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Not till August 30 here

Posted By: and I cant wait that long! on 2005-08-11
In Reply to: Anyone else dying for school to start? (sm) - SM


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You don't really know what you'd do till it happens. I know how you feel SM

now, but you just wait until you have the traumatic amputation. It's not a death. It's losing a part of you. It feels so horrible as to be indescribable. I was wishing I could get married again after a month, just so I'd have something else to think about.

Of course I got over that pretty quickly, but it sure made me understand why people do that.

Never say never.

Exactly what my DH used to say till he hung out with me for a while. - nm

I worked 6:00 p.m. till 2:00 a.m. doing
were young; that way I was home with them during the day and once DH got home, I would go to work.  My advice is not to do it.  You miss out on too much.  Be there in the evenings with your family and if your MT job dries up, you'll find something else when the time comes.  For now enjoy being able to be home with them.  Insurance isn't everything.
I think August 9th -
Will be 29 in August here.. nm
It's _always_ done that to me. Till today, LOL. nm
Unbelievable. Just wait till she gets to
be an old timer.

I plan on doing this till I am in a wheelchair on a Roho Cushion, Foley Catheter, IV fluids and therapy massaging me.

SS won't do it.

So wait till I send in my resume claiming 50 years experience.
Thanks! I can't wait till they get it hooked up.
Also-my attitute has been positive till now-
Hope this doesn't happen to you
This August will be 35 years. sm

More recently multispecialty clinic, previous to that hospital.

(good job on "methinks"). I never had an opinion about this till SM

my friend hit the charts. I know people do it. I never have because I'm just not that much into music.

High horse or no high horse - you can't just say you're "owed music" because you've bought CDs in the past. You can't say it's not stealing, because it is.

Now if you don't mind stealing, that's another thing, and most people don't appear to think this is stealing for one reason or another.

But even if you think record labels are greedy hogs and you resent the amount of money they make when you buy a CD, it still doesn't make rationalizing your theft right. No matter what you say.

I do a LOT of things wrong. I am so NOT on my high horse it isn't even funny. But I have strong feelings folks working and starving for ten years just to get picked up by a record label, only to have their work stolen. You can call it what you like and you can say I'm not a cool person all day long (I'm really not!) but you can't say you aren't stealing what doesn't belong to you.

Not until August 31st! Heeeeelp!! :)

Heart cath in August - $14K+ !!! nm
August 28th :-( no message
Houston...August 16th. NM
I don't know the particular MD, but I had plastic surgery in August. sm
What I did was talk to nurses. Nurses are a wealth of info, and they really know the docs. In my talking to nurses, I even found a few who had chosen the surgeon for themselves. I'm not shy, so I'll tell you that I had breast reduction surgery. Aside from my talking to nurses who worked in anesthesia, surgery, and oncology departments, I also spent a good amount of time with the doc. I made sure he was board certified, asked lots of detailed questions, and he also showed me photos of previous patients and the results of the surgery. He showed me photos of both good and bad results, which was a really good thing. There are risks to any surgery, and it's good to actually see what can go wrong.
It took a while, but it really paid off on the end. My surgeon and I communicated well, and I'm very happy with the results of my surgery.
I just did the same thing back in August - sm
upgraded my "old" phone and bought a new flip phone for $20 at Dollar General (they wanted $50 on-line for the same phone. Called and had my minutes transfered, now all calls are 1 "unit" a call no matter where I am (was most 2 on my old one as I was usually roaming when I used it). I also got the double minutes for life plan, so all I have to do now is the yearly connection fee ($99), still a lot cheaper than buying and signing up for a 2-year contract anywhere else. The only difference I see with my new phone is it does not work as well as the old one did (it seems to work in more areas); but it works very well at home (the old one barely worked here if at all), just cuts out around the kids school and south of there (very remote there). Great phone to have for anyone who only uses it for emergencies or quick calls like, "oh, do we need milk, I am at the store." type stuff.
i dont blame you at all. If you buy a product you should be able to use it till at least the foot p
I wonder if you can copy it from one computer and burn it on a disk so you can have a backup. I will try that and see.
Wait till they steal our information, sell it and
our identities are stolen. This is not right because if any of us had a choice, we would not want our records of any kind going overseas to be managed or transcribed, etc. I think this violates our privacy big time and should be actively brought to the attention of all the stupid government officials. Wait till they have someone steal their identity or money or whatever. Think they will rethink this. Shame something has to happen to the rich folks before anyone will do anything about tightening things and even if they did enact laws, would these overseas companies abide by them. NOT.

I just think when the whole population ends up on the street, they won't be able to hide it then. I feel sorry for the generations to come. How would they save anything for retirement. I can't even do that.
Everyday thing for me. I work till sleepy, then set my SM

phone not my clock to ring. I get about 5 hours every night, have for years.

If you disliked Wal-Mart before, wait till you hear this..
I can't find a link yet, but this morning on cable news they did a story about a "glitch" on their website.  You know how if you click on a DVD title, many websites will say "you might also like" and then they show a list of titles that might be of the same genre or interest as the title you requested.  It's a marketing tactic to get  people to perhaps buy something in addition to what they're looking for.  Well, apparently if you click on The Planet Of The Apes series (original movies) you get a list of movies featuring black actors only *they probably corrected it by now).    Wal-Mart claims it was a computer glitch, but I'm not buying it for a second.  Probably a lone prankster did the links but who knows.  Either way it's baaaaaaaaad.
Betsy - used to be my name till I legally changed to Elizabeth.

I like MT - wasn't gonna answer till I saw the board cop here. :-) nm
I asked in early August to change
accounts and was told NO. I also have a very difficult account with mostly ESL docs and residents, who ask you to go back and correct a million things or stay on there saying umm, umm, umm.

Would love to switch accounts or offices - something. I don't want to quit.
Well I DID have bleeding with my ectopic pregnancy in August, so it is possible.
An early ultrasound at the hospital was incorrectly read at the hospital as intrauterine, but when my OB/GYN did another ultrasound, it was ectopic.
Sept 5 - have a calm August up ahead - sm
the last 2 months have been nuts with Dr. appts (eye, dentist, oncologist, regular checkups); only have 2 scheduled this month, yeah, and only 1 weekend trip. Try to do some local stuff in the remaining month we have though if we don't fry first. Hit 100 today here in VA (NE of Richmond); it's 99 now and 5:30 p.m. NUTS!!!
How can we learn this neat stuff if it's not in the help menu? We have to wait till
well, excuuuuse me. I didn't realize it had been deleted till after my first post
Should've held out for the candy bar and refuse to leave till you get it!

Just wait till you're 10+ years into it and getting paid half of that.
40 degrees in August? Where do you live? Even Alaska is warm now.
Here in Cherokee County Alabama August 8 is first student day.
My DH works at the local school and he has been getting ready.
It slows down every August and January on both ER accounts that I have. This time sm
of year is the worst. I forget about it every year until it happens again. It usually picks up again at the end of August and then is really busy until the end of the year. It slows down a bit (not much) in the beginning of January and then is really, really busy until mid to late July into August.

I have been doing this for 13 years and the only year ever that it did not happen to me was last summer. Not sure why, but both hospitals stayed busy the entire 2006.

You have to work in their Harrison office. I contacted them in August, but I live across the
In North Alabama, school starts back August 4th. We get out the end of May.
I filed for an extension and paid nothing until August 15th. No penalty for that, just interest. nm
Started yesterday, August 1st...balance calender year in Tennessee..nm
August 24th. Can't wait for those bigger paychecks I'll get when I have fewer interuptions!