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I just did the same thing back in August - sm

Posted By: Laura E. on 2007-12-14
In Reply to: Tracfone..sm - Becky

upgraded my "old" phone and bought a new flip phone for $20 at Dollar General (they wanted $50 on-line for the same phone. Called and had my minutes transfered, now all calls are 1 "unit" a call no matter where I am (was most 2 on my old one as I was usually roaming when I used it). I also got the double minutes for life plan, so all I have to do now is the yearly connection fee ($99), still a lot cheaper than buying and signing up for a 2-year contract anywhere else. The only difference I see with my new phone is it does not work as well as the old one did (it seems to work in more areas); but it works very well at home (the old one barely worked here if at all), just cuts out around the kids school and south of there (very remote there). Great phone to have for anyone who only uses it for emergencies or quick calls like, "oh, do we need milk, I am at the store." type stuff.

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In North Alabama, school starts back August 4th. We get out the end of May.
I do the same thing. Then when the report is finished, I scan back through
the whole report to make sure I didn't leave any stop code markers behind, and listen to each blank once again.
Waiting for QA to get back to you about 1 simple thing and not being able to move on.
QA that is so picky it makes you go back and relisten to the whole thing.
when it causes people to live in fear of losing their jobs because they get a major error from doing a new specialty, you wish you weren't helping out on the new specialty, and tend to turn off the computer.
I think August 9th -
Will be 29 in August here.. nm
Not till August 30 here
This August will be 35 years. sm

More recently multispecialty clinic, previous to that hospital.

Not until August 31st! Heeeeelp!! :)

Heart cath in August - $14K+ !!! nm
August 28th :-( no message
Houston...August 16th. NM
I don't know the particular MD, but I had plastic surgery in August. sm
What I did was talk to nurses. Nurses are a wealth of info, and they really know the docs. In my talking to nurses, I even found a few who had chosen the surgeon for themselves. I'm not shy, so I'll tell you that I had breast reduction surgery. Aside from my talking to nurses who worked in anesthesia, surgery, and oncology departments, I also spent a good amount of time with the doc. I made sure he was board certified, asked lots of detailed questions, and he also showed me photos of previous patients and the results of the surgery. He showed me photos of both good and bad results, which was a really good thing. There are risks to any surgery, and it's good to actually see what can go wrong.
It took a while, but it really paid off on the end. My surgeon and I communicated well, and I'm very happy with the results of my surgery.
I asked in early August to change
accounts and was told NO. I also have a very difficult account with mostly ESL docs and residents, who ask you to go back and correct a million things or stay on there saying umm, umm, umm.

Would love to switch accounts or offices - something. I don't want to quit.
Well I DID have bleeding with my ectopic pregnancy in August, so it is possible.
An early ultrasound at the hospital was incorrectly read at the hospital as intrauterine, but when my OB/GYN did another ultrasound, it was ectopic.
Sept 5 - have a calm August up ahead - sm
the last 2 months have been nuts with Dr. appts (eye, dentist, oncologist, regular checkups); only have 2 scheduled this month, yeah, and only 1 weekend trip. Try to do some local stuff in the remaining month we have though if we don't fry first. Hit 100 today here in VA (NE of Richmond); it's 99 now and 5:30 p.m. NUTS!!!
40 degrees in August? Where do you live? Even Alaska is warm now.
Here in Cherokee County Alabama August 8 is first student day.
My DH works at the local school and he has been getting ready.
It slows down every August and January on both ER accounts that I have. This time sm
of year is the worst. I forget about it every year until it happens again. It usually picks up again at the end of August and then is really busy until the end of the year. It slows down a bit (not much) in the beginning of January and then is really, really busy until mid to late July into August.

I have been doing this for 13 years and the only year ever that it did not happen to me was last summer. Not sure why, but both hospitals stayed busy the entire 2006.

You have to work in their Harrison office. I contacted them in August, but I live across the
I filed for an extension and paid nothing until August 15th. No penalty for that, just interest. nm
Started yesterday, August 1st...balance calender year in Tennessee..nm
August 24th. Can't wait for those bigger paychecks I'll get when I have fewer interuptions!

With short arms, I need chair with shallow seat, good back support and high back. Want arm rests
OK! I'm glad you're back down here. Now don't go back up there and read those evil posts ag
Okay? But I have to leave you now, sadly. Thousands of noble dictating doctors are anxiously awaiting my help with their "dictations"....They're all loading up on chips, drinking lots of soda so they can burp, and then have to go to the bathroom...You know the routine! Off I go to earn some pennies!! But, truly, I am thankful that I have a job!
PS.. It apparently worked..I heard back and already submitted the paperwork back.

I'm not sure how many people they are hiring but you shouldn't stress too hard over it. Do the best you can.

Ebonics: Not a black thing or white thing. (sm)

I don't think there's any cause to get upset or defensive here.  Look it up on line...even colleges are offering courses in Ebonics!  ...well of course they are more sociology-type courses, but still, people are PAYING to learn about the why's and how's of this "other" language.

A quote from one of the sites I found:

"UT-Austin's "Introduction to the Study of African American English," teaches students that the sentence, "Nobody didn't leave" is not "mainstream English with mistakes," but rather a legitimate English dialect. "Ebonics: Myth and Facts" and "African-American English" are both offered at Harvard. Penn and UCLA also promote Ebonics as a legitimate dialect in, "Introduction to African American and Latino English" and "Afro-American Sociolinguistics: Black English," respectively."

Here's the link: http://www.academia.org/campus_reports/2002/september_2002_2.html


I would not do them back to back - I have done 2 and 3 jobs at the same time -- all PT - sm
It is possible to do of course but you will burn out fast. Now I do one almost FT (about 30 hours a week) and the other is about 8-10 hours a week-- I still get beat doing that and that is w/o set hours. I find that the older I get the harder it is to work late and I am only 40! But a mid afternoon 30-minute cat nap helps a lot in order to keep going on busy days.
How do you set your computer back 1 day. I messed something up and need to go back 1 day.
Yes, you get back to work now. Go back to
some routine, and it does start to hurt less. I know  And remember, she is still there at work with you. Always will be. I figure at this point I have a whole herd of loved dogs under my desk each day - along with a couple horses, hamsters, parakeets, rabbits...If only I could see them - must be quite a happy zoo! But I know they are all there I sense their love.
Best thing - I am my own boss and my own emloyee, worse thing - I am my own boss and my own


A "man" thing? What the heck is a "man thing?"

"I was told it was a "MAN" thing and everyone does it (i guess all men)"

whenever anyone takes an action and relates it to a whole gender and then tags on everyone does it....well, I guess there's your answer

Can't anyway. Just get them back. sm

I actually tried to dump a report today, which I never do, because it somehow got into my pool in error (not my area of expertise), but it jumped right back up at me after the next report.  So I decided to just do it.  I don't know how well I did, but I did it.  It was over 150 lines long and took me forever.  Lo and behold, 5 reports later, same guy, same type of report 145 lines. Second time around was easier and faster though.  The way I see it is that if I get negative feedback, I'll let them know that those kind of reports really shouldn't come my way.

But cherry picking for line count is just plain wrong.

I did, but then I came back to it.

The other jobs I took involved quite a bit of computer use, too.  I got tired of the office politics and other garbage, so I'm doing MT again.  Now, I prop my keyboard up with a block of wood, although you can use a telescoping keyboard drawer/shelf to do the same thing.  I have a habit of letting my wrists rest on the keyboard, so I had to modify it to get my hands into the proper position.  It might have helped if I had taken piano lessons.  LOL  The only time my wrists ache now is if I work too much, which has been the case lately.  I don't know if it would be helpful for you to try.  I've been doing data entry or some form of computer input work for 17 years now, so I'm hoping carpal tunnel or repetitive motion injury isn't definitely in my future.

Going WAY back here
It's been a long time and I'm not "up" on the lingo, but by reformatting, do you mean you re-indexed?

I would go into whatever function that is where you can re-index all files or functions and do that.

If you still have problems, it might be that a file has been corrupted somewhere. That happened to me on that program a couple times. I'm not sure if it was the dictionary, but something somewhere stopped working right and I had to reload the entire program.

Be SURE to back up your autokeys immediately just in case you have to reinstall the program.

Can I get back to you about this later?

It used to be that we were treated as valued employees, treated with dignity, and actually felt like the higher-ups gave a damn about us.  Length of service meant something and those who were dependable never had to worry about running out of work.  I knew I would be taken care of.  Never did we get cheap plastic crap as a Christmas present - we got real, thoughtful presents to show their appreciation for the hard work that they knew we did.  It's pretty much like night and day - nobody gives a damn anymore about us.  It used to be the only thing I knew I could depend on to be stable in my life was my job.  Not anymore. 
Yes, they could pay us better back then
because they weren't paying 2 people for one job (speaking of QA here). If you weren't a good, accurate transcriptionist, you didn't have a job.
Way back
I never heard the word at the time. It was fabulous! No turnaround time. I could shop all day and work all night. The service I worked for told me she wished she had 10 of me! Nice? Christmas parties and $100 bonuses! Flowers when a relative died. It was fun!
I think I might even go back further...
I recall using white-out and yellow-out for carbon copies (the REAL carbon copies) which had to be corrected separately. OH my... but I'm afraid I don't miss all that at all! LOL. I think it was okay to use the white-out until a couple years later, or maybe 10? Yeah, I'm old.

And 8 or 9 books? Did they even make that many back then? I can recall having a PDR and a word book that was separated into specialities. Oh, and the surgical word book. It was red. I am visualizing it now.

My form of research was more like finding the chart and going from there. Ah, but that was before production. Remember those days?

I wish I could remember the name of the first word processor I used. It was a mess!! More trouble than it was worth, but on the cutting edge of technology... and I was there!!

And here I am now, an MT dinosaur, getting ready to start using ASR...

Yeah, DixieDew, we have come a long way.

But miss it? Do you remember the noise those Selectrics made? And I complain sometimes because I can't stand the clicking of the keyboard when I have barely audible dictations.

One more thing... and please tell me if you miss this... "Standard" reports that you had to copy type instead of just having them appear on your screen with a few keystrokes. I used to HATE standard reports to the point of tears!

Okay, my ranting and reminiscing is done for now.

Thanks for the walk down memory lane. :)
Come back
That Alice was bad, bad, bad. Are you and "her" coming back tonight though?
I will back you up too

I was told the same about two years ago by recruiter in Midwest.  She did not give specifics, but basically said that the full time employees would get priority if the work was low. 


I wish they would come back!
No doubt Zipper, Chucky, MQLOVER, and Frankie Boy made this board alive - I would rather laugh in hysterics with their words than to listen to the same ol, same ol'!

By the way, admin confirmed it was not the same person posing as all of them!
You never go back
Truly - once you make the switch, it is absolutely impossible to switch back to a standard. Give yourself a couple of days is all.
I know .....been there....won't go back.
A person can only take so much hurt ......I keep my distance now. Family can hurt you the most because you love them the most. For me, it is easier and less hurtful to pull back and keep my distance. The less I know, the better off I am.

My children and I always were disregarded in a similar manner. We just see some family members on holidays. I tell my kids, mommy and daddy will always remember you and give you gifts...not to look elsewhere for them.

Be proud of your sons..they are real gentleman and not materialistic. It hurts, but guess what, they will be stronger for it.

Hugs and more hugs to you!
Yep, I would back off..
When she's 18, nothing you can do about it anyway. There are lots more important issues at this time of her life, and she sounds like a good kid! My 18-year-old graduated last year, and as soon as he did, he dyed his shoulder-length brown hair completely white and started dressing in all black. It never amounted to anything but an outward appearance, and he's a good kid, too! So try to keep it in if you can, Mom!
I have a complete back up system of everything I use, computer, transcribers, foot pedal, etc.  When I buy a new one I keep the older one for back up.  Buy a new computer every three years.  It has come in handy when things happen as without them I make no money.  Also have a place I can go and work should I be without power.  That is just me. 
Back at Ya
Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving to you also.

Better back then
Made way better back then. All used gross line count. Worked for smaller, friendlier services, had better dictators, thoroughly enjoyed work. Made approximately $50,000-$60,000 a year back then. Some days now even hate to touch it because of the way it has become.
going back...
As the other 2 posters said, finishing the dictation and then going back to listen to the blanks works best for me. Most of the time I can hear it then. If I'm really get uptight and frustrated with the job, I'll walk away for a minute or two and come back - sometimes just a "mini break" is all it takes.
really going back
remember the old belts before they even had cassettes? 1967-68 or thereabouts?