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Love gift cards

Posted By: mammamt on 2007-08-13
In Reply to: Need bonus ideas! - Editor-in-Chief

I worked for a company who gave out visa gift cards, gift cards to local spas, gift cards to office supply stores, and to book stores.  I also think campany logo desk accessories are a great way to promote company loyalty.  You could have a choice of different things like mouse pads, mugs, and such for the smaller bonus. 

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Proscript sent out gift cards (sm)
for dinner when we caught up a new account. Our transcription director is always writing encouraging and informative memos, though I do miss Rick's unique input.
The card should have been given as gift cards for grocery stores, etc.
Kohl's gift cards, and at Christmas I give - sm
tree ornaments (buy them at 60-70% off after Christmas at Kohl's, keep at least 15-20 on hand as last minute gifts too). This year we skipped the gifts as our school was blood sucking money out left and right the whole month of May (private school, no tax funding), so the teacher's got nadda this year, though I did contribute to the "class" give for Teacher Appreciate week which was the week of May 22 at our school. I have to buy for 4 teachers as each class as the main teacher and assistant, and I have 2 kids in the school. Gets to be a bit much, especially when I do $25 on a gift card for each of them. I think an ornament though can be given any time of the year, of course Christmas time is a bit more appropriate.
CONGRATULATIONS to Lori F. on winning one of the MDI $100. Gift Cards!
Did 3 last minute gift cards yesterday and the stocking stuffers! DONE! - nm
A very friendly site. Have a nice day! to Love Cards you should be very Black: http://www.eonline.co
Your website is wonderfull. I'll come visit again. when Plane is Gnome it will Steal Opponents , Red Table is always Lazy Chair when Corner Make Slot Rape , Astonishing, Tremendous, Superb nothing comparative to Lazy Destroy Game is very good Soldier
I also love to get gift certififcates for massages_-sm
love scented candles, flavored coffee/tea. What a nice brother you are!!!
Gift of gab is a gift in deed. Not having it has cost me dearly.
I became an MT because of my interest in medical field, fascination with the work and yes, a lack of social skills. I really did think that my work would speak for me.
I just replaced my sound card, as well. I like the updated version of creative sound blaster... SB X-FI Audio. It is expensive, but worth the quality sound.
air cards
I use a Verizon wireless air card and it will not let you use a router. I can obviously unplug it from one pc and use it on another but not at the same time on both.  I had asked about this when I signed up for it and they said that you have to have different cards on different computers to be able to use at the same time.  I hope this helps. 
Anything I should know about sound cards.
credit cards
Don't charge unless you can pay the piper.
credit cards (sm)
Yes, this is what I am referring to.  I have been receiving these notices in the mail lately basically stating that the credit card companies can do whatever they want, i.e., raising interest rates, miminum payments, etc.  This was attached onto the new bankruptcy bill that was passed in October.  These changes will take effect I believe in Jan 2006.  I am getting rid of all of mine.  I have a good FICO score of 765 and have opted out of these new changes with the intent of paying off these cards.  Hope everyone else is paying attention.  Happy Thanksgiving!!
Then, do not get any more credit cards,
bank in this country, go to the doctor at all, have insurance, buy a Dell computer, or do any customer service calling. Boycott .. look around they are everywhere .. ;-)
debit cards
do they automatically take the money out of your account the second you use it.  I looked at my account online and it is very low. DH has been using the DC and it has not shown any of the transactions dh made this weekend.  Just wandering if it had already took those out but hasn't shown it yet on-line or are we going to be bumbarded tomorrow.  If dh don't get his paycheck in Wed and quick me may be in trouble
Here's the way these cards work...sm
They put a hold on your account the second the card is scanned for the amount it is scanned for. The processing of the charges goes through usually within hours to a couple of days depending on your bank.

Here's the #1 pitfall of debit cards - and my fiance just learned this the hard way after I had already warned him. We went out to eat 3 weeks ago and the waiter ran the wrong ticket on his debit card. Our total was around $40. The waiter rang the table next to us which was a larger group of people and their charges were right at $100. We caught the error when he brought the ticket to be signed. His boss immediately ran a credit; however, the banking system wouldn't post the credit to his account for 3 days. This means that for 3 days he had $60 less available than he should have had available. My mom also had an episode once where she and some friends went out to eat and the waiter hit a wrong button, charging her $127.00 instead of $12.70. Sure they ran a credit right away but for 3 business days she didn't have access to the difference in the amounts. While neither of them were in danger of bouncing checks over these clerical errors, if they had been running low on funds then they would have had checks bounce and it wouldn't have been their fault. I refuse to have a debit card for this very reason. By using a credit card if there's a mistake made then at least you have access to regular cash while the correction is being applied.
USB wireless cards are available.
You can get a wireless card that plugs in directly to a USB port. Just go to any tech store. We have both Dell and Lynksis versions on various machines here. There is usually an installation cd with the device.
Sprint Air cards
I agree with the above poster, however, I know that when I visited North Carolina a little over a year ago, my cell phone coverage was terrible. The thing to remember with air cards whether they be from Sprint, Verizon or Cingular is that the speed that you get with using one of these is very dependent on how close you are to a cell tower. I have the USB air card from Sprint and can use it with either my desktop or my laptop.
I used phone cards until I got my
digital phone set up.  They worked fine, but were a pain as I would disconnect if I had to proof something so I would save minutes.  There is a phone service that charges 2.9 cents, but I can't think of the name right now. 
Christmas Cards
I send out cards, but a lot less than I used to. I used to send out at least 50, but now because of the rise in postage, I've cut it way down. I noticed last year we got a lot less cards too. Maybe nobody likes us anymore. LOL.
Business Cards

I am interested in picking up some new accounts and really want to design a nice business card --besides the usual info what else can I put on there to make a good impression?


Thanks for your feedback -

This is not true if you have multiple cards. sm
While it's true you need to have lines of credit to show history, NO ONE will tell you to keep open many accounts, because many open accounts represents POTENTIAL debt.
2 cards - FEMA and Red Cross
They haven't gotten to the FEMA ones, I don't think yet, but the Red Cross ran out of their cards today in Houston at the GRB after people stood in line for about 6 or so hours.   They thought there would be rioting.  Yeah, we are having a great time here in Texas.
I use debit cards and keep the receipts on the
desk until the item has cleared the bank. I check the accounts online EVERY morning and balance each while I am waiting for DQS to load. Once a check or debit clears I toss it.

This way mistakes (mine or others') can be caught before they become disasters, any by knowing exactly what the balance is I know what I can afford to spend that day.
Debit cards with logos on them
Where do you get debit cards from with the Visa or Master Card logo on them?  My bank only gives out a Star Debit Card without any logos on it. 
Business cards, referrals....

have really worked for me.  I have had to turn away two offices recently and am very happy with the work I have.  Cold calling landed me a good podiatry account and doing mailers/faxes provided two other accounts.   If your persistent, you will get all the work you want.  Where I live (Tampa)  there are so many doctors' offices!

Best of luck to you!

What do you think about sending out Christmas cards with
a business card inside to solicit for local accounts?  Tacky?  Different?  Original?  I've got a list of small locals I'd like to solicit but was waiting until after the new year.  Then I found a couple of boxes of Christmas cards that I bought on clearance last year.  Why not kill two birds with one stone?  Unclutter the Christmas box and send holiday greetings to potential clients?
E-cards are free from Hallmark (sm)
And they have a lot to choose from: funny, sappy, holidays, birthdays, whatever. I love to e-mail my friends e-cards and I love to get them too. Go to the Hallmark website and click on e-cards. You could send them to her daily or weekly or whatever.

I also think it will just take time for your sister to adjust. I think you are wonderful to care the way you do and have the concern that you have. She is very lucky to have a sister like you.
I do send out Christmas Cards...sm
My youngest was sick the other day at school so I picked him up. While he was resting on the couch, I took that opportunity to start my Christmas cards. I got 20 or so done. Will finish during this week - about another 10-20. I love getting snail mail Christmas cards and think it is a wonderful change of pace (even my next door neighbor sent us one in the mail) from getting emails all day long. This also gives my family a chance to see them as opposed to getting them via email.
Cards that say donation to charity sm
St. Jude's Children Hospital has them, it reads that a gift to the hospital has been given to the hospital in their honor. Very nice, not too personal and no hint that some return gift is expected.
If she gets to hawk her "discount medical cards"
can I solicit my Avon and scented candles businesses here?
which credit cards have the lowest interest now?
Looking to consolidate some bills, looking for the credit card with lowest interest
A few cards short of a full deck nm

Uh-oh! The cards are telling me to take the rest of the week off. See ya! nm
My mother-in-law got me a box of all occasion cards for Christmas.
I take it that was a hint, although why I should have to remember everyone else when none of them remembers me is beyond my comprehension. Her son can remember to buy gifts for his whole family. My family doesn't do stuff like that. We maybe send a card or call each other, but no gifts and parties are expected for adult relatives.
get business cards, pound the pavement....sm
go to medical center buildings and sell yourself with your business card, your resume if required, and your own self-confidence!!  Good luck!! 
Credit cards come in handy during emergencies
I know a few people who lived off their credit cards when their savings ran out and they had no income for short periods of time.

Also, other investors might purchase your home. If you want to sell it fast, price it to sell, knock the profit down to 20-25 G.
careful - that's how sound cards burn out...sm

I have my speakers plugged in behind the tower as I was told that if you plug your earphones directly into the tower you could blow out the sound card.  I'm no maven but it's what I was told. 

Does anyone send cards or anything to the office they work for? (sm)

Years ago when I worked for a smaller company a bunch of us made a big  box of goodies and mailed it to the office.  They were such great people, helpful and cheerful. The company always sent us something and we didn't want to just send to the owner of the company so we felt a card in a box of goodies everyone could share.  Smaller places have more of a personal feel .

Now I work for a larger company and home made goodies may not be such a good idea. (The shipping alone would be a killer.)  I guess a card addressed to "everyone" will have to do it.  Thought about having X-mas cards made up with  my family picture on it and sending that to kind of help them also put a face to the name.  Too much?  Think I would be better off with just a standard card? 

Those of you that are doing anything for the office you work out of, what are you doing?  Would love to "borrow" a really good idea.


Snail Mail Holiday Cards

Do you send Christmas cards or other holiday cards?  About how many do you send out?

I just wasn't sure because we get Christmas cards from people soliciting
business all the time. I get more solicitation Christmas cards than regular ones! We get the little sticky calendars from a couple of realtors, and we have no plans to sell our home for at least the next decade. We get cards from the video stores, lending institutions, and places we don't even do business at. Besides, it'd be kind of weird to send Christmas cards signed with my name when these people don't even know me from Adam.
hallmark.com is free. Big selection of b'day cards. NM
You can't go wrong with Suze and take her advise, cut up cards but do NOT close accts. Just don&#
Anyone use calling cards for long distance accounts? Can you recommend some? TIA nm
One of those radio financial guys said debit cards are the MOST dangerous to use.
Don't care at all since the Cards lost, but I'll root for the White Sox.
Washington Mutual offers Visa debit cards with
Medical trans versus credit cards, what I had happen
I have a credit card for a department store who has a bank (a big famous band, by the way collect for them). I always pay online, but I have had trouble with this bank in the past. I couldn't get online to pay so my payment was late. They had someone call me from overseas, he would not tell me where but wanted to collect my payment over the phone (I had already by them paid through my bank bill payer). He wanted my address, telephohne #(which he had, he called me), my banking information to collect the payment). I said no way, how do I even know you work for this bank and I can hardly understand you and dohn't want my personal information overseas. He stated, "what do you care, I don't even live in the united States." Duh, what did that mean.

So, what I am saying is, he already had my information, he just wanted me to verify it and he probably did work for the bank but I really resented them sending my financial information overseas and have somebody in another country want to collect a payment out of my bank account. The bank did not have my account # though.

But.... what is happening is like with these kids taking guns to school, we get so desensitized by TV with so many cops and robbers, knowing creditors will be calling if we forget or don't make a payment, we just blurt it out. I don't anymore just because of knowing what can happen. This guy could have cleared out my bank account and what legal means would the bank have to prosecute someone overseas? Fire him? I won't even give this bank my account # because they want to charge 10.00 over the phone but it is free on line so I refuse to pay them over the phone, so they do this.

Big business can pay for the lobbyists on Capitol Hill, big, big bucks to get legislature for them to be able to do business overseas and save tons of money. Our president is one of the biggest helpers to this. I'll bet his records don't go overseas.
Wireless USB data cards routers, and multiple computers
I have dial up and am looking into getting a USB wireless card to do my MT work with.  My question is.....do you know if you can use a USB wireless card and have more than one computer online at the same time...like with a router or something?  If so, what models and how do you hook it all up.
Thanks so much for any info you give me.

Business cards, flyers, brochures, intro letters (sm)

network, network, network, persistence and lots of luck.

Read The Independent Medical Transcriptionist by Donna Avila-Weil .... worth it's weight in gold!

The Red Cross just HANDED OUT $5 million worth of debit cards in Texas.
FEMA decided to mail them in 14 days if the people knew where they were going to be...couldn't possibly get them out faster...too much work...etc.