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I don't agree. The decision to pay for holidays should not be based on money alone. sm

Posted By: MTSO on 2005-11-14
In Reply to: Holiday pay - Patti

If it is, perhaps you need to look at the prices that you are charging.

If you decide to pay a higher than average line rate to make up for benefits, don't say that they do unless they really do.

I make a good living as an MTSO and hate to see whiners make us all look bad.

Time to rethink this business. We need to make our companies places that people want to work, not places that everyone complains about. If we all did that, this field would be much better off all the way around.


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Make money? I'm not making any money because of my decision. You read my reasoning
You can agree with me or not, but don't make false assumptions please.
Thanks, I agree......I am okay with his decision, but will
absolutely miss watching him play. He has so much talent and to see a young man walk away from a game he once loved so much is very upsetting. He will be fine and is so intelligent. I always tell both my kids, academics are more important than anything else while in school. He gets that drive and push from me.

I am very proud of him, always will be. He has so much character and courage to actually face the coaches and explain his feelings.

Inside, I am sad just because I am feeling sorry for myself cause I won't get to see him play anymore.

Thank you so much for your help with this! I just needed to hear some opinions and hope I am doing the right thing by supporting him in his decision.

I will get over it tomorrow - today I want to sulk!

I agree with this article. All transcription should be based on minutes
Line-based vs. hour-based requirement
Hospitals do have an hourly requirement, and generally incentive after a certain line level. MQ only has a line based requirement, which is 12,000 per pay period. The hourly requirement is strange, unless they now plan to convert to an hourly pay plan?
Agree, would rather have money. nm
I totally agree with you. the more money
you have, the more publicity and effort will be given to you. Look at the horrible things that go on daily in every community that nobody ever hears about unless you 'know someone'. Everybody that they have looked at, etc, will walk. If she would have drown they would have found her belongings (suitcase, purse, etc.) I feel someone definitely did something to her, even if unintentionally, and has done a great job covering it up. I know as a mother, I would be devistated not knowing what actually happened and hard telling how long before I would be in a rational state of mind.
I agree, and I do the very same thing with my money. NM


I agree with you, and this is why we don't make more money too sm
Seems like, if you don't have a magic wand dangling between your legs, you don't count for much. This is still the 21st Century...kinda sad isn't it?
I agree, and it's also how they get more money out of their customers, too, by padding
Agree completely.....money making scheme....
DixieDew, I don't always agree with your political views, but you're right on the money in thi

Money, money, money, mmonnneyyy. Singing the Apprentice song.
Totally agree. Her kids are brats and spoiled with dirty money. I know she works
As an IC, can the company require you to work Thanksgiving and Christmas, I though IC set their own schedule?
You would rather ruin their holiday than to tell what this man has done, I don't understand.  Do you really want your mother married to a man like this?  Your excused for putting your head in the sand and ignoring this situation I cannot comprehend.  If you had daughters and their stepfather was doing this to them would you not want to know? 
Alone on the holidays
I spend most of my holidays alone. Since I'm divorced, and kids are grown and married they have to divide time between Mom, Dad, and in-laws (some in-laws are married, some are divorced). It just makes it all easier. I have Christmas with my kids a week before, or a week after, the important thing is we ALL respect each other's space.

I won't say its always easy being alone, but its ok. Sometimes I have the big "dinner" with my best friends family, sometimes not. Several times, I've thought about cooking the whole meal and inviting a homeless family or something, but so far, haven't done that (visitors traumatize my dogs, they rule the roost here).

One way or another, Thanksgiving and Christmas are about giving thanks in my book, we don't all have to sit in one room for that to happen. Also, its a good time to reflect and get to watch what you want on TV!!

One way or the other, I hope you (and anyone else who's alone for the holidays) find happiness and peace.

If you want turkey/ham and the fixin's, give me a call!! LOL
To alone for the holidays

If you mean COMPLETELY alone, there are probably some things you could do - and I don't mean transcribing!!!  Does your area have a meal for the homeless where you could volunteer?  What about at a nursing home, or maybe a childrens' hospital, or a hospice.  Check and see if you could bring baked goods, and spend time with people who don't have a choice about being alone.  Giving of yourself will make you feel great!

Every business has rules about working holidays. If you are an employee, you have to follow the rules to keep the peace. Face it - we are medical workers, and hospitals and some offices like urgent cares stay open. I have put in many holiday hours myself, but usually the manager was flexible and could allow a few people to work 4 hours on either Christmas or Thanksgiving. You take turns. Now I work for an outpatient radiology office, and we close for holidays. With my sister in town, I was able to take off Wed, Thurs, Fri, and then the office was closed on Monday for Christmas. It's my first ever real Christmas vacation from work since 1983.
I've worked many of them for years and still do; in fact, now I volunteer for it. I'm second shift, which makes it easier all the way around, and it's and no big deal. I just get through my shift and tell myself it's just another night, which, frankly, it is. I know I'm truly not missing out on much of anything at this stage of my life and frankly, for holidays like xmass, I actually welcome having to go home and work my shift to get away from family, ha-ha. For my sake, the relatives fix it so we can all have a meal together, then I just go on home. Those nights are usually slow, but you do get through them.
Me too. Plus, sometimes those holidays are
very interesting. Unfortunately for the people who are sick or the accidents that happen, but Thanksgiving and Christmas are the ones where the trauma notes and regular notes seem more interesting. Anyway, for me, it is a good way to get away and tune out the loudness and extremeness of the holiday. Too much food, too much noise. Put the head phones on and either veg (waiting for reports) or type and make money.
Anyone getting "Hung For The Holidays?"
U know, by American Idol's bad singer William Hung?
me too! as if the holidays aren't
stressfull enough, throw in the slap in the face thing called a pay check to ice the cake! I'm looking for other avenues to take....
Happy holidays to you all! :)
Over-commercialized like the other holidays. sm
A lot of guys hate to shop and feel pressured into doing so.  Don't know what to buy, etc.  Then, there are always other women who brag about what they got just to stress out everyone else.  If he buys a card, fine.  If not, big deal.
What other companies actually pay for holidays?

It seems that Keystrokes or Webmedx does, or is it someone else.

I do know that are some who pay for holidays.  Can someone help out on this question, please.

I work holidays and I am an IC
dont blame it on that

I take my job very seriously and worked all Thanksgiving week, the day of, the day after, and will work all Christmas week, the night before, the day of, the night after, ETc etc etc

I value my job and I do a good job, it just sucks that there is no loyalty or respect for that from some companies.
We rotate holidays among all the
I used to work all holidays but came
up with an idea that has worked for several years now. Even though I am on an account with only one other person, I was stuck with all the holidays. I now work Thanksgiving and have Christmas off. All the other holidays we take turns rotating. Good luck to you!
You're working to make money, not to spend money.
These people should be ashamed of themselves taking advantage of people this way!
I also blew some money signing up with Quixtar... The only way to make any money is to bug everyone

you know into signing up.  I felt like a snake oil huckster.  I hated it.  I was flushing money down the toilet from the moment I handed over my money. 

RUN, do not walk away!  I do an entirely different side business now that I really love (in addition to my MTing, which I also love!)  Find something you're good at and that you truly love doing.  Then make a business out of it.  That's the best way to have a side business.  Selling discount toilet paper through Amway/Quixtar?  Not so much. 

The CMT exam is overrated. Don't waste your time & money. Use that money on
paid anymore just because you have it.  There are a few CMT cheerleaders that post to people like you but they are pretty well sucked up into that association.
the holidays and working extra
... it happens every year, people want extra money for the holidays and so everyone is working a little bit extra and in the end, we run out of work.  AND THEN we sit around during our own shifts waiting for work to file in.
I can understand the Happy Holidays (sm)
If an individual wants to say Merry Christmas because that's their holiday, then I can understand that. However, I also understand sales people saying Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas. In the case of retailers, I think they're simply trying to be inclusive rather than exclusive or politically correct. After all, there are many gifts being bought in the stores for the other holidays, too.

You said something to the effect of after all, it IS, Christmas. Yes and no. It is Christmas AND Hanukkah AND Kwanzaa and others. When people try to claim the entire holiday season as theirs, that only creates problems. I think one of the issues non-Christian folks take with this is the arrogance, the attitude that it IS Christmas and I'm going to cram it down your throat whether you like it or not, so there!

It is silly to me that employers of private businesses are telling their people they can't have a "Christmas" party or whatever. If they insist on calling it that, though, I think they should be ready to also have a Hanukkah party and a party for employees of any other religion that wish to have one.
Chrismukwanzika? *lol* but happy holidays nm

May 2006 bring you nothing but plentiful work, easy dictators and lots 'o money! Thanx for listening 2 me this year!

Well, we have to "volunteer" for 3 holidays a year
I would rather be off, but at least my kids are grown now, so it's not so bad.  When they were little, I would not work a holiday, but things were different back then.  Oh, well at least it's time and a half. 
Slow for me this a.m., too. Happy Holidays !
Holidays and days-off are there for a reason.
Even the strongest-work-ethic people need a rest and a break, in order to not burn out. This is true in all professions, so why should MT be different? The reason we work weekends & holidays, never taking a break, is because MTSOs DO NOT PAY ENOUGH.
Why not just be honest and say, hey, I have a better offer. Either pay me what they pay me or I'm out of here.
I would have to consider the headaches and extra responsibilities of "lead" and the UNPAID hours you will work if you are salaried and do you still have to type a minimum of time/lines.
right decision
Tinkerbell, I think you made the right decision.

Independent contractors will eventually be forced to move to Vista when their XP boxes die, and they need to get a new computer. But if you have an option of staying with XP, I think for most MTs that course will avoid lots of heartache and problems.

My decision is my own....
I'm not looking for anything from anyone other than just to see if this has happened to anyone else. The fact that she did not allow me to explain the position, account specifics, what I expected, etc. tells me she is a difficult person to get along with. It's too bad too, because this account pays up to 14 cpl, so it's her loss, not mine. There are many other good MT's out there and I have several other resumes I can choose from.
Obviously, your decision
You don't mention benefits...I don't know whether you need them, if you have them with the at-home position, or whether they're a non-issue. I would love to find a hospital where I could get in for 3 days a week typing radiology. It would be great to have at least that much guaranteed money (although, admittedly, if you're part-time they could call you and tell you not to bother coming in unless you're actually covering a shift). Plus, after 20+ years of doing this at home, it's kinda nice to get back out there among people again. I worked for a very brief time for a temp agency and it was actually pretty nice; I felt like a little kid playing dress-up for the 2 days a week I went into an office!!

If you really like the current large company you work for, I would probably hold on to that as well, leaving the door open so that if you found after a month you really couldn't bear it, you could go back.
Are you getting extra for weekend work and holidays.
Yup. Sun-Thurs. I do the Monday holidays. It's fine with me.
Yes, holidays are notoriously stress-inducing
I'm the opposite of you; I have 4 brothers, no sisters. Guess who does 95% of the cooking and prep? Not that I mind really, but I guess it would be nice if someone actually VOLUNTEERED to do a little more without being asked. Last year my husband and I did all the cleanup after the meal while my sister-in-law parked her fat butt on the couch. One jerk brother and his equally insensitive wife are not invited 'cause they treat all of us poorly, including my elderly mother to whom he owes a substantial amount of money (talk about some bad karma...long story). So, yes, one's baggage and anxieties seem to come bubbling to the surface at this time of year...why else would suicide rates be at their highest during the holidays? My advice is to concentrate on what you are grateful for and focus less on the negativity....that's all I have found I can do personally. You might offer to help with something and ease someone else's stress a bit. Just try to smile and be a compassionate brother/son/whatever.
If everybody in the office got off for the Jewish holidays, there would be no reason SM
for this person not to get the day off too. You're splitting hairs here because you're intolerant of another person's beliefs.
Merry Christmas not Happy Holidays. :)
Thank you Sheri.

I want to work at your cmopany!
I got a nice message saying happy holidays sm
and be sure your account TAT is still met even though the office is closed. Such wonderful folks!
Happy Holidays to you, too, RadGuy, and all the readers here! nm
I don't celebrate Hallmark holidays. If they forget...(nt)