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This is absolutely true...sm

Posted By: former Quixtarer on 2006-01-10
In Reply to: The only way they will make any $$ is if they - me

I signed up for Quixtar several years ago and it is simply a remake of the old Amway.  The poster above is right.  The only way you will make any money is to get people to sign up under you and get them to continue the process.  You are also required to spend an inordinate amount of money for tapes and books and seminars which are nothing more than sales pitches.  I lost a great deal of money in Quixtar and would advise you to look elsewhere for a work-at-home opportunity. 

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absolutely true and then some

IC = 100% of the social security tax, which is around 15.3% of the gross earnngs. On $35K that's over $5000.

absolutely true, provided

You're responsible with your money. But if you're one to spend carelessly, you're going to wish you had a credit card if you need some major car repairs or something of that nature.

So I suppose the real "need" is simply having available cash when you need it (not want it).

Sorry, it is absolutely true. I hang out a lot on the
I've had an RNY and also hang out a lot on bariatric forums. The Lap Band is a great surgery but no one will ever dispute that the weight comes off much quicker with the RNY than the Band, and the percentage of weight loss is almost always greater with the bypass. The Band is, however, a much safer surgery, though it requires a lot more maintenance than the RNY with saline fills. Most people do not HAVE to have skin removed, though many choose to do it. The excess skin is unsightly and in many cases causes some skin infections that need to be tended to, but the PS is for the most part elective.

But you are absolutely right about getting your head straight on both surgeries; thanks for pointing that out. My surgery (the RNY) did a fabulous job of taking off most of my overweight and correcting a couple of serious health issues, but the honeymoon is over after 2-1/2 years, and it's up to me to keep it off, and I struggle with that every day (so far so good!).
It is absolutely TRUE! Comcast and vonage not sure about, but AT&T small business says NOT ALLOWED!

Vonage nor Comcast work with all equipment (static, echoing, etc.) and I would be interested in learning more about what "the fine print" says for these two companies.  So, you must be misinformed because I have a sister who works at AT&T and no matter what package you buy, MT IS NOT ALLOWED.....and that is a FACT!   

Thank you ghost! So true! So true! More than one person!
Yer crackin' me up! True, true, true! nm
Absolutely, I absolutely love my job and
ROFL!! true, so true! nm
true, true but out of about 90 flicks....1 or 2...nm

true, true - but what you see as arrogance...sm

I think a lot of people go the extreme -

so, if I had to be one way or the other (being a humble extremist myself...*LOL*), I'd rather have too much self-esteem than not enough (been there, done that the first 30 years!!! *L*).  And I am a truly humble person, been recognized for just that.....but because of *been there, done that* - and all sorts of therapies (not drug therapies), some end up the other way.  Oh well, this was a fun couple of posts - so I thought.

Gave me much to chew on :)  Have fun!  

True but to say there are no good MTs not true.
ROFLMAO!!!! so true! so true!
Everybody sees it but her, though! I love it! Thanks for the giggle! ":^)
you are absolutely right and I know because I know
which is just as good as knowing any other way.

a policy of kindness is the only *way* to go....
Absolutely not, just a FYI. nm
Stay at the Polynesian - it's right on the Disney Property and it is OH SO LUXURIOUS! Very reasonably priced, too for what you get. They have a great luau (sp?), and you can walk out your hotel room and hop on the tram straight into the park.

Speaking of parks, you MUST to go Epcot and bring lotsa de casha for the country of Germany - they have colored crystal that will knock your socks off and your pocketbook clear out of your purse.


...the immature vitriolic attitude some people on this board have. If it bothers you so much to see what may seem to you a no-brainer question posted, please feel free to move on, sparing us your crappy, holier-than-thou attitude. I'm absolutely ashamed to have people like you part of my MT community.
MQ has hurt too many people and their families. I don't even work for them, but the hospital that I work for bought their DQS program, which is wonderful, but it also included the DocQmanage program which CHEATS TRANSCRIPTIONISTS!
MQ has hurt too many people and their families. I don't even work for them, but the hospital that I work for bought their DQS program, which is wonderful, but it also included the DocQmanage program which CHEATS TRANSCRIPTIONISTS!
MQ has hurt too many people and their families. I don't even work for them, but the hospital that I work for bought their DQS program, which is wonderful, but it also included the DocQmanage program which CHEATS TRANSCRIPTIONISTS!
How do you know DocuManage cheats MTs?
Absolutely no!
I agree with you! However, I do not consider people taking necessities to survive "looters." HUGE difference with someone taking shoes, jewelry, TVs, and nonessential items. These are 2 different classes totally. People trying to survive should not even be compared to a looter. I was all for shooting any and all looters that were caught in the act!
A absolutely
I wouldn't encourage my worst enemy to get into this field!
Absolutely not!
Absolutely NOT
MQLOVER would get upset. Yeah you sure did dig yourself into a big one. Just keep on going and may be you can find some more people to hire in China when you get there.
Absolutely not.
absolutely right!
i couldn't have said it better -- agree with you totally!
Absolutely not.

I wish you the very best of luck!  You'll do great!


Yes, absolutely

I've been working a 13-hour per day schedule recently (getting ready for changes coming up). While I do slow down by the end of the day, I'm still holding quite steady and a decent line count. I've been accomplishing anywhere from 3016 (my low so far on the 13-hr schedule) to 3653 (my high so far on this schedule). TOUGH? YES! Possible??? Absolutely.

Absolutely! Go for it!
No, they absolutely do not.
Certainly the length of time it would take to complete the transcript would be dependent on a lot of things, but I personally would not bid less than $40 per audio hour, and due to the availability requirement of -- "I need for you to indicate your days and hours of availability. These
days and hours should NOT be flexible. These should be the days and
times that you are ALWAYS available to work. You will be receiving jobs
during these days and hours without advance notice and you are expected
to do them, no excuses."

I would not even do it for the $40 mentioned above.
no you are absolutely not alone!!! nm
Absolutely not. They will appreciate it more

and will take better care of it if they have to work for it.  We obtained a loan for our son to have his car and then he had to pay us back monthly, as well as keep up his insurance payments, car repairs, etc.  However, I do know that A LOT of parents feel it is a requirement for them to buy their children cars.  I personally think that is asking for trouble in the long run.  Nothing in this life is free and kids need to know that, especially since they're getting ready to enter the real world.

I've been doing this for 20 years...don't want to do anything else.
Absolutely NOT. I take
every single job that comes to me...good, bad...long, short...do my best and go on to the next job.
That has absolutely zero to do with this. She could have SM
been an atheist, devil worshipper, a Buddhist, and what she did would still have changed the world.
I have hired numerous MTEC graduates, and have not had a problem with any of them.  They are excellent MTs.  The program is worth every penny.  3 of the girls I hired five years ago are now making over 25/hour on production.
Absolutely yes!
The question really should be, if Michelle were healthy enough to skate at nationals, would she have been on the team.  With all else being equal, she would have been in the top 3 and therefore would have gone anyway. 
I read anything and everything I can get my hands on pertaining to this profession. 
I have worked for over 25 years for a major medical institution as an MT, and it all goes away in two weeks. First came outsourcing to India (clinic AND academic), and now comes the EMR. There is very little for me to do these days, except try to edit what little academic comes through from India. I have come to the sad conclusion that quality doesn't matter when it can be done so much cheaper overseas, broken English isn't that big a deal when it all gets dumpted into an EMR anyway, and that now, at the age of 49, I have to find something else I can do to get by until retirement, since I honestly believe outsourcing is here to stay. Physicians with whom I've had a wonderful working relationship through the years have practically ignored me the last few months. One doctor half-heartedly offered me something for two days a week, but it was too little, too late, and too sad for me to accept. I would never, ever promote this field to anybody, since when I see an entire medical center outsource and go totally EMR, there just is no demand for what I do any more.
Absolutely not
MT is a dead-end, no respect, joe-job with no room for advancement, best suited to people with limited social skills and low expectations for themselves. Anyone who wants to better themselves instead of stagnate in limbo should move on. I have.
Not from PA, NJ.... but absolutely looking
for a different company. Let me know if you still want me to drop you an e-mail. Thanks for your reply.
Absolutely Not! nm
I work for a national as an IC doing acute care from home.  My schedule is flexible, I have direct deposit, and I get great feedback from QA and my supervisor.  I am not "hounded" by anyone.  I am left to do my work in peace, which is the way I work best.  Wouldn't have it any other way!
Hey Absolute~
You have my DREAM job!!! :)
Can't wait for sunrise services !
You are absolutely right. I think
because this is an anonymous board people think they can be rude to one another. Would those same people make the same comments to their friends faces if asked the same questions? I don't think so.