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I totally understand

Posted By: At Home MT on 2006-07-11
In Reply to: I have the same problem and we are not THAT rural....sm - msd

I have never had any problem, like I mentioned, using my dial-up either. I connect at the fastest rate (50 Kbps) most consistently and I have worked several different types of jobs, on a couple different platforms, using FTP sites, and E-mail, and while I know it takes a little longer it wasn't too the point that I felt it interfered with my production time really and I am not a patient person. :D

I could understand if there is a compatibility issue, of course, but I am not convinced that that is the problem at all with some of these companies.

If we can do the work in the alloted time, than I guess I just don't understand why we can't use dial-up (particularly when it is all we have available). Perhaps someone else can enlighten us ??? :)

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Totally understand!
I loathe ESLs. They make our jobs twice as hard as they should be. I am not an interpreter, I am an MT. I feel that anyone who wants to live and work in this country should learn the language! That doesn't apply only to doctors either.

My son has two students in his class from Venezula this year. They don't speak English AT ALL! So, the school brought in an interpreter for them. I asked the principal if those kids were being taught English. She said "no, but we have to provide an interpreter for them in their classes." I told her that my son has complained to me that it makes it hard for him to pay attention and understand the teacher when he has to hear the interpreter babbling away in Spanish to these children. Ridiculous!!

Fortunately, I have an account now that I only have 3 ESL docs and they are pretty easy to understand. But I remember those days of wanting to rip my hair out and cry from being so frustrated. I can empathize with you.
I totally understand

It happens more than people would like to believe.  My son has been ill his whole life and in and out of hospitals.  He has no veins left for IV fluids and medications and his arms are scarred pretty bad.   He had his stomach removed and was given methadone for the pain because morphine was entirely too sedating.  He became very ill when we were on vacation in Florida, went to the ER, the doctor took one look at his arms, saw that he was on methadone, called the deputies and had him send to the STATE HOSPITAL and labeled him a "drug addict."   He wouldn't even listen to his medical history.  Once he got to the state hospital, they called immediately and said "this boy is no addict, he's ILL" and sent him right back home.

He rode there with handcuffs on in the back of a police car, crying all the way.  The deputy apologized to him and told him it was only his job.  We went to the hospital administrator with his records and demanded something be done about the ER doctor and he said it would be handled.  This is only one of probably a couple of hundred incidents.  We tried to get an attorney, going more after the licensing and not money, and not ONE would take his case. 

He's had dirty dressings put back on that caused such infections he required surgery, he was discharged by one doctor while the life flight was on its way to get him - this doctor told the insurance company he was faking and wasn't sick.  By the time he got to the next biggest medical center 5 hours away, he required 4 units of blood and was critically ill. 

So you who made the snappy comment, you better hope you or your family never have anyone critically ill because this happens and it happens a lot and people die from it.   To the poster, I applaud you for having a conscience...it's people like you I would want transcribing MY chart.


I totally understand.
We had the same issues with several companies doing our backlog and I spent hours every day fixing their dictations.  Very, very frustrating.
I totally do not understand

The company we purchased CyberSynch (Digital) from also maintains FTP site. They told me they would give me FTP address and that I would be able to pull dictations from FTP site? I have never done this before and do not know much about computers other than Microsoft Word, etc. 

I have all of my patient files stored on my hard drive.I have folders for each patient and in that folder I have dictations saved by date. Doctor looks at his last dictation and sometimes does not even change anything from previous (all he says is same as last time), so all I do is change the date. I do not know if this makes any sense, but I do need access to my files in order to complete dictations away from home.     

Totally understand what you're going through. Just

yesterday I got this email from a friend of mine who alternates jobs between lawn maintenance and roofing. Yep, that means he is qualified.

His email copy and pasted...lol..hey.....how hard is it to get into medical transcription?

cause I've got the computer for it.....just not the in on how to do it.

I totally understand your problem and your need for help--sm
I am sorry that most just wanted to criticise or make you feel less than perfect for asking a simple question. Today was apparently a bad day for some on this board, as their ugliness in ALOT of responses to other peoples questions, not just yours, showed through. Everybody has bad days, I suppose, but alot of the responses you received, in my opinion, were totally uncalled for and just posted to cause embarressment. It just shows the small minds in some people, arrogance, egos, and negative attitudes. No wonder this world is in the shape it is in! I am glad someone saw fit to help you out, though, and gives me some hope that not ALL people are so rude. Hope you have a good and productive evening! God bless us, one and all...even the rude ones. Guess they need it more than the *good* ones do! :^)
I totally understand where you are coming from...sm
The company may not want to be announced on here. I just was curious which companies are the good ones. I have heard nothing but good about Keystrokes. I am assuming they are a good one.
I totally understand that money does not fall from the sky....sm

What I was asking was if anyone had any suggestions on how to "make" money not it fall from the sky...Good grief! 


Yes, I thought that was obvious. I totally understand that too. sm

Even though I'm listening to the reports and typing them out then doing my own proofing and editing someone is having to listen to them again and correct my errors.  THAT person deserves and needs to be paid as well.  Not to mention the company needs to make a little profit.  So even if the company is being paid say, 12cpl, after paying me and my QA I'm sure it comes out fair. 

I want to thank everyone here for their advice and opinions and helping me to sort this out in my own mind. 

I think I am getting a fair wage.



Perfect. You totally understand where I am coming from. Thank you.
I will be e-mailing QA at some point in time, but I will probably be waiting until tomorrow. A good night sleep should help cool me off a little :)
I totally understand your post, and the fact that
the fact that you (and the rest of us) are paid so little for high expected volumes of production, that absolutely ANYTHING that happens to slow us down, even a tiny little bit, is often a financial disaster for those of us living paycheck-to-paycheck and just barely getting by. If we were FAIRLY COMPENSATED for the work we do, instead of being continually CHEATED, UNDERVALUED AND UNDERPAID, then minor glitches like new software, new accounts, ESLs, would be just a bump in the road, not potential food stamps and/or homelessness.

I, too have plenty of work. And I, too am appalled at the fact that no matter how many hours I work, how much faster I try to type (without compromising quality), it seems like it's always SOMETHING. Right when you're clicking along and the income is starting to go up a little bit, they will:
A. Hit you with harder accounts, ESLs, or scratchy, fuzzy-sounding files that even a bat couldn't hear clearly.
B. Have a huge push to get absolutely everything in TAT, right before a holiday or long weekend when you KNOW it's going to fall off, and half of us will be scrounging for work.
C. 'Upgrade' the working platform, (which translates to: )
D. Put all these obstacles and hoops you have to jump through in your way, which are big time-wasters: Meetings, 'training', and various PC and program tweaks.
E. Decide to take their server down for maintenance, and it's always during YOUR shift.
F. While you're midway through a l-o-n-g, 1 hr, 45-min. dictation, which has a mushmouthed/ESL dictator, is very technical and requires a lot of research on drugs, procedures and equipment that is too new to be in the references yet, and during the entire dictation, a loud going-away party for one of the nurses is going on just a few feet away from the dictator, who is eating and while dictating, and occasionally turning away from the microphone to watch the tipsy party attendees, all the while continuing to dictate. The report was of course STAT, and was 30 min. away from TAT when you downloaded it. Then your supe calls you in the middle of all this and asks you what you're doing, and where the report is.
I totally understand but if your husband is like my husband... sm

When it comes to something like that, that I usually take care of but for whatever reason I can't, I will tell my husband exactly what to do, but when he comes back - to use your case as a "for instance" - I will ask him, "Did the doctor look at his foot?" 

Him: "No."

Me: "Did you ask the doctor to look at his foot?"

Him: "No."

Me:  "I told you to have the doctor look at his foot!"

Him: (shrug)

etc., etc., etc.

Your husband may not be like that - I sure hope he isn't. And yes, they should have checked his vitals and checked his foot without being asked. But sometimes you have to be assertive with people. And while my husband attained the rank of major in the Air Force and had no trouble ordering people around, there are times when he should be assertive but isn't. And he is not intimidated by doctors - he started his AF career as an x-ray tech (that's how we met). I dunno....(Rad MT wanders off, mumbling....)

Totally Special, totally HOT! NM
You are totally right.
You are totally right. It would be nice to be paid hourly for what we are worth but that probably will not happen but it is the Transcriptionist first priority in my eyes to make sure the report is accurate before how much they produce in one particular hour. I would never just put anything because I did not know just because I wanted to make more money that hour that is why it takes experience in this business to make any real income. I know when I started out, I made more money babysitting than I did transcribing but as you gain experience there is less and less you have to look up and then you begin to make a real income.
I totally
Some people just don't know how to leave well enough alone.
This is totally different than having
Many prisons have work release however, they would NEVER allow an inmate to handle the US mail. Sheesh!

I have been at this only two months and am bored already - its the isolation and the repetitive work I have.  I have a clinic account with a small learning curve, so now my blanks are for the most part garbled words or medications that are unrelated to the specialty area.  I'm still building up speed of course, but now getting distracted/bored/daydreaming is slowing me down.  I count my blessings that the work is not that difficult but its a trade off.

I KWYM about short vs. long. I usually have 1-2min reports and that keeps me going but when I get a 7 minute one, especially if it is the person who talks very softly, pop goes the Diet Coke can!

I thought I would like working alone at home but now realize that I like to be around people.  Funny the things you learn about yourself that fly in the face of what you think you are like. 

I think I would be able to do better in house, but what I really want is contact with other human beings and a little more variety in my duties.

Empathizing right there with you.

The first one I get totally
My BF of one year does that. He does things that he knows irritates me because I have told him and then wonders why I get so upset with him. He might pinch me and I say stop about 5 times and it continues and I get totally ticked by then. Then he wonders why I am so angry all the time. Well DUH!
My worst experiences have been with Mom and Pops MT services...
Not sure totally following? sm

Just in case I'm not understanding, but seems okay to say ALL MTs; probably programmed so they can hit one key and it automatically goes to all MTs entered in this particular email function.  Just like they have a feature where when on vacation you can have email sent "i'm on vaction, will return such and such time.

Using own email, I think we all do?? At least thought so.



would like to know too!
i totally
understand where you are coming from but I also understand their point. They have burnout!
I totally agree with Kyrie
it totally seems like they try!
like they know i'm in here (trying to be) working and they rev up the leafblowers on purpose! i think they might have heard me yell SHUT UP GO AWAY!!! one day
We Must Have Totally -
See, I don't equate "great pay" to "great company." I've made more money at other jobs yet been completely miserable for one reason or another. I've found that I would much rather make a litle less and actually enjoy what I'm doing. While I do consider salary when accepting a position (obviously, otherwise I'd be a total moron), I put a little more weight on benefits, flexibility, communication, my level of interest, and other areas rather than excusively on salary.

I never look on it as a threat to anyone's job security, mine or my colleagues, if I praise an employer and suggest someone apply there. I figure if that person can get past the resume and interview process and ultimately land a job, it's up to me to be at the top of my game to ensure my job security. I expect my colleagues to all be at the top of their games as well.

I am, however, one of those annoying people who politely declines to give any of my friends a job reference unless I know first-hand that they're 110% qualified for the position and share my work ethic and dedication. I'm always fearful of recommending someone and that person, no matter how much I may think of them on a personal level, turns out to be a professional disappointment, then my credibility would be questioned in the eyes of my employer. I guess I'm just as paranoid in this particular area as you are in the area of sharing OP reports or the name of your employer.

That's what keeps life interesting, all of us having different attitudes, perspectives and expectations.

Thanks for the conversation...I always enjoy seeing different viewpoints.

I use ones that go totally over the ear - sm
I cannot stand anything else, and as I have the hearing of an owl I can hear just fine what is going on around me, obviously muted somewhat, but this way I can hear my doctors just fine. I use Maxell NC-II, about $30 at Wal-mart or on-line. First pair lasted a couple years, my next only about 6 months, on my 3rd set now. Very comfy though, though get ear zits now (4-6 a year) and then, guess from the sweat, etc. of having them on a lot, that part sucks.
I totally agree
This is a 10-year-old girl, not a mass murderer. She is in a lot of pain, having suffered a most significant loss, and is trying to reach out, not always in positive ways, but the flowers are wonderful. Where they came from does not matter. PLEASE do not read anything nefarious into her actions.

She needs help, and smiles, and maybe a hug when she is ready.

Fear is a terrible thing, particularly when it turns normally rational folks into masses of paranoid jelly. I despise that we have come to this.
I agree with you totally, thank you!

Not when I'm totally concentrating....sm
But if I get to the end of a report and realize my mind has been wandering, I'll go back and read the report.  It's usually fine, which makes me realize that after 30 years it's rote.  But I wouldn't take a chance.
You are totally freaking me out.
Same name, same lettuce, same wine, same seafood for dinner.  Are we living in a parallel universe, or are you stalking me?  Don't tell me, you grew the lettuce in your garden yourself?
I totally agree with you..
I have been editing work that would just BLOW YOUR MIND. On top of mispelled and misused words, we have bad grammar and punctuation and then typing something different than what the doctor says and if you read it, it doesn't make sense. For example, I cam across this yesterday, "which was done when he was very-very young apparently a ditch is inspected." He actually said "which was done when he was very, very young. Apparently, it did get infected." I come across contractions, etc. This gal actually argued that her scores are always 98%. There were so many redlines on her work, I might as well have scrapped it and typed it myself. I don't know if this is due to schools or not, but when I was a newbie, I don't remember making that bad of mistakes!!!
Thank you, I agree totally
Get over it already.  They cheated you, are cheating  you.  You MUST like it if you stay and continue to be treated that way.  How many other MTs have had a bad job????  Trust me you guys at MQ are NOT the only ones.  There are TONS of jobs out there.  Go get one, that is what the rest of us do.  Go do it.
I so totally agree sm

I posted my resume on MT Stars a couple of years ago and, like you, I was flooded with calls.  The company I selected, I didn't even know existed.  I have been a very happy camper for 2 years, plenty of work, decent pay, great tech support, wonderful people who make you feel like "family."  Best move I ever made.

I think maybe the reason why people keep allowing themselves to be used and abused by companies with sporadic work is the known versus the fear of the unknown factor.  Believe me, the stress of starting a new job is small potatoes compared to never knowing you will have enough in your paycheck to cover the bills!

I totally agree with you!!
I have stuff come up on my screen that just blows me away. Most of it could be fixed if they just read over their work and saw that the sentences do not make sense.
VERY WELL SAID!! Totally agree with you!!
wow! totally speechless

OMG! I can totally relate to this.
My stepgrandfather has suddenly started pulling this crap with me.  He's an older man in his early 80s.  He's been in my life for almost 20 years.  Suddenly, he wants to hug me tightly, give me slobbery wet kisses on my mouth, and all sorts of stuff.  He nuzzled me in my ear during a bearhug and asked me if his cologne turned me on.  He's slapped me on the backside, too.  I wonder if it's not some form of dementia or confusion from alcohol or something.  It just makes me so uncomfortable to have ANY man do that to me, with the exception of my husband.  I've been avoiding him for over a year now.  I won't be alone in the same room with him.  I told my Mom and my husband about it.  Everyone just blows it off as a "harmless old man" or "he was just drunk and teasing you".  I know about boundaries and standing up for myself, but it's just really tough when other people think it's "nothing" or that I'm "overreacting".
Totally disagree

Only because I have a neighbor in her 50s, she's tall, still thin, not a wrinkle, so obviously she has kept herself up.  Its not about age, but about wearing the right clothes for the right shape.  She wears tanks, and also long form fitting dresses, very stylish and i've also seen her wear shorts.  I hope to look so good when i'm in my 50s.  Of course if she were out of shape, dying her hair the wrong shade and wore black eye liner, it would be a whole different story.  50 is supposedly the new 30.  But if you have as great of a figure as you did in your 20s as you do in 50s, show a little of it off, we don't die once we reach the age of 40! 

I TOTALLY agree with you...
What looks cute and hip on a 20-year-old just looks cheap and classless on a 50-year-old.  I'm 45, so I'm not some young thing poking fun at middle-aged women.  Older women can look very classy and actually YOUNGER if they "dress their age" and by that I don't mean mumurs and bedroom slippers or stretch pants and sack-like tops.  When I dress up I might wear a nice tailored pinstriped suit or something like that.  I do NOT go out in anything from the junior department.  There's a reason for "junior" clothing and it's not size, it's the style of fashion.  To all the women who disagree with you, I'm afraid the notion that older women look young and cute in daisy dukes, a belly shirt, and a navel piercing comes from those who dress that way " thinking" they look hot, not necessarily the opinion of others in general.
I totally agree with you. sm

We never went on vacation with our kids and left them with grandparents to come back and find out that our own lack of parenting resulted in somthing that our own kids may have been doing behind our backs all along.

Give me a break. Blame it on gramma?  How about staying home with your kid and taking a good look around to realize that he's the one that's hiding things, not your MIL.

There is obviously a lot of hatred between DIL and MIL here. 

Message for you mom, "get a grip."  This stuff doesn't all happen because their at gramma's for the week. You're obviously doing something wrong here.  Forget your "vacations." and your "rules" and be there for your kids. Teenagers LIE.  It's been going on for centuries.

You can go on "vacation" when they're all grown up and gone.  By the sounds of your message, I would say the sooner they go, the better.

How rude!
I agree totally.
I totally agree! Thank you!
The people who are criticizing seem to think that the president can just snap his fingers and immediate help will appear. There are people all over the country who are going there to help, donating money by the thousands, etc., and nobody says anything positive about that. Nobody could have predicted a disaster such as this and it takes time to get things rolling, but it IS being done.
I totally agree
Many physicians, young and old, are not on the technology coat tails.  They have absolutely no interest in changing the way they do things.  I think that as long as using this technology does not become an across the board required mandate by some governing agency, transcriptionists will be in high demand until doomsday.
totally agree
I know. It's totally pathetic already
It would be comical if it weren't so tragic.  I have never seen anyone with such low self esteem.  She has to come on here and browbeat people who aren't even complaining.  Then she wants to brag(?) that she made $200 in NINE hours????   I do feel sorry for her, but I am getting really sick of listening to her venom.
Totally agree with you
He always was respectful and nice to everyone, a good guy but when he sang, it was a different Marty. I only tuned in to see him perform and then would change the channel. He reminded me of an Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam when he sang with so much angst. Loved it!
I totally agree. sm

I used to be married to a hunter.  The whole idea felt wrong to me and I hate guns. I haven't had to deal with hunting or guns for 20 years now.

I'm sure I will get blasted by some NRA people for saying I hate guns, but oh well.

i agree totally
I have taught children who were mainstreamed in 5th grade who wanted to do extracurricular activities. Social skills are lacking. Around here, they test them and sometimes they have to be put in a lower grade. Sometimes you have to bite the bullet and look within. Some behavioral problems are learned responses to what is going on at home. What is the attitude towards authority in the home? See other avenues.
Totally Agree
I would prefer to work for a little bit less money and have a wonderful boss than get paid a ton and hate my job.

I work for 7 cents per line now and I don't mind it at all. I have a wonderful boss and love my job.

I can totally relate sm
My son is the same way in school, very bright without even trying. In the National Honor Society, ranked 1 in his class and has always been the "smartest" kid in class, is very athletic, but sometimes just seems so unhappy. Peer pressure is terrible, especially if you don't "fit in" with the dummies. My son even plays football and lacrosse, and guess what, he gets the award every year for Athletic and Academic Achievement with a GPA of 3.8. Still, there is something making him unhappy.

Homeschool just might work for you. This is a tough age for all kids.