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As I recall, ONLY after you've been there for a set length of time.

Posted By: Not up front, that's for sure. nm on 2005-07-25
In Reply to: Does Medquist really pay out that sign-on bonus? - If so, when? nm


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length of time
I usually figure 1-2 times the length of the dictation if the doctor doesn't mumble, pause, or have an accent. If there is an accent of lots of vocab I have to check, it can take anywhere from 3-4 times or longer. And as above, this is using expanders. A meeting format would probably be more difficult unless they are taping it professionally. Otherwise, people's voices may fade in and out, you might have background noise, etc. In this case, I would figure around 8 hours, maybe a bit more.
I keep it on 24/7 but turn off monitor when I'm away any length of time.

I actually do turn if off every week or 2 but very seldom.  I've been told it's much better for computer longevity to leave it on.  Hope that is correct!

I've always liked Doug, my husband looks similar; I don't recall whom I saw/liked first though
Not anymore. For some time now, I've been working 32 hours and am considered full time to receive
I've had 3 at one time, but only one open at a time. nm
Well if the file is 60 min in length

How long does it take you to transcribe 60 min of dictation?   If it doesn't take that long, then swell, but if it takes you all day, then that's not much hourly...

Paid by the dictated minute is horrible especially when you've got a speed demon dictator that turns out it's actually 120 min worth of dictation because they talk so darned fast...


The font has nothing to do with the length
of a line, that is set by the margins. A 65-character count line is a line, whether the line itself has 55 characters or 85 characters. It takes 65 to make a line.
You've obviously never had your time
wasted while trying to understand one of these "people".  If they were American citizens they would at least have someone you can talk to!
Depends on length of page
If you get $2.50 a page, that's including short pages? I find that my average page is 25 lines. They are not all full.
What about the sometimes-variable pay period length??
Twice a month, it's usually 11 working days, but can be a day shorter or longer from time to time....

We have a very generous 125 LPH requirement, which in an 8-hour day would come to 1000. Multiply that by the number of days in the pay period.

We have to average at least 1200 lines per day to make the first incentive bonus level, and it stays at 1200 lines per day regardless of pay period length. I.e. if it were a 10-day pay period, the incentive level would be 12,000 lines. For the usual 11-day pay period, it's 13,200.

My sister works for a hospital in Oregon; they have a 1400 lines per 8-hour day requirement, which comes to 175 lph.
You will burn out...in time... I know, I've been there

Did over 250 minutes (100 being mininum) of dictation in 7 hours with breaks...stayed at the grind while others workers too their time, chatted and barely got the required 100 minutes... I've learned to slow down and just be happy producing quality work instead of having to be the "top" because I've found you can't keep that pace up forever. I was young and needed the money and did what I had to do. Do it while you can.

I've been trying to figure that one out for some time now.
I changed companies, bought an expander, even tried Dragon Naturally Speaking. I give up.
I've suggested before that perhaps you all might come up with a day & time
that you could all meet up in chat every week. Why don't you all discuss it and let me know. I will make a post on what you decide.
I'm like this all of the time! And now that I've read this
and became aware of my chair position, I have to adjust again!  I think it's just one of those little MT quirks we all have.
I don't recall

a step between MRC and TL, but then I may be blocking the whole unpleasant next eight years.  It just got worse and worse and the final straw was Philips and being forced to become an employee, with a simply horrid manager. 

When I started with MRC I worked in the office, which was about 4 miles 1-way from home and I either biked or walked.  I was pretty fit that couple of years.  TL moved the operation to swankier offices several miles farther away and across a major highway, thus putting an end to my bicycling.  I tried to work in the TL office, but they were just way too starchy and corporate for most of us MC people (no denim, no tennis shoes, no talking, blah, bhal, blah).  I remember a welcoming speech given by their office manager to all us boat people they had just acquired.  She spoke with her hands so much (a sort of Babs Streisand affectation - two-inch acrylic nails and all) that I could hardly keep from laughing.  Shortly after that I went home to work. 

I do miss knowing the people I work with and for.  TL had an online company bulletin board but it was pointed out that this was for chat, but for official use only.  MQ had that horrible e-mail system where you had to check daily for bulletins.  Trouble was, I would have to spend 20 minutes a day sorting through all their self-promotional garbage to get to anything that actually pertained to me. 

What a walk down memory lane!



Medium to long length acrylics.
I type a little better without them, but not enough to make me want to get rid of them!
Does anyone know how to set Page Length in Windows 97? See inside
New account, they need the page to stop at 8.9 or 9.1, and so I have to put in a hard page break.

BUT, does anyone know how to set the page length to be shorter automatically? Something I can create a template or whatever, and when I type on that account, the page length will automatically break at 8.9 and then I will know to put the hard page break in when the machine does?

The typing itself will take 3 to 4 X the length of dictation if it's easy but...sm..

I don't know what kind of meeting you're talking aboutl.  Board meetings is usually formated as an outline, which will take quite a bit of extra time even if you already have a template for it.  It's just a pain.  I hope you have a meeting outline template.  If not, keep one after the first one you type for any after that.  You could ask them for one.  Tell them you want to see how they like it formatted.  Hopefully, they'll give it to you on disc or something so you don't have to re-type the outline. 

It also depends on how many people are speaking in the meeting and if they're speaking into the recorder.


I think it means any line no matter what length.
but that's a guess
Also, at times I'll skip a job due to length, not
If I know I've only got 30 more minutes to work and have to leave, I'll skip over a 25-minute long file, regardless of the ease/difficulty factor, so I like that we have the option. I can finish a few more shorter reports for the client that way whereas I might have otherwise logged off altogether. BUT, I also do my fair share of the hard ESLs and long files at the beginning of shift. I used to be 100% against skipping any files, but OTOH, if someone knows they can't do that ESL's work, maybe it's best for someone who CAN to take them on so the reports are more accurate. I would at least hope that the MTs have given it a good effort first though. I agree this might not be abused as much if MTSOs would pay for difficulty factor, though.
Not me. But I've waited for this for a long time.

Been through the daily grind for over 20 years.  At one point I even had all four of my kids in different schools, having to drop them off before leaving for work.  I don't miss it one bit. I still laugh when I'm lying on the couch in my pajamas reading the morning paper while all of the commuters are fighting for a place in line at Dunkin Donuts.

But with 4 kids, 3 still at home, my house has always been like Grand Central Station. I have never been able to complain about the quiet for sure. Hubby works nights so is here during the day and starting early afternoon there is an endless stream of hungry teenagers in and out as well as messy little grandkids.  I don't remember the last time that I was completely alone for more than an hour.  I wouldn't know what to do.

Unfortunately I don't. I've had it for a long time in the closet. nm
I've done it basically all and ops most of the time now and I really enjoy doing ops.
DS and H&Ps can be very sedative LOL  You do need to have a wider grasp of medical terminology and like Hayseed said, at least know your anatomy basics, and have your own resources and know how to use that provided on the internet, and not referring to Google (but that comes in handy once in a while when all else fails).  You have to be able to visualize as the doc is cutting away.  For example, cardiac anastomoses are like little tubes that have to be hooked up some way, side-to-side, end-to-side and so on.  When they cut out a specimen, you have to think of it as a nugget or chunk of meat that someone else is going to be looking at, so they have to orient this with a clip or a stitch here and there to let the pathologist know which side is what, which one has cancer the top, the side or the botton and so on.  Everything in the body is a bag, hose, tube and so on, so using common sense in typing this also helps a lot.
I don't recall asking for advice (more)
and I don't really need a lecture from you about my finances. You assumptions about my situation could not be farther from the truth.

I'm not going to defend myself or make corrections to your incorrect assumptions. You seem to be very happy on your pedestal and God forbid anyone should choose to do things in a way that displeases you. I think it's pretty funny that you would get "burned up" by something that an anonymous person posted on the Internet.

I'm glad for you that you have nothing but luck going for you. Maybe you'll get to buy my car when I'm done with it!
There is one on MTChat, but I don't recall her name. nm
Long ago, and just can't recall, but here is their hp..

GOOD LUCK! javascript:editor_insertHTML('text','');
This is one place the font and line length absolutely
make a difference. If you have to use a small font and long line length, you will make the same or less than a 65 character count. Always check out the number of characters that can be put on the line with their defined margins. For example, 1 company uses 1 inch margin, but a tiny font, so the line length can actually be 104 characters, or almost double what the counted 65 character line is. Some have a "secret" formula for saying it will come out the same as a 65 character line, but that is a hoax, as well, as only part of the report is adjusted for that, not the entire report. The only gross line count on WP51 was the only good way for gross lines. Word has really changed that picture.
I just bought one and returned it! Headachy. I think more vertical length would be better for our pr
I've only been on it a short time but love it - I use Shorthand, though with it.
Best post I've read in a long time.
I tend to go back and forth with my feelings about this profession. In the mornings I am glad I do not have to get up, get ready and go to an office. Many times in the evening, after I have during the day and still have work to do, I feel like stuffing it all. Many times I am disheartened when I get my paycheck, but I am glad to be getting one, while my sister worries about getting laid off from her manufacturing job. MT has advantages and disadvantages.
Time to move on if so unhappy! I've left
I've done it a couple of time to a nearby state SM
and a bunch of times to a nearby relative when my house was temporarily unlivable. My company loaded the programs on my laptop for me (but with a previous employer we did copy them from home when I wanted to try working on my new laptop).

I have a wireless keyboard and mouse, and a little electronic doohicky that allows my laptop to work off somebody else's computer (unfortunately I don't travel enough to justify subscribing to my own mobile service, so I could work in the car for instance).

Anyway, it's an easy matter these days. After loading the programs I've never felt a need to bother my employer with details of just where I'm working, and they've never displayed any interest either. I did buy a little $20 folding table from Office Depot so I could set up where and at a height that suited me.
At one time I would have let it slide, but now I've learned I can't afford it or
Diamond Pet Food Recall sm
check out their website if you use this brand.  dog and cat food recalled.  Dozens of dogs have died, others ill. 
I'm confused....I don't recall ever subscribing to
anything. Do you get emails? You posted your own resume, and you can delete and modify that on your own so I'm guessing it's something different. Why didn't I ever have to sign up for anything?
Cannot recall password for Windows :(

PC crashed so I pulled out the old PC from years ago.  But, I cannot recall my password.  Can I get around this somehow?  I am lost without my puter :(. 


I had an ESL spell "sheet" for me. Must've had someone type "sh*t" one time.
I've used my laptop to MT for about 5 years, full-time. Couldn't
I love being portable, plus I have a small working space. It's great transcribing on the deck (or at the beach) on nice days. Have never had any technical issues; there's always some sort of adapter thingie that's available for whatever comes up.
Oh, my. That's the funniest thing I've read in a long time.
AHDI: Solving the world's problems, one foreign MT at a time.

Hilarious! First time I've burst out laughing all week! Thanks. nm
Yes. But per Vera, that's wrong, if I recall correctly. SM
There are apparently about 10 zillion people who think that if you use a slang spelling or term long enough, you legitimize it. Sigh. There's no reason for that to ever be one word until such time it's marketed under that brand name. You can find LOTS of stuff on Google, and if there were 10,000 people who misspelled a term, there would be 10,000 hits on it -- and it would still be misspelled.
I only have single coverage with them. but as I recall from the literature it was about
$500 a month or so, maybe a little less. Give them a call or e-mail and I am sure they will tell you.
If I recall, you should be able to pull up all the supporting documents sm
to review, not just the summary page.  I always back it up by doing the old pencil, paper, calculator method just to be sure.
I don't recall saying I 'don't research' blanks.
is exactly what this portion of this thread is about. I never leave a blank until all avenues of finding the answer have been exhausted, which includes leaving a blank and continuing on with the report, as sometimes the answer can be found further down in the same report.

And here's another problem: sometimes the answer to the blank presents itself in the next report, or several reports down the line. By then the 'offending' report with said blank in it has already been sent and cannot be retrieved. If already-type reports could be retrieved and fixed by the original person that typed them a few minutes to an hour later, it would save a tremendous amount of time for all concerned: MTs, QAs, and the doctor waiting for the report that is languishing in a QA backlog.
Probably 2 weeks and if i recall it will be on a Friday for Federal.
Get involved? With AAMT? You've got to be joking. What an incredible waste of time.
It wasn't ALL that and it was expensive no matter.  I'm sick of hearing the same old blather and seeing NO change that benefits AMERICAN MTs.  I'm in California so it was nothing for me to hop from the mainland, but EVERYTHING on the Hawaiian Islands is expensive.  Of course, the Modesto Mavens were there in all their AAMT glory. Can you say PUKE?  Sorry, but that's the way I feel about it.  I went to see if anything had changed, REALLY changed, and most of it was a big bunch of double talk.  Oh, and to think that I actually thought that I might interject in conversation!  Boy, was I wrong.  I'll never attend another AAMT convention again in my life. What a waste of time and money.
Fun With "Rick" and Jane is the best/funniest movie I've seen in a long time! s/m
Okay, it's not Rick and Jane, but the censor wouldn't let me put the short form of Richard.    LOL
Oh I know, I've studied legal aspects of med recs, too, been in this a long time. sm
I totally get everything you say, and I don't argue with any of it.
But I work for a national that has had the same errors in the same normals for YEARS, so we're talking probably thousands of charts by now. I can't fix years of apathy. If I was in charge, you betcha I would.
The doctor's name is what's on the document, it still comes down to him/her.
I've been doing it at home strictly full time for a couple of monts, but
I have 6 years of inhouse exp where my duties was divied up with other admin work and 1 1/2 years on and off exp doing it as an IC at home....so again, I'm no rookie....which is what is frustrating. My oldest is on sprnig  break, so if I haven't been fired by next week, hopefully I will get better by then.
She has explained it before - lots of expanders if I recall correctly.
I believe it - I to make great line counts in a few hours, but have to work in 2-3 hour periods, take a break, and go back later for 2-3 more hours.

If I sit here all day, I am not productive. It works for me.
If I recall, there used to be a Short Form Schedule C you could file sm
if you grossed less than $2500.