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Posted By: PathGuy on 2006-01-10
In Reply to: They must have already gotten to you. :) nm - Becky

the company I'm involved with puts food on the table and pays my bills........I don't exactly call that "gotten to me".....

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Nope, I don't feel "LUCKY" to be treated like an imbicile by my company. Nope, No way.
I did that for a while, gave QA, my TC everyone my private email and then I got an email and phone call from my TC, no longer would I receive emails from them unless I did it through Imail..and now this new darn system..I dont need this drama in my life, for pete sake, Im just trying to make a paycheck, ya know??

not if being paid on production. Questions and blanks go straight to QA. But this could  depend on how much experience you have.

nope! nm

Did someone ask you what you think????? Nope!!!




I would just chalk it up to experience and move on. Actually, that is just what I did, or had to do. If I was counting on them to either pass my tests, or offer me a position, I would have starved to death long ago. I had even found THEM work with a small company that was looking for an MTSO to do some of their accounts. I was promised that since I found the positions for them, that I would be one of them to test for the jobs. NEVER happened. They gave the testing and the positions to three others. When I questioned them about it, they told me that they had not even gotten the accounts, even after I learned they had signed the contracts. Consider it a loss, and take it off next year's taxes. That is the only way you will get any compensation back, and a lesson learned. But frankly, I am still bitter. Even though I found some pretty good positions and am doing now what I love. Good Luck.
You would burn them up in no time. I would recommend unlimited services like Vonage or zerocents.com
I would do this if not verbatim

She is a 66-year-old white female, recently transferred to our practive with diabetes mellitus, hypothyroidism, hypertension, and hyperlipidemia, who I refer, blah blah
Nope, not for you. sm
Sorry. I must have gotten the Florida thing wrong. I thought she also said she was going to Florida, so I'm sorry for having the wrong destination. And I wasn't trying to pick some sort of fight. I was merely posing another opinion/option. There's nothing wrong with not taking the kids on a BUSINESS trip. BTW, thanks for the all-caps on the BUSINESS thing. It didn't come off at all snotty. So, no, my response wasn't meant for you. Thanks for asking, though.
Gave up holidays years ago and have never regretted it.
you are mistaken here. type 0-9 in three lines in NotePad and save it as a file. You will see 30 bytes, not KBs.

Been there done that. The online classes are a joke and it is almost completely self study. Wish I had saved my money.
Nope, not to much to ask and we never should

have to!  That said, while I tried all the usuals, nothing got my kids attention as much as no clothes to wear, no clean glasses and their rooms smelling like something died in them. 

MOM, where's my jeans?  How should I know, I did'nt wear them, usually led to finding them on the floor under 3 feet of whatever.  They all got the same printed list of how to do's and now they do them well.



Sorry, but it's all hype, and potentially dangerous.  If you research it at medical sites, the phrase perforated colon is usually mentioned! 





Nope. You really don't get it, do you? sm
I don't think any amount of explaining is going to make you understand, either. The same thing that was MISSING when you posted seeking medical advice for what could have been an emergency is the same thing that is keeping you from understanding why people are annoyed every time you post anything. Go back. Start at your post and the content of it. Begin at square 1 and read your post and the responses, followed by more of your posts. I have little hope you'll ever get a clue about anything, considering your original post.
nope. www.dol.gov -- they don't have to do that.
it's in their best interest to do that but not required to


I surely would not, though there are many things about the job I like; i.e, working at home - making great money.  What I don't like about it is always being tied down to it - can't take days off or vacation - that sort of thing.  But then, there's no job that's perfect, right?

Nope! I just tell her to go lay down, and she goes. nm
Nope, I have never
had any kind of medical terminology course or MT course. I just lucked out. I worked in the billing department for a small hospital and the HIM manager called me up one day out of the blue and offered me a job as a transcriptionist. They trained me and started me out at normal certified salary.
nope, that's not it (sm)
I wish I had my wits about me enough to have thought to snap a picture.  Trying to remember from the quick glimpses I had (at a safe distance).  The harder I try to remember the less I do.  Kinda of like the poster above who said by the end of the week it will grow as she tells the story.  I can still see that tongue flicking at me though.  Ugh.
nope, but I think there are
some sort of mystery fumes filtering through the computer screens today and people have sniffed it a little too long and it gave them a major case of WHINY HINEY.
nope. not at all
Yes. I agree with once in a while, but on a weekly or daily basis? Nope! Especially with young children at home. Married folks have to pull together, not apart.
DH and I have different interests on occasion. He is a runner, I'm a camper. I go camping with our youngest (16 yo DS) fairly often. DH would rather be on the track running in circles. So we often take a few days off and go in different directions -- me to the hiking trails, him to a track meet (and he's a gold medalist in the 1500 m Masters Nationals this year -- had to crow!). But when our kids were little, never, NEVER did he or I go and hang out anywhere on a regular basis. How unfair to whoever is left at home!
Nope that was the pay I saw for a job
That is why I asked it seemed funny
this doesn't work either but thanks for trying.
But I work on EditScript and it doesn't really interrupt anything. I don't have to worry about TAT either.
Sometimes documents get "stuck" and will stay checked out to you, but usually if you have to do an emergency shut down, power outage, etc., then you lose whatever you have done and the note will go into someone elses queue.
Nope, I think she is trying to help. (sm)
I don't understand MTs who don't think about the reaction they get from MDs and nurses who read their reports and see medical or English mistakes. (Now obviously the only people who know the recent BOS rule changes are people in the MT world, and I think it is dumb that the BOS changes rules for us when nobody is explaining them to the MDs, who must think we are idiots now, but that's a war I can't win). What I care about are medical errors, anatomical errors, formatting errors, grammar errors, English errors. Those are the errors I have seen in many place I have worked that are inexcusable. A good MT cares about quality as much as production, and should gratefully learn from whatever QA can point out as errors for them. If MTs don't think excellence is important, why in the world did they go into a clerical medical field.

Where I work currently the work I see is much better, thankfully. This must be due to hiring of good MTs and good QA.
Nope, not there. sm
Thanks for the help but there weren't any that I put in there. This is absolutely horrible. I use autotext a lot with "canned" dictation.

Thanks for trying to help me.
Well, actually I have an electronic copy on my computer which was provided by the transcription service I worked for but I think I have actually opened it up maybe twice.
My pay cut happened about 4 months ago. You should have put your foot down and refused to take one like me. Stand up for yourself. You are contributing to the demise of this business. Have a nice life.
That is a real pain. When I leave a blank, I type the time of the dictation where the blank is, so at least I know where to rewind to. The only thing that helps is using the beginning of dictation arrow if blank is closer to start of dictation and fast forwarding etc.

All my accounts are in the US.  Though granted we sometimes have challenging ESL doctors but you're going to find that everywhere
Nope, the contract did not say that I could not work for any other companies. I just think it is strange how after I told them about the new job that I did not get any response and then the next thing I know, my contract is terminated.
I have two transcription companies I work for, plus my own account. I work about 8-10 hours a day on average. My 1 account doesn't bring in a significant amount because the doc isn't in that office but 2 weeks out of the month. I love how people keep assuming stuff with their comebacks though. It makes me laugh. I live in Texas, but I recently moved from somewhere where the cost of living was higher and did just fine. My reasons for working from home: I don't have to pay high gas prices, plus wear and tear on my vehicle, buy work clothes, childcare, eat out everyday, etc. I added it up and I would be paying over $1200 a month if I had to work out the home! OH, and don't forget drive time and being on the road with all of the idiots. That in itself is a big plus to me! Like I said, this works for me.

I am not trying to be bossy by telling someone to get out of the profession. Why make yourself miserable and do something that you talk down about? Common sense would tell you to go find something else, wouldn't it? It would for me! If your income is so low, you can get grants to go to college. It just doesn't make sense to me. People are acting like this is McDonald's or some other low-end job "working for peanuts." I don't see how making $15-30 an hour (with the lower end hopefully being an employee) is bad. I don't see how that is bad for a career that doesn't take a four-year degree.

Anyway, I think I am done. I have work to do. Have fun!
I do not have a ton of experience (6 years) and I woudn't turn on my PC for 6 cpl. 
Nope, not really better now (sm)
The quality is still pretty bad and you can't really tell who's talking, but that's where you get to just put in [inaudible]. The main thing for anyone starting with them is just not to get too frustrated with trying to hear everything - they know you're not going to be able to. Like you said, most likely it's a conference room with 10 different people talking all at the same time or a seminar with people sitting too far away from the microphone or the person sitting in front of the microphone coughing or sneezing into it when others are talking. I think, though, for the OP it would be good to at least check into this since she's already got the transcription experience. This or the police departments might be a good place to start, at least to get money coming in, and then decide if she wants to take any classes for MT.
Go to mtdaily.com and go to MT companies and go through that long list of companies and start applying. That is how I got in. One of them hired me eventually.
Nope. USA all the way.
The small company I work for now is the only one I've worked for that does not. I will be with this company a long time for that reason.
Nope - no different.
They use the same specialists as adult practitioners. I don't think you would have any trouble at all going into a peds position. Good luck!
Nope - nm

I do work for the Q part-time as a tier 3 and make more than others, so I hear, but I actually work part-time as an IC for another company and make more to do OPs.  They wont even let me do other work as it is less pay and they can get the lower paids to do it. 


I do work for the Q part-time as a tier 3 and make more than others, so I hear, but I actually work part-time as an IC for another company and make more to do OPs.  They wont even let me do other work as it is less pay and they can get the lower paids to do it. 


I do work for the Q part-time as a tier 3 and make more than others, so I hear, but I actually work part-time as an IC for another company and make more to do OPs.  They wont even let me do other work as it is less pay and they can get the lower paids to do it. 

Nope I am not an MT

Nope, I am not and never will be, but my wife and I do own a small service. Just doing some research.

Nope, you sent it to me. LOL
I e-mailed KR so I could send it on to her.