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Posted By: what to do, what to do... on 2005-09-21
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Here is the deal.... I have worked for a mid-sized company for about 4 years now.  All of a sudden some jerkass MD thought that I was "comma crazy" and picked apart one of my documents and there were a couple of very minor typos, but nothing huge.  All of a sudden they QA me and tell me that I have a little above 97% and that they are going to give me 5 notes a day, until when I don't know.  Well, that is just not going to work for me as we just put a for sale sign on our house and have an offer in on another house.  Do tell them to stick their 5 notes and look elsewhere or do grin and bear this BS?   Mind you, my average QA is well above 98% for my entire period of employment with them.  I also would like to get my own MD, but have not clue as to how to go about this and what to charge.  Thankfully I have another account I work for who said she will give me all that she has until I get this situation resolved, but it is not enough for me to count on.  HELP..........phew........like I said, I am freaking out.

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I would be freaking out too. Except, SM
I'll bet if you wrote letter to one of those columnists for the papers, they would tell you to be super sweet to MIL and make her feel she is the BEST MIL in the entire world.
You are totally freaking me out.
Same name, same lettuce, same wine, same seafood for dinner.  Are we living in a parallel universe, or are you stalking me?  Don't tell me, you grew the lettuce in your garden yourself?
Wow, what a freaking idiot.
What is there to back up lady? I am coming to this board to see if anyone get the letter and check. I can't back anything up if I have no documentation. All I know is that there is a statement in IPAY and not a deposit into my bank account. I called payroll and that is what they told me. Came here to post it to see what people are saying. You make no sense and I wonder how you even make it out of bed in the morning.
When I was making 12 cpl, less so. Now would be freaking.
Still no freaking work!!!!! Grrrr
I am out of Amherst and still no work. I have 8 accounts, you would think in 1 account there would be some work, but no. I am stressed. I will never make my line count.
quit freaking whining and do your job
I'm sitting here so freaking annoyed and can't stand it.

My freaking family has got me totally upset that all I can do when I sit and think is cry.  My mom came into a little bit of money and I've sat back and watched all my family members keep going and asking for money.  My brother talked to my son about a truck (my son needs a truck and went and looked at this one), my brother then got the money for the truck from my mom and bought it.  My other son is driving a car that has been dying for a year and is on it's final last legs but keeps driving it, hoping it doesn't die on him, while my mom goes and buys a car for my niece who has failed out of 2 years of college and is failing out of her 3rd year while working a part-time job where she can't even afford the insurance.My mom bought a new car and sold her old one to my sister for a really cheap price.  ALL of this because they run over there with their hands out while I just can't lower myself to it, so I sit and cry because I watch my mom give expensive gifts to family friends for their birthday while my own son got a card, JUST a card.  Perhaps it's jealousy, but more than that I'm feeling bad for my own kids (who I wish I had the money to take care of their problems) but don't run to grandma with their hands out.  Both my sons work hard full-time and by the time they pay their student loans from college they don't have 2 nickels to rub together, but they won't beg grandma's money away.  I'm TOTALLY proud of them for that but just find myself feeling bad that I can't do more for them and that my mom doesn't even look their way to see if she could be of help.  It totally SUCKS and I'll complain here and sit and cry, but I'll never tell her how bad it makes me feel.  I bend over backwards for her, ALWAYS have, and still will, even though my kids get the short end of her kindness stick. 

Thanks for the place to vent!  Maybe now I can stop crying and get back to work.

I'd gladly take the challenge if there was any freaking WORK to do..!