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Knock their socks off, Dizzi. (nm)

Posted By: Misha on 2007-06-19
In Reply to: Chalk one up for the American MT - sm - dizzi


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Anyone try heated socks?

I have alot of trouble with arthritis and stiffness in my ankles probably from years of pressing a foot pedal and was thinking of trying battery operated heated socks, like they sell for hunters, fishermen, etc.  Just wondered if anyone else has ever tried them and how they work.  My poor feet hurt so bad tonight, I wish I had a pair here now. 

Knock Yourself out - Get others to do the same
I am sure 30 MILLION people and all the new college graduates would appreciate it.
I just knitted a sweater & am knitting socks - still fat ,

I put a heating pad in front of my pedal on low. Socks don't work 4 me.
Only during the summer. Wild colored toe socks in winter.
Maybe it was a knock-off from a mall kiosk.
Knock-Out tablets baby
They're by Schiff - has melatonin, valerian, calcium, magnesium. Benadryl makes my heart beat fast so I was happy to find these. Try vitacost.com for a good price.
Find a dentist who will knock you out! Had it done
why do some women knock childrearing?

I think that mothers that can stay at home while working and raising a kid or two is wonderful, and YES being an MT mom at home is a career. I've spent many many years in the workforce outside the home, single and married, with and without kids. Not all of us working moms fit the stereotype (if there is one) that we don't know how to find jobs outside of being an MT at home. I have a BS degree from a real accredited university and everything (one I'm sure everyone has heard of), plus what I learned from MT schooling. I'm not trying to say I'm sooo smart or anything, but just trying to shoot down the idea about stay-at-home moms not caring about careers or anything, just pumping out the kids. I am not a supplement to my husband's income. We absolutely need what I bring in financially. I took a pay cut when I was making as much as my husband at one point outside the home because I wanted to have a career that I loved while raising kids. I didn't want my kids being raised by strangers in daycare. So there to all of you who look down at MT moms.


Give it a shot, but don't knock yourself out.

Just adopt a steady, calm exterior as you perform both jobs.  I would not try to get it all done.  I would do what I could but not frantically.  That's all you can physically do.  They can't expect all of it to get done with all of those interruptions.  It's not conducive to doing good work for either "hat" you are wearing. 

And since they are so fond of doubling up duties, tell them you'd like a free Pap smear, since they are doctors and went to med school.  Sheesh.  This is the most put-upon career, and it never stops to astonish me what new lows people will go to, to cheat us.  They must be good limbo dancers. 

Good luck to you. 

I wear cotton socks all year, no matter how hot or cold. :) nm
Dogs: Maggie and Slade, Cat: Kitty (official is Socks)- sm
Could we knock off the diagnostics, please? They're not helpful. nm
I use Word 2000 and have had no problems. (knock on wood).
I used to run it with Microsoft Office, but had too many problems so got rid of MS Office and just run 2000. I have been lucky that when I get .tmp file, I can just delete it. I got so mad when that would happen I was always doing a system restore. What a mess. I got rid of the MS Office and things settled down. I hope this helps.