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I'll tell you why: To save on TAT.

Posted By: Fannie Mae on 2008-10-27
In Reply to: I could have written this post - ex-MQer


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Good advice...thanks! I'll save my $$ (NM)
I did try to save the file first but it wouldn't even let me save it.
It'll be the most expensive magazine subscription you'll ever get! No point in joining. nm
I'll go! I'll go!! I won't take hormones and will be ready to defend your honor :) n/m
No. It'll be the most expensive magazine subscription you'll ever get, and it's unnecessary
You'll get used to it. It is keeping the right leg propped up at the same time that'll be the
When I broke my ankle, I was just grateful it wasn't the hands. Without our hands we'd be totally screwed.

I broke my right ankle slipping on ice and was lucky to have gloves on because the palm of the glove was totally torn up and my hand was okay.

Good luck and be sure to do your exercises when it is time.
It'll happen. You'll find your fit.
You might have to kiss a few frogs first, though.
Oh she'll spice it up alright, she'll be
placing hidden cameras in the other ladies' dressing rooms! LOL!
continue your goal; he'll/they'll get used to it/over it
I'll vent and I'll sign my name sm
I have two IC contracts right now. I recently went back to a job I had quit earlier in the year to work for the other company I am still working for.

The newer job has 80% ESLs. I transcribe OP notes primarily and I can fill in other work types as the opportunity arises. I am frustrated with this particular situation. After 6 months, I am making less money and working longer hours. I am past the learning curve and I should be doing better, at least in the number of hours I am spending doing the job. We have run out of work for 24 hrs at a time at least 5 or 6 times since December 1, and in November it was more than that. I have a friend who worked for this company as well and she was having similar difficulties. The only thing that we can figure is that they are shorting us line count some way, because after 6 months at it, it should be easier/faster/more money, but it is less and less every single pay period. It is not a nice thing to accuse a company of doing, but it SEEMS that way to us. I am fed up with being expected to type every single OP note that comes in 24/7 and meeting the 6 hr TAT for them on weekends, evenings, holidays, wee hours of the morning...

I took back a job I held for 2-1/2 yrs. The team leader has changed and this gal thinks that I should be on call 24/7 for whenever she has work. I might have some at 7 a.m., or perhaps not until 6 p.m. or later. I can't plan my personal life and between these two IC situations, I find that I am not eating on a daily basis, not showering on a daily basis and not sleeping more than 3 or 4 hours at a time. I have lost weight and I don't feel very well. I woke up today with a rip roaring head cold (my first in nearly 8 yrs) and it has already moved to bronchitis and I am expecting pneumonia by the weekend because I develop it very easily. I already have deep pain in my back.

Yes, I should call in sick tomorrow, but I really can't take the fallout. The job I took back I am covering for another gal who wanted vacation over the holidays and if I have to call in sick, the team leader will call me and pitch a fit about how this is my responsibility. It IS my responsibility, I did say I would do it, and I will do it, despite being quite ill. In the past, when I worked for this company, they would not allow me to call in sick for a "cold" without a doctor's note. I worked through many illnesses with them and only called in sick when I developed West Nile Fever and while I was sick for over a month, I only called for my last 12 reports one day when I could no longer see the computer screen because my head hurt.

The problem is that yes, many MTs lack work ethic. They don't take their responsibility seriously. This is not a work as you please career, not even for an IC. I can see the MTSO's point of view, I truly can. Like finding experienced, reliable and capable MTs, for the MTs who are these things, finding a company will treat you like a human being is equally difficult. I sit here, feeling lousy and like I am an utter slave labor with no consideration whatsoever. I know that my work needs to be done, but when I am this sick it is better that someone else do it for the sake of the work, for accuracy and for speed of getting it out. I know that I am needed, but to be the MT these companies need me to be, I also need to look after my own health.

I will also mention that when I have asked for vacation, I have been approved for the time, but the MTSO queues up my work and calls me then I am not on the system getting it done. I have told them I had been approved for time off, but the MTSO didn't schedule anyone to cover for me and I am told to get on work, vacation or no, if I want to keep my job.

Thus, I work 24/7/365 and have for years. I work sick, I work when I am in pain (I have an AI disorder), I work exhausted from staying up all night covering for others who are allowed to call in sick and have vacations when I can't have either. I work having no health insurance and not being able to afford the $125 a month to buy some with a high copay so I can see a doctor. I work without breaks for breakfast, lunch or dinner and I sometimes come close to having an accident because if I leave my desk to go to the little girls' room I get nasty calls about where I am at and what I am doing.

Many MTs are mistreated, and I am one of them.
save it for another day
Yes, I agree with you, but apparently some people are unable to NOT be rude, so I have decided to give it up for today..... it just takes to much energy to argue. Not to mention, they can't even grasp the fact that you and I are two DIFFERENT PEOPLE................. so, there ya go.

oh, and bye the bye, in the churches I grew up in Amen was a form of agreement.
Can you tell me how you save your
that it cannot be saved. I'm sure this is a no brainer and I'm making it worse by thinking too much about it - any help would be appreciated.
Will somebody save me?

Hi, deep trouble here.  Reorganized under my desk (bad mistake, I guess, although the cords are nice and lined up now) and when I plugged the C-phone back in it went crazy and now I get dial tone from handset, but that is all.  Can't find the manual after searching for hours.  Anyone know what might be wrong or if I need to reprogram this thing?  I went to their website, but it is down at the place where you sign in.  Of course!  Can't work, so need as much help as I can get.  Thanks in advance. 



Even if you save yourself a
template, you still listen to the entire report and change the words as necessary. You don't leave it if that's not how it's dictated. Setting up your own template saves time & Keystrokes because a lot of times you will have entire sentences or sections the same, but you still must ALWAYS listen to the entire report & make any and all changes.

In addition to OPs, I also make macros for PEs, ROSs, etc., for dictators who usually are repetitive.
I always use RXList. com on the web and save
paper that way:)
Did you save the sound
Did you save that sound file on your computer? That has surely got to be a first!!
did you try to hit F11 anyway? Usually you cannot see them after you save the document.. but they a
Do yourself a favor & save yourself a ton
of grief. Get a reputable real estate agent and don't screw with these FSBO agents.  I promise that all they will do is take your money and won't really WORK to sell your house. That's the difference.  A REPUTABLE agent will work their butts off to sell your house.
It will save the phrase but not
the bold, does not come out bolded.  What else can I do?
Then seriously, save it to your desktop. That's it.
save it to a disc
Save and print
I print and deliver, save on hard drive for one year and then on CD or zip forever it seems.  Finally went through and threw out files from 10 years ago. 
Is there someway to save something
like the end of a letter. i.e. Thank you for the referral of the patient. Sincerely, Doc's name etc. He ends all his letters the same way. My niece said that somehow I could put that in my computer and just push something like F7 and it would automatically print that. Have any idea about this? Thanks!
Save as option
I do not use Word, but is there a save as option? From there it may give you options as to what type of file to save as. I think if you choose something like a text file, it may get rid of formatting, but not sure.
try save as and change to .wav

The answer is yes but always save
your files before you do any upgrade just to be on the safe side. You can open 2003 documents in 2007 and they open just like they always have. Word 2007 opens them in compatability form but that is not something you see its built in to the program. However, unless you save your documents as "Word 97-2003 Document" (already built in to the options of 2007 when you click save as or you can set it up to always do that) anyone else without 2007 will not be able to open them unless they have the compatability patch. Same with Excel documents.

I have both intances of 2003 and 2007 running on my computer and can swtich back and forth without any problems.

Feel free to email me directly with any other questions.
Tried that... and still doesn't save right or
load for my autotext. :( 
I think the advice you got to get it, try it, save the
receipt was good advice. What do you expect. How rude.
Did you save any of the e-mails

If so, then just include that with a nice letter to your past employers about the fact that your working arrangement did not work out. 

If that doesn't work, you may want to see if there is a way to sue her for defamation of character.  She has to have good grounds to be calling your previous employers.  Was this the lady at Seascript?  She seemed to have some problems, but I think she was getting help.

Save what? The normal.dot?
If you checked the option to prompt you to save the normal template, you will be asked if you want to save changes that affect the normal.dot. This can be formatted AutoCorrect entries, AutoText entries, macros, toolbar changes, and a few other changes.

If you clear the check for the prompt option, changes will be saved anyway and you will not get the message.

Or are you being asked to resave the normal.dot to another name? If that's the case, you have a problem.

Save the e-mails you get and, when you
get one from QA person B that contradicts what QA person A said in the old one, reply to B with a cc to A saying in a very nice and professional way that you had understood it to be such-and-such based on what A had told you before. This will start a dialogue among the QA folks and, hopefully, the correct answer will be found and published.
save your money...
I've used it before. The software they include on the cd is Express Scribe which can be downloaded for free on the internet.


I was thinking about buying the All 'n One kit too, but I found that it was cheaper to buy the foot pedal and headphones separately and download the software for free.

For my company, I do not save any
patient files on my laptop, so therefore no breech of security is possible and I transfer the files over the internet, just the same as with my PC.
It is so they can save money....
If they outsource, they will have 24/7 coverage, no need to pay out benefits, no need to pay vacation time, etc.  This has happened to many, but all that you can really do is either work for that outsourced company or find another job.  It's tough out there!  Sorry to hear that you're being outsourced.  You are not obsolete though, as I'm making more money anyway now than I ever have at my hourly job that I lost after 15 years to outsourcing... 
Everyone is trying to save money
the short way of saying between the head and stomach?  LOL  Thanks for the cheering up today!
Tell him you'll give him your macros if he'll give you his Lexus, his ski cabin, and (nm)
People should save their compassion for someone
The liberal-loonies never learn. How sad.
no problem... just go to File and Save As
then from the drop-down box chose the Word .doc format to save your file as.  You can also program one of your F keys or a control or alt key to do this for you, using the Tools --- Settings --- Customize --- Keyboard
It's just another way some companies have found to save
Save reports and use the compilations to get
a great start on your own glossary. I've done several for different accounts to customize them to my own.
Stay with production if you want to save your
reputation. I have never found a shift supervisor or team leader with any integrity and unless you can shift all your words around easily to adapt to every situation, stay where you are. In short, supervisors and leads have learned to be masters at lying.
bible thumpers. god save us.

Save your posting and typing, lol.
Wanted to save for that vacation and
pay my community assessment, my taxes for my car here in Georgia are almost 600$ and that is due soon and I would love to work that way. I do not think DH would be willing to have more taken out as he pays the really big bills and I have the "flunkies." I really appreciate the information.
I would do it just to save my hands from further abuse! nm
I live on one job and save the earnings from the 2nd.
I am retiring at 55. Only 10 years left.

I've always worked 2 jobs and saved 100% of the 2nd one.

Have a list of places I want to go and things to do when I retire. Gotta get started early. :)

save your marriage but be smart

I do notice you started back pedalling and saying "oh it's not really so bad and he is my best friend" Once you started getting some responses to get out of the marriage. 

I am glad you can see that your husband and marriage has some really positive traits but please it won't help you to minimize the areas where you are having trouble just because you are under fire.

I don't agree  that you should just up and leave your husband. He does sound like he might have some very serious issues and possibly you as well for putting up with this treatment but I dont' judge because each relationship can have some problems.  The key is recognize and try to solve not to fight.

 Tell me -- how can you miniimze the fact your husband is living it up so to speak -- going out with friends whenever he wants WITHOUT you.  While you stay home like menial labor taking care of kids. 

A marriage is  partnership where each individual needs to be able to pursue their own interests but the thoughts, feelings and well being of their partner has to come into play as well.  A marriage cannot survive when only one partners needs are being met and the other's are ignored. It just depends how long you are willing to put up with it or how long before he crosses another line (into an affair maybe when he is out alone). This is dangerous territory and you need to stop minimizing the situation and realize you marriage might be in grave danger.

What is sounds like is your husband wants his cake and to eat it too. He wants a great social life without you and kids tagging along -- reliving his single days possibly -- working out when he wants, going out to lunch or dinner.

There is nothing wrong with him pursing his individual interest and friendships --- we don't become bound at the hip when we become married -- we need to have our own sense of self. But the problem here is he DOES have a sense of self and readily pursues his own interestes but does ALLOW you to do the same. This is not partnership -- but it is control and oppression. 

While you still may get along well, have great sex etc this is not a healthy realtionship for either of you and your children will see that you constantly defer your dreams and desires and wants at your husbands wishes whilst he does whatever he wants.  Is this a lesson you want to teach them?  That woman should be kept in the home and be basically a maid, a cook, a childcare provider and at-home worker but does not deserve respect and dignity from husband and to be treated equally?

You can turn this around.  I am not suggesting you just bail.  Do as you suggested.  Stand up to your husband. Don't argue. Simply state (don't ask) that you will be going out -- if he refuses to watch the children then DO hire the sitter.  When you are both more calm let him know that you understand his desire to pursue his own interests and friendships and your support that -- but you deserve the same right.  Also you both need to balance those things with family time -- which should come first.

Consider martial counseling but don't just leave. See if he will agree. You and your husband need to see why he is so passive/aggressive towards you and why you are willing to put up with that. If you are religious seek Christian couseling and prayer from a pastor to help save your marriage.

However, if he refuses to change, refuses counseling you may come to a crossroad where you might have to consider if you can live under these conditions.

You should be afraid my dear.  I am divorced had a similar husband. I would be very frightened your hubby might be having an affair or might consider one.  He has you under his thumb... he comes and goes as he pleases and there are no repercussions. He does not respect your rights or see you as an equal patner. What does he do with his "buddys" -- go to the bars? Are there late nights? Business trips?

I am truly not trying to be mean but you need to open your eyes to the possibility where this might be going... and please do NOT say it won't happen to me because ALL women who have had a husband cheat think that. 

Also get yourself an education if you don't have one - work on a degree. I know you work as an MT but can you support a house and 3 children on that??  If you marriage does end... what will you do to make a living? Start thinking of taking some online courses or one night at community college.  Get another skill if you don't make enough as an MT.

Please just consider advice from someone who has been there. I am a single Mom with 2 boys. Was married over 10 years.  Been there and now struggling to make ends meat as a single parent. Wish someone had advised me the same. 

By all means work on your marriage but be prepared. Get educated. Save some of you own money in a bank account don't keep everything in his name.... It's hard to fight denial but you need to watch our for your kids and your future while trying to fight for the marriage.





Get one, save receipt, and if not happy with it,
There's a download to save to WP5.1, not open. Try
using the Recover Text From Any File filter. Drop down the file types in the open dialog box to find this filter. Save the documents to your hard drive first--don't try to open them from the disks.
It is a way to save things to your instant
text. For example -

treat - tr
treated - trd
treatment - trm
treating - trg

you use the first part of the word or phrase, and then the last part at the combining form.
Save your money, this is free ...