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I grew up in FL, and my black teachers used a lot of these phrases...sm

Posted By: vb89 on 2007-04-19
In Reply to: I hear ya ............sm - MT20+

I'm surprised nobody has mentioned this yet because every northerner I know has asked me about this..."I'm fixin'to" as in, "Get your shoes on, we're fixin' to go to church." 2 of my 5 elementary teachers were black, and they both used this phrase all the time, so it was perfectly normal to us. Those teachers weren't any less educated, they were just native southerners raised in segregated communities. My hometown was still segregated well into the '80s.
It's funny, half the phrases people are naming on here I wouldn't have thought were southern-specific, they're that common to me.

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Black widows are shiny black, females have red spot
There aren't many males around. After the mate, the females eat them lol.

We have black widows galore here in Calif. I actually keep frogs in my yard (provide ponds for them) and they have made a big impact on the insect population.

Remember to always wear shoes (something I try to do).
Common phrases. LOTS of common phrases, just like ops. SM

pser = the patient was seen in the emergency room

wwd= the wound was dressed

Just two tiny examples. People need to learn to use their Expander programs. I'd be making like $10 per hour without mine. I also work in a job where I do the work type I do best. That's very important. I would imagine (don't know for sure) that H&Ps and DSs have the most lines (I work on a gross line count) but you have to think more, look up more, and type more to get those lines.

I have everything magicked in there. That's the way I like it, that's the only way I will work.


I'm also married to an educator. He is a very intelligent man and graduated at the top of his class but chose to teach. It is true that some teachers just go through the motions but "You get what you pay for". Teachers are not treated as professionals and who suffers the most, Our children.
I grew up in
Hey, neighbor...Wonder if we know each other? I'm in Douglasville now...whatta small world it is!  
There are no age requirements for teachers
You are never too old to further your education. I know seniors who take college courses for self-improvement. My daughter will graduate in 9 months to be a teacher and she is 37. Teachers are high in demand. There is such a shortage, but don't go into it just for the money. If you do, you will be a crappy teacher.
I know the teachers mention the
standardized tests they will be taking in the spring, but I don't think it is emphasized as strongly as in your area. A month before they come on strong...
and...once the tests are over the school might as well be because it seems the teachers don't want to do anything after that.
Teachers and their expectations...
Isn't it crazy that the teacher would expect you to buy one of these things for a project? I don't know how much they run, but still...geez! My DD has a lit teacher that always comes up with crazy things to do, which always means something crazy for me to go buy! Feel like telling her if she'll supply it, we'd be happy to comply! Good luck...
No, I wish. I actually grew up in Noble. sm
but I worked at the hospital in Norman for years. I wish I was still in that area. I loved it. 
Umm, teachers don't make squat either.
The pay's about the same for a Transcriptionist at the local hospital with bonuses and incentive included as it is for a teacher for the school district. They put in long hours, too. It's not just 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. with summers off. They have to grade papers, extracurricular requirements, go to meetings, fill out federal forms, go to training, keep their certification updated, etc.
RIP Lou! most of us grew up hearing/feeling him..nm
I grew up in so cal, but the Spanish dictators are the sm

hardest for me.  The Japanese and Korean ones are the best.  Seems like the enunciate more clearly or something. 

Hi, I used to be so scared of Ops, grew to LOVE THEM.....SM
Have you gone to the MTDaily website? On the homepage, they have a link to loads and loads of samples of all kinds of operations and procedures, or you could go to MTDesk, samples there also that you can print out. I also think there may be samples at MTBot.com, but sure, though, many links there...hopes this helps, good luck, you'll learn fast!
With 10 years under her belt and the distinction of one of the top teachers..you'd think she'd
how to handle a couple parents..is she getting tired of that grade?
Teachers/tutors new Indian enterprise
National news a couple of weeks ago - kids that need tutors can now get a good deal on an Indian tutor over the internet.  During story internet connection went down and class was dismissed. 
I am 30, grew up watching Peter Jennings.

This was really sad for ME because I have seen him on the TV since I can remember watching TV.  The time I remember him the most of course is 9/11.  He was there nonstop.  I will never forget.

Um, what? I grew up very poor and made it through college and now
I am working FT and so is DH.
If I grew up into an adult blaming the govt for my poor mistakes and irresponsibility (bringing children into the world when you can't even take care of yourself) then that would not be a good thing.

It is NOT the govts fault that people are poor or that they can't feed their kids. Give me a break.

In fact, I am living proof, and so are millions of other people, that no matter where you grew up in life or where you've been, if you are determined to make it, then you will. Just ask Judge Mathis.

Quit blaming others for your life situation. Start taking control and action and responsibility!
yep, she grew up poor... born 1935, so I'm sure sm
the economy wasn't exactly booming then, and they were certainly poor. My dad born in 1923, and HE would wash old bread wrappers to use as lunch bags, and then wash em again and use them till they fell apart. Why buy plastic bags when they come free on the bread?
distant trains for me, grew up with 'em. NM
I hear they the Education Department Needs 2M teachers by 2015
I think thats a great idea. English teacher... Hmmm.. What are the requirements?
Those credentials for teachers in public school are NOT the norm...
At my daughter's school when she was in 3rd grade she showed me her final spelling test.  The list contained the words:  You, me, and two, among other similar ones.  My daughter was in the gifted program, and those were her final spelling words in preparation for 4th grade!!  We do NOT have public school teachers with PhD degrees in anything.  They're lucky they have a Bachelor's.  I have a Bachelor's and consider myself quite capable of teaching.  Believe me - all schools are NOT created equal.
A lot of people who grew up without privilege ended up skanks too
Money or lack of money has nothing to do with it. It's whether the person has any value system, lines they will not cross, and standards set for themselves regardless of financial status.
My respect for Busy grew by leaps and bounds TY! nm
just reminded, did you know Einstein failed grade school? His teachers told
Thank god they didn't believe it or the world would have been robbed of one of the greatest minds.
Let your teachers make recommendations, but a basic Singer or Sears machine is fine. nm
overused phrases
LOL has to be one of the most overused phrases today. 
I use w for was and wr for were within phrases to differentiate.
words and phrases
I currently only use the auto correct feature in Word.  So my Expanders are mostly 2-3 word phrases and a few longer words like hypertension, hyperlipidemia, gastroesophageal, etc. 

It's time to move on from these phrases that I've heard ad nauseum from people who can't think of anything on their own.

"At the end of the day."

" . . . amazing."

" . . . awesome."

Anybody else?


You have to change your way of thinking about phrases in IT. sm
Think first letter of each word instead of full words and your phrases will come up. No memorizing unless you want to put customized shorts in IT. I watch the advisory lines more than my document window so my eyes don't cross. I just wouldn't work without IT because my productivity went way up in a really short time.
(Forgot to say, 'type the phrases

Words and phrases advisories


Any time you give a word or phrase a dedicated short form (meaning a short form consisting of 2 or more letters) it automatically goes into the Phrases Advisory.

An entry with only one letter for a short form automatically goes into the Words Advisory.


Favorite words/phrases
And then there's the psychiatrist who ends every sentence with "you know." Well, I sure do now.
Three word phrases are all that I put in my expander.
More about phrases as other poster addressed
Since the dictators seem to say the same thing in so many different ways, I have found I often have to add a a bit extra, and it would have been easier if I had thought of that when I first started making Expanders so I would have started right off being very consistent.

For an example CTDW, CSTDW, CDTDW = (respectively) continue to do well, contintues to do well, continued to do well. - It is amazing how many things will overlap or conflict.

Or, they will use a phrase with the word "or" or "and" in it AND without them ...
like, cyanosis, clubbing, edema ... and cyanosis, clubbing, and edema ... Or even worse, they flip the words around to clubbing, cyanosis, and edema.

So many dicators and so many ways of saying the same thing. That is what gets frustrating to me. It's endless.
Are you using just word shortcuts, or phrases? sm
You should be able to type entire sentences with just a few keystrokes.
Maximize your expander with phrases rather than words.
Check out every productivity board that you can for more tips and tricks. Even after 8 years I've increased my speed with productivity tips.
How does it work with typing common phrases,

But how does that work in relation to typing phrases that are common usage, the patient, return p.r.n., etc. 

Some single words, but mostly 2-3 word phrases.
I have a few full sentences, too, but with so many different doctors, I tend to stick to the more commonly used short phrases, and build sentences & paragraphs from those.
Words and Phrases in Instant Text
The reason why you have a Phrase advisory different from the Word advisory in Instant Text is because these two advisories work differently.
The Phrase advisory works more like a traditional expander: you have a short form (abcz or tp) and it expands what you defined for it whether it is a word or a phrase.
The Word advisory works like a wild card search. There are no dedicated short forms. You type the first letter and any letter that is in the word like cardpu or cdpu for cardiopulmonary.

If you want the words to be in the Phrase advisory without having them cluttering your phrase selection you may want to follow sm's suggestion and create a glossary where the short forms are identical to the words themselves. They would then all be in the Phrase section, but as an included glossary these words would show up at the bottom of the phrases of your base glossary assuming it is a standard IT glossary (no words in the Phrase section).

If you need help, please contact tech support at Textware Solutions and we will be happy to guide you.

Textware Solutions
Words, phrases, chunks of text ... sm
If a word has 5 letters or more and I use it more than once a month, I make it an expansion. Albeit, only do 1-2 a day this way but I don't have to add to my expansions daily now as I've done this for years and it is built up. Examples: Use fuv for follow up as a verb. Use fun for followup as a noun/adjective. Use a k in front of all drugs so kt is Tylenol, ka is aspirin, kprv is Pravachol.

Phrases -- do all kinds of combinations as you use them. Example: Use tpw for the patient was. Use mgr for murmurs, gallops or rubs.

Chunks of text -- not quite a whole standard but more than just a phrase, e.g., sentences. Example: Use nka for no known allergies but nkah for ALLERGIES: No known allergies.

Abbrevs/Acronyms -- Let your Expander do the all cap work for you and use an x to show expanded versions. Example: Use copd for COPD but use copdx for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

You should be able to skip along with the dictator just using expansions with occasionally typing whole words.

You can add phrases to single word glossary in IT (SM)
When you insert the medication and other information, hit tab and then, backspace to the first letter. It will ask you "are you sure? and just hit return and it will accept it.

I have many two and three word phrases in my single word glossary list. There is a web site for IT users which you can Google for; it is easy to find - forum style.
Having IT provide phrases, sentences is its best advantage. Two words together.
But one word? By the time it arrives in the layout screen, you have typed all but the last letter.

claudicatio - semicolon

of the - bracket

I miss Word's auto correct boohoo
Ever hear the phrases "Don't let yourself be a door mat" and "stand up for yourself?"
I learned this many years ago: I type in phrases ,even when I'm not expanding but SM
I use Expanders VERY extensively. Doesn't ever have to be a canned report. Everybody says "the patient" and everybody says "within normal limits" for two examples that I'm sure you already are using. No telling how many thousands of abbreviations I have.
It helps me a lot to have most of my common English phrases in shortcuts.
I don't often drop short words just because I don't have to type very many of them, LOL.

I cannot tolerate the laziness of those phrases fixin and reckon!
It makes me scream. It just makes the people that say them sound unintelligent and lazy!!! AAARRRRGGGHHH!!!
Do you use expansions for common English words and phrases too? sm
I have read that something like 80% of sentences can be formed using the same 200 most commonly used words of the English language.

Think of common English phrases that you can add to your expansion software that you use quite often in MT reports such as "he has no significant" or "there are no significant" or "there was no significant," etc. :)

*This link leads to a listing of the 500 most commonly used words in the English language:

*And here is a listing of the top 100 English verbs:

Think I found it: ortho/neuro words & phrases by ..
Health Professions Institute. Found it on a book site. The 1994 edition got a good review. The 2000 edition got a bad one. Anyone?
Phrases appear in alphabetic order by short form.
You can type a few letters and see all phrases in the advisory or you can type a few letters and see a phrase, then a word, then a phrase. It all depends on the alpha order of your short forms so you are not going to get all phrases, then all words.

You can clear the option to sort by short form and use the frequency order instead, but I don't think that's what you want.

Unless a facility name accompanies the phrases you hear/type, you should not capitalize.
HPI General Surgery/GI Words and Phrases shows lower case also. nm