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What state are you in -- that you received the check already?

Posted By: MQ MT starving ! on 2005-09-03
In Reply to: Just got a check for a supposed miscalculation of line on DQS for the last 2 years. Guess they - MQ3

No check here, but does show up in ipay.

What does the attached letter say?

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Have already contacted by state senator and received a response
But of course, all it said was that he was glad to hear my point of view, blah, blah.....no indication of how he was going to vote when it comes up - but at least I let my feelings be known, in no uncertain terms.   We have to do SOMETHING, it's just hard to know what. 
I received a check today from the oral surgeon. nm
check out state
Maybe check out state or federal jobs.  That is how I started.  I was hired with absolutely no experience to work in a clinic for the state.  They then sent me to a local college at night and paid for my education.  MQ used to hire from transcription schools.  I dont know if they still do.  I think I read also where Encompass does.  I know Chronicle Transcripts used to as I worked there as lead transcriptionist and used to help train newbies.  Good luck!
Check your state
If you do a blind health insurance quote for your state- you should have companies that will come up to browse for insurance cost/premiums. My DH and I couldn't afford insurance through my last job because I would have been out of network, and the cost was so extreme regardless just for me, so I got individual health coverage through HealthPartners in MN. Make sure it is a health insurance, and not a health discount program. Now we pay $277.00/month for both of us - at $750 deductible.
also, check out the laws in your state (sm)

regarding how the landlord should handle your deposit during the time you rented from them.  In my state, it must be kept in an escrow account, and the landlord must show proof of this.  Also, landlords are liable for lots of routine maintenance on the house/apartment while it is rented.  For example, landlords are responsible for painting, replacing miniblinds, cleaning carpets, etc every four years, in the state of Georgia.

Go online and check it out...you could get your money back, plus some! Good Luck!

Check with state and city

Portland has just decided to require all all I/C's have a business license.  Also check with your state to register your business name so you can put it on your checking account, etc.  It does cost but if you are a business and run it as a business you pay the the business costs as well as reaping the awards of the tax write off's.  But you need to check with your state and city for requirements.

You will need to check your state overtime
laws. In mine (Kentucky) if you work 2 Sundays in a row without a day off, the 2nd Sunday is automatic overtime, no matter if you have 40 hours in for that week or not. Need to check state laws and then with your MTSO. If it is overtime, then they probably would not go for that.
Check with your city and state.
I only found out about the license because the city came by asking me questions about my neighbors running a business out of their home for their investigation. They got caught and had huge fines. I now make sure to stay current on my licenses!
Or maybe check with your state's labor department?
Thanks for all the info. I will check and see what my State requires(nm)
Must check your state labor laws
This is what most of them follow is whatever state you live in. I live in a state where you have to get 40 hrs before you can hit OT. No OT for more than an 8-hour day.

But of course, I also live in a state that has $1.95 as its minimum wage still!
Check with your state's Labor Board on #2
check state certification requirements

Make sure you check not only how much a program may cost you, but what your state requirements are. I'm in Utah and we are required to pass a state exam to be licensed to practice. There is also a national exam that is supposedly good if you take it, but is get pricey. I took the course locally with a program that included an internship. I personally found the career boring and it didn't pay well enough for me to pursue it, but every state has different pay scales so check into it.

You should have a leg up because you do have to learn and memorize a lot of drug names and what they are for. Also, make sure your basic math skills are good. Mine stunk, so make sure you can remember how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide fractions and decimals. Good luck!!!

It all depends on what state you live in and what their laws and requirements are. Check with your
Check thru the Cooperative Extension programs in your state. Info might be there. nm
Check into adoption through local Catholic services, fees in our state (Ky) were based on income and
although expensive, not as bad as private adoption.  Still, a long wait, we were told.
Work for a company in a state that has no state income tax
I think there are 3 or 4 out there (Florida, Texas, and a few others.)  Then you really avoid the tax situation. 
Name a state and put every company in that state under suspicion.

Tell what the first letter of the company is and every company with that initial will be suspect.  I would imagine that everyone who works for that company has received an inquiry from department of labor, so they would all be aware of it. 

Why do we persist in setting up companies to be torn down when there is no reason for it.  If a company is suspect, then give the name of the company, don't give big hints that cover at least 5 companies, 4 of which may be the best companies to work for, but fall into the category of an alphabetical letter, etc. 




Contact your local BBB in your state and in their state if different from yours.
Not mandatory, as you state it depends on your state - sm
or county. Where I am I do not need it; though if I was cutting grass or landscaping I would where I live, makes no sense to me as I am providing a service, but very happy I don't have to have one. We pay personal property tax here and I would have to list all my business related equipment and pay taxes on it every year I was in business. So until I am told otherwise by my county, I will not be getting a business license.
Check at a local nursery/garden center for varieties that are bred for your area, then check online
I never received, and neither did my
We were all at the big M. I just resigned after almost a year, and did meet all of their criteria. However, their system isn't correct and even said that I was not going to be hired when my friend asked about her referral bonus. Mind you...I had already worked there for 6 months at this point. I keep getting "I will check on it" when I ask about my sign on bonus. I gave up and left.
I have received these before too. sm
I just deleted it and ignored it.
I received this because...

I received this because I had posted on this forum about increasing my production.  This particular person emailed me through this board with that response.    And no, I am not going to send my work overseas to them for those of you who are wondering.  lol


Check the connections from where the cable originates to wear it comes into the house. Also check t
had a similar issue with TWC and they had done some upgrades and the modem I had was no longer compatible.  The tech knew what the problem was the minute he saw the modem, only it took me about 3 months and threatening to cancel for them to get out here. 
No brainer here. Stop payment on first check before you issue 2nd check.
varies from state to state...nm
deluded are ye? state by state..sm




Some people just CHOOSE to live in DE NILE (DENIAL) and we all see you are ONE OF THOSE.

Some of us CHOOSE to go through life as a REALISTS! 




Things are different from state to state, but I think
you probably could, if you are actually "laid off."  You would have to get a letter from your surgeon regarding your temporary disability status and take to the unemployment office and to Medicaid....but you know how Medicaid works, 1.5 pennies over the income limit, you don't get it.  But, as I stated, laws differ from state to state, so you would have to inquire or go on their websites and see what they will approve and what they will not.
If not in your state, try filing in THEIR state. Then they
I have received the email too
I also have received an email and called them and they mentioned AAMT, which I do not belong to either.  I have never even posted on this board before, but do receive the posting through email.  I dont know where they received my email address and they did not know either.
Any other SS employees not received their..
paycheck? I am not looking to start anything, just wondering if I am the only one who hasn't gotten paid yet?
I received cookies
I received cookies from an MT company I know longer work for and of course nothing from the ones I do work for!!
How nice that he/she received it well. (nm)
I have received several things
I've had messages from companies wanting me to subcontract, individuals sending resumes, etc. Some have mentioned getting my e-mail address from this board. I just hit delete after maybe mumbling a few *#&(#*(! Yes, their writing skills are lacking. My severely dyslexic son can form a proper sentence and spell better than these people.
No - but I received a call from them.
Did you talk with Ann? I have a friend who worked with them for a while and she liked the company but had problems that prevented her from working very much. Do you know what account you will be working on?
I just received an email
from my company saying that due to the storm the work was very low, one clinic closed and the other one was basically out of work (at least for what I do which is outpatient)....
I have received a few letters
so far.  Keep those letters to The White House coming you guys!  I am so trying to get our voices heard so that our careers may be saved.  I am addressing outsourcing, offshoring, patient security, voice recognition and anything else that can come to mind concerning transcription.  I want to have a packet of letters to mail off because that will have a greater impact versus just sending one letter here and there.  Please join me!  Deadline for sending letters is 1/28/09.  Email me if you wanna join me:)
What did you click so that you received the
copy of the test? If you clcked the 'send' button and afterwards you received the completed copy of your test unedited) what's the problem, as your test was already gone. How could you have cheated if your test was already sent?

They immediately sent you a copy of your submitted test, unedited. for your files, as one cannot save testfiles.

I do not understand where your problem is?

Just wait for their response and I hope you get hired!
Have not received either imail or letter
regarding this subject. Would someone please summarize such email/letter in a post for us who have not received this info as of yet. TYIF
I received a letter from MQ CEO regarding the MT lawsuit
They have acknowledged the existance of lawsuit but in their CEO spin states only 3 (THREE) MTs are part of this action. I know I'm not part of the original 3 and I have joined the class action so either MQ CEO is blowing smoke or has his head up his A$$. Either way, it is typical of MQ CEO.
Has anyone ever received the referral bonus from MQ? sm
If so, how long did it take to get it and does it only apply if you are employee status?
...just went to the mailbox and have not received that letter as of yet. Thanks. nm.
I received the same information yesterday.
I've actually received two raises from MQ...
just in the past three months!

Hahaha. I just know I received it in an email
and regardless of the author, it is well written and speaks my perspective perfectly!

Thanks for the information, though!
I received an excellent education through M-TEC
Has anyone received a personal loan lately?

I had unexpected expenses and had to get a small one from HSBC.  Here are the questions I was asked:

Do you have medical insurance?  If so, what are the deductibles for hospital stays, office visits.

Do you have life insurance and if so, how much?

Do you have disability ins and if so, how much?

What is your home owner's insurance deductible?

What is car insurance deductible?

Who are your insurance carriers?

I do not recall these types of questions.  I ended up buying 10/mo insurance coverage which includes disability and life insurance...for $2600.  I am 48.

Is this new? 

Has anyone here ever received a response or job offer SM

from posting your resume in the resume bank at MTStars?  TIA!

I received an email also, but I'm not taking it
I'm not a member of the AAMT, I am not going to get my CMT, and I'm not taking this test either. I don't agree with anything the AAMT is doing nowadays and I will not give them any of my money. From what I gather being an RMT or CMT isn't really going to get you much further in this business anyway.
AAMT--just received an invitation--sm
to participate in an international professional and cultural program in China.  Cost is $4,995.00 per participant and guest--spouses encouraged to attend.  Anyone going??