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I have the Infinity, have found it compatible with just about everything, it is great!.....NM

Posted By: anonnymouse on 2008-01-12
In Reply to: Thanks. I was looking at the Infinity USB VE-INUSB model - sm


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I had found an earlier post that said Infinity would work with InScribe, but sm
I don't think the poster knew about the most recent upgrade.

I had also read about the start/stop pedal being frustrating due to it not stopping immediately. I did find one at Dictran that said exclusively for InScribe, but there are two types there, so that was also confusing!

Found a great eponym website! sm

This has been helpful to me.  I thought I'd share for those of you who haven't already discovered this website.

Hope it is helpful.


I found a GREAT job by posting my resume here. :-)
I didn't have much faith in the process since I have heard that hundreds of people respond to each ad posted, but decided to give it a try anyway ... and I'm glad I did.  I was contacted by a small company with a great owner who pays well and treats me with courtesy and respect.  Thanks MT Stars! 
I found a great free utility...

after making myself nuts and getting lots of technical advice on how to backup AutoText, when what I wanted was to back up AutoCorrect -- I found this great little utility that creates a text document out of your AutoCorrect entries, then you run it again on the Text document to re-create your AutoCorrect if lost.  Click on the link under "Method 1" on this page to download it.  It's a lifesaver!


Not a great site. I have found many errors on
I have found great reviews on Kapersky. Do you know if...
they offer a free trial? I just downloaded Webroot Internet Security and it's "supposed" to be pretty good. I've got it free for 14 days. Thanks!
I found great headphones, GRADO LABS
Grado Labs SR60. I put a more detailed note down below, where I had asked for help with headphones. I love them. Great sound, comfortable, you forget they are on. I can just type and forget about the sound, such a relief. Like the olden days.
No flame here - think it's great you found something that will work for you plus get clothes clea
at the same time.  Thanks for sharing this tip with us!
Found great headphones- GRADO LABS SR60
Thanks to all you who replied. At my local MAC store I found they had a display you could listen to the earphones. I bought GRADO LABS SR60, as the sound was good and they sit entirely outside your ear with BIG round ear pads.

When I got them home, the sound was GREAT for transcribing. Thank the Lord. Really. It was just like the old days, when I COULD TYPE AND NOT WORRY ABOUT THE SOUND. I did change settings on my sound card--it has an equalizer-- to New Wave or something, it seemed the best, and put the Wave file way down, and adjusted the volume on the speakers, and I was very happy.

I read on someone's review, some audio guy on the net, that Grado SR60's have not as much bass as the higher number models. But for transcription that is good.

Well, from my lips to God's ears, just in time, I am so happy. Really, I have bought a lot of headphones trying, but they have all been cheap. These are not that expensive, but they were great. The Bose were very good sound, but for transcribing, I did not think I'd like them. Plus they were heavier on the ears, more of a conventional fit around the ears and put pressure on the head. Another great thing about the Grado, they have a metal top piece that goes over the head -covered with leather or fake leather--the audio website said, you can rest that on the top of your head and take away some of the pressure on your ears. That helps relax and pretty soon you don't notice them, like with other headphones fighting all the time to keep them in position.

Thanks to all. Hope this helps someone. The sound is great.
I just saw a great one where he found a lady friend for a woman's boxer dog.
It was cool how he treated the dog so differently from the woman, and dogs respond very quickly to him. To allow the two boxers to get to know each other in a natural way and allow all their social interactions to progress where he could monitor them, he had to ask the woman to stay out 100 feet away. Otherwise she would have been smothering them with kisses - just her way. The two boxers hit it off, going through all the right social behaviors so they could get to know each other and not squabble.
I love my Electrolux, I am hard on Vacuums and I found Electrolux to be great, it sucks up everythin
I use an Infinity USB.  Mine doesn't seem that way, but I've used it a long long time.  Maybe it's just because your pedal is new?  I can vaguely remember when I started using the one I use now thinking the same thing you're saying, however. 
i just use an infinity one.
Oh, I found it really creepy when you said you found the flowers not so skillfully arranged on your
steps, and from your own flower bed.  That's what I was worried about, having gone thru some psycho kids myself with my pups.  Someone's been in your yard and in your garden and at your door without your knowledge.  Its just creepy to me, and I'd still be very, very careful.  Especially valid sounded the other MTs warning you about potential fake molestation charges.  You just NEVER know nowadays, and these people have already turned on you big time once. Luckily (though I don't believe in luck), you had it on film to save yourself and your puppy.  You might not be that lucky next time, and the whole thing just sounds very unstable to me right now.  I know you feel sorry for the little girl, but probably the only time I have ever made BAD decisions regarding my life is when I felt sorry for someone, particularly kids.  My son even has an evil kid in his life, but one who has a million reasons for sympathy, and I was saying how we should "be bigger" than the situation and invite this kid over to play.  Thankfully, I regained my sanity long enough to remember - ever time I have done something like that on a personal basis for someone just because I feel sorry for them AFTER horrible behavior, it has always been a disaster... Be kind, but you don't have to risk your family again. Be kind from a distance.  Its sorry she went thru this horrible experience, but YOU didn't cause it, and its not really your problem.  But it could be your problem if this kid acts out in your life.  Know what I mean?
Infinity wav pedal
The Infinity wav pedal comes in three configurations, IN-USB-1, IN-BMG (15 pin) & IN-DB9 (9pin).

What wav player program are you using, Express Scribe?

Have you upgraded your operating system?

800 561 8106
I use an Infinity-USB with mine.
I have Infinity pedals

I have two Infinity foot pedals and just ordered a new one recently for my laptop, a USB from Jay Vance (who posts  on another MT Forum). It was $79 including shipping and I had it in about three business days. I was very pleased with the price and his service. You may contact him at: info@vancedigital.com

I have an old Infinity that still works but needs to be sprayed with silicone I think as it squeaks after many years of use but it still works. :)

Mine is an Infinity
and has worked with everything I have tried it with
I like my Infinity pedals. nm
I use my USB Infinity pedal..nm
Infinity pedal
I use the same pedal I used with DQS with MQ.  It's Infinity.  If you want the specifics, I can look them up.  In Emdat you will have to do a pedal wizard thing to get it going.  I thought it wasn't "taking" because it was so simply.  I was doing and then undoing what I'd did.  When it says to press the pedal.  You simply step on an off of it and not keeping holding it down, which is what I also did and others have done I believe.  In other words, complicating an easy task which I do!
The pedal is Infinity IN-USB-1.

The headphone, and I have tried several, plugs into the little audio hole on the computer.  The OS is XP.  I hope that covers it.


I use an Infinity USB with version 8 - nm
99% of the pedals are made my Infinity
and look alike, though the wiring configuration can be very different.   I currently had 3 pedals and 2 will work with ExpressScribe, but they won't work with other software programs as they are wired to work with proprietary software. 
My foot pedal says Infinity on it. (sm)
A lot of people refer to a wave foot player as any basically any pedal, but there is an actual brand that is a WAVpedal.  You can use Google and find a lot of answers that way.
Infinity or what kind of pedal??
How do you know what kind of pedal you have?  I see no markings on mine to identify it.  I see you all talking all the time about them, but don't know what I have except that it hooks into a USB port.  ??  Can you tell me how to identify?  Thanks. 
Can anyone help with Infinity foot pedal??

Help! Just bought a used infinity foot pedal, works fine with Express Scribe but can't figure out how to get it to work with DSS. I don't have a serial port that it will fit into in my computer, but have it plugged in with an adapter/USB plug. I have Olympus DSS player 2002 software installed on my computer and tried to play an old file and it would not work. I need to be able to play wav files. Help!


Infinity USB pedal is a common one. See that and others
Infinity Foot Pedal
I have a brand new Infinity foot pedal I have never used if you are needing one.  Please write me back.  Thanks Mary
Thanks. I was looking at the Infinity USB VE-INUSB model
Just trying to convince myself that was what I should get.  It's nice to know I'm not the only one around on a Saturday night!  Thanks again.
Infinity Foot Pedal
Can someone please help!!  I can't seem to program my foot pedal for back space or fast forward.  I can use the "F" keys but would like to use the pedal only.  No matter where I press all I get is current dictation.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.
editscript/infinity footpedal

Has anyone been successful in using the Infinity USB footpedal with editscript? If so, could you outline the steps to do it?

Thanks a ton!

have never been able to get my Infinity pedal to work...
with Express Scribe. It's a pain, but I've just used the manual controls.
They are not compatible. nm.
Sorry, they are compatible.
Should have added below that my Infinity USB pedal works with it as well.

will Infinity pedal work with Inscribe?
I'm switching companies and foot pedals and don't understand.  I'll be using Emdat-Inscribe, and the pedal I have is an Infinity USB1.  Are these compatible? I've done what it says to do on the site for other pedals and it still won't work.  Does anyone know if this Inifinity foot pedal will work with Inscribe?
I use an Infinity and it works fine with ExpressScribe. (nm)
Infinity makes probably 95% of the foot pedals
used, even if sold under a different name.   I don't know if there is one made to be compatible with what you have, but you could Google foot pedals for your particular model. 
Thanks! I've been told Infinity works with (sm)
the new platform I will be working on, I just needed to make sure it would work with my Start-Stop. I really did not want to have to get a new media player as well. Thanks again!
Does your Infinity pedal work with DocQscribe?

Just wondering if your Infinity foot pedal works in DocQscribe?  Does it automatically recognise it?

My friend has a footpedal that a former employee of Medquist was using, and went to use it as a new employee with MedQuist and it won't work now.  It works in Express Scribe perfectly.  MedQuist says you have to rent one from them and they won't "troubleshoot" problems with the pedal since it wasn't purchased through them......(even though it was by this former employee).

Any suggestions?

An Infinity 3-button pedal will do just about everything. Your headset
No matter who sells them Infinity makes

about 99% of the foot pedals, at least the kind you hook to your computer.  The foot pedal is different, thicker, wired differently, and there will be an adjustment period.  You might try loosening the screws up just a tiny, tiny bit and see if that makes a difference.  I have no problem with play but the FF and rewind pedals can be stiff, but I rarely use either one.

There have been some suggestions about putting a folded up towel up against the pack of your pedal so it is thicker than the pedal and that you push down onto the pedal, but your heel is padded from the towel.  I've never tried it so can't say how it works, but I just have the tips of the toes my pedal and it works fine. 


Food pedal, hee hee. Mine's an Infinity...
I've used a Dictaphone foot pedal, too, but it came with the Dictaphone. Try searching on E-bay for foot pedals or Infinity foot pedals.
It's very compatible with Word, and quite
similar to Autotext/Autocorrect.  That's why I like it better than IT.  Download the free 3-day trial offer to see how you like it.
SmartType compatible with DQS
Has anyone had any luck getting SmartType to work with MQ DQS?
No you don't have to buy it. If you don't have a compatible player - sm
that can play "PlayAll" files then they will supply the PlayAll XTRA player, though they do ask you send them a CD for it I believe. They supply the WP DOS 5.1, Stedman's Spellcheck via email. That is why I said don't let the question throw you, you don't have to buy anything.....unless you are new of course, then you will need a footpedal. Bytescribe is compatible with the sound files and that is what I use, I also have a copy of the PlayAll which I use to pull up the file information I need to transcribe, but it won't work if you have Bytescribe on your computer. I love my Bytescribe so it stays. They will train in in the use of WP 5.1 and they hire newbies too. I started to work for them with 2 months of experience....it will be 4 years in May since I began working for them. As I said good people, I appreciate them as much as they appreciate me.
Won't work, new IT Pro V is now compatible with
expander compatible
Shorthand runs with meditech
eScription isn't compatible yet . nm
bayscribe is compatible.