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Pole (North): Have U finished ur Christmas shopping?

Posted By: RadGuy on 2005-12-23
In Reply to:

I'll start: NO!

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How many of you have given your company a christmas gift? (new pole)
Curious to see this answer.
Thanks! I do most of my Christmas shopping
Love the fact that I can work and shop at the same time! And it's all delivered to me!
My best friend and I are going Christmas shopping....
I'm getting as many gifts as I can put on layaway this weekend.  I am determined to finish early this year so I can enjoy the holiday.  After shopping, we are going to dinner and mabye a movie. 
Pole of the right kidney
Now you are in the ballpark!! Go back and listen yet again.
I consider 6 cpl the bottom of the totem pole...nm
You say you're at the bottom of the totem pole
and that you're fine with it. Well, you are getting treated the way you have taught them to treat you! Either voice your feelings to them or put up with it. The old reap what you sow proverb. As Dr. Phil would say, we teach others how to treat us. So teach them to honor you, if its not too late. Otherwise, try to learn from your mistakes and focus on the young one.
Merry Christmas! There is a story named Cat and Mouse Christmas...search Google and you'll find
A Christmas Story is my fave Christmas movie...forgot that one!

Apparently are husbands and kids are supposed to be lower on the totem pole...

than our jobs?!?!?!  Geez!  You are probably single with no kids or no kids at home anymore and no hubbie either!  Or you're Burned Out's boss and you are not so subtly letting her know how you feel about vacations.  This isn't a third-world sweat shop, ya know.  We all deserve time off!

How dare you try to make the original poster feel guilty for wanting to take a vacation!  Don't you think women have enough pressure guilt from society what with the guilt we feel for having to work and send our kids to daycare or the feelings of inadequacy career women give stay-at-home, full-time moms because they've chosen to raise kids instead of chase dollar signs and career?!?!?

We should be supporting each other, not tearing each other down! 

Skip Christmas Day and do drinks/snacks Christmas
Eve and spend a peaceful Christmas doing whatever it is you want to do.  If you're all of 47 years old you're evidently a slow learner  : )
No, I just was finished with my break and had to
get back to work. VPN is not connecting and I'm on hold with tech support.

There are a few things that would make me leave: A really harsh line rate cut for the same work; being forced to be an employee with a set schedule are two reasons that come to mind immediately.
OMG! Just finished listening to a doc with the -
next thing to laryngitis!  What a treat that was!
oops - sent before I finished ...
Now for 2007, they are planning to start sending 20% of our local plant's work overseas. Twenty percent of my little town's factory workers from this place will be out of a job. This is just the start.

Finally finished, no dead air.

Just finished. Took an hour. No blanks. Going to
and drink a beer lol
36+ years. I wish I had finished my Masters. sm
The field is changing. I would never recommend it.  I do not see a bright future. 
Just Finished Treatment for Sciatica

I was diagnosed with sciatica/piriformis syndrome about a month ago. My physiatrist sent me to physical therapy for Graston therapy and iontophoresis. I was to the point where I had to sleep in my recliner with a heating pad on my hip. Of course, this is the result of sitting for too long......a battle wound common to the medical transcriptionist.

The Graston therapy is pretty painful and you really wonder how it could possibly help. The iontophoresis consisted of a patch with two large circular pads connected by an electrode. The pads are soaked with dexamethasone. The patch is then stuck to the butt for 24 hours. It's painless, except I pulled off a couple of layers of skin when I removed them. I had this done about 5-6 different times over a three-week period. I was also taught some gentle stretches to stretch these muscles, which I haven't been too diligent about doing.

Bottom line is that I completed my PT about two weeks ago and I haven't had any pain since then. I hope you get some relief for your condition. I know how very painful it can be.


Just finished 150 minutes today
Still have 30 to go. 
Just finished jury duty....
Ended up getting almost as much reimbursement for jury duty as I would have working, when mileage was figured in. Only had to be there 2 days, so it wasn't a hardship. Met some interesting people and was overall a positive experience. I was VERY reluctant, but was glad I did it.
My SIL finished a course at a local college

She got a job on-site and could be sent home, but she has decided to cross-train for a management position.  If she takes it, the salary is $65,000.00 per year.  So tell me there isn't money in this business.  She just finished her course!!! 

Wait. I misunderstood. MS4 = student, a Mr. - R4 = MD, but not finished SM
with residency in his specialty.
My son just finished is enlistment..best thing that every happened to him..I sent them my son..they
Do they hire people that haven't finished their MT course yet?
I'd like to know what kind of test they give people, folks who have barely even started the transcription portion of their MT course, yet they're being hired as MTs. Gives us all a bad name.
I just finished training, which I thought was GREAT! sm
The platform is EXText, although I think they have others. I like the way they seem better organized than other companies I've tried. I'll let you know about the 2-week honeymoon period whether the "marriage" will last or not!
I do the same thing. Then when the report is finished, I scan back through
the whole report to make sure I didn't leave any stop code markers behind, and listen to each blank once again.
homemade potato soup, cornbread, and just finished

Just finished Black Creek Crossing - he never lets ya down :-)
You might be sending finished work back to an FTP site
They do that up north to.
I live in Illinois and there is a gas station here that posts the bad checks on this huge wall they have.
Well I just finished watching Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy. How that for an evening. N
my friend just finished her BSN 2 years ago, working 32 hr/week making $60K with benefits nm
2.21 here in North Georgia
Yep, so were we - the Metro North!
North Carolina
North Carolina here too!
Only in North America

By the way...I worked a 12 hour shift today. I really don't need the correction on my spelling. I realize I hit the 'n' instead of the 'm'. I'm done now...this is dumb.
Me, too! We're in north Fla so
still haven't had the worst yet.  Can you believe it is starting this early?  This is getting pretty old!!   I guess this one shouldn't be to bad though (hopefully).  Stay safe!!
No, I'm in the north (Michigan) and (sm)
really don't have any at this time, either; I've only had a couple of accounts over the years where there were lots of drawls, I think one was a V.A. in S. Carolina. I think now they've probably all been replaced by ESLs!
Shopping for me.
Try shopping around
There are a lot of lenders out there that will finance less than perfect credit. There is a lender who can probably give you a higher interest rate, then within the next couple years, get your credit score cleaned up (there are lots of tips on how to do that on the internet) and refinance to get a better rate as soon as you can get your score up. Be careful paying anything off that is on your credit report if it is getting ready to come off. That will leave it on there for a longer time. Get on the internet and read about your credit score and what you can do.
Sorry, that should be: No shopping FOR me, but....

Don't you always have that ONE gift that you have to search high and low for?  Well, that's me today!  An oriental rug (with particular colors of course!) for my brother's new house!  Especially here in Texas where is it 68 degrees, it's hard to get in the spirit!

SUV shopping

We are going to start shopping for a used SUV, less than 20K, probably 2003 to 2005 depending on model.  Leaning towards Ford or GM models, mid size, but right now open to most anything.  

Can any of you who own SUVs comment on what you own and what you like/dislike about it?   TIA :)

Shopping around...

Hi Everyone...I am new to this board and would like some advice from experienced MT's out there! I have been working for a company for the past three years and things aren't quite panning out to my satifaction lately. I'm thinking of applying for other jobs with more benefits. Here's my question - What do you guys do when you aren't happy with your present employment? Do you list your current employer on your resume? Okay....What I'm getting at is this >>>>Will my present employer be contacted for a reference check, etc. should I be considered for another job?

Any help would be appreciated...Thanks!

Wants high quality finished product at 3 cpl editing and 6-8 cpl straight typing. Also rumored she
doesnt like to pay in a timely manner. I passed..
North Alabama Transcriptionists
Are there any hospitals based in North Alabama who use at-home Radiology Transcriptionists?
Any North Alabama Transcriptionists?
I posted on the state board, but I don't think many people go to that board.  I was just wondering if there any home-based transcriptionists near me.  Thank you for your time.
North Alabama Transcriptionists
I am in Limestone County.
North Myrtle Beach
Having lived at Pawley's Island - this is some really pretty country.  Get out of the car at the Myrtle Beach Sign in the middle of the highway for some photo ops.  Also, for those of you traveling to North Myrtle Beach - please make a short trip (30 minutes with no traffic) down to Pawley's Island and see the Brookgreen Gardens and Hunnington Beach.  There are also a lot of "real" little shops at Pawley's Island with real treasures to find - not cheap souvenier stuff.  You can watch the weavers make the Original Pawley's Island Hammacks.  I know that you are all probably going for either the beach or the golf, but beware that the sewage drains into the ocean up on the Grand Strand and there is usually a daily feces report - so if it is high - don't go into the water.  I hope that ya'll have a great time.  If you get the chance - try some Shrimp and Grits, frogmore stew and some of the other low country delicacies.  You will have a blast.  Remember hurricane insurance, too - in case one is headed that way and you don't want to lose your money on your flight and accommodations. 
In Columbia, TN now about 3 hours north. nm

But of course, only in North America for the most part.
Read up some more. They use this term WIDELY in Asia...go figure! Don't know about you but I'm a bit sick of the politically correct crap going on in this country. I will side with the first dictionary - that it is grammatically correct albeit politically incorrect, because like who cares? I sure don't. : D