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I'd rather have money.

Posted By: Msla MT on 2007-08-11
In Reply to: Need bonus ideas! - Editor-in-Chief

No idea how much to give though.

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Money, money, money, mmonnneyyy. Singing the Apprentice song.
Make money? I'm not making any money because of my decision. You read my reasoning
You can agree with me or not, but don't make false assumptions please.
You're working to make money, not to spend money.
These people should be ashamed of themselves taking advantage of people this way!
I also blew some money signing up with Quixtar... The only way to make any money is to bug everyone

you know into signing up.  I felt like a snake oil huckster.  I hated it.  I was flushing money down the toilet from the moment I handed over my money. 

RUN, do not walk away!  I do an entirely different side business now that I really love (in addition to my MTing, which I also love!)  Find something you're good at and that you truly love doing.  Then make a business out of it.  That's the best way to have a side business.  Selling discount toilet paper through Amway/Quixtar?  Not so much. 

The CMT exam is overrated. Don't waste your time & money. Use that money on
paid anymore just because you have it.  There are a few CMT cheerleaders that post to people like you but they are pretty well sucked up into that association.
Yeah, money, that's it. I paid $20.00 for my dog. Money is NOT THE ISSUE
walk him daily, play ball daily, he sleeps in my office daily while I work. Yeah, I got a lot of money, NOT HARDLY. And, my dog is HORRIBLY HORRIBLY ABUSED because he wears a collar around his neck. It's people like you that make me sick. I am done defending my use of the shock collar. I am going to continue with it and my dog will continue to be pampered , educated, fed, kept warm, and love me for everything that I do for him even when I remind him that his barking needs to stop. So, with that said, I will not respond to any more of your CRAP in reference to the shock collar.
Money is money and most people will do whatever it takes when in need. sm
if you do bring it to the attn of the office manager, why not offer her a raise to compensate. it is obvious she just needs or wants more money than your office is paying her. I agree, it is a free country and although it seems odd, unless you had it outlined in contract, she can work for whomever or whereever she pleases on the side. at least she is typing and not at a strip joint, lol. I see no conflict of interest, she has experience obviously in whichever field you are in and what is wrong with doing extra in that field. i agree with MYOB "nicely" and concentrate on your reports than looking at older reports and seeing who they are typed by.
No need to wonder..It always means less money for the MT and more money for MQ.
Money, honey, money!!!!!!.
One year and you make decent money? What is decent money to you?
Here's how to get your money....sm

Do an internet search for the small claims court that she would need to report to.  Typically this would be either the city or county her business is in or she lives in if she doesn't have an official business name. 

File the claim and in  the claim be sure to include that you're seeking the costs of travel to court if she fails to pay up ahead of time, as well as the time off from your current job.  You can even give rough estimates for the plane fare, hotel, rental car and time off from work.

Generally speaking most small claims court cases are heard within 30-60 days.  All you'll need is to take the judge proof of the work you did, money she owes and that she flat out refuses to pay.

Once you win the case (and you will if you can prove you did the work and she agreed to pay you) then immediately file a lien against her home or business - that will quickly get her attention that she needs to pay you, because if she doesn't pay up quickly then she risks losing her home or business to you.  You can do all of this without collection attorneys or any attorney - this type of thing is generally handled by individuals since the dollar amount isn't high enough for an attorney to be interested.

I had one friend who recently won a small claims court case against a car dealership over a faulty engine that was sold to him and the owner refused to pay him until he placed the lien against the business.... and of course the owner realized he wasn't playing games any longer and had the cash ready that afternoon (I told my friend to place the lien and insist on cash only, no cashier's checks, no checks, etc - cold hard cash!). 

Good luck!

Less money
Also don't forget that some accounts are not paid for spaces which is a substantial loss in lines. 
The money is going to...
The DOCTORS! I googled "radiologist salary" and WOW. Average salary for a radiologist is $500,000 - and that's just average. OMG. Boy am I in the wrong field!
Oh, and money would have gotten more
of those refugees out before the storm hit. They were too poor and had no transportation -- that was why they were left behind.

Money IS important before, during, and after disasters.

less money with MQ
i hear ya on that. I was making between $16-20/hour. there are some days i do good to hit the $10 mark with the lovely foreign dictators.
Here's how to get your money....sm

Send her a certified/return receipt letter giving her 7 business days to get the money to you via a cashier's check or you will file a claim against her in small claims court.   You don't need an attorney to do this - just contact the city or county courthouse in the town/county the business is located and file a complaint.  Be sure to ask that the filing fees as well as time off from work and travel expenses to be reimbursed if you have to show up to small claims court.  Most of these cases are heard in 30-60 days.  Good luck!  

No money down
My husband and I both had very low scores, but the mortgage company searched and got us a 6% interest rate on the house we wanted, no money down, and we even got money at close. There are ways. A good mortgage company will work for you! Our scores were less than 600.
Here's how to get your money ....sm

file a claim against them in small claims court - in most jurisdictions these cases are heard within 30-60 days.   When you win (and you will as long as you can prove the money is owed) immediately file a lien against the business - this will keep them from obtaining any bank loans and you could potentially force them to sell the business to pay you off. 

I personally would never work for anyone who missed a pay day with me - I have a rule that if you screw me once that's it - no more chance to mess with me again.  There are way too many transcription jobs out there .

As far as notifying the clients most clients probably aren't going to care and will consider it a personnel issue with the vendor. 

what does he does with his money

maybe he doesn't wear his generosity on his sleeve and keeps his donations and causes private.

Her money? Maybe some of it, but
a lot of the things she seems to take credit for are donated by the manufacturers or come out of her "Angel Network". I quit watching her after she made such a spectacle of herself after Katrina.  Her and Tom Cruise are on my boycott list.
get your money
At all costs, do not let $1,900 slip away. Don't be so quick to give your information to them. Hold out for your check.

more money ??? LOL
It is often less because many places want to pay by the report - piddling $1.00-$1.24. Wait til you see the CTs and MRIs and interventional reports - 30/40/50 lines. Per line is the only way to go with this. I would imagine it would not be difficult to learn tho, just a lot of detailed structural anatomy.
lol Thanks. And what is that? Someone who gives money? nm
It isn't always about money though..
Happiness isn't always about making money. My husband makes enough to pay the bills and to have a little on the side. What I make is for the extra things that we want to buy. I do want to have a backup degree though, and yes I am considering it. I just stopped taking classes last semester because it was too much with my kids and this job. Plus we are moving here in a month or so. I will probably go back for some summer classes and then next fall.
No money is enough, sm.
I had close relationships with two people in management and the headaches they had to deal with,,,,,you could not pay me enough. Working way more than a 40 hour week, having to deal with irate clients, having to pick up any slack whenever someone didn't show to work, having to be go between for MTs and upper management, which is often in a third world country and with a different work standard than the US, difficulty with managing work flow. My wants are simple so I am MORE than happy to just keep my head down, do my work and cash my check.  Someone else can have the headaches. 
They come to U.S. for the money
because most likely in their country they are treated worse than teachers are in ours, no money and no respect.
YOUR money????

As an IC, MTSO should not be taking any of YOUR money. Do you mean they keep that percent of what the acct is paying for the service?  That is not YOUR money or YOUR acct. You agree to a certain cpl. Anything the MTSO makes over that is MTSO money, to pay for overhead and for MTSO time.  They don't do this for fun, ya know. You can get your own acct but also have to take headaches that go with. That is why I IC for a company. I have seen a bit of the headaches and you could not PAY me enough to take them on. I don't want to be the queen bee, just the best worker bee I can be.

Yes, but for the money you have to pay
to the AAMT for your membership, I think it cancels itself out. Besides, there aren't that many employers that pay more money for CMT. Like I said, I'll keep my money thanks, the AAMT isn't getting any of it.
About money
Seldom will money just up and fall from the sky. Money usually comes in the form of working a job.  With that in mind, I suggest you get a second job or a third job, whatever it takes, so that you can get caught up on your mortgage and not lose your home!
You got the money? lol
Yes, with both, the money is about the same, so
that really isn't an issue in my decision. That is why I am so torn. I do not want to get all the way through school and realize I cannot do/do not want to do the job I've chosen. I don't have time or money to waste like that.

Honestly, psych is what I know I could be passionate about. It is something I would love doing. I really want a job that I love doing, but I think I am scared to go in the nursing field honestly.

I am scared for the reason I stated above and I am scared I would not be able to do it, I think. I just don't know if I am cut out for it. Being able to handle a very high-stress job working in administrative work is different than being able to handle nursing.

Either way, I know I am starting my pre-reqs here at the community college after the 1st of the year, so I think I will talk with a counselor and maybe try and talk with another dental hygienist and take it from there.

Thank you for taking the time to give me some more info. I really appreciate it. :)
No money down
One thing you have to learn is to not pay anything down. You should not have to buy anything for a job. Never, ever, ever! :)
Money for me.
Money only.

Helping humanity by typing notes?!  Splitting the atom maybe

I do it for fun not money.
I only make $8.50 at the vet's office lol.
Why be so chincy? Give good bonuses every 4 weeks - rather than once a year - no matter what - if you are a large company - you know you can afford it - others in the company who have never transcribed a day in their life are making more than those of us supporting your business - I mean like give a $1,000 or $2,000 bonus every time - make it worth our while to do good work. what type of bonuses do the managers in your company make - how much PTO or vacation time to they get - are your MTs ICs or employees? A GC or anything less is a slap in the face, especially to those who have been with this job for any length of time - get a clue.
Got it! Money, too!

Maybe we could make a combination of all of these great ideas?  Set a monetary limit, then give choices that include PTO, cash, GCs, etc.  Excellent ideas!

I can't thank you all enough! 

What do you do now? Ask for more money,
More money

They should pay us more for doctors with more than five vowel sounds in in their last name.

Honestly, I feel like I can speak something foreign right now.  My brain is buzzing like someone stuck a mixmaster in my ear and whirled it on high for 8 hours.  ECK!


Do not solicit funds through this website nor offer funds to other posters without the expressed written consent of the Administrator.

No one should be taking up collections nor asking for funds or assistance through this website. 



Jeez, I'll be totally straight here if no one with more experience will be. I've been at it 30+ years full time. I have never made more than $32,000 a year and live in Ohio. I have always done full time second shift. I do 40 hours per week, period, my choice. I've been with Spheris this past 7 years. Before that, 6 years with MedQuist. Before that, 18 years in an acute care hospital. I rarely call in sick. I do work holidays most of the time. I work every Friday and Saturday night. I saw an ad on the net that a transcriber could make $40,000 per year, and I do think that might be realistic. I'm not interested in learning any more ShortHand than I already know, in typing any more reports than I already do per day or working any more overtime than I do, thanks very much; and the company can go jump in the lake. On this money, however, I've done very well for myself and am not sorry. My home will be paid for and I owe on nothing else. I'm frugal as I can be. I'm 53 and will hang in there probably another 10 years at least. For me, it never was about making a fortune or keeping up with the Joneses. It's an individual thing. If you're prepared to do what you have to do, you can no doubt really make the bucks. I personally will be glad when I'm able to be out of it.
So you are a newbie too? So am I. I have found I make more on clinic account than acute care becaue it is because acute care is so broad. I have a clinic account and acute care for backup because I can't depend on enough clinic to keep me busy. But everyone says I need the acute care exp. I guess I will hang in there. As for how much I've made I have no idea. I haven't figured it but I have only been working since June and it has been part-time. So not much.
" I don't need the money that bad". Sorry, to
How about all the money
that is spent campaigning?

Just think of the people who could be helped with their healthcare with all that!

Mo money, mo money, mo money.
It is about money

In the case of using foreign labor, it is a race to the bottom in terms of how cheap the wages are they can get away with paying.

In the case of breaking confidentiality, I would say money would be the only reason for a Transcriptionist to do it.

This is an old story, but it is the only one that I know of where a foreign medical transcriber threatened to post patient files on the internet.  The reason?  She did the work and the person who subcontracted the work offshore (without the hospital's knowledge nor permission) did not pay her.


The MT in Pakistan was never prosecuted by her country.

Ask for more money or look

Now, where is the money at?
Oftentimes I hear about so and so's aunt who is a Transcriptionist and she is making a pretty decent income. Recently, my landlord mentioned that his daughter does medical transcription and she's making a nice living. Well, where are these people working? LOL

I've been an MT for nearly 4 years. Currently, I am working at a company and getting 5 cents per line (it's speech... but balances with text since I have to do more lines). That equates to $6.31 cents an hour. Minimum wage in my state (Florida) is $7.50 or something like that.

I hate medical transcription, I really do, but I LOVE the perks!! I love being able to work from the comfort of my own home and I am very good at this job. It's easy and I can relax as I get in my line count. It's very pleasant. I would like to stay as a medical transcription since I have experience in nearly all medical fields and I have four years under my belt. However, I would also like to be able to have my own place instead of having to do the whole roommate situation. It's driving me nuts!!!javascript:editor_insertHTML('text',''); I'm working 12 hours a day just to get in 8 hours worth of lines because the platform I work on is messing up constantly... and I'm barely getting $1300 a month!!!

So, where do we MTs find the money? Are there any good companies out there that pay well? Should I look into working for a private doctor (which I hate because I like fringe benefits)? Any advice? I can't keep living below poverty level forever.
I'm new to this and very confused. If a company makes money when we make money, why do so many transcriptionists say that as soon as you start making decent money companies want to place you with impossible ESLs or control your line count, or do something else to slow us down, etc. Assuming there is enough work, Isn't it good for them when we get good line counts?