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I just knitted a sweater & am knitting socks - still fat ,

Posted By: no hope!!! on 2005-11-08
In Reply to: Try knitting or crochet, something to keep your hands busy, or get - take up a hobby

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don't forget to bring a sweater

last outside evening wedding I went to was a little chilly. Hopefully they will provide some form of mosquito repellent!

I crocheted a baby's hooded sweater last year at this time.
Had a heck of a time with it...kept sewing it until I got it right, Had To! LOL.  The one side of the hood was right on at first crack, but the other side of the hood looked outrageous at first, LOL, had to undo and redo a few times.  Arrgghhh.  You'll get it, just keep on keepin' on!  
Beading and knitting are popular
right now. I've been doing both separately and in combination for longer than I care to admit but they are *in* again. Glass mosaics and polymer clay are another couple of things I've been dabbling in for a while. There are just so many options, it's hard to suggest just 1 thing. Maybe you could take her on a *date* to some of the craft stores like Joanne Fabrics or Michael's and see what she seems interested in. If she finds the right hobby to suit her personality and talent, I predict she will be totally addicted (like so many of us) so watch out! Then again, she is lucky she has you to enable her. LOL Good luck!
Anyone try heated socks?

I have alot of trouble with arthritis and stiffness in my ankles probably from years of pressing a foot pedal and was thinking of trying battery operated heated socks, like they sell for hunters, fishermen, etc.  Just wondered if anyone else has ever tried them and how they work.  My poor feet hurt so bad tonight, I wish I had a pair here now. 

Try knitting or crochet, something to keep your hands busy, or get

fat-free/sugar-free hard candies to suck on.  The walking is a great idea and I know it is hard to get started.  Try to find a friend or neighbor you can walk with the neighborhood with after the kids have left for school or at night after dinner.   Once you start losing weight, you get some fresh air, and are just more relaxed you'll want to walk and it won't be a chore.  / / / congrats on stopping smoking.  


I've been knitting about a year. Keep buying
yarn, not enough time to knit.    I'm trying to learn to crochet too.  Doesn't look as nice as knitting usually, but I do lots of charity work and it goes much faster than knitting, easier to fix mistakes too. 
Knock their socks off, Dizzi. (nm)
Glad to hear that my adult knitting friends and I are "trashy."
I put a heating pad in front of my pedal on low. Socks don't work 4 me.
Only during the summer. Wild colored toe socks in winter.
I wear cotton socks all year, no matter how hot or cold. :) nm
Dogs: Maggie and Slade, Cat: Kitty (official is Socks)- sm
Time, Vegetarian Times, Creative Knitting, Money, Today's Nutrition. nm