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I could not find the thread on Disney World information.

Posted By: I know someone asked before but.. on 2006-01-21
In Reply to:

Does anyone know of any great websites to get discounted Disney World tickets and Universal Studio Florida. We are going in a few months and I wanted to buy them ahead of time. Thanks for any information.

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Disney thread still on this page down under the ugly names post. nm
I've been to Disney World and not everyone is happy.
minimum wage without benefits.  They have layoffs all the time.  It's not a happy place to work.
I can't find the old thread on schools that mentor into a job
can anyone help me?
But where in the world do you find someone to fill in? nm


You can also find information on the state...

government web site, division of labor. I was pursuing this until a company I contracted with finally paid me. Or try typing the state name where the company is located and "unpaid wages" or something similar into Google. I was told from a lawyer I know that you can file a wage claim with the state without a lawyer. Hopefully you won't have to go that far either!

Never mind...I was able to find the information
No but I wish people would take the time to find this information. sm
Sometimes it just takes the effort to look. I see people wanting information. The information is easy to find, but they want others to do the research and hand it to them. I had to do the research. I now have 20+ docs/clinics BUT key point is I did all of my own research, learned about how digital works, etc. I truly believe, the more you read (research) the more you as an individual will learn and therefore be able to offer your clientm more.
Google South Beach Diet forum and you'll find a good board there for information. nm
This thread belongs on MT Starlites Diet board; thread locked. (NM)
This thread belongs on Technical board. Thread locked.
This thread belongs on Technical board; thread locked. (NM)
This thread belongs on Technical board; thread locked. (NM)
This thread belongs on Offshore Concerns; thread locked. (NM)
This thread belongs on the Company board; thread locked.
This thread belongs on the Company board; thread locked.
This thread belongs on the Company board; thread locked. NM
This thread belongs on Equipment board; thread locked.
This thread belongs on the Company board; thread locked.
This thread belongs on New MT board, please; thread locked.
We did it a couple of years ago. It was about $1000 person, including room, food, tickets,extra $, and cheap airfare from Baltimore. We did stay in Disney, but there was a deal going on $59 night for the moderates.
Florida Disney

Would anyone who has gone to Disney in Florida recently give me an idea of how much money it takes?  My grandkids want this as a goal for saving money and I want to be as realistic as I can with them about the cost and what they need.  Thanks.

Not sure about Universal, but I think you pay the same for Disney whether you pay at the gate or in
Just got back from Disney on Sunday
at the Polynesian resort. We stayed there last year. Stayed at Grand Floridian this year (courtesy of in-laws). We had the Disney Dining plan, 1 counter service, 1 table service, and 1 snack per person per day. We found it worked out to be a good deal for us.
I would buy before you go, on-line, Disney Store - sm
The ticket lines were long at Disney, as for buying at a resort, I don't know, we have always bought in advance, granted not on this trip (comped by Make a Wish) Call a resort and ask. As for International Drive, if it is the road I think it is (Hwy 192) (we just got back ourselves) be prepared for tons of traffic on that road, ripped up for construction, and traffic lights every 1/4 mile it seemed too. Going to Disney was not a problem, it was driving back that took a bit extra time. Universal was pretty wild though, first time there for us. You will have a blast!
Travel to Florida/Disney - experiences?

We are planning a trip to Florida for the Daytona 500 in February - we are having problems lining up a hotel in the Orlando area that includes suites with kitchenettes and also has shuttle service to the major parks in the area. We want something in the mid range, maybe 3 star or 4 star, and will only have 2 tweenagers traveling with us - the rest will be adults. Can anyone recommend a place to stay with some atmosphere, pool area, restaurant, etc.?

We've been there before when our kids were young and stayed in very basic motels which was fine. We hardly spent any time at the motel anyway. This time, with some going to the NASCAR race, there will be down time for others, so a nice pool/outdoor area would be a plus.

The disney tickets cover 4 parks so you are not set in where you go- sm
They cover Disney, Epcot, Animal Kingdom and MGM-Studios. With a park hopper pass you can bounce between all 4 Disney parks in 1 day and it only counts as 1 day/ticket. Without the hopper option you can only go to 1 park that day, of course these are a little cheaper. Check out the Disney web site, it will explain all the ticket options so you know what to ask for when you do get your tickets. Universal is separate, is 2 parks in one basically, one side is more kid oriented than the other. Sea World is separate too, they have a few rides there now too.
We went to Disney in November. Definitely purchase your airline tickets on-line (sm)

I priced them through Travelocity and on the airline's web pages and I got a better price direct from the airlines.  On NWA you can preregister on-line 24 hours before your flight leaves, so you just walk into the airport, drop your bags and head for the plane.  For the parks, we booked everything through AAA.  The price was about $100 less than booking direct with Disney on-line.  There are very few places to get cheap Disney tickets, don't waste a lot of time trying.  If you're staying on the Disney grounds, let me know and I've got TONS of tips for you.  It is a GREAT place to vacation. 

Last year we went to Disney and I work on a laptop so I brought it and didn't
take any time off so I could work. After much probing, calling, and trying to set up my internet (I made sure the hotel had wireless or I wouldn't book it), I finally got on line, but it was the night before we had to leave anyway.
I absolutely love my Dell laptop because of the flexibility and I can work on the dining table, office, kids room, etc. I can't imagine ever going back to a desktop PC.
But, you never know when you travel if 100% you will be able to get online.
go to chat room on web site and find out. i'm working but if you find out, let me know.
creepy dude.
I find most of my abbreviations here. Scroll all the way down until you find the abbreviation box.
Actually there is another thread that says
the same thing - "off subject" and I have seen that several times before, so that's why I asked.  Wasn't faulting you or anyone else at all.  Thank you for explaining that you mean it's not anything to do with transcription.  Heck, we get tired of talking about transcription anyway!  Nice to be "off topic"!
this should be a fun thread

What is the shortest time you have worked for an MT company and why did you leave? I have found that I can predict the first day if the company is going to work out for me. Other experiences?


I saw most of that thread was gone...
so how was the chocolate frosting or did you resist it?  LOL!   Been there done that!
see thread below
There is thread below about halfway down the page that started yesterday about this. I think the simple answer is we don't know yet what it means for our jobs. It's rather vague. Now, I would like to say that it is just about getting records digital and away from paper and that's it, but Obama is saying that it will save billions every year. The only way I can see that happening is by jobs being cut and I can't imagine all of them coming from record clerks who file the paper records. On the other hand he says it will create thousands of jobs, but it seems from what I have read that he is referring to computer people creating and managing the electronic records because it has been said that there aren't enough skilled people right now to handle it.
Probably goes with the thread below. nm
yes, this thread has gotten way off track
Now that certainly followed the thread! Bravo! Thanks for
that totally coherent thought.  When there is a thread on make up or hair color, do you post on the the War in Iraq? Probably! Perhaps the OP (original poster) who asked about working at home with a newborn had something to do with the topic being babies and...working at home! Imagine that!  Pardon us all for staying on topic.
since the thread is here.. grout? Have tried
You obviously did not read the thread from below
I was not complaining about MQ.  I was complaining about the person who says that anyone who posts anything about MQ is whining.  All I said was that this is the forum for us to talk about any problems we may be encountering, or to share tips, or give news, etc.  I just don't think it is fair that every time someone has something to say that isn't absolutely pro-MQ, they are accused of whining.  I am tired of trying to defend MQ MTs who let these assinine people insult their intelligence and then attack the person who is trying to defend their right to say anything they want on this board.  If you want to flame me, go ahead, I know that I had no malintent and I also know I have broad shoulders.
I posted this thread. (sm)
My thread isn't putting anyone down. I asked a question. If Dano or anyone else doesn't like it or doesn't want to answer, DON'T.

I have my reasons for asking the question. If others get their feelings hurt because someone has a degree or education, too bad for them. I'm not walking on eggshells because of their fractured inferiority complex. I'm not attacking them. I haven't belittled them over their lack of education; if they don't want an education that is their business.

I'm "superior feeling" because I want to know who has achieved higher levels of education.

Go away.
I think RadGuy DID see that thread.
He usually posts everyday but hasn't since before yesterday, so thanks for running off a good guy and one of the bright spots on an otherwise gloomy board of complainers. Do you feel better?
This is an EXCELLENT thread--thanks! nm
you don't, but you can start a new thread and
for others to reference.
This thread does not include the other 90% of us

who struggle with bad dictators to make $300 a week.

Acne - I know this thread is old, but
I found article on a dermatology site I was looking at. It's on a product that I think has been around for several years, was it Differin? Something like that. This study finds that those who use it in combination with any other acne treatment get better results (don't have my drug book with me to check the spelling).

Shortcut to: http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/healthnews.php?newsid=38842

and really, if this thread continues....sm
We should be taking this to the Medquist board/forum here and not on the Main Board where we currently are.....
Sorry - should have been posted under thread below. nm
You know this thread only perpetuates
the picture of southerns being backwards. I could not have come from any more southern roots; however I really wish others who have never visited do know we wear shoes, we can carry on a decent conversation, we have upscale neighborhoods (my hubby and I live where judges and physicians live along side among others) and never lived out of the south and never would want to. Believe it or not, the race relations here are very, very good and I would say probably better than other areas in the states. My home is in a community that has a mixture of blacks, whites, Asians, you name it we have it and such a quiet, peaceful place.
As a total aside to this thread here...

about dentists in Maine...I haven't been to a dentist since I was a kid, strictly out of fear factor.  I tried to find one yesterday because I think it's time I see someone whether I like it or not.  Of the 4 I could find, only 1 is accepting new patient's and where I don't have insurance and would be be a self-pay, they don't cut any breaks....just the initial visit and cleaning is going to run $310 buckaroos!  I asked if that price included a happy ending and the voice on the other end just went dead.  (No sense of humor apparently.)

No wonder why people are losing their teef up heyah!  

See thread below...nobody has heard of them...
and nobody can find anything for them on the internet. Look down the page for more info.
This is a WONDERFUL thread, and everything you all are saying...

is right on point and reflective of what I've been saying for years.  It seems that most of the top higher ups in this industry don't HAVE A CLUE about our work process and are only about how much they can use us to line their own pockets while taking as much out of ours as they can. 

In a perfect world we could earmark three days where NOT AN MT IN THIS INDUSTRY would generate a single line.  I'm sure THEN that those who think that they know would find out that they don't have a clue. 

But then, too, it's not a perfect world ...