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I am not getting my certificate for monetary

Posted By: LB on 2006-07-31
In Reply to: I have a question regarding CMT - - sm

reasons. Its for me and my professional pride, which means a lot to me. As for the $$ end, I have been interviewing at several companies, and all did pay, on average, 1 cpl more for CMT. That's quite a differential to me! But I'm staying with my regular job, which does not pay a differential. Its just something I want to achieve in my career.

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Does 2nd place get any monetary prize? m
I know they get $4000 for each week they're in the house and then $5000 for each week in sequestor but I wondered if 2nd place got $100,000 or something or just their regular weekly amount (which isn't too shabby!) I think the girls need to be the final two.  I think Will, annoying as he is, played much better than Boogie because Boogie didn't really play!  He just did what Will told him and road on his coattails.  I can barely stand to look at Boogie.  He's so vile and disrespectful and something about him just repulses me.  I don't mean to sound mean, but he just really repulses me, probably because of the extra footage of him I've seen on the internet.  It's pretty disgusting.  Anyhow, I hope it's the girls in the final two because at least they played and Boogie just followed Will. 
How about setting a monetary limit and give choices, sm
such as: Would the MT rather have PTO, a Stedmans reference book of choice, or cash?

I think is called preferred vendor? Facility gets certain monetary breaks to only use one


I never got my certificate

My pedal never materialized either,but I did get a reimbursement for that.  I finished going on two years ago and never got it.  Seems to me things are going down hill.

IF you paid by credit card, you can call them and try to get it credited back so you will at least have your money.  I would keep calling them...every day if you have to.


If you have a certificate in MT, sm
Be careful stating you have a "certificate" in MT. There is a certification through AAMT (or whatever their new name is) but it is vastly different from a certificate from a school. I'm assuming you mean you received a certificate upon completion of an MT course of some kind, as the CMT requires a certain amount of experience, I believe (and a CMT would not have trouble finding work). If that's the case, have you asked the school about job placement assistance? If they are a reputable school, they should know employers that will hire their graduates and help you find work.

I would advise AGAINST getting your own accounts. Not only is there a lot to learn about running the business side of it, you will be completely on your own and there will not be much communication or hand-holding from the doctors or their staff. Many doctors will not look twice at someone without experience, either. If you go out there marketing for your own accounts, then the doctors are going to expect you to have all the equipment necessary, be well trained, well educated, and able to produce client-ready documents without assistance on their part. They will expect you to be current on any technology they wish to use. That is why they outsource MT - so they don't have to spend time and money training someone or furnishing equipment, etc. If you do work for local doctors and cannot provide all of that, it could do more damage to your reputation than good. Most docs know each other and talk. That word of mouth is crucial and can make or break you. I'm sorry, but my honest opinion is that a newbie cannot possibly provide the superior service most offices desire because they don't know what it is just yet. If it was as easy as just "working hard," everyone would be doing it, after all. There are a lot of services and individuals out there competing for the doctors' work, so you have to be able to provide better quality and service than they do.

Oh, and also, a lot of private practice doctors are far pickier than you might think. They often actually read their reports before signing them (especially when you are new to them), refer to the reports often in their charts, and expect them to be up to par. If they see a lot of typos or errors, they will cut you loose and move on to the next service looking to earn their work. Who do you think sets forth the specifications that many of the companies you have already spoken to or tested with? Probably their clients!

Now, is it possible you might find some doctor out there willing to give it a shot? Yes. But just because doctors in one town haven't heard of the BOS, that doesn't mean others have not. Did your MT course not go over BOS rules? If BOS rules are what you are having trouble with and want to avoid, then I suggest getting a copy of the current BOS, studying it, and learning it so future testing is excellent. If you test well with a company even without experience, they'd be foolish not to at least take a second look. If you lack experience and don't test well, what incentive do they have to hire? There are a LOT of good MTs looking for work right now, so you have to make yourself stand out above the rest.

If you feel your schooling was inadequate, look into supplemental training at one of the online MT schools that have been approved by the AAMT. Those are the schools that prepare their graduates well enough to get work right out of school and for which companies will often waive experience requirements.
How about a gift certificate for a
for a decadent say of self-indulgence. I wouldn't mind a massage right now and would LOVE it if someone bought me one. LOl
I'm not talking about a certificate that says you
Gift certificate
Thank you, thank you, thank you! Happy holidays to all!

certification v. certificate

CMT= certified medical transcriptionist.  

MTs with 2+ years of acute care experience who pass a test given by the American Association for Medical Transcription (AAMT)are CMTs.  They also need to prove they have accumulated a certain amount of continuing education credits every three years in order to maintain the certification.  HTH.

Where'd you get that certificate? Just curious. NM
I don't have certificate or formal training and
Are you talking about a Secure Certificate?
I'm not sure if that is the same thing as an e-signature? Perhaps you mean encryption. I'm not sure why you would need to supply a secure certificate to send files to a client; encryption 128-bit encryption should be find; 256-bit even better.
how 'bout a lovely gift certificate...nm

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How about a gift certificate to their favorite restaurant? nm
getting cmt is kind of like getting a certificate for being an excellent top of the line blacksmith.

so what?  so you jumped through all the hoops, learned the trade and now it is obsolete.  but you got your little CMT to keep you warm and cozy?  employers are going to pay what they are going to pay (as little as possible) and that little certificate means nothing to them in the broader scheme of MT world as it goes into the VR and offshore world. 

oh but mr. national recruiter, i have a certificate and i should have 12 cpl for my skills and education....... bwaaaaahaaaaa. 

Gift certificate for the local mall or their fav store.
good luck
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I think pre-existing stuff may kick in if you have have no certificate of previous coverage.
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