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I understand your posts completely.....

Posted By: PathGuy on 2006-01-10
In Reply to: What are you not understanding about my post??....sm - Former Quixtar

You are coming across like you want me to be in complete agreement with you...well, I put in my facts based on my experience...so nuff said about it...I wish you well........take care and have a blessed week!!

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Completely understand now -- wish
I was still in house.
I understand completely...
Every morning she jumps onto my desk, goes behind the monitor, on top of the printer, comes down the printer (which by now is beeping from her stepping on the buttons), then she steps in front of the monitor and bumps her head into mine. She will not let me work until I get up, go into the kitchen, and open a can of the most gosh-awfulest smelling food.

This is a ritual...what a way to start the day! :)
Understand COMPLETELY!!!!!
Understand completely but
I just bought an adaptor online for a few bucks. It plugs into the dictaphone machine, but converts it where you can use standard headphones. I can now plug stereo headphones into it. Works great AND I can use whatever headphone I want, instead of those cheap things Dictaphone sells.
understand completely sm
Jealousy rears its ugly head in many ways. You can be the brightest and the best but it will work against you. You should go "over their head" if you leave that company and make the owners aware of how you were treated. That is, unless they are women also. Cats!!!!
I understand that completely...nm
I understand completely and people must
be acccountable for themselves.

I just feel that if we ever want compassion and understanding and tolerance in our own lives, we must give it as well.

No arguing from me. No more to you on this subject here.

I've much to accomplish today and vowing no debating or arguing!

Hope you have a fabulous day!
I completely understand what you're saying.
I totally agree that a child should be allowed to stay within the biological family if at all possible. I think it's very sad also when biological fathers might not even know of a child, find out after the birth, then have to jump through hoops to get his own child back after foster/adoptive parents become attached. I've heard of a couple of cases where that's happened. The men immediately went to bat for the children as soon as they found out the moms gave the children up. Yet, you always hear the public outcry for the foster/adoptive parents. Of course, I can empathize with their feelings, but ultimately, the father's rights were taken away. Also, you'd think the potential adoptive parents would want the child with his/her own father if possible.

Thank goodness for grandparents like you. You see so many grands picking up the kids at school, taking them shopping, etc. I often wonder if they're babysitting or actually have custody. It's so prevalent nowadays.
I understand how you feel completely.
I worked for what I thought a very reputable company, and kind people after I came from a hospital setting. I had not worked for a service before, and I had to switch because I moved away from the hospital area (insurance reasons). I am not lying when I say I worked for 2 years with this service, and I actually went to a psychiatrist because I thought there was something wrong with me. I went from doing 2K lines a day minimum 1500 on a bad day, down to 1500 lines on a 10-hour day solid. No kidding. I got so burnt out that I was doing 700 to 900 a day and just bringing enough home to eat after paying for insurance. A little over 2 years of exhaustion, I was switched to another account (a hospital system) and my lines were up to usual immediately!!!! It was NOT me! It was the way the service fudged the lines on their own system. When my lines shot up they took me off the account saying there was not enough work and I was to go back to my old account. No way. I did a minute analysis versus lines and found out I was being paid 40% less. Something was definitely fishy. I find out then it was not me. I was not being paid for any spaces, and probably (though I am not completely sure) Expander use. I told the doctor and he told me he knew it was not me all that time, it was just that I questioned myself. I have no problems except I have to believe in myself and stop being so trusting of dishonest people. Once I do that my life will turn around. So, please take a lesson from me. Don't wait 2 years, go broke, go to the doc, get put on meds for no reason. Trust your instincts. Get solid proof of the cheating, and get a good job. Same with life. Please trust your instincts. Cheaters look honest, but if your gut says something is wrong, trust your gut. Good luck to you!
I understand completely!! I'm sorry because that has got to be sooooo hard to do! nm
I completely understand that feeling. Praying for this family. nm
Don't understand why not. I thought I've seen other posts similar to this before. I'm not t

cause any problems, but as I work for DSG, so I'm naturally curious. As I said, I liked working with them both. Is it a secret?


Just do a search and read the posts. There are plenty of posts about OSI on this board. nm.
Um have you read any of your posts and the other posts? I think everyone DOES believe me..you

I had one of those. If you have a completely sm
level back yard, you should do okay with yours. My yard had a slight slant to it which made the pool lopsided which made it very susceptible to collapse. Since I lived in South Florida at that time, I could never use the pool past May because the water was as hot as bath water.

They require a filter change weekly and lots of chemicals. The rim will easily get holes in it, so be very careful, especially if you have dogs that like to jump in and out. And never sit or lean on the edge, or your pool will quickly collapse. If you expect heavy rain, better drain at least 2 inches out of it beforehand.

Strongly advise getting a cover for it!
They are completely different - sm
Smartype is geared toward medical transcription specifically and is much more user friendly than Intellicomplete.
While VR won't take over MT completely,
With VR, one MT can do the work of 2-3 MTs doing straight transcription. So while there will still be MT jobs, there will be less of them. At the same time, you have MT schools churning out new grads willing to work for 1-2 cpl just to get their foot in the door. One MT company is so actively recruiting they are placing ads on Craigslist to get new students. Meanwhile, they have a ton of new grads complaining on their forum every day that they can't find a job. Things are definitely changing in this industry and it is not for the better.
I completely agree
These ESLs work hard to learn the language before they come here, many learning it through their school years, come here and legitimately and legally set up their practices (I haven't heard of any doctors complaining that their jobs are being taken by foreigners), and they still have to fight for any respect.
you are welcome and I completely agree with what you are saying!
it seems that so many like to twist around the Word or leave parts out that are uncomfortable. 
I disagree completely. Please SM
It is MY job to ensure MY work product is as error-free as possible. Just because I get paid piecemeal does not give me license to just send it to QA for the sake of make a few extra pennies.

As far as your statement on the influence on our paychecks, you're right on -- but for a different reason. Because of higher quality, you will qualify for incentive plans, be offered more variety in worktypes, and when the chips are down STILL HAVE A JOB.

I NEVER want to be paid by the hour again, regardless. Minutes are NOT tick-tocking away at my pay! I'm too fast AND skilled to ever limit myself in that fashion again!
I agree completely!!
When I first started typing for MedQuist, if there was a difficult doctor, I would skip over it. As time progressed, the more typing I did, the better I got and didn't want to skip over reports, I wanted to be able to type whatever came up! If you NEVER type these heavy accented doctors, you will NEVER learn to do them. I agree with you "Got the Letter" and am waiting for my phone call!!
I agree with you completely

when EVERYONE criticizes how the government is run and how they do things? Why put your life and those of your family in jeopardy waiting on the government to help you. What happened to PEOPLE helping each other?  People seeing that their elderly neighbors get to safety? People pulling together to solve these issues? Why do so many seem to be waiting to see what the government can do for them??  The government has enough problems!  I certainly would not rely on the government for ANYTHING!  Do these people want to government telling them what to do in their everyday lives?  If so, move to a country with no democracy! 


  I'm finished for the time being.. but WAKE UP PEOPLE!

I agree with you completely

and believe me, they don't give a patient a discount because they feel guilty. They don't give the employees yearly raises. While they (and the 2 office managers) get their bonuses and go buy brand new cars, SUVs, boats, vacation homes and, yes, even airplanes, they have plenty of employees struggling to make ends meet. One employee (that I know of, a newly divorced woman) recently took bankruptcy and our insurance is so bad that most of us can't afford to even go to the doctor as we have $2,600 deductible for a single person!  I would NOT feel guilty one bit!  


I completely agree with you . .
Did you see Tanya Tucker's reality show? I loved that. There's one about roller derby girls and a new one is coming out about rodeo cowboys - sounds exciting to me.
I completely agree - sm

I love it when they say thank you.  It makes me smile every time.  It also makes me smile and chuckle a little when I get one that will laugh at themself when he/she gets tripped up on their words.

I agree completely
Sad but so true.
This is completely not true

If you read the instructions of any of the federal returns about the issue of filing for an extension, it will tell you that you can file a form to ask for time to get the finished return in to them (until August 15 I believe), but you must send in what you believe you owe with the form filing for the extension.  If at the time of filing the actual return, you still owe money, then the issue regarding penalties and interest comes into play.  If you fail to file a return or an extension request and you expect a refund, you have up to 3 years to file the actual return with no penalties.

Just remember, you still must pay what you believe you owe when you file for an extension.

Have I just completely lost it?...
Sometimes when I am working if I get a doctor with a sexy voice I try googling him to see if I can find a picture.  Every now and then I do find a picture but most of the time I am disappointed with how they look.  Does anyone else do this?
That is completely unethical.

That service found you that job. They trained you on that job. They did your QA on that job. And now the doc's office wants to go around the service and hire you direct, and obviously cheaper?!  First of all, know that if they can replace you cheaper, they will. Second, I hope it's a really, really good stable job, because you will be blacklisted among MTSO's and never work again... Talk about ungrateful.

Clueless but not completely
Iím somewhat clueless and really donít know what to do.  I have over 5 years of distant (1973-1978) orthopedic experience, before MT was a hot item and have been working as an IC for one person for 2.5 years, doing mainly Urology and Urology-related Radiology.  I have not had formal MT training.  In reading all these board messages I donít totally get it, i.e. Acute care, what is it? I just found out what the Basic 4 are.  I feel like a moron even though I know Iím not.  Nonetheless, Iím not getting enough work, have submitted a few resumes to a few sites.  Am wondering if I need to get formal training/certification.  I was lucky to get what I did without the certification, but Iím ready to go further in terms of specialities, OP reports, consultations, etc.  But, I am apprehensive about the whole enchilada.  Is anyone out there who has been in my shoes?  Any advice and/or recommendations would be appreciated.
I agree with you completely!
And now that many companies are cracking down on and checking quality due to client complaints and sloppiness, I would bet many MT line counts will be going down real fast.  Remember, haste makes waste... and slow but steady wins the race!
Not completely true
You can work IC or temp and still draw unemployment just have to report what you make.  If it is more than 1/2 of your weekly pay, you then begin to lose 1/1 dollar and when you eventually make more than what your weekly entitlement is, you lose it completely.  But she will have to actively be looking for work and AVAILABLE for fulltime work.  Just like insurance forms it is all in the wordking.  Available and looking for work.   I have drawn years ago when I used to be an employee and still worked temp jobs.  If they ran over the amount I did not file for that week and drew nothing.   My brothre-in-law last year was laid off as the CEO of Smukers jam as they closed  his plant.  They kept him on as a consultant as an IC and when he worked he did not file and when he did not he drew his unemployment.   It went on for a year as he was entitled to 26 weeks and because of him working off and on it lasted for a year.  You just have to report the earnings. 
Completely addicted to that
Craigslist. I have bought several very nice items off lately including 2 Persian rugs, 1 for $75 and the other for $95, both large, the last 8 x 11. Fantastic buys. I absolutely am in love with it.
Oh, I completely agree. (sm)
I've also seen 20-year MTs who proudly announce that they don't know the difference between there, their and they're, and it doesn't matter anyway. (?!!)

It is appalling. But those people also rarely post on boards because it's just a job they put in and they don't usually want to use a computer or talk about work outside of work (in my experience).

Maybe if somebody had let them know differently in the beginning, they would have chosen another career or taken the time to learn the English language.

You are only the second English major MT I have come across, and the other one is the best MT whose work I've seen.

Completely agree
Always have two companies, at least.
i completely agree.
"Assault" may sound nicer than "rape" but it's NOT the same thing. It's the MT's job to accurately record the doctor's words, pretty or not. Of course we may correct grammar but certainly not the meaning of a document.

These are sometimes used as legal documents and that should always be taken into account.
I mean, it's not as though we have nothing else to do! These tests take a long time and unless you have no job, they are much too time consuming. The worst is when you don't pass after spending so much time.

Also, you go through the grammar, etc. and then come to that?!

I think a couple of carefully selected files will tell them everything they need to know about your skill level.

NO. Not lazy at all!
I completely concur.
By the way, my keyboard completely different from the other 2
Agree completely. Sometimes I am not even
sure if I am talking to the same person when they do not use their same initials or names with every post.
This is completely untrue. SM
I emailed a response while they were looking for moderators. I received a wonderful email with no broken English giving me all the sign-in information needed as well as complete instructions. It was NOT signed by Dr. Ahmed. I will not give out the name, as they clearly stated they do not want that known until this whole mess blows over. I will, however, delete any more of these outright lies I see on this board.
I agree completely (sm)

As another poster said, our bodies "know" when we have typed a certain number of lines.  Having worked for various transcription companies, I found it difficult to even reach the minimum lines with many of these places.  I feel very fortunate to have found an MTSO that is honest.  Guess what, I am transcribing over 2,000 lines in 5 or 6 hours!  I am saving every penny possible because I know it will not last forever.  

Time to do something completely different

You've turned completely inward.  Time to look outward.  Walk outside your four  walls and walk away from cyberspace - they'll still be there when you come back.  Talk face to face with people.  Go for a walk to somewhere completely different each day.  Volunteer somewhere in your community.  Befriend and be helpful to your neighbors. Sitting in the dark online 18 hours a day is a habit that can't be good for anybody - face it and change your behavior, or you will inevitably be forced out of your hideyhole into the world anyway.  You can either embrace, choose and take charge of changes, or wait until you have no choice. 

This may sound a little weird, but try using feng shui to rearrange your apartment - it can make a difference.  Just moving my work space to a different part of the room worked for me (my productivity greatly improved).  Good luck, and don't let this beat you.

Completely up to the client

At my first job I typed disc because that's what they wanted.  On the next job half the clients wanted disk and I went nuts keeping it straight.  At current job all clients want disk.  I put it in my ShortHand to change disc to disk, because of the bad habit I learned at the first job.  If I should get another account that wants disc, I will make them a separate shorthand tab and try to remember to switch to it when I get one of their jobs.  It sure would help if all clients agreed on this issue.

I agree completely
Well said. It's been said time and time again there are no grammar police on this board but they're here all the time just the same.
have you tried your new job out before completely quitting?

nice post!

Completely different experience
I have been working with MediGrafix now for about 6 months. They are EXTREMELY easy to work with and for. Everyone is so nice and helpful. Do NOT be afraid to ask questions if you don't know, they are more than willing to help you find the answer. Their platform to work with is SO easy. If you can handle Word, you are in good shape. As with anything, when you start something new it is a learning experience. Allow yourself time to learn and don't get frustrated at yourself or your employer. Do give MediGrafix a shot, I think you will be pleasantly surprised.
I completely see where you are coming..sm
from and those are all good suggestions. I really hope they aren't trying to edge me out. I haven't had any problems with them. See the thing I like about this place is unless they need to talk to you then you really don't hear anything from them. My manager, I never get an email, IM, nothing, very rarely. They act like they are happy with my work. They haven't said any different. So as far as attitude goes they don't communicate with me enough to really even know what kind of attitude I have. Honestly I do the work and the money is direct deposited and I never talk to them unless I go to them for some reason which is rare. My work goes directly to the client and I have worked on this account for 1-1/2 years now so I rarely have blanks. I pretty much know the docs in and out. As far as the amount they have to pay me well I only make .075 cpl so I can't imagine they are trying to get away with less than that.
As far as applying and sending resumes out I don't even get phone calls for them to see how my mannerisms are. I have gotten very little email replies most just to say they aren't hiring cause I send resumes to places that aren't even advertising for jobs. Just in case they need someone. I have showed my resume to a fellow MT who has 10 years exp and she thought it was fine. They either aren't hiring or they are insistent on 2 years or they want acute care, which my exp in is slim.

Thanks for the suggestions though as far as to watch how I present myself.

One thing I think may be the problem is I think they may have more MTs than work. I noticed there are probably 5 or 6 MTs on this one account I work on and there are only 2 docs. It could be there isn't enough work to go around. BUT that is why I asked for a backup account but they said all the accounts are fully staffed. I don't know.
To be completely honest sm
I sat down with my DH and my parents to try and decide what kind of job I could go to school for and then work from home. I checked into several differnt things and decided on transcribing. Now I know that most people don't start from home, and while I have been doing this off and on for about 8 years, I have always worked from home. I know I have been lucky, but for one job I was offered (which I didn't take but not becuase I wouldn't be at home) I would have to work in the hospital for 6 months and then work from home. I also realize many think this is an easy cushy job, which really grates on me, but being at home was the reason I chose this profession.
we have been completely left behind
which is why I have been preparing for my future.  I am working on my degree in health management because I don't know how much longer I can continue down this path.  With the way things are looking now, I'm glad I have been preparing for other things.