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I hear they the Education Department Needs 2M teachers by 2015

Posted By: LA-MT on 2005-11-15
In Reply to: from an MT into a English Teacher - LITTLE MT

I think thats a great idea. English teacher... Hmmm.. What are the requirements?

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there's all kinds of *education* and education
I'm also married to an educator. He is a very intelligent man and graduated at the top of his class but chose to teach. It is true that some teachers just go through the motions but "You get what you pay for". Teachers are not treated as professionals and who suffers the most, Our children.
There are no age requirements for teachers
You are never too old to further your education. I know seniors who take college courses for self-improvement. My daughter will graduate in 9 months to be a teacher and she is 37. Teachers are high in demand. There is such a shortage, but don't go into it just for the money. If you do, you will be a crappy teacher.
I know the teachers mention the
standardized tests they will be taking in the spring, but I don't think it is emphasized as strongly as in your area. A month before they come on strong...
and...once the tests are over the school might as well be because it seems the teachers don't want to do anything after that.
Teachers and their expectations...
Isn't it crazy that the teacher would expect you to buy one of these things for a project? I don't know how much they run, but still...geez! My DD has a lit teacher that always comes up with crazy things to do, which always means something crazy for me to go buy! Feel like telling her if she'll supply it, we'd be happy to comply! Good luck...
Umm, teachers don't make squat either.
The pay's about the same for a Transcriptionist at the local hospital with bonuses and incentive included as it is for a teacher for the school district. They put in long hours, too. It's not just 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. with summers off. They have to grade papers, extracurricular requirements, go to meetings, fill out federal forms, go to training, keep their certification updated, etc.
With 10 years under her belt and the distinction of one of the top teachers..you'd think she'd
how to handle a couple parents..is she getting tired of that grade?
I grew up in FL, and my black teachers used a lot of these phrases...sm
I'm surprised nobody has mentioned this yet because every northerner I know has asked me about this..."I'm fixin'to" as in, "Get your shoes on, we're fixin' to go to church." 2 of my 5 elementary teachers were black, and they both used this phrase all the time, so it was perfectly normal to us. Those teachers weren't any less educated, they were just native southerners raised in segregated communities. My hometown was still segregated well into the '80s.
It's funny, half the phrases people are naming on here I wouldn't have thought were southern-specific, they're that common to me.
Teachers/tutors new Indian enterprise
National news a couple of weeks ago - kids that need tutors can now get a good deal on an Indian tutor over the internet.  During story internet connection went down and class was dismissed. 
Those credentials for teachers in public school are NOT the norm...
At my daughter's school when she was in 3rd grade she showed me her final spelling test.  The list contained the words:  You, me, and two, among other similar ones.  My daughter was in the gifted program, and those were her final spelling words in preparation for 4th grade!!  We do NOT have public school teachers with PhD degrees in anything.  They're lucky they have a Bachelor's.  I have a Bachelor's and consider myself quite capable of teaching.  Believe me - all schools are NOT created equal.
just reminded, did you know Einstein failed grade school? His teachers told
Thank god they didn't believe it or the world would have been robbed of one of the greatest minds.
Let your teachers make recommendations, but a basic Singer or Sears machine is fine. nm
How big is the rad department?
I wonder if that makes a difference. My rad account is going to beta test VR and I am wondering if I should get out now.
You could try the Department
of Labor. There are many of us on this board who at one time or another have gotten the shaft by being an IC. Just wait.. you will get many suggestions. My case- there are at least nine of us owed close to $25,000.
Can you go over both of their heads to the department
supervisor? Tell her that you're getting conflicting reports on your job performance. Do you have emails saying that you're doing great? Keep them, print them. Explain to the department head that you simply can't afford to pay for gas or daycare to work in-house. (Yeah, I've told my supervisors this before and their reply was that my daycare and gas expenses weren't their problem. I told them it was their problem and quit.) What is your production level? Eleven minutes or 130 lines per hour are about the average for direct hospital work. It's usually less than that in-house with all the interruptions and other tasks.

As far as the online company, can you work part-time or as-needed for them for a while? Is there any way you could do both jobs until after you get the bonus? You applied Friday and got called back Monday. That tells me that they're interested and you're a decent MT. How much research have you done into this company? Are you sure it's the best company for you? Honestly, if you're good, you'll get more offers. Sometimes it's nice to have the security net of a hospital job and a regular paycheck, especially with Christmas and bonuses coming up. Your production will probably drop by starting a new account, and it's not the best time of year to be taking a pay cut.
police department right behind us
Funny thing is the police department is right behind us--they probably hear her--just kidding. Her ex-husband workes on the volunteer fire department housed in the same building as police. He has probably already told them all she is crazy!
Can your company's IT department not
I bet they have all the information necessary and even suggestions.

One of my accounts is a PT department...
they invite me to their Christmas party every year. One year they had a huge bouquet delivered to me at home on Medical Transcription week!  That was a nice surprise.
Our QA department is much too busy
to give us feedback like that. They are very complimentary of my work ... probably because I do take the time to look up other reports to make sure I fill in all the tough spots I possibly can. I've done acute care before, but got away from it for a few years. I only had one ESL at my last job. I sure got good at Korean though! With this job it's pretty typical, with many different dictators and accents, but it's just heavy on certain "Asian" (happy now?) dictators instead of Indian. At least there aren't many of the certain Spanish ones I have trouble with. What the ones I have trouble with have in common is that their language uses more percussive sounds and fewer vowel tones. It doesn't matter if the vowel tones are different; I can adapt. But when it records as whispery percussive sounds, I struggle.
Department outsourced
After going through this 2 years ago I feel your pain. Though there are some positives to working at home it is a whole different ballgame. Personally I miss my coworkers and just the general atmosphere of the hospital. I keep hoping more hospitals will realize they still need some in-house staff, at the very least to do QA on what a lot of the services are turning out. It seems to me it has become nothing more than churn and burn with the emphasize on turn-around time, not quality. When I look up old reports in our system I am appalled at some of the stuff that goes out, and I am on accounts that require American MTs. It is really sad what this "profession" has become.

Department of Labor
Were you awarded a judgment in your favor and how long it takes?
Department of health
According to my doctor, Hillary Clinton was the main one involved in the HIPPA. Don't know if it is true or not, just what he said.
Try the Department of Labor and Industry.
You can turn them into the State Attorney General's office, BBB, FTC, as well.  And small claims court.  I would send a certified letter demanding payment first with the threat that if they do not pay by XX date, you will pursue further legal action against them.
Turn them in to the BBB and the Department of Labor.
They're scamming people.  Somebody needs to stop them before they hose over any other new MTs.  Parents magazine even had an article about TranScam.
Call the MR department at the hospital and ask sm
simply "who does your transcription". May not work every time, but they gave me the name of the service, and the phone number. I called the service and asked if they were hiring. She said, "we are always hiring", and I was working for them 3 days later.
With our QA department, blanks count against us..sm
If we have more than 1 blank per report, other than for dictation that is cut off or something like that, it counts against our percentage, which isn't very high given the difficulty factor associated with a lot of the dictators. Once the percentage reaches a certain point (and again it don't take much to reach that point) we start losing bonuses that we would otherwise be entitled to and even getting deductions from our pay. So, to say the MT doesn't get blamed is not true for everyone. We shouldn't get blamed, but a lot of us do.
I wonder why when a department is outsourced/offshored sm
the physicians never have a say in it even though most of them don't like it?  They are the ones who bring in the revenue, after all, so why shouldn't they have a say in what goes on as regards patient care? 
Brain dead today - or is it hear hear? I'm going to bed.
Marry me?! :) Seriously...hear, hear. Good post. - nm
If it were me I'd do some house cleaning in the friendship department.

Make some new friends.  It's time. 

Report them to the Department of Labor and Industry and the BBB, too.
I can't stand it when pay is not received in a timely manner. It shows a complete lack of professionalism and inability to manage a business.
Health department here said straight mayo. SM
Slathered it on, put on a shower cap and left it for hours.  Not only were the lice gone, but our hair was so soft and shiny and conditioned!
Turn them in immediately to the Department of Labor and
Industry, the BBB, the FTC, small claims court and anybody else that will listen. Contract or no contract, they CANNOT withhold pay due to giving no notice. ICs do not have to give notice. It was even on Judge Judy that you can't stiff somebody their pay for walking off the job.
Or maybe check with your state's labor department?
Frederick Police Department - 580-335-7503 (sm)
Tell them Kristen is at it again - they know all about her.
It took the fire department to get her out of the house! My GAWD!!!!

Department of Labor worked for me in my state
Also contact the Attorney General in your state; but the final result for some was to file a complaint with the magistrate in that company's district.  Good luck
you need to contact the police Department in Frederick, Oklahoma sm

If you call them and make a complaint against her, they will help you take care of it.  She's afraid to go to jail, if she's not there already

Our department does 1200+ reports a day. They average 11 lines. nm
This is for 2-3 line normal chests to MRIs. They look longer, but if you take 65 characters with spaces, you will be surpised. Here's an example:


INDICATION: Chest pain.

FINDINGS: Heart size within normal limits. Lungs are clear.

IMPRESSION: Normal chest.

This is 116 characters with spaces, which is 3 lines (if you round up - actually 2.55 lines). If by the line, you would make $0.30.

Something to think about.

Do the same with an MRI of the knee. Copy and paste it into word and count it. A very long one I had was only 15 lines.
simply ask HR if it's common practice to hire for a department -
Are you kidding? After reading the health department's annual review, I NEVER eat out.
Especially at a fast food place. They always have long lists of violations, plus, after a look at the fingernails and hair on some of those people, I wouldn't feed my dog there.

They do list restaurants that maintain high standards of cleanliness with no violations, so if I'm in the mood for a long drive, I'll go to one of those.

I do miss eating out.

Here is part of the email my husband received from his IT department at work..sm
It has been widely reported that a newly discovered Windows flaw will result in several new computer viruses over the next few days.

This new virus is launched by visiting web sites that are infected with this virus or by receiving infected e-mails. You will not be able to know if the web site is infected.

The anti-virus software vendors are working on a system update to fix this issue, but as of now, it has not been provided. Also, Microsoft is working on a patch that will fix the root cause of this problem.

Makes me very nervous also!
Also, every other civilized country has a better education system than the U.S. We graduate people who cannot read and write. I only hire Canadian MTs by choice anymore, because with a mere high school equivalent education they're leagues ahead of their U.S. counterparts.

When we moved from Canada to the U.S. (I was a child), my siblings felt like they had jumped BACK 5 years in school and quickly became bored and disinterested, while they achieved straight As in Canada.

Education is not a priority here, yet we gripe when jobs go to more educated countries.

Again, I guess it comes down to our vote.

Healtchare and education are not priorities in this country.
You need a little bit of an education.sm
Homosexuals, pedophilia, nymphos, etc, etc. all fall into the category of deviant, aberrant, and perverted behavior. They are not born that way,they choose to be perverts. No 5 year old knows they are a homosexual, they certainly could become psychologically disturbed after some pervert/deviant did something to them at that age or before that.
Try education
a little self-education goes such....SM

Many people share misconceptions about snakes. In reality, the large majority of them are harmless, gentle creatures that provide valuable service in controlling rodent populations around our farms and homes.

The snakes most likely to be seen in our area are garter snakes and gopher snakes, both harmless. King snakes and rattlesnakes are encountered much less frequently. The gopher snake's superficial resemblance to the rattlesnake often creates problems for it, but they can actually be told apart fairly easily. Although the gopher snake will vibrate its tail, it has no rattles, the unique property of the rattler. The gopher snake also has round pupils in its eyes like ours, while the rattler's pupils are elliptical, or pointed like a cat's.

The rattler is the only snake to be avoided in California, and this is not difficult. When hiking or climbing, wear boots and avoid placing hands and feet in places where you cannot see. If you should encounter a rattlesnake or any snake, your best course of action is to back off and allow the snake a way to retreat, which they will generally quickly do. Should someone be bitten by what you believe to be a rattler, attempt to kill the snake if this can be done without delay and take it along to aid in identification. Immediately take the bitten person to the nearest hospital, where healthy people usually recover quickly from such a bite with treatment.

Most snakes are harmless and helpful, and should never be killed unnecessarily, as the benefits they provide are considerable.


It all comes down to education. SM
This is my opinion of course, so slam me if you wish or agree with my beliefs. Our society has gone so "far out there" with regard to morals in regard to the welfare system for example. Our young women in this country, not all, but many (particularly the lower income areas) feel their most important goal in life is to have babies and get money from the government. They have multiple babies from different men and are not even sure who their children's biological fathers are. These kids grow up and continue the vicious cycle. In doing so, the lack of education that many U.S. citizens get is ridiculous. It does not take money to get a solid education, but many women (and men) choose the easy road with the welfare system. No government policies put a stop to this, which I believe is just a crush to the hard working and educated part of the population who are successful citizens in their lives. There may be poverty in foreign countries, but not by the citizens choice. India citizens, for example, are very intelligent and educated and willing to be successful in careers. No, I do not agree with outsourcing our work, and the company I work for does not outsource. My point is that standards and morals in many parts of the U.S. stink, for which I blame the lazy, uneducated people working the system, and the government policies that allow this to happen. (Yes, there are those on Medicaid who truly are disabled and need the support. I am not even referring to those individuals). The middle class should be rewarded for working hard, but instead the lower class just gets more and more given to them via support by the government. If this continues, our jobs will be significantly overtaken by foreign countries.
Where I am, if you have the education and
experience, it pays better than MT. Oddly enough, last I heard, no program could code as well as a person, and because profits are involved instead of harder- to-appreciate quality, those who hire have no choice but to care about quality when it comes to coding. The proof is all in the numbers. Put another way, MTs cost money, coders find money. But where I am, the education is stressed more also, and you have to work on-site for the hospitals here (last I heard).
Do you have any MT education, did you
get a certificate?  You need to start there first if not.  Otherwise you should list your resume on the various free job boards. 
You don't know anything about MY education

Question my actions all you want, but let's leave the personal comments out of it, okay?

I could give you a run-down on my "education" but that is not the point here. I asked a question about something I had not dealt with before, and asked how other MTs handle it. I did not ask for personal comments or slurs.

Education is everything - sm
Point them in the direction of a GOOD school.  I am talking one of the Big 3.  You get what you pay for.  I graduated from M-Tec 8 years ago and have been working from home ever since doing acute care.  When I did QA I saw successful graduates also come out of Andrews.  People from schools outside of the Big 3 were so ill-prepared it was impossible for them to keep a job.  They are the ones who come here begging for someone to give them a chance.  Many, many companies will waive the 2 years' experience requirement because the education received at these schools is that good.  I had recruiters banging my door down to test when I graduated.  Check out the good schools!