MT because of my interest in medical field, fascination with the work and yes, a lack of social skills. I really did think that my work would speak for me.
A Christmas Story is my fave Christmas movie...forgot that one!

Apparently are husbands and kids are supposed to be lower on the totem pole...

than our jobs?!?!?!  Geez!  You are probably single with no kids or no kids at home anymore and no hubbie either!  Or you're Burned Out's boss and you are not so subtly letting her know how you feel about vacations.  This isn't a third-world sweat shop, ya know.  We all deserve time off!

How dare you try to make the original poster feel guilty for wanting to take a vacation!  Don't you think women have enough pressure guilt from society what with the guilt we feel for having to work and send our kids to daycare or the feelings of inadequacy career women give stay-at-home, full-time moms because they've chosen to raise kids instead of chase dollar signs and career?!?!?

We should be supporting each other, not tearing each other down! 

Skip Christmas Day and do drinks/snacks Christmas
Eve and spend a peaceful Christmas doing whatever it is you want to do.  If you're all of 47 years old you're evidently a slow learner  : )
I really don't know but the best gift I could get is what I have now and that is 2 of the most te
companies anyone could have to work for! Both companies are simply wonderful. It is very hard to find ONE company that is the best but to find TWO is too unreal and to me that is the best gift one could ask for. I feel so blessed when I read these boards and see all of the folks who are unhappy. Both companies I have are thoughtful and really care about their people. You really cannot ask for more than that. ;)
No x-mas gift

This will be my second Christmas with this company.  I did not receive anything last year so I don't expect to this year either.  Still, a good company to work for.

I just sent a gift of food from Popcorn Factory. Will arrive the 19th. I appreciate who I work for. very much.
Gift for Mom
Go to Hometown Favorites.com - neat stuff!
MT gift
I received a very nice tote bag with the Transolutions' logo with a very nice card.  The bag has lots of pockets--love it!  Happy MT Week! 
Did u get a gift?
I didn't. I guess technically we're not entitled to getting anything but it still would have been nice to get a card or something to show more appreciation for what we do. Just my thoughts. I think it depends on the size of the company.
I scrapbook so of course I think in terms of pictures, momentos. How about a small scrabpook (4x6) filled with pics on great romantic paper. OH even has a scrapbook section. Check it out. Even if she doesn't scrap, you can buy kits that include everything you need and then put it together adding a few personal touches like journaling.
When my husband returned from overseas I brought him a coffee cup filled with chocolate candies. The cup had an American flag on it. And a nice card. He really isn't going to be interested in the gift, so a token gift would be plenty. Enjoy your reunion!
I give my doctors cookie trays.  Somebody else suggested poinsettas.
Each day is a gift

and I do not say that lightly because my last week or so has sucked big-time donkey eggs. I said to my hubby this morning "Okay, honey, I'm leaving for the office now." He looked at me and cracked up because I was standing in the hallway in what he calls my "fart sack" a giant, several-sizes-too-big flannel nightgown. My kids are both home sick with mono and getting them through final exams and everything is going to be a challenge. The flip side of that is how lucky I am to work from home so that I can oversee their recovery and still earn a paycheck. I've resolved to try to find the silver lining in every cloud today.

By the way, those of you who saw my most on the gab board about DH's cellulitis, it seems to have miraculously started clear. I'm not getting cocky yet because he still has a pocket of infection near the top of his scar but he might be okay!

When my neighbors watch my cat while we're on vacation, I usually also get something from the place I visited.
What is an appropriate gift ( reasonable ) to give a doctor's office that has a ton of employees ( I am an IC)? I feel I should give them something since I do appreciate the work, but do not want to spend a ton of $$. Thanks
thank you gift

We recently had a family reunion on my husband's side, hosted on 2 different days by 2 different cousins.  We want to send them both a nice gift for their gracious hosting.  Both families are in their 40s/50s, husband and wife.  Thanks for any ideas.

I have sent a basket that has different cheeses, sausages and the mix.. You can get those pretty reasonable. I think the name of the place is Figi's?
How about a gift certificate for a
for a decadent say of self-indulgence. I wouldn't mind a massage right now and would LOVE it if someone bought me one. LOl
If they have hobbies, how about gift
their favorite stores? Also, sometime you might write them a letter telling them how you feel about them (if you are close and care about them a lot). Nothing like a genuine, heartfelt gift to make a girl cry....seriously. I still have a letter from my little brother from when he was in about 5th grade (he's 35 now with kids of his own) and it is just precious. Don't force it, though, only if you really mean it. Maybe even include pictures from when you were all kids.
Wedding gift
If you already have two households of "stuff" you obviously don't "need" the money either, especially since you are going to have a yard sale. Two terms come to my mind - trailer trash and greed - if the shoe fits - put one of them on and leave me off your guest list. Personally, I would make a donation to the children's home, as I no longer send flowers to a funeral when a charity is listed. I send money to the charity and the family receives a card saying that a donation has been made in the memory of the deceased person. Since you don't seem to mind asking your guests for money - may I ask your age and the age of your fiance? Just trying to put this in perspective
I got the BEST Mother's Day gift!

Back in December I had a car accident.  I was POURING rain and the woman in front of me slammed on her brakes rather suddenly.  I hit my brakes, but I guess because of all the water on the road I didn't stop, I slid and hit her. 

Her car had very little damage, if any.  My car (Dodge Stratus) had about $1000.00 worth of damage to the front end.  The airbags did not deploy though because it was a very low impact accident.

Well, I had removed collision insurance from my auto policy because at the time I couldn't afford it.  My son had been having some medical problems and I was trying to cut corners any way I could.

My car has been sitting at a body shop since December waiting to be repaired.  The estimate was $900.00 to replace the hood, headlights, and pull the engine forward as the accident had pushed it back some and clamed the radiator hose shut and the fans weren't turning either.  The estimate did not include painting.

I have not been able to afford getting my car repaired yet.  I have been driving an old piece of junk that my parents have sitting at their house as a "back up" vehicle for emergencies.  It burns oil like the dickens, smokes like crazy, no air conditioning (in NC that is critical), and drinks gas like its going out of style.

Yesterday my son and I went to my parents house for lunch.  I pulled in the driveway, AND THERE SAT MY CAR!!!!!!  I swear to you, I cried.  I couldn't believe my eyes.  They had had it repaired and painted.  Well, they painted the new hood and the front fenders.  The fenders didn't have any damage, but they did it in order to blend the paint.  It looks increadibly good.  I can't even tell any difference between the new paint and the "old paint".

They also took it to Stanley Steemer and had the interior steam cleaned.  When they did that, they also cleaned the motor, so it looks brand new.  The only thing left is getting a new front bumper.  It has a couple of cracks in it up where the hood and the bumper meet.  But the body shop could not find a used bumper for it and to replace it with a new one would cost $900.00 by itself.  So, we will be looking out for a used bumper and when we find one we will have the bumper replaced and have the entire car painted.  I can wait for that though.  I am just so thrilled to have my car back!!!  No more piece of junk for me!


MT Week Gift
On Saturday I received a very nice tri-fold tool kit (in pink no less) in a box with the company logo on it.  It is full of useful small tools and came with a note of appreciation.  I thought that was a rather considerate gesture of recognition. 
what a nice gift on MT day !!!!

Today I landed a hospital pathology transcription position; per diem, $22.50 an hour with possibilities of f/t down the road!  They hired me on the spot - yippee!  Happy MT Day, everyone ! 


Gift website
Here's a neat website with a Wizard for gift ideas for just about any occasion.

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

DH anniversary gift

One year my sister had some very beautiful "beaudoir" photos taken that she gave her husband for an anniversary gift and he was nuts about them.  They were all taken by a very reputable photographer, all the shots were tasteful and nothing X-rated was exposed or showing.  One showed her very covered up with a red feather boa, you could see her bare shoulders and her bare legs, but not much else; another showed her kneeling in an unmade bed covered in all the important places by a sheet.  She had 4 taken in different poses and different settings.  They were some of the best photos I've ever seen of her.  They hung them in their bedroom so that they were kept private, but they were beautiful enough and tasteful enough that she showed them to family and close friends.  From what her photographer said, quite a few women have this type of photo taken for their significant others.  Just another idea to ponder.  :)

Need gift ideas.....

I need some help figuring out a neat gift idea for our veterinary staff.  You guys always have some GREAT ideas !!!

We have had some significant problems with both our "mom" and the 8 puppies we have left, having lost 3.  The staff at our vet hospital has just been absolutely wonderful.  This is a new vet hospital for us.  Our old vet and staff were... well... let's just say less than caring or concerned about our animals. 

We'd like a way to say thanks in a different and unique way, other than the traditional fruit/snack basket, and this is just not my strong suit.  We feel that plenty of people will complain about bad service, but sometimes we forget to reward the great service or the extra effort, and this vet hospital has done that and more. 

Any help or ideas would be appreciated.  TIA....

Greeting Gift
She's right, you'll be all he'll want to see after being gone so long. Welcome back to your husband. Maybe a few balloons would be a nice touch, though.
Was a Xmas gift so not sure where they got it....sm
I would image any office supply store or back speciality store in your area would have them.
wedding gift
I need some ideas please.  I have a very close friend who is getting married for the third time, and this will be the second marriage for her fiance.  Of course, they have everything they need, and probably more.  But I don't want to go to her wedding empty-handed.  I'd like to get her something nice, even if just a little something, so does anyone have any ideas?  Thanks very much.
wedding gift
These are all such outstanding gift ideas, and I appreciate each and every suggestion!  Thank you so much! 
Gift certificate
Thank you, thank you, thank you! Happy holidays to all!

gift idea
Restaurant gift certificate.
Gift inside

For anyone who wants to be proactive in their career/success, check this out--click on the video clip from the CMT: 


gift ideas
Sees candy is wonderful---sees.com.  Available in California for sure, maybe Nevada or Arizona but very good.  Also, what about getting some of the coffee to go from Starbucks or a place like that delivered once a month?  OR just bring in a tray of treats and some coffee brewed from your favorite coffee place such as Starbucks or the many others out there.
Gift for client
What have you given to your client(s) for a gift at the holiday season?
It is a slap in the face! What is $5 going to buy you at Wal-Mart? They could have sent you at least $25. They should be ashamed.

If she reads get her a gift card for
Barnes and Noble or your local bookstore.  I get one every year for Barnes and Noble and it's my favorite gift.  If I don't feel like going out, I can order what I want on the net with the card.