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I use regular thin winter gloves and cut the fingertips off. Works great! nm

Posted By: cold all the time on 2007-02-02
In Reply to: What do you use for cold fingers while typing? - Cold one


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I actually wear gloves, regular knit, but thin gloves.
I get so used to typing with them on, when I take them off I have a hard time adjusting again.
I use golfers gloves..thin and keep my hands warm.
The HandEze gloves are nice w/the wrist support. I like them in the winter. Other brands to
I use ergonomic keyboard, gloves, splints at night, but sometimes what works best is a cool shower.

Great offer, gets WAY better with time, you should get regular pay raises. sm
and the benefits sound great, for 2nd shift!
Smart gloves vs. Softflex gloves - Advice
Anyone use these for typing?  Do you still have enough range of motion?  I am struggling and have tried to type with my braces on but of course I can't.  Any advice would be great!!  Thanks.
whatever works for you, that's great, and what works for me is great too
works great for me. nm
great when it works
We live in the midwest and with wind, rain, etc., the picture would die. One night we were under a tornado warning and watching the Weather Channel and it just went fuzzy.
Yes and yes it works great! nm
Well if it works for you that's great!
I've never tried it myself, but might just out of curiosity.  : )
MetaboLife works great for me! nm
I use Shorthand. It works great in there. sm
The Scribe platform is easy to use once you are used to it. My lines have doubled in the past two months. I use Shorthand for EVERYTHING.

Go to www.pcShorthand.com. There is a trial version.
Works great for smoothies too! nm
it works great for a lot of people, but
be aware that as with most medications it starts to wear off, so if it works for you, I would say go for it and don't dilly dally around with it, because one day it will not work for you, at least that is what happened to me years ago.
you have to really, really want to quit..then it works great.

I have a Belkin and it works great.
My Linksys works great!!!
I just switched to Linksys about six months ago and it works wonderfully.
Voange works great for me! nm
Same here Linksys also. Works great..sm
and have never had any problems with it. I use it for a laptop and have a hard wired desktop pc. My daughter also runs off the Linksys and has had no problems.
Works great! Better than Vonage. SM
I found that with Vonage there was a lag when I would rewind or fast forward in a dictation.  Drove me batty.  Switched to Mediacom phone and it works great.  No lag, clear as a bell.
I should add it works great with the fax machine too!
With Vonage I could never send or receive faxes.  I kept getting "poor line quality" error messages on my fax machine. 
I use MagicJack & it works great. nm
Laptop works great for me
I've been using a laptop now for over a year for full time MT.  I have a Sony Vaio with plenty memory and great processor.  I attach my mouse, keyboard and foot pedal and I'm good to go. I traveled over the summer and was able to work from anywhere with internet access. A great thing! 
sore fingertips
I also type 10 to sometimes 12 hours a day between my regular 40 hour a week job and extras that I do - I found my right thumb was getting soooo tender so I have since improvised and put a foam ring (that is actually for toes) on it to take the brunt of my hitting the space bar all the time. It works wonders and can't do without it now. But never had any other trouble with fingertips....
Excel works great too, has a template too.
dictationwarehouse.com sells that --I have one works great - nm
I have the same exact setup - works great! nm
oops, meant to say it really works great for me.
I use CS and ST, works great. The CS that I use is actual Word -sm
I have heard that Chartscript net, which is the newer version, is different - more like a box that you type in instead of actual Word. I have worked for 2 places using CS now, and it implements the actual Word program. As long as it's not Chartscript net, you should be okay. When working, we're told to open our own version of Word first before we even log into CS because it will save anything there if the report you are working on is lost somehow. When I type in CS, which looks just like my Word, ST is up and running right in CS, just like when typing in my own Word program. No problems with it at all. I know what you mean.....I would haaate to work without ST too. Hope it works out for you!
I use ShortHand with my ExText. Works great! nm
Vonage! Works great with my Cphone. nm
She's right! The Mary Kay lip care is the ONLY MK stuff i use, works GREAT. nm
I have it - it works great and updates daily, unlike
Norton and/or McAfee, BOTH of which allowed viruses to infect my computer. I won't spend any more of my hard-earned dollars on either. If you register with Avast, you can have their service free for 13 months. It runs in the background and checks literally everything, including net, email and any attachments that come with emails.
Shorthand works great with DQS and is half the price
I put my left leg on top of the computer tower, works great
I usually burn a nice incense--works great! - nm
MP Count is free and works great! Just Google! nm
Nair for upper lip/face works great
I got it to work with Express Scribe! Works great!
Express scribe is FREE and works great!
Thank You for all the great suggestions - plan to try them to see what works the best. Really appre
Been typing up a storm, now have tender fingertips

I have to type for 10 hrs a day right now.  Can anyone recommend a soft touch keyboard that is under 100 dollars?  Has anyone ever typed so much that it felt as if the fingertips were bruised?  Mine feel so tender.  I have been doing this for over 20 years and have never had this happen! 

Thanks in advance!

It involves all of the fingers from about the mid-palm to fingertips. I also have
stiffness and pain in the knuckle of my middle finger, same hand. No swelling, redness, or warmth of the joint, though. Thanks!
I use Webroot Spy Sweeper, works great. I don't leave it on though and run it once a week - sm
as I have eliminated my problem program that was causing me trouble ( Network Essentials) which is  a tracking software that tracks what websites you go to, etc.  I was running it daily for about a month and every day it would pop up......finally it does not download anymore.  I have a firewall too, guess I could set it up to reject it IF if knew where it was coming from.  But no major problems since, just Adware junk now and then. Good luck with it and just run your program frequently to get rid of it.....
Love my Kirby G5 -- got it used for $500 - the thing is a tank and works great!- nm
I bought a refurbished eMachine for DD in college, works great. nm
Oh...and forgot teryaki...works great for chicken or pork. YUM YUM
Read the report backwards from end to finish. Works great for me.

Works great for me. Fave voice file player is an
Medical transcriptionist melts keyboard with fingertips
Ryan sez, "We have a medical Transcriptionist on staff who has been using the same keyboard for the last 8.5 years. My co-worker replaced it yesterday, and when he first showed it to me I thought someone had taken a blowtorch to it! The most frequently used keys have been completely worn through, exposing the mechanism beneath. Zoom in and check out the indentation on the Backspace key! The keyboard still works fine, so there's something to be said for durability. BTW, it's a NMB Technologies model RT2358TW."

Some people are hard on keyboards -- I tend the blow the contacts on the left side of the board really fast, knocking out the Ctrl, Alt and left side of the spacebar. Charlie Stross's keyboards lose their lettering in mere months, and my pal Seth Schoen types like a machinegun, but I've never noticed any particular wear on his keyboards.