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How about setting a monetary limit and give choices, sm

Posted By: fn on 2007-08-12
In Reply to: Need bonus ideas! - Editor-in-Chief

such as: Would the MT rather have PTO, a Stedmans reference book of choice, or cash?

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I am not getting my certificate for monetary
reasons. Its for me and my professional pride, which means a lot to me. As for the $$ end, I have been interviewing at several companies, and all did pay, on average, 1 cpl more for CMT. That's quite a differential to me! But I'm staying with my regular job, which does not pay a differential. Its just something I want to achieve in my career.
Does 2nd place get any monetary prize? m
I know they get $4000 for each week they're in the house and then $5000 for each week in sequestor but I wondered if 2nd place got $100,000 or something or just their regular weekly amount (which isn't too shabby!) I think the girls need to be the final two.  I think Will, annoying as he is, played much better than Boogie because Boogie didn't really play!  He just did what Will told him and road on his coattails.  I can barely stand to look at Boogie.  He's so vile and disrespectful and something about him just repulses me.  I don't mean to sound mean, but he just really repulses me, probably because of the extra footage of him I've seen on the internet.  It's pretty disgusting.  Anyhow, I hope it's the girls in the final two because at least they played and Boogie just followed Will. 
I think is called preferred vendor? Facility gets certain monetary breaks to only use one


You have several choices
You can change the current Singles glossary you are using under Options/Singles

I am pretty sure the MedsinglV.glo has "but" for b

And as mentioned you can always edit any of the Singles glossaries in Notepad.


It may take some searching and time, but look. Not all companies post on this forum. Reach out to any and all contacts that you have ever had in the MT world. If more of us refuse to get paid an income that is ridiculously low, things will have to improve. I've walked away from jobs before for various reasons and I've always found work. I just refused to get paid crap for my knowledge. I refuse to work extra hours every day to make up for lousy technology. Period. As much as I love being an MT, I'd walk away from this work and do whatever it took to make a DECENT income. It's a matter of what's right.
Have to agree. Really nice choices.
I'm with you ... people can make their own choices. nm
Where you come off comparing gay lifestyle choices to sm
pedophiles (which can be compared with, say, serial killers IMHO) is NUTS. Pedophiles rape children and break the law. And you are showing a common thread HOW????
Thanks! You're right; it's all about making the right choices. NM
With those choices, go with 9 cents/line

I worked for a company that paid by the report - $1.15 for everything except interventionals, which were $2.25.  Per report is fine until you start getting into the 2-page MRI reports, which I had a lot of. When I found this website and saw what the per-line rate was for some people, I started checking the line counts and comparing. The only reports I was actually coming out ahead on were things like chest x-rays that were only 2 or 3 lines. You can see that at 9 cents a line, once you get more than about 12 lines, you make more being paid by the line. 

I have two part-time jobs now, one paid by the line and the other by the report, but the pay per report is VERY good, much higher than the going rate, because these are radiologists I have worked with before and a) they are very generous and b) they appreciate my expertise. 

I guess what I'm saying here is if you are paid enough per report, go for it. $1.10 - fugedaboutit!! 

No sound a likes, but lots of other choices...


If the doc takes Medicare, which most do, you will find him here.  You can narrow it to specialty, first name, last name, partial last name, city, state, or all of the above.  Much more thorough than WebMD.  Good luck.

True. So then don't work. We're talking CHOICES here. nm
Not upset - everyone makes bad choices in their life at some time or another. sm
No one is perfect. Hopefully, someone will give you a chance and your money and time won't be wasted.

Good luck to you!
I know why I am transcribing (a few bad choices I made early in life) - sm
But I did not lie about my IQ when I replied. There are genuine circumstances that prevent potential from being realized. I don't think I would have ever had the mentality to hold up a job more suited to my potential, though, and would have probably fallen on my face, had I been a doctor or a lawyer or such. I do know I would be dead now (long story). The direction I took was what seems now like a bad choice in life that lead to MT'ing to make a living, but in talking with my friends, they think it was providential.

MT'ing is easy because I remember everything without references. It helps me feel better about myself, and I make easy money.

Maybe this is what was intended.

Totally understanding. Our kids grow up and we have no choices.
My dear friend just called me yesterday crying because her daughter is living with her partner and the partner is pregnant. The daughter is sooo happy, the mother cried. So what you're describing is happening more than where you are and it is saddening. What can she do, nothing. Our kids whether we like it or not grow up and jump out to make their own choices. Some of these choices are "you can't tell me what to do anymore!" And, we have no choice but to live with it. So the choices then become to be miserable OR focus on your own life and work on making yourself happy in spite of what your kids put you through. You have a life, don't let your kid drown it out because of his poor choices. You may think who am I to say such a thing, I'm the mom whose son made poor choices and went to jail, I'm the mom whose daughter chose to abort my first grandbaby, I'm the mom whose son left his wife and kids after almost 10 years of marriage. I really do know how you feel. Find some joy for yourself in your life, you won't find it when you're looking at his.
You can accept the changes or you can shape the changes. THOSE are the choices. Reactive versus Pr
I choose to be proactive.  Apparently, the consensus here is to lie down like a dog and just let it happen.
Feel free to email me about this. Lots of choices nm
Usually there is no limit.
As an IC, you are not considered an employee where the company would only give you a certain amount of time.  I have taken time off sporadically as an IC, and the company has not said a word.  They actually thanked me for giving notice.  I guess on the norm even notice isn't required.  I just thought it courteous to give the company a few weeks to maybe find a replacement for that time period.  It has never been a problem whether it be a day off or 10 days off.  If I only need a day off though I don't even tell them, I just don't take the work.  The IC position I have though is an actual IC position in that I am not assigned work.  It is a typing pool basically, so if I do not want to work that day, I just don't take any work.  It has neve been a problem.  This type of arrangement in my opinion is true IC status. 
If you want to limit yourself, as IC that is your
Age limit
Is there any age limit to be a transcriptionist? Could a 16-year-old do it? Thanks!
age limit
Not sure about age limits, but you need to check out training programs before anything else. Check out this link: http://www.ahdionline.org/scriptcontent/mtschool.cfm
but limit I think 250 lines a day...nm
There is not a limit, but for some reason it
deletes entries and you have to start all over again.
limit internet
I, like you, want to make more money this year. . I am going to start by trying to limit my time surfing the net while working. . I have had a problem getting bored in the past. . but my resolution is to just stick to my 8-hour work day with maybe only 1 little internet break during the shift. .
If you retire and go on SS, there is a set limit--sm
you can earn per month, if you continue to work, or they will reduce your SS income per month by how much over the set amount you are allowed. NOT a pension retirement, SS retirement.
I don't think there is a time limit -
I live in Georgia also and the only reason we ever had notes on the charts was for insurance purposes. If the note is not transcribed, you are not supposed to bill insurance. Other than that, there is really no legal reason that the chart has to be dictated.

Now, ethically and for continuation of care purposes, yes, it needs to be done.

The doctor I worked for used to dictate, but it might get transcribed in a week and it might get transcribed in a month.
We put frank away. as for your questions, please limit them
to inquiries about chapstick.  Number one, do not leave them in the sun as they will melt.  Any and all other questions I'm forced to get back to you at a later time, be vague or better yet not respond to you at all.  Good day. 
You can but you may blow up autocorrect because there is a limit
to how many entries you can put in autocorrect. The Productivity Talk forum has instructions.
You may be at your limit for the accounts you type on - sm
Those are not bad line counts. It really depends on the docs you can get and if they say literally the same thing again or again or say *use my normal.* I used to for years do 500-600 lines an hour when I had docs who were fast talkers who used all kinds of normals and I had a much smaller pool of them (say 30-40 docs). I now work from a HUGE pool of docs, all acute care, from 5 different hospitals with very different account specifics for each hospital. A good day for me is 250-275 lines an hour no matter how fast I slam the keyboard. You may be doing the best you can do with the accounts you have. :-)
Doubt any way can earn more than the limit of
When she took retire. she agreed to 900 limit.
It will not affect MT's. I think the limit is 250GB and
the tech people with my company says an MT uses around 2GB/month.  Even if that is a conservative figure, still leaves you a lot of GB. 
also remember that they limit how much you can withdraw
from your Paypal account every month, otherwise they'll require you to upgrade your account which tacks on another fee.

I only use Paypal to get paid as a last resort and then I use the fees as a writeoff. If I can wait for a snail mail check, I will.
I don't know if they get paid but I know they limit the people who will buy with these crazy name

Can you imagine having to say I live at 555 Squirrel Run or 555 Wild Turkey Walk for the next 10-20 years?  Just the image of squirrels and wild turkeys alone would force me to look elsewhere.  Got any good names for streets? 

$3.40 in eastern NC. I just sat in line for an hour to get gas, and they had a $35 limit. nm

There is also a limit. People in expensive cars
pulling up to stand in line for free money.  Doctors and lawyers, supposedly respected business owners, etc who really did not lose that much, at least not to the point where they can't recover on their own.  Help the ones who can't help themselves but the ones who can help themselves should be ashamed!
Use a timer and limit yourself, you'll feel much better
What state are you in? There is time limit that applies
In Calif, 45 days past due is enough for default to go into effect. Then, my loan goes to atty's desk and they begin collection.

I would say to you to pay your mtg before anything else at all other than food/utilities and insurance for medical care.

sorry, didn't realize there was a time limit. I
personally just read some of the posts.
1400 - that's about my limit - and a real good day
welcome, you dont' pay to send out or receive until you go over a certain limit. sm
i use several different email addies with them so that when i run out of room, i change to a different acct to send work/receive work.
Mobile broadband 5GB limit with ALL carriers
I signed up with Sprint last year when it was unlimited, and starting in July 2008, they put a cap of 5GB, which is what all the other carriers had done also. That said, if you are using the connection mainly for work, the cap should not be a problem. I downloaded a program that keeps track of my usage as well as use the Sprint site to check it occasionally. You can't be downloading tons of MP3s or watching a lot of youtube or other video things during each month, but it doesn't have to be completely avoided either.
The girl was 13, the rapist a distant relative they took in. Give money, give food and your time, b
you don't put your family at risk by taking in strangers. That's just plain foolish. There were over 3300 registered sex offenders in NO. Where are they now. In your community? Perhaps in your house? Good luck.
oh our lovely government does give illegals medicaid, foodstamps, and housing so in term we give tha
i have been through some rough times lately and had to apply for some help. there are signs, big signs, all over our offices saying "YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE LEGAL TO GET HELP". so we and our government do give them our benefits whether they are legal here or not. now that is messed up. i am helping to support them so they can take away my jobs and i can't even support my kids and yes i get benefits, wow $75 a month in food stamps which lasts not even a week in a household of 6. don't get me wrong, i am thankful for any help at the moment, but i get penalized for trying to work my tail off and still can't survive.

there was recently an article in our local newspaper where one of our local school districts tried to charge $1000 a year for each illegal student enrolled. it was bulked and the illegals got a lawyer to sue for discrimination. the school district merely stated that they had to HIRE extra teachers that could speak the foreign language just to teach these children and were trying to offset some of the expenses. ridicilous!! so again our taxpayers money is paying to educate illegals as well.
You already asked on one board. Aren't you supposed to limit it to one?
check there.
There is a setting
to fix that and I can't remember what it is. But I complained about it and our IT guys told me how to fix it. There is something that you have to "allow" to get it to work.
I think the amount of work sent to QA is is very bad idea to limit that. I can understand QA reviews
but to limit the amount of work to QA to get a bonus which is my understanding will cause people to not send things to QA when the dicator makes an obvious error and you dont want to chance correcting it. There are extremely bad dictators and depending on where they are dictating the noise can be horrendous on the phone lines or cells or whatever they are doing. My goodness, you have an attitude.
It's kinda like playing a gameshow every day! Beat That Production Limit!

does anyone know about a 3-limit install on DocShuttle, Wavplayer and other Bytescribe products? sm
they told me after three installs, even if I buy a new computer, I have to buy the program all over again, at $100 a pop. Has anyone else ever been told this? Sounds like a rip off to me.
When do you sleep or have a life outside of MTing? Haven't you reached your limit already?!! nm
Kids at home? What ages and do you limit their internet usage?

We have a 15-year-old that is limited to 1 hour on the internet when school is not in session, and we have parental controls that allow us to see everything she has done while she was on line.

What about your household?