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We are a small, family-owned

Posted By: Editor-in-Chief on 2007-08-13
In Reply to: MONEY - SCMT

company with all MTs and most management being ICs.  There are only a handful of people in management and there are no bonuses for them.  I personally work here because it's an amazing place to work - nothing else.  We'd simply like to have a small reward for quarterly reviews to encourage accuracy.  That's it.  No hidden agenda or big, mean corporate people. 

Thanks for your response, though!

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A very very small family.
Our wedding was small, just family, and we got
married just 5 months after we met, but the last couple of days were nerve wracking.  I took Valium. 
small mentality usually means small pocketbook
Still make more than you and I but that is deserved. They've put the effort forward and educated themselves.

Owned for years
It is possible to own a home and I have owned 4 in the past 8 years. What I would do if your not sure (its advice my dad gave me many years ago) is try to buy something that would have payments in the range that you would have to pay if you paid rent. Then you know you can afford it. Either way, you have to live somewhere, whether it be renting or buying. Then once you find it easy to make those payments in a few years, you can sell and buy something a little bigger and nicer. Just a little advice that has helped me in the past. Hope it helps!
No. Owned by a woman.
Is that still Indian owned by Jay?
I never knew who owned it before all this went down.
Have you ever owned a laptop?
The single biggest selling feature of a laptop is that they are...wait for it...portable. So much the same way I don't leave any valuable laying on the table when I go to the bathroom, my very portable laptop goes in with me. When I am in what I feel a safe, secure, environment to leave it at the table/desk, I time it so I am not in the middle of a report and close the lid, thereby requiring the password to get back into it. It does not require a degree in IT to take safety precautions.
MDI-Florida is owned by Transcend....sm
but is run as a separate company.    MDI-MD is a separate company not owned by Transcend.
nope - OWNED BY FRANCE AND....sm
American Hospital in Paris is owned and run by the French...........they named it when they were still liking us.........*LOL*
MT Co owned by Hospital corp.?

How many MT companies are owned by hospital corporations or the hospital corp have a piece of MT companies?  I ask this because some hospitals are only allowed to use certain MT companies.   Is this a way of keeping wages down and/or them getting more $?  Isn't there some kind of rule where doctors can't refer patient to a facility that they have part ownership of. Shouldn't this apply also?

Just wondering

ForuMatrix is owned by MTStars. (SM)

If you have complaints about ForuMatrix or about how MTStars is operating, etc., address them via e-mail to the Administrator (admin@mtstars.com) or myself (goldbird@mtstars.com).

Thank you,



Yes, it is still owned by Jay. Is this just for information or to goad that
USATasp is 100% US owned & operated.
Do you use a personally owned VR or is it with the company?? sm
Would like to know what VR programs are good for personal purchase. 
Indian owned companies... sm
Have you ever worked for one? I have. All the easy work goes to India. The junk comes to the US-based MTs. I worked there for 2 years until I could take no more. Should have walked out on training. If you want an Indian-based company so badly, go for it. I can tell you first hand, though, you will eventually regret it. No offense intended, but I have lived it and will NEVER work for an Indian-owned company again, even if I have to leave transcription and go back to the office, God forbid!
I do have a 2nd job with US owned co. that I love. Foreign
That's right, not American owned anymore.

No it hasn't. It's still owned by Ahmed

The money is owned no matter what you are
the question was whether you are employee or IC as very different approaches would be made to recover $$
family is family wheter 3 or 8 sm
i live in MA and $1200-$1400 a month is what good health insurance costs, ie $20-$40 copays.  it was just passed into law that if you live in MA you have to have medical insurance so without being self-employed, you can go right to BCBS etc and get a plan directly from the major health insurace companies, but for a family plan and a decent income bracket, forget it.  the prices are outragous.  right now my husband pays $120 a week for family plan and this is after his employer pays 30% of the total cost.  we have $20 copays, but we have a $2000 individual deductable per year with a $4000 family deductible cap.  so when my daughther needed her tonsils out, $2000 and when my son broke his arm, $2000.  someone on this board has to be able to tell you what they pay for insurance through their company as an employee.  good luck.
I would worry about them on any puter owned by a company
The MEDIA is owned by 5 mega corporations
and they have an agenda almost if not more devious than certain politicians...

Remember the MEDIA is owned by FOR-PROFIT corporations. Corporations like this have a LEGAL responsibility to make as much money as possible for shareholders. What does that mean? It means they choose sensational garbage over substance to "report" - and in the case of this so-called war, they BENEFIT the reads PROFIT directly and indirectly, so they purposely censor the information that gets in the way of true public awareness.

If ANYone sincerely believes the media is our friend, they have not done their homework. Don't take my word for it: Google "who owns the media" and see any number of studies showing WHICH corporations own the major news corporation.

GE make "bring good things to life" BUT they ALSO make bombs (WMD) - AND they own NBC. Connect the dots yourself, and consider asking your reps in Congress for legislation to clean up the media.

Yes, there are crack reporters who are DYING to report the truth, but they are EDITED out by their supervisors who follow the agenda of the corporate bosses.

The facts are out there if you look for them.
Yes, not only are they Indian owned & offshore, they are horribly rude.
I had the worst experience when a male worker verbally attacked me in a very chauvenistic manner. 
Nope, my computer is owned by the hospital I work for, and does not even
All ForuMatrix forums are owned by the same company. The songs that were
posted on the Holiday/Recipe forum were posted erroneously and have been removed.
To clarify, MTStars is owned by USAType. Both companies are under the
My company foreign owned but they have US office people
Ascend is Idian owned and hires newbies -
Working for offshore owned companies and feeling
Does this happen to be the former company owned by Carol, gosh, can't think of the name
In Newport Beach.......circa Medquist
It is owned by Zeshan Ahmed from Pakistan. It is no longer
Lots of HMO's are owned by religious groups these days -
Off-shore owned MTSO usually have a token US citizen as the front guy.
My experience with quality/quantity and an Indian owned company.
I worked for an offshore owned company where it was all about quantity.  Company even kept a HORRIBLE MT just because she cranked out the lines.  Didn't matter her quality was crap and was considered a joke by middle managment.  India did most typing but with US edit.  Typists changed regularly so it wasn't like they learned to do better.  Quality would improve slightly and then would notice, after couple of months, that quality was crap again so we knew we were dealing with a new batch of typists. Even so, the push was always on to get the jobs off US edit and send Indian work straight to client.  Of course, the clients never knew they were not getting US editing anymore, as they got no price reduction when they no longer had that level of work being done on their jobs.  The problem is the facilities accept the crap work so why should the companies change.  It took a while but I finally found a US owned company where quality matters.  Now one of the first questions I would ask a prospective employer is if they are US owned.
I have a desktop Dell and it has been alright so far, but I've never owned a laptop.
What brand are you currently using then?
I've owned cheaper chairs and learned the hard way.

The old saying that you get what you pay for is true when it comes to these cheap chairs! My back always hurt and I was having to buy a new chair at least yearly. You do the math; I've already had the $1000 chair five years and I quit having the backaches five years ago. This chair is no where close to wearing out and will last me at least another five years, probably more. So, if you think that spending $200 every year on a cheap chair is worth it, you go right ahead; I didn't hear anything but thanks for the OP for my suggestion.

Is Terra Nova owned by a guy that lives on the border of Maine/Canada? - sm
If so, this guy is a snake. He was willing to pay $0.14/line for the Kaleida account just temporarily until he could get his lines set up to offshore. He told me that on the phone!!!
So then this board is now owned by Dr. Zeshan Ahmed from Pakistan? Do I understand you correctly?
Our country sucks when it comes to teamwork.  My experience is in hospital transcription and 95% foreign dictators.  Most of my dictators are from India and surrounding countries.  Give up you all, India is already way ahead of us!
your family
What kind of shelters were you in that they did not help you? If your husband is mentally ill, cannot hold down a job and provide for his family, go to Social Security office and start filling out for SSI or Disability. It is a long drawn out process, but worth it, if you want to keep your family intact and safe.
Well, every family is different, but for us (sm)
When we initially signed with them three years ago, we were a family of four with a husband with hypertension and hypercholesterolemia.  The first year our rate was $340/mo with a $750 deductible.  Every year since then we are given the option of either jacking our payment or increasing our deductible.  We are now a family of five, and we are paying $750 a month with a $1750 deductible (per person).  We have no maternity coverage, baby #3 was paid for out of pocket.  Prescriptions are $10/30 after a $500 deductible (because of my husband's medications, otherwise I don't think they usually require a deductible for prescriptions).  Each of us is allowed four office visits per year at $25/each.  Well baby care is sporadic, depending on the mood of the adjuster that day, I think.  We have gotten stuck paying for a $700 ER bill (applied to our deductible, apparently) and several well baby visits (at about $200 a pop).   Overall, I was thrilled when we were paying $340 a month, but now I'm ready to start looking elsewhere.  I would go for it, you're going to get jacked every year wherever you are.  I think what put us over the edge was baby #3 (unplanned), but I wouldn't trade her for anything of course!

I have often said that if I met some of my family on the street and were not related often wonder if I would "like them" let alone "love them"  but because they are family we are obligated to instantly "love them."  Sorry to me blood is not thicker than water and my friends and part of my family are very dear to me and I would do anything for them as it has been a two way street with friendship and love.  Lover your parents though and do anything you can for them. 


not me, my family gets along
doesn't fight Hmmmmm- I'm not invited anywhere this year- Do you suppose its me??? HA
The other family
Kym and I remain friends. She hates to watch the reruns as much as I do. We both agree that they did a lot of manipulation as far as the show goes and the editing process. She and Hallmark divorced following the show and I have not had any contact with him at all.
Family of 5

1.  Me, although, my husband always pulls out the towels and washclothes and folds them and my 5-year-old loves to fold washclothes and can fold them better than me.

2.  Me.

3.  My husband does them most of the time because I always have to sit down after supper and work some more.

4.  My husband does most of the mowing.

Since you know the family,
perhaps you can tell us what happened to him?
About my family
grown and out of the home but I worked at home when they were younger and made it very clear no work, no money, simple as that. I did not get into this job to work from home, in fact worked years away from home doing same because it was not a "home job." If you want to work from home, don't complain about what you are unable to do in your "profession" when you don't come across as being professional doing all the household duties. I started in this because I knew I loved the medical field, fast typist and knew possibility of making more money, nothing to do with just a job to stay home so I could watch after kids, cook or clean. Married but hubby is gourmet chef so he cooks and I have housekeeper. I work because I happen to love the type work I do.
Your family
Well, I would tell you to get a new family, but that's too flip because I know you are hurting.

Why do you care so much about such a thoughtless remark by your father? Obviously, he has no real understanding of your situation. You are working several jobs, wife, mother, caregiver, etc., plus your MT work.

Just try to let go of he hurt and anger from your parents' lack of understanding (or deliberate undermining of you, whichever it is), and just keep putting one foot in front of the other. Give yourself a huge pat on the back because you more than deserve it!! Stay positive about yourself and your situation and things will work out to your advantage. Let go of the need for approval from your parents, because you probably won't get it and you don't need it anyway, really.

You should like a great person to me!

what does your family think?
are you going to want to work at home while attending school, and if so would you want to keep the account you have now, and how do your kids feel about it?