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I sent her an email stating AAMT didn't endore a line since 1998 and she bit my head off!

Posted By: YIKES on 2006-02-09
In Reply to: 8 cents a line for Rad-Please!!! - Babe


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It means I saw an email stating this, but it was not addressed to me.
They at least owed you a call/email stating they would not -
After being in contact with an applicant, having them fill out a form, etc., it's just plain rude to give them no feedback whatsoever. What if an applicant let another job pass by while waiting for this one, thinking it was a better job and that because things had gone well on the phone conversation, that the application process would at least continue. Very unfair to you, and very rude of the employer.
1) do you have a contract stating line counting and line rate,sm
if you look at the IRS website it's pretty clear what constitutes IC versus SE versus employee. You might want to photocopy that along with a copy of your contract with your next invoice and also put on the invoice any monies due from past invoices they "changed"...maybe catch more flies with honey than vinegar. Good luck!
Didn't you guys sign a contract stating what and how you were paid?
I took that psych test, stupid. I got an email stating basically I didnt meet their needs or somethi
like that, but I know it was because the stupid psyche exam.
I don't understand. I didn't get email from MT Stars, I got email from offshore people
is what I'm talking about. I'm not a liar and take offense to your insinuation.
Head's up! AAMT Task Force has posted about their name change
I know some posters here are members who may be interested for various reasons.  :-)
Never head of TransAmerica and didn't find
anything googling, but if they are TramsAm Associated out of Florida they are as crooked as the day is long.  If you search through the archives you'll find lots about them and you won't find one good word.  It will cost you to work for them.  
Off in the head, maybe - took 150 minutes. Grrr. Didn't want it. Couldn't turn it down. nm
I didn't notice George Lopez head but I think I noticed Dave because he is
skinny and standing next to Carmen E. you can't help but notice how out of proportion it is. He is a bobble head.
Anyone else get an email from aamt about REGISTERED MT beta test?
Seems pretty stupid to me.
AAMT didn't cause conditions to plummet BUT
when they sold us out and went to India is when I saw things really go downhill.
didn't you ask this last week? We told you, AAMT is now AHDI. sm
It's the SAME organization, but they changed their name over a year ago, hence the change in website. Look up the AHDI website.
Been where and done what? You didn't leave your email anyway.
Not being argumentative, but what's this concerning? Or is someone attempting to harvest email addresses from the boards?
What email? I work there and didn't get one.

you didn't ask me, but email me and i will tell you what company i get paid for doing logs with..
I've been with MQ since 1998 when they
employer. Oh, I bitch and gripe about MQ on occasion, but I'm still here. Why you ask? Because it's stable and I feel secure here. I get paid on time each and every time. I always have work. I don't make much money though, but it's all my own fault. I have a decent line rate, but I zone out and waste time. I'm working on that ::smile:: Don't ever be afraid to risk trying MQ or be scared off from it. A lot of people leave MQ just to find themselves right back regetting having left in the first place.
Had it done around 1998 and I'm so glad
first thing in the morning without scrounging for glasses. I do have the halo around lights at night but it's not so bad I can't drive etc. I do think it's about time to go get my Lasik redone as my vision seems to have gotten a bit worse again, but definitely worth it and SO much better than glasses or contacts!
There is nothing wrong with the MTStars Line Counter. If you have issue, you need to email
and take it up with us directly rather than post openly on the forum. Email to support@mtstars.com
I just re-read his email and he said he paid 9 cpl per 55-char line! Must be offshore. sm
I'm going to bring up the offshore issue with him and HIPPA issue as well.  My OB/GYN just switched over to that practice to do just GYN and specialize in urological gyn, so they have my records too and I sure don't want them overseas.  Even if they don't want to hire me, that's fine and I'm not going to sales pitch him at all, but I don't want my records outsourced.
Ooops, sorry. My last post said "head head." I meant "her head." Sorry.

MT'ing since 1998. Just turned 30


I didn't have good luck on-line until...sm
I registered with eHarmony.  I've found the guy that I believe is my soul mate and we're still taking things a day at a time but enjoying every minute of our relationship. 
I didn't increase my line rate for over 10 years!
I am an IC and have one office of three physicians as well as work for a smaller MTSO and have to totally agree with what MTSO said. You have to take into consideration so many things. Do we deserve a raise, you betcha - I think most of us do. However, if you are making good money, love the accounts, and things are working well for both sides, are you willing to jeopardize them shopping elsewhere? I haven't been, but due to the increase in gas prices which are now going to be reflected in many other ways in our cost of living, I find I really need to increase my rate and I did. I sent a memo and simply stated that in 30 days the billing would reflect a 1 cent/line rate increase. Yes, I held my breath waiting for the phone to ring or the OM asking to speak to me in her office but so far I have not heard anything. I am not sure if this is good or bad but I think they have had a great deal for 10 years and I deserve a raise and I need to increase my rate just due to cost of living. 
Yes, but didn't your line count double to make up for it? SM
I love EditScript. My only problem is that--reportedly--the profit margin for the MTSO can be very low, encouraging them to send it offshore. Does anyone else have information on this?
Cherrypicking didn't make our line rates less -
the lower line rates are what started people c-pickingin the first place, so they could make enough each week to live on. Back when I was paid by the hour (and lots more than I'm getting now per hour, I did whatever came along. But I'm sorry, I'm not gonna GIVE an employer a chunk of my change for the 'privilege' of doing a 40-minute report by a gum-chewing ESL with static on the line, partying nurses, or crying babies in the background, that I just plain can't understand, when I have the option to choose something that is at least transcribe-able.
Yes, you sure do! We have sold since 1998, I believe. I'll never forget my first negative.
I sold a collectible PEZ angel dispenser.  It sold for like $200.  I had a hard photo, as in like a photo we developed from Kodak.  My husband and I were SO excited, we nearly fainted.  We took the thing to a professional packer, can you imagine? Back then, nobody sent packages - know what I mean? Maybe only sweet grandmas and mothers with kids at college! So, we paid nearly $20 to have this professionally packed, shipped it insured for $300, etc.  Well, the buyer got it and claimed it was smashed to pieces.  UPS investigated, and they are REALLY fair about this stuff - the box was unblemished - perfect condition.  Because a UPS rep had packed it, it was packed to perfection and their specs, so they refused to give the guy a refund, and told us that he was a scammer.  Back then in the early years of E-Bay, scammers would buy collectibles, get them shipped, and then return a broken/damaged one they had laying around already.  Bait and switch! And many buyers got bullied into giving them their $$ back. So this guy went NUTS on us, demanding the $200, which was long gone for groceries!  Plus he was lying, and UPS said so!!  Well, he left me the most scathing negative. My very first feedback! I cried and cried and cried.  Wrote to E-Bay, wrote to the President, wrote to my mother - nobody cared back then and feedback was NEVER removed no matter what.  I'll never get over that first negative. Now its a scam - if you get a negative, you basically go to that company that E-Bay owns - not safe harbor - something else - the name escapes me, but they even "guarantee" some sellers. Anyhow, you go to them and basically pay $10 to $20 and your negative gets miraculously "removed"...So, even feedback really isn't reflective of the truth anymore...My husband still sells, but my heart just isn't in it anymore. He uses the $$ he makes for buying more junk to sell!  It keeps him amused and out of trouble, and he's happy if he has $20 in his pocket (not much $$ in the MT world anymore!)....
Camaros..three 1994, 1998, and 1999 and a truck,
Chevy truck 2005
Please leave an email or email me at my address....click the email button. Thanks...nm
Love to know how far back it goes, was a member for about a year in 1998, we could use $$, furnace b
so its cold here! Actually it broke the 15, the night before we left for Disney on a Make-A-Wish trip for my daughter Jenny....(we had a blast)...got back 2 days ago, it broke again that night (21st). DH got it running again, but the heater guy disassembled it last night and has not returned yet to put it back together and fix it. Luckily we have a propane fireplace or we'd be in big trouble, still chilly though especially since it goes down to 25 at night, brrrr!---so any $$$ if we are included or entitled would be wonderful...but I doubt we will get so lucky since it was so long ago that I was a "member" of AOL. Guess I will just have to work even more to pay for the repair, fun.
If you are having any problems validating your email addy, please email support@mtstars.com
KVMs $20-60. One internet connection. You'd have no email or a 2nd email acct for your 2nd puter.
That is not what the OP is stating..

If the company is advertising for "shifts" meaning 7 a to 3 p, then that is an employee that they need, not an IC. 

ICs choose their own hours; yes they do.  Anything dictated by an MTSO for shifts meaning the MT must be accountable for those hours equals EMPLOYEE, not IC.

The OP is absolutely correct.  These MTSOs take advantage by instituting a shift or schedule.  As an employee, that's great.  The reason behind the MTSO doing this is that they feel they can just not hire the employees which cost more money and get away with not paying the taxes.  So many MTs fall for this scheme. 

This is the whole reason you see posts about companies that hire ICs and then ICs are on here complaining of no/low work and there is nothing they can do about it. 

Such a shame not all of us are smart enough to see this racket, which is what it is a "racket."

Kudos to MTSOs who hire employees.  Bah Humbug to MTSOs who hire ICs and then dictate the hours or shifts to that IC.  When in fact an IC equals self-employed which means I make my own hours. 

They can send an email that goes to all MTs in one shot. I think she just means a courtesy email
would be nice. MQ is not getting any easier. My account has been picked over thoroughly when it went on DQS by ASR and I get all the remains because they only have a core group doing ASR which I think is wrong because you get all the bad dictators and it would be nice to be acknowledged that at least you know the person you can discuss problems with as they crop up. This is a big one and we have no manager anymore and no one to discuss this with at all in my office so you just sit here very day doing this work and no way to vent to someone that could offer some suggestions on this and other issues that come up to help relieve some of the stress of working this way.
Just send an email to the email link inside the post.
No. They start out stating how (sm)
great they are to work for. Okay so I decide to try them. Everything goes along fine for about 6 months, then it hits the skids. I have concerns how they suddenly switched my accounts with no word as to why. Then they stop sending work altogether. I emailed the main lady, my supe, and even the CEO of the company all to no avail. I then get a very rude and threatening email from them about how I have ignored them. WHAT?! I did not ignore them, it was the other way around and when I called her on it, she shut up and quick. Unfortunately, I am only one of many who had this experience with this company. They tout themselves as the best to work for, but are far from it. It was about the worst exp I had.
Just stating what I see, sorry if your toes
stepped on. I guess you must not read the others.
Some people just don't like the truth. A lot of the vents are from "supermoms", so impressed about that, who apparently do not feel like they can do it all, otherwise why be so frustrated?? How do I make time for this, how do I take care of the baby and still work. As far as not knowing what it feels to be cared for, as far as my hubby up is concerned he has me on a pedestal. I worked and kept up as many as 6 other people before and I did not go around crying and whining. I did it because at that time it had to be done. Just part of being a working person, just did it, no crying and no whining, part of life. Now hubby pays for the house, my vehicle and says if I want to can quit working whenever I want. Just try to read the posts, ok?
I am stating how I feel about something
and I do not have the same opinion maybe as you or others but it is my opinion. I do not know of anyone who puts themselves in my shoes so donít know where that goes. Actually have more of an open mind about lots of things, very liberal type person, just do not think this is a really big deal. If you do not have names, addresses, etc. etc. how in the world can you do identify theft. Use your common sense, ok?
for stating that!!! Finally! NM
You could try just stating in a letter

They may or may not decide to keep you.  You don't really "ask" as an IC.  You "state" as an IC.  You will risk them finding cheaper services.  So, you need to ask yourself if it is worth losing the account for a few more cents per line.  The only other thing you could do is attach an "administrative fee" to each bill and let them know it is for tasks not related to the actual production; this would be a little raise.

The bottom line is that raises are nonexistent as an IC.  Normally what quote you've given them in the start of the work is what they expect to pay or they'll find someone cheaper like an offshore company.  I wouldn't stir the waters if I was you, but that's just me. 

I tried to barter with one account over a raise and the doctor met me halfway.  I was being paid per page.  I had to drop him though because once I raised the rate, he quit paying me on time.  I guess I was last on the list.  He switched to me doing handwritten note dictation (no dictation).  It was hard on the neck and eyes, so I quit.

Well, I WAS stating my opinion.
not trying to be nasty, just stating sm
a fact. Too many MTs out there without sufficent education and they are suppose to mess around until they "realize" that they don't have the education?

I have seen schools make promises to these people that they can't keep. I have warned people not to put their money into these schools and most don't listen. Have actually had people call after they "finish" school and tell me that they cannot or could not transcribe the tapes given to them on a final examination.

Sure wish folks would listen. This is not a career for folks to walk into hoping to be a "fast learner." I wonder if your doctor is a "fast learner?" This kind of attitude has brought this profession down to nothing more than a typist.
Not angry, just stating facts. Look around.
MA passed law stating all residents MUST
or they will be fined $1,000 per year.  Poverty level up to 4 times poverty level (for family of four) you will receive free or subsidized care.  All other residents must either have health insurance through their employer or individual policy.  My question is, what if you just cannot afford it????  There are many reasons some above poverty level cannot afford coverage, such as family history.  This law stinks.  I'm sure there was heavy insurance company lobbying on this one.  Once again the little guy gets .
lol, just stating the facts ma'am.
Maybe a letter stating that on such and such date - sm
your rates will be increased to XYZ. Then maybe institute a % discount if they pay in 5-10 days if you don't already do that, kind of lessen the sting (just make sure you don't make less if they do this). If not a letter than maybe on your next invoice. Good luck.
Just stating a fact, no problems.
Stating the reality isn't being pessimistic.

wide open and landing accounts with no contacts was an easy thing to do, I'd tell the OP to go for it and good luck.  But I know from experience what is true.  I have plenty of accounts and ALL of them came my way via connections.  First I worked as an MT in a hospital for many years and I left there to start my own business and from my hospital connections accounts came my way.  Then my clients referred accounts to me.  Not one of my clients has come from advertising or cold calling or sending letters of introduction or flyers.  Not one.

not flaming you, just stating facts. sm
no one can clean up enough themselves, but Christ can clean them up. Maybe you would want to discuss on the faith board? I assumed by the tone of your posts over there you were a Christian but I assume not now. Didn't flame, but will pray for you.

I too have been to h*ll and back by the Grace of Christ he brought me out of it.

Just reading your posts on this side of the boards you sound like a miserable sad person. Christ can change that if you let him.
Again, because you entered your email address, you CAN receive email from anyone, but THEY

e-mail address because it is not revealed when they send mail because we have spam protection in place.  The only way they would know what your email address is, is if you reply to the email they send you.  If you don't want to receive any email from anyone, simply do not enter your email address in the Email field.


I intended to email it- already email the mods to remove