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Transhealth pays for holiday pay

Posted By: no name on 2005-11-13
In Reply to: holiday day - cjs

You have to work if it falls on your day but you have the option of asking off. You get holiday pay (if you are off as well) plus you get your line count that day.

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VR pays half of what typing pays...
If you would read her post more closely she said she does VR, which pays half of what straight typing does.  I do VR and have made 4 cpl, so 5 is actually good and 4-5 is an industry standard, and may be even less if you are an employee.  The problem is that you have to double your line counts in order to make decent money, which is not always easy.  I embrace VR because I like it better than straight typing, but it is not productive for everyone, no matter how hard you try.
sure I went to Transhealth
if you have yahoo messenger, just message me
my nic is kindcatt

or email that name.
Anyone with experience with TransHealth.  Good/bad? 
Is this a good company to work for?  Please, any info?
TransHealth - sm
My experience - horrible ESL, sound quality, and nonproductive platform. Took forever to get INTO the report to even start typing it. My opinion only.
Does anyone have any input (good or bad) regarding working QA for TransHealth?

Anybody with comments with regards to TransHealth.  Thanks in advance.

Nothing at TransHealth..oh well! At least
Any info on TransHealth

I am considering a position with this company and would appreciate any info you might have.  Thanks.

any info on TransHealth

Any info on TransHealth would be appreciated.  I am considering accepting a position with them.



TransHealth doesn't. nm
Anyone in CA have insurance through TransHealth?
I would like to know who the carrier is - Blue Cross or Blue Shield? Still waiting on my new employee packet...
Expanders for TransHealth
Can anyone tell me what Expanders work with TransHealth - or alternatively which ones don't?

I know that TransHealth suggested Shorthand, but I wondered if there were any other options?
I believe TransHealth is hiring.
Transhealth, pay periods end on SM
15 and last day of month, you are paid 22nd and 7th, they don't hold a check back.
Not Transhealth. They use Chartmatrix nm
TransHealth was just bought by
Webmedx and I would choose Webmedx over Spheris.  The feedback is mixed on both companies, but there is a lot more negative on Spheris. 
anyone know transhealth pay rate for radiology? nm

line rate for TransHealth - sm
When I was offered a job about 6-8 months ago, it was 8 -8.5 cpl for the worst ESL accounts you can imagine, and the platform is just as bad. Didn't stay more than a day with them. Good luck.
TransHealth does not off shore, they hire all US MTs, sm
Their benefit package is great.  They pay a very competitive line rate.  They get my vote. 
You mean like TransHealth's phone test? sm
Yup (Transhealth's test).
TransHealth fits this category. nm
TransHealth has rad accounts with VPN connection. nm

Does anyone know if any of these 3 companies use the Dictaphone ExText platform?  Thanks

I love TransHealth. There are many, many long term MTs...sm
with the company who are also very happy. Benefits are great. Good platform. It's acute care work, with ESLs, but that's the name of the game today.
TransHealth has pretty good insurance.
Any opinions? Spheris versus Transhealth
Any advice you have would be very much appreciated.  Thank you to all.
I currently work for Transhealth. I tihnk it is a good company.
TransHealth has separate PTO, holidays and sick time. nm
THANK YOU! That is my point. She still pays taxes, her DH still pays taxes...

so who exactly is getting cheated?  And just who are you talking about when you talk about whether it is "fair" or not.  I don't give a crap how much taxes my neighbor pays.  It's none of my business.  And if I found out they were paying less in taxes than me, I would ask them how they heck are they doing it so I can do it too!

I just want ask, is it necessary to get personal and insult?  You disagree with me, fine.  But I've been called a liar, a cheat, a no-ingetrity thief, my intelligence has been insulted, and I have had my parenting skills questioned.  That is a little over the top.  If you cannot debate an issue without resulting to personal attacks, then YOU are the stunted one!

It is a very good thing that some of you work at home, ALONE!  You are sorely lacking in people skills and diplomacy.  Let me guess, when you worked in the office you were one of those girls who didn't like to share her desk, griped if someone dropped a crumb on your desk, and kept track of everyone's breaks, lunches, and line counts just so you could tattle to the supervisor!  I've worked women like you, it was like working with kindergarteners.  That's why I came home to work.  Do us all a favor, looking in the mirror, count your wrinkles, and realize that this isn't high school anymore!

At TransHealth, there are backlog updates every 15 minutes for the accounts we type. sm
We're always informed of where are accounts are standing (in ChartMatrix).  It's a nice feature.
holiday day

at my company we don't get paid for holidays either...guess that is the price of being able to work at home....sucks...we can get paid by taking PTO time but I usually just work extra when I know a holiday is coming up, but frankly who wants to work during x-mas time with the hustle and bustle....

Holiday Pay

I recently began working for a service who only pays for a holiday IF you work that day (compensation of 10 cpl).  However, if you don't work that day, you don't get paid.  I am full time with all full-time benefits.  I realize production pay is entirely different than hourly, but is this common for most transcription companies?  I'm an old transcriptionist, but new to the ways of production pay.  Thanks for any input!

Holiday pay

It it a little hard for me to payfor holidays when the accounts don't pay the owner for holidays.  Wish I could for my help but just can't afford it.  I sympathize with you truly.  Guess I could pay a cheaper line rate to them year round and then be about to do it, but that does not seem fair.   It is hard in this business to offer many benefits as we do not get paid unless the work is done,  just like truck drivers, hair stylists, manicurists, etc.



No one ever has to pay you holiday pay.
It is a generous gesture but it isn't mandatory, you know.

There is no excuse for you to feel it is necessary to be paid for time not worked. If you want that, go back inhouse.

PTO is generous enough.

No, you will not get holiday pay until...
I was told that you have to be hitting your 11,000 per pay period for at least 90 days before you get holiday pay, benefits, etc. You can confirm this with the HR lady. They do pay for holidays once you get past this.
Holiday pay

I guess I should have stated that my gals are I/C's and they get 75 to 80% of what I get from the docs on a gross line.  If I charge more to the docs, they will go elsewhere.  They just type and I do all the pick up, delivery, invoicing, etc.  I  also just got hit by the city for my business license which just went up to 3.3% of GROSS receipts BEFORE any expenses.   If your business makes less than $25K you dont have to pay for a business license but if you make $1 over the 25K you have to pay on the entire amount.   So I have to pay this even on the amount that the gals make.  Am not sure I can stay in this for long.  The city is saying that all IC's that make over $25K should pay for a license. 



Do you get holiday pay?
How many of you work for companies who give holiday pay premiums or time off with pay?  Mine doesn't give either and it sucks!
Yes a Holiday
Holiday for me. 6 cents a 75-character line kind of seems a bit low, though. Was that perhaps a mistake I am wondering?

Actually, there is no solution to this problem - there are no solutions to any questions about the MT world... it's always something and I don't say that lightly.
What is everyone doing for the holiday weekend? sm
We're not doing much - probably will go and see the Herbie movie at some point and of course cooking out on the grill is mandatory. 
This is ONLY because of 4th of July holiday...sm
and not unheard of in the industry. You really should call your acct mgr and ask for a secondary acct. My acct mgr has been VERY accommodating. Before long all accts will be booming again, as mine has picked up today.
I am, too, wonder if it's just because of the Labor Day holiday?
Jewish Holiday


The orthodox Jewish community celebrates Succoth - harvest feast 5 days after Yom Kippur


Regular pay on a holiday? (sm)
I wouldn't do it.  No offense intended but I'm wondering how many places do that?  I've never heard of not getting 1.5 on a holiday for working?  Hey, if I could, I would give you mine since I'm not using it.  Have been an MT for a long time (16+ years) and have never and will never work a holiday for straight time.  As I mentioned when hired it was agreed I would not work holidays and I plan to stick to it. 
Is July 4th a holiday for you?
I don't think the company I work for observes this holiday.  After checking my handbook, it looks as if it is not even on the list.  We have to alternate holidays and then only have to work a half shift, so it is not so bad.  I was just checking to see if it was my holiday and was surprised to see that it is a regular day.  I'm sure I saw it when I started with them last year, but it just didn't register with me.  We had Memorial Day and will have Labor Day.  I'd rather have July 4th than either of those two holidays.  Is anyone else having to work that day as a regular day?
What you doing over the Labor Day holiday?

Well today is a holiday......
And if my memory serves me right that means low work until maybe mid-October? LOL!
No Holiday Work
I work for a small local nephrology office. There is no weekend work (I work 40 hours during the week) and we get all the major holidays off, so Monday was a non-working day for me.
Venting on a holiday

Anybody out there working today, LABOR DAY? Expected to work the holiday, and guess what, no work! And then when it trickles in, of course the crummy junk bottom of the bucket type which add up to no lines, and getting lots of comments from QA (who is looking for something to do, no doubt).

How about we don't work a holiday, and everyone comes to work Tuesday with stuff to type, everyone makes money?

Bad idea of course, we have to remember the TATs.

Sorry to be so crabby, but thanks for listening to he vent.

Jewish holiday

Just checked with my Jewish S/O and he said maybe Purim