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I wasn't putting down Network Marketing...sm

Posted By: Former Quixtar on 2006-01-10
In Reply to: Not the tapes, books and seminars I am talking about, please read.... - PathGuy

Simply stating where the money in Quixtar comes from. Sure, you get a bonus check every month if you sell products, but the majority of the money comes from the tools. Tapes that are made from Quixtar seminars are sold and pushed on people. If you don't get on the tool program, they don't want to help you - because they won't make money if you don't buy the tools.

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Isn't network marketing another name for Amway?
Amway, Quixstar & Network Marketing
First let me tell you that there is nothing wrong with Network Marketing and that it's a wonderful business to be in.  The best advice I can give is first of all, research several companies and see what their compensation plans are.  I would NOT sign up based on someone feeding me a bunch of hype.  Also, look for a product that you can believe in.  Next, check out the company.  Just as it is done here, everyone is checking out all the companies before they get in.  Make sure that the company is founded and operated on sound ethics and business practices.  As for spending a lot of money on books, tapes and seminars.....ALL of us should be doing that on a DAILY basis.  It's called personal development and that is the best thing in the world you can do for yourself.  So to sum it up and because of limited space to write here....tell them to GO FOR IT!!!  If you have any questions go ahead and email me and I can go into much more detail to help.  Take care and have a blessed day!
I wasn't putting words in your mouth
It seemed to me that you were the one who put them in the post. Perhaps that isn't what you meant. ???

No, I actually don't have issues with my parent's divorce. It happens. They have both moved on and are happy and I am happy for them. Are you trying to put words in MY MOUTH? LOL.

I know A LOT of kids whose parents are not divorced who overly indulge their children. In fact, it was because my parents were divorced that I was not given more help (such as paying or helping to pay for my education). Both sets of parents were *starting over* so I don't think that line holds true that the divorced parents have more money. At least not in every case.

Listen, I am probably the same kind of Mom as you are. I would feel the same way if my daughter's best friend was being spoiled like that (minus the feelings toward the parents being divorced). My 12 yo daughter is always wanting to know why she can't have a cell phone, iPod, portable DVD player, phone in her room, etc. MOST of her friends have all these things and will probably have cars when they turn 16. So don't blast me, I am on the same page as you as far as that goes.

I just felt like you were commenting negatively that the child comes from divorced parents. If I was wrong then I apologize.

Has anyone ever tried those multilevel marketing businesses such as Fortune Hi-Tech marketing...sm
My friend wants me to sign up...she is making about $2000 a month now but working quite hard at it.  My husband claims it is like a pyramid.  I just don't know. I wondered if any of you have had personal experience with this type venture.  TIA
What network? It comes on @ 11 p.m. Friday on USA network where I live. - nm


I do brochures, flyers and postcards.  I mail out using a list I have.  I also have accounts in several of the large medical buildings by hospitals and I will often go from floor to floor giving out my information. I have gotten a 20 to 25% reply so it works.  Since I have been in this for 15 to 20 years now a lot more comes from word of mouth but when I started out I just sent out information about my service.

E-mail me if you want more specifics.  Patti

It is all about marketing and sales. Looks like they have your $$
Marketing Ideas
Hi, I am in the process of searching for my own accounts as well. may I ask what sort of information you put into your brochure? Also, I have built a website and have it being hosted by my ISP, but how do you go about having it searchable through Yahoo and Google? I am just curious, as I need to expand my searchability. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

thanks. Kathy
Need advice on marketing.
Got a call from a doctor. I have a questionnaire that I use to ask questions. Then I gave him the rate over the phone and included a proposal and brochure which I faxed to his office.

I did this before and nothing happened. I'm worried I gave out information prematurely. Am I doing this right?
Running out of marketing ideas. sm
I've sent letters and brochures. Is there any other way to market this business? Don't have a lot of time for cold calls. If I send the same stuff over and over, I'm afraid they'll throw it in the trash and I will not have gotten their attention. Any suggestions are appreciated.
Writer and PT marketing consultant
See message - marketing own accounts
Make up a brochure/flyer -- very simple stating what you will offer and for what price and send out or take around.  Be prepared to do tapes or digital.  Lots of info on here about that.  Be acceptable to pick up and deiver or send via FTP.  Do mass mailings to MD's, DO's chiropractors, oral surgeons, vet's, etc. or concentrate in the area where you want the account and do it every 4-6 weeks.  Network via local chapters of MT's, MA's what you have available.  But be prepared to know it can take several months to get a bite and sometimes longer.  You need to be in the right place at the right time.  If hospitals have their employee newspaper see if you can place an ad.   But it sometimes takes mass marketing to get that first account.   Good luck.
multi-level marketing nm
Any MTSO's out there willing to give marketing advice?

I have been transcribing for 6 years and want to get my own accounts.  What is the best way to do this?  Any info would be great! Thanks

Harika - marketing/converting clients
is a numbers game. You just have to keep promoting your business over and over and over again. Work on promotion for 1-2 hours per day so you don't get burned out on it.

There are many tasps out there. I see them on the banners on this board all the time. Some are basically pay as you go. The one I have is less than $100 per month with unlimited uploading and downloading. All the doc needs is a recorder or you can use a tasp with a call in system. I think the call in systems are high $ though. Nobody answer my post last week why the call in rates were so high! If you go to affiliates on the left there are tasps on there.
To me the tasps really remove the need for a middle man taking a 60% cut like the big nationals.
it all started with the VR software marketing personnel. SM
This craze started about 10 years ago and kicked into full force within the past five years or less. Someone selling the software convinced the physician practices, hospital personnel that they could save a fortune on their transcription costs. Little did they know it takes a Transcriptionist to pretty much retype the report produced by VR, and then sometimes QA/editor to check it. Now that's what I call a savings people. Now the VR systems are being utilized by our ILPs, who try to correct the errors in VR when they do not have a firm grasp on the English language...We're talking double disaster here. Let the doctors and hospital administrators think they are saving bundles on their transcription costs. How very sad and ignorant on their part.
Send letters to local offices marketing yourself. sm
Watch the want ads, and offer yourself as IC backup instead of FTs. It works!

As you pick up your accounts and back-up accounts, just do a good job and meet expectations or better.

The only drawback about your own accounts, it leaves little time to clock out and have your own life. If you can find someone else to work the accounts while you rake in the money, that is all the better.

The whole notion of a liver detoxification is just a marketing ploy and a myth.


I agree, and O'Reilly marketing his books and novelty times
a joke and sad that old folks down in fla watch it and get brainwashed, much like old people get tricked by contractors and other things. I hope I don't lose my marbles when I get old.
Nice marketing too..a bogus statement about US MTs to discredit the competition nm
Always be looking. Every day. Network with others. SM

I have the best job I've ever had in my life, and it came from friends on the board. Every job I get is the same way. Word of mouth. I have only filled out one application for employment since 1983 and I already had the job.

They really are out there and it sounds like you are qualified. Are you wanting full time or part time?

We could have our own network MTtV

Have a show like Candida Camera where a resident spends an hour with a patient that he doesn't understand.  When the doctor asks where the pain is the patient can point to his chest and as soon as the MD starts listening to the chest, the patient can change his mind and tell him the pain is in the back.  When he goes to the back, the patient can tell him, "no wait, in the stomach".  He can give him a list of medicines all spelled wrong and dosages all wrong.  Then when the doctor is giving him instructions, the patient can start talking on his cellphone, making the doctor sit and wait while the patient talks to someone else.


In another episode of Candida Camera, show a physician talking to consulting doctor who speaks a number of different dialects or a doctor who talks a million milds a minute in half-syllable words.  Watch Dr. A try to understand what Dr. B as he makes up words, lab tests, and diagnoses. 

network solutions dot com....nm

For the network either, apparently.
BTW, I think it sucks that he left his wife and poor little ill baby for his new co-star. Glad it was canceled!!!
What about DISH network?
We are not worried about the TV aspect as we do not own a TV! This would be strictly for the internet service.
Is the printer on a network?
You may have to "wake up" the computer that printer is directly connected to and/or reboot that computer.
hughes network
I had them also before as I live way out there. They sound a little better than Wildblue but I still had many problems and felt they were not much faster than dial up either. We now also have DSL with windstream and even though it is the slowest connection that windstream has, it is better than dialup or satellite. I enjoy it also. To get started with Hughes network it cost me $800.00 to buy the dish and $60.00 a month. I still have the dish on the house and have no use for it. I too am happy with my DSL.
Network Problem
The problem could be any of several different things. We'll have to step through this and I'll need to be able to ask you some questions so we should probably take this offline to email.

Just hit "Reply by E-mail" at the bottom of this post with the subject "Network Problem" and I'll get back to you.
network air card
I have one which I purchased a month ago. it works well. I went with Verizon because it is 5 Gigs and ATT is only 3 Gigs of usage which makes a lot of difference. It works well and is portable. Sounds like it would be good for you in your situation. The first bill is more becuase of the setup fee, etc. ($112). I have not decided if I will keep my internet carrier or just have the Verizon. it is enough unless you want to view movies do a lot of video stuff. That will send you over the amount and cost a lot more. Hope you granddaughter gets better post haste. Will remember her in prayer.
Virtual Private Network.
How hard is it to network 2 systems
I would like these 2 systems to talk with each other and have no idea of how to do it?
He's still on the air because he owns the network. Nuff said? nm
You can Google for the show on the network and
read episode summaries online. Or there are websites out there with the fullblown scripts of every episode posted. I think they're even coming up with websites where you can legally watch reruns for $.99. I used to read the long scripts on my favorite TV show when we didn't have cable.
Global Transcription Network
Has anyone heard of the company "Global Transcription Network," was offered a job today.  Thanks bunches everyone.
Global Transccription Network
Where is the company located.  I worked for a company that bought out a company by that name.  If it is one in the same - do your best to run the other way.
Global Transcription Network
It is based out of Texas.
Anything that Rachael Ray from the Food Network says
Never heard of it ... what time is it on and what network? Thx. nm

Next Food Network Star
Anybody watch The Next Food Network Star tonight on Food Network?  Yvonne got "voted off the island" this time - she was always cooking ethnic and hispanic foods that were good, but she copped an attitude when she got voted off.  The guy from Iowa is still going strong!  I betcha the blond chunky guy wins (is Guy his name?) though. 
I think the important part is the network

Homeschooling with others in a network is a little different than just plain homeschooling. 

So, how do these children learn to pick their battles?  Do you as a homeschooling parent throw an eraser at them once in a while or pass a love note? 

I'm not so sure I understand.  

Check out Network Solutions.
They will register your domain name for you as well as host your site. They're also readily available if you have any questions. I went with them on the recommendation of a friend who is a website designer and have been very happy with my decision. It was pretty easy to design my website on their site as well. Their website address is below. Feel free to email me if you have further questions. momtypes @ comcast.net
Your wireless network and Wii are probably in the same frequency.

Your Wii is interfering with the wireless network. We just purchased home theater system and were considering the wireless speakers. When I asked the salesman about possible intereference with the wireless network, he said that is a problem and we decided instead to go with the wired speakers.

I'm not an expert in this field but you could try checking with someone like the Geek Squad or Firedog at Circuit City to be certain.

MT mentoring email network

Hello, I was curious if anyone out in MT land would be interested in starting a new MT mentoring program with me. I'm not advertising or anything like that, I just have an idea that I would like to have a sort of email network that new MTs (or experienced ones too) might be able to email me their question and I would have a group of MTs I could email the question out to who could respond if they knew the answer. Does that make sense? This would be a free service just to help fellow MTs out.

I think this is something that would be invaluable to new (or old) MTs because I remember being a newbie at home and being sort of lost in space as it were.  If you are interested you can email me.

***E-mail address removed by Moderator. 

If you were putting
your pie hole to good use, you wouldn't have time to be on this board participating in such foolishness. How old are you?
Well why do you not like putting it where it goes?!?!
Ah, so this is putting them down!!??!! LOL!
My Post: I don't know..... I know many MTs making that in a month...but in their jammies, don't have to fuss with the makeup and only have to leave the house to go shopping! Oh, and they still get the write offs.

And sorry about the sobering up comment, I just coulnd't for the life of me figure out what you were looking at. And still can't! Many posters use initials sm/nm for see message or no message - maybe that's why you're getting confused : )

Just as I am putting away $ for my SM

later years (I have no children to depend on) I expected that my mother was.  Wrong.  I have currently chosen to essentially give up where I want to live, to be with who I want to be, to take care of things for now, but it won't be that way forever.

I am doing it out of obligation right now, but I don't intend to sacrifice the next 10 or so years of my life to keep doing this. 

Putting myself out there

Has anyone ever done this...?

I am thinking about making a bunch of copies of my resume and writing a cover letter describing my abilities........then distributing it to different clinics around the area. 

I work from home but want a second job as an in-house Transcriptionist to gain some experience and also because I am not making that much money here at home!

Has anyone ever done this?  If so, have you had success doing it?  How about putting an ad on Craigslist for transcriptionist services?

As opposed to Commie News Network?
LOL, Commie News Network? Facts? LOL

You get your news from CNN?  Well, that explains a lot.  As far as being ready for kids...Plenty of people have only as many kids as they can support themselves, AND buy their own house, AND provide for their own retirements.  It's called planning, not reproducing to the extreme under the umbrella of being a "good Catholic" and then being unable to provide.

Anyone work for Global Transcription Network
Any comments? I'm a new hire, and looking for any feedback. Based out of Arlington TX.