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I've actually received two raises from MQ...

Posted By: makeTATnotwar on 2005-09-19
In Reply to: Besides, that donation is squarely out of MTs' pockets. I haven't had a raise in the 3 years - I've been there. nm

just in the past three months!

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    I had to ask, have always asked for the 3 raises I've gotten in
    I am NOT lying! It's the truth. I've received solicits from at least 8 people overseas.

    cost of living raises? any raises?

    I'm not even sure when my company gives raises or if they do. I've been working with them a year in October. I hope I get a raise soon.

    I worked for a small company for 4 years and during that time (when I asked for) I got 0.25 cent per line raise!  That was it.  However at my present company (small service) about 1 year ago she put me on incentive pay adding 1 cent a line, and never took me off of it!  I am SO blessed!

    I'm an IC and it's been my experience that raises are never just offered.  You have to ask.  Sometimes in lieu of a raise they will offer incentive programs which may or may not be worth the trouble.  Good luck with this, it can be difficult getting the raise you want, but if you feel you are worth it stick to your guns.  If they value you, they won't want to lose you and you will be compensated. 
    Raises? What raises?
    Have worked 30+ years in this field and I cannot even remember my last raise, maybe never? I thought we just typed faster and that was our raise.
    I have been with MQ for 3 years now although I started as an IC. It seems to me MQ personnel talked like there were raises here yearly when I hired on. During that time, I have had several changes in supervisors and even areas although it is still the same account. I have sent emails for raises. Just seems to get lost in the mail here with no response one way or another. If I say anything to a supervisor verbally here with the Q, nothing is ever done then either. They usually just tell me that they haven't had a raise in years either and we can make more by money by producing more or shift differential. The only problem is it seems the more we produce to pay the bills that are piling up, the more they think they need to cut the pay!
    raises, asking for, 10 cpl, rop
    How in the world do you find a company that is willing to pay 10 cpl?? No one advertises it any more. At 13+ years I'm making less every year.
    I think we are going to find no wage increases the norm with the current economy. Also, companies are going to stop hiring full time and go to part time and ICs to hold costs down.

    My husband was capped on wages a year ago and his job description rewritten to keep him at a lower level. We cannot get health insurance on our own so we stay put.

    IC raises
    How do you handle asking for increase as an IC?
    MQ sure is top-heavy isn't it? Wonder if that's where are raises are
    and why they have to put them on-hold for awhile?
    Are you looking for the one where the seat raises up?

    Our local Wal-Mart sells them for about $400.00, but they are kind of small. I know you said your mom was short, but if she is wide too the Wal-Mart one wouldn't be comfortable.   If you have a local medical supply company they would probably have them, or the info where you can order them.   I wouldn't get one that is fabric in case of accidents. 

    I'm 4'11" and I have trouble with recliners too.  I have to have them where they have the lever on the side to raise and lower the foot rest. 


    raises with Medquist
    Wow, amazing, you have gotten 7-8 raises with Medquist in the past 10 years....WOW...you should be well up to 50,000 per year by now!
    Raises and starting out.

    I was thinking about going ahead and testing up with my company so I can get me one of those wonderful raises... the only thing is that if I fail then they will performance manage me.... so I wanted to ask around and see how long everyone went before they got a raise.

    I started out at 6 cents a line 2 years ago and really was hoping they could give me just a tad bit more.  A lot of the people on my account are getting 8-10 cents, but have been working a few more years then me.


    Company Bonuses/Raises
    Any companies out there that still give these?  (especially "Cost of Living" raises...)
    Be grateful, a lot of people don't get raises-- sm
    I will probably cap out where I work next year.  My husband is lucky if he gets a cost of living raise, he generally will go a 2-3 years w/o a raise then get 3% if we are lucky, 1 year he only got 1%.  Yeah it would be nice to get a better raise, but in today's economy be happy that you are getting one and that you have a job.
    He's trying to take away my ability to give myself raises
    He doesn't want to pay me for my templates, my macros. He's taking AWAY money from me. He wants to change my "line count" to key strokes, so he doesn't have to pay me for a few paragraphs when it only takes me a few Keystrokes to put the macro in. It's like he thinks I'm cheating him! Isn't that industry standard?? Also I don't have the ability to "raise my production" what I get is what I do, every day I finish all the work.
    The problem I'm having is what I make with them won't cover my living expenses any longer. That's why I asked for the raise. I mean I know as an IC i don't "ask". They said no, and guess what I have to stick around until I find something else. I won't find something better I'm sure, so I have to change careers. I'm having a very hard time dealing with this. Maybe cause I'm young and I don't feel like I know what I want to do. I wanted to be able to stay at home and raise a family, and now that dream is shot.
    I'm just very upset you know, just ranting a little :)
    Almost 3 for me - no cost of living raises. - NM

    Just sounds like more rules, what about compensation, PTO, raises across

    Actually, it was the crummy raises that made me have to leave my job.
    Daycare rates doubled per kid in one year, so I couldn't afford to work any more with my oh-so-generous $.25 per hour raise.  If you want to get technical, I'm making the same exact money per hour now as I was 10 years ago.  So please don't tell me to be grateful for having a job because with 20 years of work experience and a college degree, I definitely should be making way more than I am.  Daycare, utilities, gasoline, clothing, groceries, everything has gone up except wages around here.
    What happened to their advertised yearly raises? sm
    Oh, I remember who the owner is and am not surprised.
    There are companies that give pay raises to CMTs.

    Do MT companies not give raises anymore? sm
    If they don't give raises, how do they expect us to keep up with inflation?  I've been at my company 2 years in March and they have never approached me about a raise.  So I asked them, and they told me they would review it.  Well that was 7 weeks ago and I heard nothing back.  Is this the norm now?
    Do any companies give raises - if so, what criteria do you have to meet?
    Great offer, gets WAY better with time, you should get regular pay raises. sm
    and the benefits sound great, for 2nd shift!
    Need advice on yearly line count raises please. sm
    Could anyone please give advice on how much a yearly raise for a line count should be?  What is good, what is bad, what is average?  Thank you in advance.
    Hospital where I worked cut raises from 12% possibility to 6% with excellent review. Which means
    I loved those 3% raises every year. Oooh, a whole 'nother quarter per hour.
    Cost of living went up faster than wages.  Then they'd wonder why turnover was so high as everyone left for greener pastures.
    I use EXText with my current job and I've used at a couple of other jobs I've had. I've ne

    used DocQscribe, but I have used Meditech, Cerner, Vianeta, the Precyse platform (I can't remember the name), Dolbey, and  Lanier platform I think was called Cequence (?). 

    Out of all the different platforms I have typed on, I have liked EXText the best.  In my opinion, it's very user friendly, easy to learn, and I really like ESP which is the built in abbreviation expander.  Plus it is very easy to create your own normals which I love.  My fingers literally never leave the keyboard because there are macro keys for everything.  You can use your mouse if you prefer or learn the function macros.  I love it.  I think I'm more productive on EXText than with any other platform.

    I never received, and neither did my
    We were all at the big M. I just resigned after almost a year, and did meet all of their criteria. However, their system isn't correct and even said that I was not going to be hired when my friend asked about her referral bonus. Mind you...I had already worked there for 6 months at this point. I keep getting "I will check on it" when I ask about my sign on bonus. I gave up and left.
    I have received these before too. sm
    I just deleted it and ignored it.
    I received this because...

    I received this because I had posted on this forum about increasing my production.  This particular person emailed me through this board with that response.    And no, I am not going to send my work overseas to them for those of you who are wondering.  lol


    I have received the email too
    I also have received an email and called them and they mentioned AAMT, which I do not belong to either.  I have never even posted on this board before, but do receive the posting through email.  I dont know where they received my email address and they did not know either.
    Any other SS employees not received their..
    paycheck? I am not looking to start anything, just wondering if I am the only one who hasn't gotten paid yet?
    I received cookies
    I received cookies from an MT company I know longer work for and of course nothing from the ones I do work for!!
    How nice that he/she received it well. (nm)
    I have received several things
    I've had messages from companies wanting me to subcontract, individuals sending resumes, etc. Some have mentioned getting my e-mail address from this board. I just hit delete after maybe mumbling a few *#&(#*(! Yes, their writing skills are lacking. My severely dyslexic son can form a proper sentence and spell better than these people.
    No - but I received a call from them.
    Did you talk with Ann? I have a friend who worked with them for a while and she liked the company but had problems that prevented her from working very much. Do you know what account you will be working on?
    I just received an email
    from my company saying that due to the storm the work was very low, one clinic closed and the other one was basically out of work (at least for what I do which is outpatient)....
    I have received a few letters
    so far.  Keep those letters to The White House coming you guys!  I am so trying to get our voices heard so that our careers may be saved.  I am addressing outsourcing, offshoring, patient security, voice recognition and anything else that can come to mind concerning transcription.  I want to have a packet of letters to mail off because that will have a greater impact versus just sending one letter here and there.  Please join me!  Deadline for sending letters is 1/28/09.  Email me if you wanna join me:)
    What did you click so that you received the
    copy of the test? If you clcked the 'send' button and afterwards you received the completed copy of your test unedited) what's the problem, as your test was already gone. How could you have cheated if your test was already sent?

    They immediately sent you a copy of your submitted test, unedited. for your files, as one cannot save testfiles.

    I do not understand where your problem is?

    Just wait for their response and I hope you get hired!
    Have not received either imail or letter
    regarding this subject. Would someone please summarize such email/letter in a post for us who have not received this info as of yet. TYIF
    I received a letter from MQ CEO regarding the MT lawsuit
    They have acknowledged the existance of lawsuit but in their CEO spin states only 3 (THREE) MTs are part of this action. I know I'm not part of the original 3 and I have joined the class action so either MQ CEO is blowing smoke or has his head up his A$$. Either way, it is typical of MQ CEO.
    Has anyone ever received the referral bonus from MQ? sm
    If so, how long did it take to get it and does it only apply if you are employee status?
    ...just went to the mailbox and have not received that letter as of yet. Thanks. nm.
    What state are you in -- that you received the check already?

    No check here, but does show up in ipay.

    What does the attached letter say?

    I received the same information yesterday.
    Hahaha. I just know I received it in an email
    and regardless of the author, it is well written and speaks my perspective perfectly!

    Thanks for the information, though!
    I received an excellent education through M-TEC
    Has anyone received a personal loan lately?

    I had unexpected expenses and had to get a small one from HSBC.  Here are the questions I was asked:

    Do you have medical insurance?  If so, what are the deductibles for hospital stays, office visits.

    Do you have life insurance and if so, how much?

    Do you have disability ins and if so, how much?

    What is your home owner's insurance deductible?

    What is car insurance deductible?

    Who are your insurance carriers?

    I do not recall these types of questions.  I ended up buying 10/mo insurance coverage which includes disability and life insurance...for $2600.  I am 48.

    Is this new?