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Anyone try heated socks?

Posted By: Medtype10 on 2006-09-30
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I have alot of trouble with arthritis and stiffness in my ankles probably from years of pressing a foot pedal and was thinking of trying battery operated heated socks, like they sell for hunters, fishermen, etc.  Just wondered if anyone else has ever tried them and how they work.  My poor feet hurt so bad tonight, I wish I had a pair here now. 

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Knock their socks off, Dizzi. (nm)
I just knitted a sweater & am knitting socks - still fat ,

I put a heating pad in front of my pedal on low. Socks don't work 4 me.
Only during the summer. Wild colored toe socks in winter.
Heated keyboard
Heated Keyboard
There's always the new heated keyboards. You can set the temperature of the keys to as high as 100 degress F.

Be the first to get the first heated keyboard

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I wear cotton socks all year, no matter how hot or cold. :) nm
Dogs: Maggie and Slade, Cat: Kitty (official is Socks)- sm
Are there ergo heated keyboards? nt
Ergo Heated Keyboards
I'm afraid I haven't seen any ergonomic heated keyboards. In fact, I think there is only one heated style that's really out so far. I think there will be more soon though. Between cold offices, Raynaud's and more people using keyboards, something better should be along soon. In the meantime, the heated wrist rest http://www.raynauds.org/offers/ThermalRest.cfm looks like a possible alternative.
GEEZZZZ!!!! What a heated debate about homeschooling!...
Man, this is surely a hot topic! Everyone certainly has their own opinion. In the end, you just have to do for your child what you feel is right. Each child is so different, and you are the only one who REALLY knows YOUR child. Some children flourish in the public school system. Some do not for whatever reason. My first two childen went to public school.

My third (ADHD) WANTED to go to public school, but just couldn't handle it, no matter how much medication and how much counseling, and ended up being homeschooled through the internet for 6,7,8, and begged to try the 2,000 kid high school, so she did. Total disaster. Constant phone calls from the school (same as in grade school) and a 1.6 GPA. She then went back to homeschool through the local alternative school, got a 4.0 GPA. Begged to try the high school again for Junior year. Even worst disaster. 0.6 GPA. She flunked everything she couldn't bring HOME to do. Flunked floral design, basketball, swimming, ceramics, band. Passed all the academics, English, history, science. She is now back to homeschooling through the alternative school, but is allowed to go to the high school dances and walk down the isle for graduation, so she is not too unhappy with that. Good luck to you, whatever you choose.
Leftover delivery pizza from last night, heated in sm
microwave.  Sausage, mushroom, fresh tomatoes.  Such a good place I found locally.  Can't resist them.
Not biting ... it's been discussed in heated detail on about pg 3 of this board. haha
I second that.. That's what makes America so great... vibrant, spirited, even heated debate.