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Thanks! I've been told Infinity works with (sm)

Posted By: CAMT on 2007-04-15
In Reply to: I have 2 USB footpedals, one from StartStop and one from ...sm... - everydayearthling

the new platform I will be working on, I just needed to make sure it would work with my Start-Stop. I really did not want to have to get a new media player as well. Thanks again!

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Should have added below that my Infinity USB pedal works with it as well.

I use an Infinity and it works fine with ExpressScribe. (nm)
Bought Infinity foot pedal 9 pin and works with Expresscribe.
Specifically what foot pedal did you buy and why can't Expresscribe help you if you bought it from them?
Yes, I was also told to completely delete Works.
i've been told ...

I dunno much about this neither -- I just do what I'm told.  :/  I use a VPN connection.  when I want to get tech help from the online system, I have to have my wireless laptop hard wired to be connected.   so I was told.  so that's what I do. it seems that might be a clue in the puzzle, but I can't take it any further.  :)


I've been told to do it "-cillins"
I've told many accounts . . .
I have no problem with people who do it  for less - they know what their work is worth, and clients have come to agree with me and want to come back.  It cost them!
I've been told to use them in one account

and then another account I've been told I use too many....  

So much for trying to be perfect...  

I've always been told to put 2. Even if not paid for - sm
2, since I have to proof-read everything before sending out, and 1 space makes it harder to read, I put 2 for my own ease of editing, in addition to it just looking better and more professional with 2.
I've never been told of any shortcuts to do this. Sure
I've been told by recruiters and HR people that
they've never met anyone who scored 100% before.  I did!  Poor little uneducated lifeguard me.  No little MT certificate.  Oh, no!
You should've just told the person who gave
that you took the clothes you couldn't use to Goodwill and that your other friend bought them at Goodwill. Nothing she could do about that one!!! She'd have to tell Goodwill not to sell stuff to her and you know that wouldn't fly.

You did the right thing, though, and I probably would've done the same. This way you can continue to be friends with both without getting in the middle of things or causing hard feelings. :)
Thanks. I've told the same things to my kids about

Teasers in school.  They just do it because they have no life, no self-esteem and they just try and feed off the misery of others or try to make themselves look better than everyone else.

It's very sad and so pathetic, but it carries on with these types through what is supposed to be adulthood.

I've always been told to put those in even when using 'the patient' for everything
I've been told most errors are connection sm
related and media player related.  This is for Windows XP. Remove all media players except the Windows media player.  Wordclient conflicts with other media players.  Also remove any of those browser toolbars like Yahoo. Go into your Control Panel Add or Remove Programs to find them and remove them through the control panel. Then, go to start-run-msconfig and click on the tab marked startup. Uncheck all the boxes except for your virus protection and click okay then restart. I had to do that to get rid of the errors and now I go in once a week to make sure the settings stay.  I seldom have a problem now, maybe once or twice a week, not 10 times a day like I did before.
I've told about 100 people total. THEY DON'T
Hmm interesting, I've been using this one, works well for me!!

You may wanna try this instead - similar concept. Its called "Medical Transcription Word Seeker." I've been using this for close to a year now. Here's the link.


You're welcome, hope it works for you! I've used
Instant Text, but only briefly. It seems to be "bug-y" on my system. I usually have at least two or three documents open in Word at a time and when I switch back and forth using F6, IT screws up my being able to switch between documents easily, also when using IE I don't like the adjustments I have to make with my mouse to get the screen back to how I need it to be when Instant Text. I started with PRD+ for DOS a long, long time ago, used it for years until I switch to Shortcut for DOS, then made the switch to Windows and started with ShortCut for Windows. I used that program for about nine months before finding Shorthand. I really liked Shortcut but it has it's limitations with coding. I love ShortHand the most of the three programs mentioned. It's easy to use, I can duplicate easily, a really nice feature that I wish IT had. I also tried SmartType. It wasn't user friendly, or at least I couldn't figure it out! I think it may have been bug-y with my system or something. Anyway, long story short, I love Shorthand, it's easy to use but one can do rather complex things using it. Oh, and that little box that follows around on the screen showing what my short will be when I expand it is a great feature!
I've had a bad back for years and nothing works better...sm
for me than heat.  I have a chair pad that heats and/or vibrates.  I don't use the vibrator much because the noise is distracting, but the heat works wonders.  Sometimes if the pain is real high around my shoulders, I just drape a heating pad over the top of my chair.....also keeps me warm and toasty in the winter time.
I've just used the wav player part, and it works fine.
I have not heard good things about the rest of the product. I have used Winscribe wav pedal with RIS Logic for radiology. Terrific combination!
I've heard C-phone with VOIP works well (sm)
and a lot cheaper, too.  Forget the costly unlimited long distance and business plans!  It may be a good idea to have another phone-line as a backup for your C-phone in case DSL/cable goes down.
I've been told, "Work harder and faster, and you'll make more." Not kidding. nm
This is the best site I've found about treating fibromyalgia. It works for me, maybe it will for

I was told I needed 2 phone lines, but was told I was dialing into the doctors' system. What woul

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I use an Infinity USB.  Mine doesn't seem that way, but I've used it a long long time.  Maybe it's just because your pedal is new?  I can vaguely remember when I started using the one I use now thinking the same thing you're saying, however. 
i just use an infinity one.
Infinity wav pedal
The Infinity wav pedal comes in three configurations, IN-USB-1, IN-BMG (15 pin) & IN-DB9 (9pin).

What wav player program are you using, Express Scribe?

Have you upgraded your operating system?

800 561 8106
I use an Infinity-USB with mine.
I have Infinity pedals

I have two Infinity foot pedals and just ordered a new one recently for my laptop, a USB from Jay Vance (who posts  on another MT Forum). It was $79 including shipping and I had it in about three business days. I was very pleased with the price and his service. You may contact him at: info@vancedigital.com

I have an old Infinity that still works but needs to be sprayed with silicone I think as it squeaks after many years of use but it still works. :)

Mine is an Infinity
and has worked with everything I have tried it with
I like my Infinity pedals. nm
I use my USB Infinity pedal..nm
Infinity pedal
I use the same pedal I used with DQS with MQ.  It's Infinity.  If you want the specifics, I can look them up.  In Emdat you will have to do a pedal wizard thing to get it going.  I thought it wasn't "taking" because it was so simply.  I was doing and then undoing what I'd did.  When it says to press the pedal.  You simply step on an off of it and not keeping holding it down, which is what I also did and others have done I believe.  In other words, complicating an easy task which I do!
The pedal is Infinity IN-USB-1.

The headphone, and I have tried several, plugs into the little audio hole on the computer.  The OS is XP.  I hope that covers it.


I use an Infinity USB with version 8 - nm
I told you once, I told you twice, eTransPlus is going down the drain!
Don't expect communication from anyone, we are only little "peons."
Full Word is in the Works "Suite," not plain Works.
Works saves files in a different format, but you can open them in Word if you have the correct filter installed.
99% of the pedals are made my Infinity
and look alike, though the wiring configuration can be very different.   I currently had 3 pedals and 2 will work with ExpressScribe, but they won't work with other software programs as they are wired to work with proprietary software. 
My foot pedal says Infinity on it. (sm)
A lot of people refer to a wave foot player as any basically any pedal, but there is an actual brand that is a WAVpedal.  You can use Google and find a lot of answers that way.
Infinity or what kind of pedal??
How do you know what kind of pedal you have?  I see no markings on mine to identify it.  I see you all talking all the time about them, but don't know what I have except that it hooks into a USB port.  ??  Can you tell me how to identify?  Thanks. 
Can anyone help with Infinity foot pedal??

Help! Just bought a used infinity foot pedal, works fine with Express Scribe but can't figure out how to get it to work with DSS. I don't have a serial port that it will fit into in my computer, but have it plugged in with an adapter/USB plug. I have Olympus DSS player 2002 software installed on my computer and tried to play an old file and it would not work. I need to be able to play wav files. Help!


Infinity USB pedal is a common one. See that and others
Infinity Foot Pedal
I have a brand new Infinity foot pedal I have never used if you are needing one.  Please write me back.  Thanks Mary
Thanks. I was looking at the Infinity USB VE-INUSB model
Just trying to convince myself that was what I should get.  It's nice to know I'm not the only one around on a Saturday night!  Thanks again.
Infinity Foot Pedal
Can someone please help!!  I can't seem to program my foot pedal for back space or fast forward.  I can use the "F" keys but would like to use the pedal only.  No matter where I press all I get is current dictation.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.
editscript/infinity footpedal

Has anyone been successful in using the Infinity USB footpedal with editscript? If so, could you outline the steps to do it?

Thanks a ton!