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I've always liked Doug, my husband looks similar; I don't recall whom I saw/liked first though

Posted By: R on 2006-07-02
In Reply to: Anyone else have a crush on Doug of Trading Spaces? - XtremeMT


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As I recall, ONLY after you've been there for a set length of time.
I've had similar concerns
about blacklisting. After all, anybody can see how easy it would be to paint a dark picture of a company on this board so why wouldn't companies have a similar board somewhere to do the same with employees? I think the answer is because it would be considered blacklisting which would likely violate some employment laws and it would be too difficult to keep it a secret. But I could be wrong.

I've been going thru similar situation for the last
3 years. Don't be too sure that the person does NOT want to be found. Nobody is that stupid, especially after this amount of time. My person ended up being a criminal - in and out of jail, and still lives in my township. Her car is still registered at my address with motor vehicle - police come by regularly for one reason or another as her kids are criminals as well. I still get all her mail, all her bills - now obviously in collections, etc. I have been to the Postmaster, filed formal complaints with the state head post office - Newark, NJ in my case, and even gone to the police for their help. I DO NOT WANT this person's mail. Same as you - I get nowhere. I either throw it out or leave it in box with a note on it. I also have "accidentally" opened up some mail and called the collectors to tell them wrong address. It is NOT against the law as long as it is accidental - believe me, I've checked with the PO and a lawyer and police - as long as I give no details about her. Just that this address is not valid. It may seem silly to other's reading, but it is a very frustrating situation to live with. I feel your pain!
I've had similar experience
Yes, I think I do know what you mean. Especially since I am familiar with the account, I know what the format is and where the same ASR mistakes are made and go through and fix them while playing the audio. It's like I can read, listen, look ahead and fix all at the same time.

It is faster than typing in general; however, to keep my hourly rate up I really have to stay at it and get in the "zone," without getting up much. After a while I feel kind of stressed out. I think I have traded one kind of tired for another.
I've heard similar about other brands of
I've heard they are very similar (see inside)
I certainly don't think the difference is enough that your production would go down. If you had to switch to dial up, that would be different. I've never had cable, can't get it here, but I have no problems with DSL at all, and am thrilled to have it.
Don't understand why not. I thought I've seen other posts similar to this before. I'm not t

cause any problems, but as I work for DSG, so I'm naturally curious. As I said, I liked working with them both. Is it a secret?


LOL Actually, I've got a husband and kids that keep me warm.
They're all "heaters", meaning they get very warm when they sleep.
Can't stand Doug. Don't know anyone who likes him.
Anyone else have a crush on Doug of Trading Spaces?
He and Carter the carpenter fill my mind with dirty thots!
Other; Carrie and Doug Heffernan from King of Queens!
So agree - miss Doug and Mark and Carol. nm
I don't recall

a step between MRC and TL, but then I may be blocking the whole unpleasant next eight years.  It just got worse and worse and the final straw was Philips and being forced to become an employee, with a simply horrid manager. 

When I started with MRC I worked in the office, which was about 4 miles 1-way from home and I either biked or walked.  I was pretty fit that couple of years.  TL moved the operation to swankier offices several miles farther away and across a major highway, thus putting an end to my bicycling.  I tried to work in the TL office, but they were just way too starchy and corporate for most of us MC people (no denim, no tennis shoes, no talking, blah, bhal, blah).  I remember a welcoming speech given by their office manager to all us boat people they had just acquired.  She spoke with her hands so much (a sort of Babs Streisand affectation - two-inch acrylic nails and all) that I could hardly keep from laughing.  Shortly after that I went home to work. 

I do miss knowing the people I work with and for.  TL had an online company bulletin board but it was pointed out that this was for chat, but for official use only.  MQ had that horrible e-mail system where you had to check daily for bulletins.  Trouble was, I would have to spend 20 minutes a day sorting through all their self-promotional garbage to get to anything that actually pertained to me. 

What a walk down memory lane!



DH is dear husband or any number of colorful adjectives preceding husband. (no message)
I don't recall asking for advice (more)
and I don't really need a lecture from you about my finances. You assumptions about my situation could not be farther from the truth.

I'm not going to defend myself or make corrections to your incorrect assumptions. You seem to be very happy on your pedestal and God forbid anyone should choose to do things in a way that displeases you. I think it's pretty funny that you would get "burned up" by something that an anonymous person posted on the Internet.

I'm glad for you that you have nothing but luck going for you. Maybe you'll get to buy my car when I'm done with it!
There is one on MTChat, but I don't recall her name. nm
Long ago, and just can't recall, but here is their hp..

GOOD LUCK! javascript:editor_insertHTML('text','');
Diamond Pet Food Recall sm
check out their website if you use this brand.  dog and cat food recalled.  Dozens of dogs have died, others ill. 
I'm confused....I don't recall ever subscribing to
anything. Do you get emails? You posted your own resume, and you can delete and modify that on your own so I'm guessing it's something different. Why didn't I ever have to sign up for anything?
Cannot recall password for Windows :(

PC crashed so I pulled out the old PC from years ago.  But, I cannot recall my password.  Can I get around this somehow?  I am lost without my puter :(. 


Yes. But per Vera, that's wrong, if I recall correctly. SM
There are apparently about 10 zillion people who think that if you use a slang spelling or term long enough, you legitimize it. Sigh. There's no reason for that to ever be one word until such time it's marketed under that brand name. You can find LOTS of stuff on Google, and if there were 10,000 people who misspelled a term, there would be 10,000 hits on it -- and it would still be misspelled.
I only have single coverage with them. but as I recall from the literature it was about
$500 a month or so, maybe a little less. Give them a call or e-mail and I am sure they will tell you.
If I recall, you should be able to pull up all the supporting documents sm
to review, not just the summary page.  I always back it up by doing the old pencil, paper, calculator method just to be sure.
I don't recall saying I 'don't research' blanks.
is exactly what this portion of this thread is about. I never leave a blank until all avenues of finding the answer have been exhausted, which includes leaving a blank and continuing on with the report, as sometimes the answer can be found further down in the same report.

And here's another problem: sometimes the answer to the blank presents itself in the next report, or several reports down the line. By then the 'offending' report with said blank in it has already been sent and cannot be retrieved. If already-type reports could be retrieved and fixed by the original person that typed them a few minutes to an hour later, it would save a tremendous amount of time for all concerned: MTs, QAs, and the doctor waiting for the report that is languishing in a QA backlog.
Probably 2 weeks and if i recall it will be on a Friday for Federal.
She has explained it before - lots of expanders if I recall correctly.
I believe it - I to make great line counts in a few hours, but have to work in 2-3 hour periods, take a break, and go back later for 2-3 more hours.

If I sit here all day, I am not productive. It works for me.
If I recall, there used to be a Short Form Schedule C you could file sm
if you grossed less than $2500.
Yes, it should. As I recall, Express Scribe plays .dss files..sm
and that's what Olympus files usually are, but you can double check because some Olympus players also use .WMA files, I believe. Express Scribe plays nearly any file, but it should list on download website what all it will play.
No specific one that I can recall. Sorry. But I was running Google searches on the person,
and the same company kept popping up "run search online" everywhere! They had several options - $9.95 or $19.95 or a super-duper $49.95 one.  I went with the cheapest one, and even that was worth it. Though the $49.95 would surely be tempting....
Bausch & Lomb ReNu recall - fungal eye infections
I don't recall mentioning couches or TV-watching! Net-surfing is okay if one can't sleep, bu
most of the "fun" time I'm talking about is traveling to other countries, mountain biking, surfing, figure skating, skiing, and running, in addition to community events, reading, painting and drawing (some work was published), music, swimming, writing and sewing, just to mention a few.
I totally understand but if your husband is like my husband... sm

When it comes to something like that, that I usually take care of but for whatever reason I can't, I will tell my husband exactly what to do, but when he comes back - to use your case as a "for instance" - I will ask him, "Did the doctor look at his foot?" 

Him: "No."

Me: "Did you ask the doctor to look at his foot?"

Him: "No."

Me:  "I told you to have the doctor look at his foot!"

Him: (shrug)

etc., etc., etc.

Your husband may not be like that - I sure hope he isn't. And yes, they should have checked his vitals and checked his foot without being asked. But sometimes you have to be assertive with people. And while my husband attained the rank of major in the Air Force and had no trouble ordering people around, there are times when he should be assertive but isn't. And he is not intimidated by doctors - he started his AF career as an x-ray tech (that's how we met). I dunno....(Rad MT wanders off, mumbling....)

I use EXText with my current job and I've used at a couple of other jobs I've had. I've ne

used DocQscribe, but I have used Meditech, Cerner, Vianeta, the Precyse platform (I can't remember the name), Dolbey, and  Lanier platform I think was called Cequence (?). 

Out of all the different platforms I have typed on, I have liked EXText the best.  In my opinion, it's very user friendly, easy to learn, and I really like ESP which is the built in abbreviation expander.  Plus it is very easy to create your own normals which I love.  My fingers literally never leave the keyboard because there are macro keys for everything.  You can use your mouse if you prefer or learn the function macros.  I love it.  I think I'm more productive on EXText than with any other platform.

LOL I did something similar.
I used a desktop timeclock and stopped it every time I got interrupted or distracted.  I'm very productive when I get up first thing in the morning and type before everyone else gets up.  I've also learned to shut the computer down completely when I'm done working for the day and go do something else entirely.  Unfortunately, I've been sitting here waiting for work for three days now.
Does anyone know of something similar
I cannot get my foot pedal to work with this program.
I think the 2 are actually very similar -sm-
...at least that is what I've heard. I, too, use WP. It looks like most nationals and online companies use Word. My current supervisor mentioned to me recently that the two platforms were very much alike - maybe try setting the tabs to specific points just like we do now in WP and see if that works? At least until someone who does work with Word posts... lol
Wish I could be more help.
Another one similar
Used to work at a hospital where you had to manually input the patient's names.  The doctor said the name, it was extremely foreign and sounded like it had about 20 syllables and then without missing a beat he said "and it's spelled just like it sounds."  I groaned out loud and then the doc said laughed and said "oh, just kidding you know!" and he then spelled it very clearly.  It made me feel like this doctor actually realized there was a human on the other end of the line.....better than the doctor at the same hospital that used to dictate while shaving his beard with an electric razor!!  Using the urinal while dictating or flushing is my other favorite.
Yes, it is similar sm
IT has your ST converted expansions on the left (if you set it that way) and what would be the list you see at the bottom of your ST in Word on the right. Unlike ST, the line does not travel, however.

If you have both programs and want to learn more about IT, feel free to contact me. I have about enough mastery to help convert an ST glossary to IT and I have set my IT about as close to ST as I can. I have not had the time to completely figure out the "singles" glossary needed to run concurrently so I can use single letter shortcuts, but I have been told how to do this.

If you are an ST user no other program will ever be quite as fast for you, but IT is the closest I have found. I am not that much slower and I have been playing with IT for a whole week...

I would tell you not to worry too much about converting over truly. I am adding lots more expansions that are similar to the singles and/or the just start typing see it in the line and use it stuff. I use 2 x 3, 3 x 2, 2 x 2 and 1 + 1 + 1 codes with extra tags for s, ing, ed, ly ending etc. The good news is that with 26 letters in the alphabet and an astronomical number of possible combinations, I don't think it likely I will run out of possibilities. Also, ST limits the length of your expansions, IT does not. Given that you can add full strings of text, full sentences, etc. the speed has the potential to come up dramatically. I would not use IT to make and use normals, I prefer to create Word or WordPerfect documents, I know you could use it for this purpose too.

As I have said, it is really all about the glossary. However, I'd prefer the way ST operates.
Oh so similar! sm

Different kind of work but the similarities are striking.  When I did speak up, I was basically told I should think about taking a hike.  In my case, something wonderful has come along that is taking me in a different direction.  I will continue to do this work either full or part time in addition to that but with an employer that I know and trust.   

I don't know the answer except find a good, fair boss/company or pray for something to come into your life to change things up.  It is very sad for the good ones of us.  I guess you could job hop and be the newbie all the time and get the good work.    Just kidding (sort of).   

I just went through something similar- sm
the lady doing an old account of mine just disappeared one day, so I got to clean up the mess she left, just finished it up last night finally, had about 200 minute to wade through on top of my usual work. I compared voice files to the work she had turned in to figure out what dates she had done what work. They should have provided you with her last couple of weeks of work so you could have avoided the duplication. Hard to say what to do, I would not be happy about eating it but it is probably the thing to do, but make it clear to them that if they give you any more work in the future that ends up being duplicates that you will have to charge them. If they want to avoid that they should provide her previous month's work to you so you can check it to make sure there are no duplicates.
I have done something similar
I had read that when trying to concentrate on a task/project, that you can get more done with 90 minutes of undisturbed effort and a short break.

It always takes me a good 15 minutes to get into my zone where I am at my fastest. If I keep interrupting myself then I never get there and the line count suffers.

To the posters who can't do the 410 (neither can I!), still over time the rate will get faster and faster.

Thanks for posting this simple but effective idea to edge up our $-per-hour just a little bit. It all helps!
Saw something similar last week (sm)
but it was a dog in one of those umbrella strollers.  Seemed quite content actually.  I gathered from the graying muzzle that walking probably would have worn her out before they got around the corner.
I am in a similar situation.

I, along with several other employees, have filed a claim in magistrate court.  The company, which was a corporation, has now closed its offices, and are denying that they owe us our last paycheck.  We are going to court to fight it, but I am not sure what we will be able to do.  The labor board told us that since it was a corporation, and since it is now closed, that they cannot help us. 

ROFL! I tried something similar.
I told my boys that they'd have to hug each other, apologize and tell each other three nice things if they were mean to each other.  They're such twerps that it didn't work.  They'd bearhug each other as hard as they could, sneer sorry, and say something like, "Your breath no longer smells like a camel's backside."  I give up.
Similar experience
Yes, I just had a similar experience like that. Funny thing, I thought the recruiter should have been a little nicer to me, unless he figured out quickly that he didn't need me. Had to sit and listen to him on his soap box for 15 minutes.
Another similar experience
I talked to a gal (not actually a recruiter, but one who runs a MT placement service) who had the same condescending attitude. She talked incessantly about her outstanding credentials, incredible experience and MT ability. I realized 2 minutes into the conversation that I did not want to do business with her. Then I pointed out she had misspelled some words on her website. I never heard from her again. LOL
I had a similar circumstance.

After my knee replacement I developed an infected seroma. The wound had been draining for several weeks and then one night I spiked a temp of 103 and had severe chills. I ended up in the hospital and had to had the wound incised and drained (7 weeks after my knee replacement). I was in the hospital for five days on IV antibiotics. I my case, if I hadn't had the IV antibiotics and I&D I would probably have had to undergo a repeat knee replacement.

I would say that any infection is serious and I would advise that you do what your doctor tells you. Take your antibiotics for the full 7 or 10 days as prescribed and if you develop fever or chills, call the doctor right away. It's nothing to take lightly.

Best wishes. 



Similar questions
From my experience testing, many are already similar or the same questions. 
I use Shorthand. It is similar to PRD
and can be set up to suit your needs. There is no limit to number of entries that can be made. You can enter several pages or just a single word. You can use the option to have a prompt or not. You can set it so you have to use an Expander key or just use the normal punctuation or space bar for entry. You can make a selection menu if you like.

However, I have found that for long reports (normals that you need to have entered if not in the typing platform) it is best to store them into a separate file and set a code for the expander to import a document into what you are using (also easily done in shorthand.) I probably save over 60% of my Keystrokes with this program.
I took Relora, very similar sm
I had consulted a naturopath, who tested my cortisol and found it was too high. I took Relora and various vitamins to get my adrenals back on track. I also gave up caffeine and refined sugar/"white" carbs, which fixed up my system. Without the caffeine and sugar, and with the supplements (including Relora), I ended up losing 40 lb and keeping it off.

:) I would still be taking it, but I felt so good and ended up getting pregnant :)
I had a similar situation at one job.
I was hired with a college degree to do customer service. They hired a guy without a degree to be a representative. I gave my notice because he was sexually harassing me, and they were only paying me $1,300 a month to raise my family of four on with no child support, welfare or social security. They gave me a nice raise of $500 a month plus bonuses, but they promoted him to be manager of another store. Shortly after I finally quit them, he got fired big time and they had to hush-hush everything. He was harassing other female employees, had his drug dealer show up at the store demanding money, and even got his wages garnished for child support on his girlfriend even though he was married to someone else. But hey, ethical and qualified women weren't even given a chance at the job. I've always wondered why I could never get ahead in the business world. I don't know if it's my gender or because I'm too nice and do the right thing.