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I'm not having any luck finding anything about health insurance in the archives--

Posted By: Need advice on 2005-11-28
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I'd like to go back to an IC job, but I need insurance for my family.  Does anybody have any suggestions for a good company to enroll with, especially in Indiana?

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Even WITH health insurance, I think we're out of luck. (sm)
I have insurance with the same ins. company I had with my old employer. All we had to do was change a few addresses, right? Wrong. That in itself was a big ordeal. So now, I go to the dentist to get an extraction, and the chintzy dental insurance just BARELY paid for ANY of it. I paid out about $500, they paid only about $150.

So then I go back to the oral surgeon a week later for checkup & suture removal. Insurance didn't pay ANY of it.

So then I go to buy medication the other day. It's migraine medication I only use once in a great while, and it's NOT available in generic form. In the past (with the same ins. company), I paid a $20 deductible and they paid the rest. So imagine my surprise the other day when I finally ran out of the medication, went to refill it, and I was told the "co-pay" was $210! "Whaaaat????" I said. And it turns out the ins. co. only paid $17.21.

What is wrong with this picture!?!?!? What happened to co-payments being smaller than what the ins. co. pays?

So I call their phone number, and first I get some chick in... you guessed it.... INDIA. Told her I wanted to speak to an American. She was NOT helpful. So I took their company survey, and gave them all zeros. So THEN I get a call from an American. Not much more helpful, though she said that I had a yearly "deductible" of $250 for medications. ??????? Aren't "deductibles" supposed to be for the BIG stuff? Like setting fractures in the ER, or hospital stays?

So I said that the meds would most likely last another year, maybe year & a half. So EVERY time I get these pills, it's gonna cost me over $200????? And the Rx is for only NINE pills. I added it up, and that comes to about $25+ per pill.

I came home absolutely FURIOUS, and of course, I got another migraine! ("Your Health Maintenance Organization at work!")

Meanwhile, I'm overdue for a bunch of stuff like a physical, mammogram, and an MRI 4 years out from a tumor removal, to make sure it hasn't come back. NO WAY can I afford to have those things done (not on an MT's pay!), and have the insurance company stiff me like that. I'm about ready to report them to the Better Business Bureau. HMO's are a rip-off to the max, and are most definitely DANGEROUS to your health!
Good luck. In the same position and finding nada. nm
Even if you could do 3000 a day, good luck finding a company
Re: Health insurance
Of note: When I was working in a doctor's office, we had a patient, who went to a hospital ER approved by her insurance, unfortunately, the doctor treating her did not accept her insurance. It was still in litigation the last I was aware. So tell me; how are you suppose to protect yourself in this instance....say you are comatose or unresponsive upon arrival....???
Health Insurance

Does anyone have any information on health insurance for ICs? I am a new MT and have only been working for three months, and unfortunately the company that I work for does not offer benefits.  If anyone has any information I would really appreciate it.

Oh! By the way I know about Blue Cross Blue Shield, and will not consider going through them. They are way too expensive and they do not cover any pre-existing conditions.


health insurance
I'm afraid your stuck honey! There are NO companies that provide health insurance for ICs. Sorry ):
Health Insurance
I just enrolled my 12 year old daughter in an AETNA insurance plan. They offer plans just for children and offer 3 different HMO's.  I picked the best of the 3, with a 10.00 copay and no referrals, for $105.00 per month. Can't beat that!
Health insurance - HELP?!!
Does anyone know of any health insurance I can get? 55-year-old MT (good health)& asking through web and/or phone is a nightmare.  Does anyone have GOOD health insur. for a nominal cost? (& dental/vision if have). A few yrs ago I heard of some "upcoming" health ins. for MTs for 1-200/mth (!!?) but never heard again.  I really need health insurance.  Please help if you can; am sick of brokers & agents who do nothing but give the runaround.  Currently in San Diego but may go back to KY next year (home).  Thx again!
health insurance
Ugggh!!  Any ICs out there have any good advice for obtaining affordable health insurance on your own?  I have gotten quotes which are completely unaffordable !!!  I live in NY state.
health insurance
What transcription companies offer Blue Cross Blue Shield?
health insurance

Is there any such thing as health insurance for "home workers" that is a good plan?  Thanks for any information you might have!

health insurance
I'm currently employed by a local hospital but am considering taking a job as an independent contractor, but I would need health insurance. Can anyone recommend any good health insurance companies for someone who is self-employed?
health insurance
Thanks so much for your input. I really appreciate it.
Health Insurance
Try getting an online quote from all of the big health insurance companies at www.ehealthinsurance.com. You can get a quote for insurance from United, Aetna, Blue Cross, in just a few minutes. I got my insurance thru here and its nice because I can cancel at any time. I have more control over the plan and my insurance (age 35 with no major health problems) was hundreds less a month than my employer. Hope this helps!
health insurance
Thanks for the info. I'll definitely check it out!
health insurance sm
No matter how you try to set up a plan, it will be very expensive. Do your homework. I joined my local chamber of commerce, researched which one in my state had the cheapest price to join and then became a member, joined their group benefits program, etc. I could be wrong but plan on over a thousand a month. Hope you do better in your state. Your husband could be on your plan if you choose the family plan and you as the company owner and member of the chamber. Research, research. Don't fall for the insurance companies that will offer you plans through self-employment until you check with your local chambers of commerce. As a member of the local chamber you will also have a chance to network your services which never hurts,might even help and you will have a feeling of belonging to a group of professionals. Best way for me!
Health Insurance
You should definitely check into getting insurance if that's a deal breaker for you. With individual policies, they don't have to insure you at all, and if they do decide to they can put waivers on the policy where they won't cover treatment for certain diagnosis.  Also, individual policies do not have to adhere to the same guidelines and mandates that group policies do regarding waiting periods for pre-existing conditions. So continuous previous coverage may not help you at all.  Check with various companies, each is different
health insurance
I love your description....you are justifiably angry.  It makes me angry just to read what you've had to go through!  Maybe we should quit work, go on public aid, and let Medicaid pay for our medical care and meds.  I know people who are unemployed (many by choice!!!), on Medicaid insurance, and have MUCH better health care coverage than I have working full time!
Health Insurance
I can certainly relate to your frustrations as well.  I just became unemployed and signed up for Cobra at $375 a month for just me.  I have started checking around and due to the fact that I just turned 60, it is showing it will cost me between $300 and $350 and that is with a $2800 deductible or $1800 deductible, meaning you pay that amount first before they pay anything.  BCBS told me years ago they would not take me because I was overweight.  Now I had the lap band surgery so my diabetes and high blood pressure have went away, and lost about 80 pounds.  My numbers are absolutely wonderful, but they will not take anyone who has had that type of surgery - can't win!!  Now went and had a life screening test to be sure that carotids, etc. are okay as had several cousins my age or less die of massive heart attacks, only to find I have a thyroid mass.  So now back to the doctor again for an ultrascan and biopsy next week.  Cannot look for other insurance until this is taken care of and then may still get rejected or a rider for it as pre-existing.  If you came up with any ideas, please share them with me to make it easier for me to find something as well.  TIA
Health Insurance for IC

Does anyone think that health insurance is a waste on an extremely tight budget in an otherwise healthy person knocking on 30's door?  Aren't health-insurance premimums 100% tax deductible for an IC?  I know that my doctor's visits and medical costs without insurance have to meet or exceed a certain amount to be tax deductible, which never happens for me.  I hate to add another bill to my budget for something I don't use right now, but I know good health is not a guarantee.  Any opinions from an IC who has had to make this decision or anyone else who has any ideas?  I keep thinking of the extra money I will have to pay, but I know it would come in handy if needed.  Such decisions... 

Health insurance
Generally if they are affordable, they don't cover much and if they are expensive, they don't cover much either. Your best bet is to work for a hospital and then you will get a better plan.

Taking care of yourself is the best defense against health insurance, i.e. exericse and eat right and stay way from prescription drugs.
I have health insurance....sm
but the way the economy is right now...every penny I make goes for bills....I barely have enough to pay the $20 copay for my doctor visits and not even enough to even pay the copay for meds.  It's horrible.
Health Insurance for IC MTs
I am thinking of going strictly IC.  Does anyone know of a few health insurance companies that do not cost an arm and leg that I could check into.  I am looking for a PPO plan.   Insurance is so expensive and I do not like those High-End Deductibles so insurance shopping.  I have looked on web.  Hard decision to make, but I just cannot take the big national outsource companies anymore even though some have decent insurance coverage,  but at this point in my life I am just over the hassle.   I have worked for small companies and big companies and I have found out that for me the small companies work better for me.   Big outsource companies overstaff and they do not care how long you have to sit and wait on work and still cannot make any money.  I am not enough to retire.  I think I am just burn out right now.   I have done this for 30 years, but I love medical transcription.  I used to work at a hospital and do PT and now I have lost my hospital position and I am just having a hard time getting back on track it seems.  Thanks for letting me vent. 
health insurance

For your standard individual health plan, yes you do have to go through a physical.  Generally, if you're overweight or have been diagnosed in the past with an issue like hypothyroidism, or any other kind of problem, they'll turn you down. 

Some states are now starting to have sort of a health insurance "pool" through the state for individuals who can't get regular coverage on their own.  It can be more expensive and the coverage is limited, but it's good for disaster coverage.

Health insurance


Just caught this spoof on Youtube.  Interesting for anyone

in healthcare, using healthcare, you name it.


a bit of advice re health insurance.
I had an emergency trip to the hospital a few weeks ago so my daughter drove me to the nearest one (it was the middle of the night of course) which is about 5 miles from my home. Well, it turns out that the hospital my insurance plan (Regence Blueshield) will pay 100% for is about an hour away and since I didn't go there, I now have to pay 40% of the EMERGENCY hospital bill. I know, I should just shut up and be thankful I have insurance. I AM, but this will hurt me financially - besides -

The reason I'm putting this in here is don't make the *mistake* I made - read all the details BEFORE you need to know....being a newbie MT, this bill is going to take a loooooooooooonnnng time to pay off.....
Anyone tried AAMT's health insurance?
Just wondering if anyone had checked out the health insurance premiums that are supposed to be discounted for AAMT members.  Really need to get some coverage for myself and family.
Health Insurance in College
At all the college i went to, they had their own health insurance that a student could subscribe to while they attended there. Now I went full time at each college and that may be a prerequisite. So I would have him check there before searching out some expensive private plan.

I would check out what all they covered, but if I remember correctly, it was very comprehensive.

Hope this helps.

Does anyone have health insurance with AARP? sm
Have any of you older ladies used AARP health insurance?  If so, what is your opinion of it?  Is it expensive?  Do they hold pre-existing conditions against you?  Thanks!
Need cheap health insurance
I'm paying $475 a month for COBRA since I went part-time a few months ago.  Does anyone know of any options for me?  I've already been turned down by Blue Cross.
what big company actually provides you with health insurance? sm
From the ones i have worked for, i had to pay for my own insurance at higher rates than had i taken out my own individual insurance policy. it isn't like it used to be where companies paid all your insurance coverage premium. now it is a huge chunk for us.
Giving up Health Insurance

Does anyone know what happens if someone doesn't have health insurance and ends up with huge medical bills?  Can you just pay a little every week/month (forever) or will you lose any assets you might have?

I am upper middle-aged and might have to give up my insurance because I just can't afford it right now.  I have paid for years (and rarely used it), but I am terrified something major might happen if I give it up.

Thanks for any input you can give me.

Health insurance for me and spouse..how much? sm
I would like to get a general idea of how much I will have to fork out for health insurance for me and my spouse.  I've always been an IC and am looking to switch to employee status for benefits.  How much in general do you pay?
Health Insurance problem
I really need advice here.  I know we talk about insurance a lot, but I am in a pickle and hope somebody has ideas.  I am currently at a great new job, but have to wait for med insurance for about 70 more days. I am the sole provider for my family's health insurance, and there are preexisting conditions.  I am trying to work for my other job to hang on, but am exhausted and seem to be falling away on the ability for me to keep the benefits there with the 2 jobs.  I looked into supplemental insurance, they don't cover office visits and meds.  I looked into short term insurance. Does not cover preexisting conditions.  Should I get the 3-month supply of meds, skip any office visits and hope we don't have to use Cobra for an emergency (that is always there just in case). Or should I squeak it out with these 2 jobs.  Yikes. I have been thinking of this constantly and cannot come up with a thing. Thanks in advance for any ideas, or previous experience at this.
Wow! Just Disability or health insurance too? nm
Your health insurance premiums are sm
deductible on your Schedule C under business expense - 100%.  You can view a Schedule C form and see for yourself.  It basically adds to the rest of your expenses, which you'll then deduct from your earnings - voila - 100% deduction.  I do my own taxes and have been taking the deduction forever.
Health Insurance Question
Has anyone been denied health insurance and successfully applied with another company? I was wondering if it was worth the effort. I don't know why I was denied as I haven't received a letter yet. I don't any major health problems but I am overweight and do smoke.
american republic health insurance
does anyone have exerpience with this company? supposively they have a new division for self employed.
Health Insurance policy for 2006
is now charging a supplement payment for smokers and those that live with smokers. Does anyone else have this policy or getting for the next year? This not through MT companies.
Actually, isn't it the Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act?
to SadMT about kids health insurance
Until or if needed, I think all states are required under federal law to cover children's health insurance, like theCHIPS program, income not an issue.  I'm sure you want your own coverage, but until you find that right fit, federal programs will help ease that burden.  Good luck, you'll find that glove that fits.
Individual Health Insurance Policies

I am going to be purchasing my own health insurance policy for myself and my son in the next couple of weeks.  I have gotten a quote from BCBS already, but was wondering if there are any other health insurance companies out there that offer good benefits at a decent monthly premium.  Just looking for some suggestions.


Good source for health insurance? sm
I want to start working for myself but need a good health insurance policy because I have two little girls. Any suggestions or advice?
Sources for affordable health insurance for ICs?
Does anyone have any ideas where an IC can buy affordable health insurance? It would just be for me, no dependents. Thanks.
"Affordable health insurance" is an oxymoron. Seriously, though, sm
you might want to do some comparison shopping online to see what suits your needs (deductibles, preexisting conditions, etc.), and then contact a local agent who handles that company or companies. There are so many different types of plans, it's best to get expert opinions. Bottom line is, You get what you pay for.

What would a single person health insurance be
Health insurance coverage question...sm

I just started a new MT job and will get health insurance when my benefits quick in.  I want to put my husband on my insurance.  My question is- he has spina bifida and I am concerned that the insurance company will deny him coverage.  Can they do that?


Health insurance preexisting condition
That is correct. However, if you decide to get your own policy that is if you were an IC, be careful, and ask questions. When I became an IC, we got a policy from United Healthcare Golden Rule, and after we started paying, got the policy and did not cover any preexisting conditions. So, it ended up being a major medical policy. However, when working for an employer, and getting that insurance, preexisting would be covered and probably proof of continuous coverage or a wait period may be requested. Definitely check with HR.
How is the health insurance? Mine stinks.
Affordable health insurance plans?
Do these exist? Any leads on where to find affordable coverage for employee and 1 dependent?
If your just working for health insurance, then youre
And that, m'dear, is a big part of the problem in this profession. Women who won't stand up to anyone, and pretend to be happy for the crusts of bread they're tossed while shackled to their PCs.