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The HandEze gloves are nice w/the wrist support. I like them in the winter. Other brands to

Posted By: search for, too. nm on 2006-08-20
In Reply to: Do any of you wear gloves while - transcribing?


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Handeze gloves sm

You can purchase them online.  Here's the link:



I have used Handeze gloves for years -
I have been an MT for 10 years and using these gloves (just on my right hand) for the last 8 years or so.  I cannot remember any adjustment period.  Maybe try just wearing them around the house for doing light tasks until you get more used to them.  I would not give up these gloves for anything now, simply love them!  Best of luck. 
34 in lower NY state today, too! Need my Handeze gloves! nm
Soft-Flex and Handeze are 2 brfands of gloves
that MTs often use. I use SoftFlex. They are thin nylon with a bit of spandex. I got them for the little wrist cushions they have that protect the medial nerve when the heels of my hands started burning. They do protect the nerves and cured the burning, and I remember to wear them because they keep my hands warm. I love stuff that serves a dual purpose. :oD Oh, and I do have Raynaud's, so these gloves are good even for somebody with that problem.
I use regular thin winter gloves and cut the fingertips off. Works great! nm
the ergo beans wrist support is AWESOME!!! its like a massage while working...LOVE it and only 16 b
I actually wear gloves, regular knit, but thin gloves.
I get so used to typing with them on, when I take them off I have a hard time adjusting again.
Smart gloves vs. Softflex gloves - Advice
Anyone use these for typing?  Do you still have enough range of motion?  I am struggling and have tried to type with my braces on but of course I can't.  Any advice would be great!!  Thanks.
brands for stoves...

I need to buy a new stove (and frig) and was wondering if you guys could tell me what brands you prefer and why.  I don't need bells and whistles just something that's going to last.  Thanks for sharing

I've heard similar about other brands of
Handeze sm

I've been using Handeze for almost 15 years.  I love them.  They can be bought in most drugstores or online at http://www.handeze.com.


Hope that helps!

magnet bracelets ? what brand, or do all brands work ?
My sister said a magnet necklace worked well for her neck pain. I have seen these as little as $5 and as high as $100+. I am allergic to most metals like the brass copper twisted strands bracelets so which one is working so well for you ?
Thanks for your info.
My preference is Handeze.
SmartGlove and Handeze, type with both on.
Check all the brands in other stores. It's all outsourced. Nike, Rebok, Liz Claiborne.
It leaves our country in the hands of the politicians who sold us out in the first place.
Is there an easy way to enter generic drugs and brands into your spellchecker ? ( a fast way)

Also wear Handeze. They keep wrists and hands
warm with some tension, not too much though, but helps with carpal tunnel also, being that they are elasticized.  I bought mine through craft catalogs, such as Herrschner's and Mary Maxim.  Can buy them through the catalog or online. 
Just for giggles this winter sm
I used my electric potpourri pot with some liquid potpourri added to the water. I helped out tremendously while adding a nice scent to the air.  It didn't toss out white dust like my cheapie humidifier did and the noise of a running humidifier wasn't there either.  I also put bowls of water in front of the register in both winter and summer for a little humidity. 
Winter wonderland in NH
I guess we are supposed to get about 10 inches.  Its awful to say this but I had no idea it was even going to snow, I've been so busy lately working and doing errands that I haven't watched TV.  It was a shock to me when my neighbor called and said the kids were getting out of school early today because of the weather, I looked out side and was like why, it wasn't even snowing :)  Oh well, its the start of my weekend so I guess I can't really complain...stay warm!
Nope, it's seasonal. Aug. 31 through winter.
YIKES!!!Got our oil contract for this winter and almost passed out!!!

Last year I paid $845 for  600 gal of oil with a 2 months to pay. Yesterday, I recieved our contract for this winter and it would cost $1517!!!!!

Guess who won't be taking the contract.  That's ridiculous. The country is going to go broke at this rate. They want $759 for 300 gallons. That takes us 3 months into the winter, but......where do they think the seniors  and others are going to get this money?

Guess old Mamma Bear is coming out of storage this year. Wood is no problem for us. We have a stockpile for the garage coal & wood stove and a friend that has 11 acres of woods he likes certain areas cleared every year.

I feel bad for others who have no access to another heating source.

Anybody go south for winter and continue working?

Hubby and I are thinking of going south for the first time this coming winter.  I've found some sublets with internet access, mostly wireless, one wired.  My work uses DocQScribe and internet based.   I use a desktop computer for work but have a laptop capable of the job. 

Have any of you done this?  If so, what was your experience?  Any tips or precautions as far as wireless internet security?  At home we have a wired network with a hardware firewall/router so no experience with wireless.  I'm not high tech but not a complete novice either.

As for paying bills and accessing cash in a different locale, did you use online banking and ATMs or some other method?  I confess some hesitation about online banking even though most of my friends and neighbors have used it for years!

Thanks to anyone who can help. 

We just signed up for our propane for winter.. It's gone up a dollar per gallon...
from last year.  There is no shortage of propane as far as I know.  They just raise the price because they can.  We're paying 1.89 per gallon.  Thank goodness we have 2 wood stoves, but I'm sure a cord of wood will double too. . You can't win.
Space heaters can be very expensive as I found out one winter
by just trying to heat my office and leaving the reest of house cold. The cost to use the space heater was more than the gas furnace would ahve been.
Ya know, winter doesn't officially start until tomorrow

And, I'm already tired of the cold,

tired of all the snow,

but my kids love it and I can't move.

Then consider the heat bill.....now I'm crying

Only during the summer. Wild colored toe socks in winter.
Work some holidays - don't really mind during the winter months, but
when summer rolls around, I am at the beach on the holidays and do not work them. As an IC, we get nothing extra as far as $$ just the extra work.

Can't complain - have plenty of work all of the time.
I heard crickets til I realized it was winter. Was really the start of chronic
i still use my fan even during fall/winter and turn it towards the wall but drowns out noises. nm
How are you planning to deal with the oncoming high winter heating bills?
I'll be bumping the thermostat back another degree or 2, down to whatever leveI I can  not be cold at.  Otherwise there will be less "fun" money spent if it has to go to the oil companies!
I want my bread crumbs white so I let them dry up in the open overnight (winter brings low humidity)
a very good way not to waste stale bread (aside from pudding).
You can still get the old one without the wrist

wrest at Amazon. That's where I got mine. I couldn't use the one with the wrist rest either.

Ellen S.

Wrist pad
Wrist pad -- good idea. I've had a heel spur the whole summer and never thought using my pedal could be aggravating it. I use a foot rest type thing that my pedal sits on. I'm going to try my extra wrist pad to rest my foot on and see what happens.
How nice is this keyboard? Nice light touch?
I have a regular Microsoft ergonomic one now but I'm thinking I should probably get a replacement and use mine as a backup. 
aching wrist
Does anyone here have trouble with tendonitis?  I woke up this morning and could hardly move my hand.  My new keyboard is flatter than is comfortable for me.  I usually like them to be on a tilt.  Any suggestions on how to mend fast and to avoid this problem in future?
aching wrist

Sorry, didn't realize I was still on this board.


achy wrist

Yes but this new keyboard I have is not as slanted as I am used to.

I use a gel wrist pad. I also have the keyboard SM
in a comfortable position. Ergonomics are essential and you don't have to pay a lot for it. A good chair also helps. Mine has armrests, which I can adjust. Good luck.
New gel wrist pad and chocolates
I always get something even though it is just candy but my husband was being practical this year and bought me a new wrist pad as my other one was ratty.  The new one is great, I just have to get use to it.
yep, I have that too...on the wrist wrest. nm
wrist pain
I started using oregano oil about five years ago for wrist pain. I used to wear braces and get ganglions. At one point, I couldn't even pick up a jug of milk and was worried about driving because my wrists would send shooting pains while steering my car causing me to release the steering wheel in reaction to the pain. I am CURED now because of the oregano oil. I buy it at health food stores or on-line and I apply it directly to my wrists at the first sign of pain. I have not used wrist supports since starting with oregano oil and no longer form ganglions. I LOVE IT!!!
wrist supports

Does anyone recommend a certain kind of wrist support to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome?  It looks like there are so many to choose from.

Wrist pain
I have done/tried a lot of different keyboards/splints/gloves/trays ect.  The only thing that has made my wrists/hands stop hurting is a Kinesis keyboard.  I have the Advantage.  They are costly, but well worth every penny spent and your typing speed will increase once you get the hang of it.  I love mine.  They will pry it away from my cold hands one day.  Not giving it up ever. 
Wrist issues
Hi everyone!

I am having an issue with just my left wrist. It feels like it keeps locking up, and is pretty painful if I just let my hand dangle (like if you hold your arm out and relax your wrist so your fingers are going towards the ground). I only started working in April as an MT, and I am only 21. Do you think it could just be deconditioning or is it something I should get checked out? I don't have insurance right now so I really am trying to avoid a doctor's visit but I don't want to mess myself up permanently this young!

My wrist hurts sometimes....sm
And one time my elbow and all up my arm was hurting. I think I need to find some good wrist supports. I have bought 2 different pairs but I can't do the ones with the fingers on them. I need the ones that are just the wrist and no fingers.
wrist pain
anyone else out there has wrist pain at the end of their shift
Wrist pain
Mine burn like they are on fire all the time from my elbows down to my hands. I take Advil and get acid reflux. My back . .. hurts all the time. I feel like I'm 90!
RE: Wrist pain
When you have burning a nerve is involved. Have you tried Alpha lipoic acid? It is a supplement which can be purchased at wally world, etc. and it not too expensive. I use it all the time for burning in my leg (had back surgery). I take it twice a day. Also I take B6 for carpal tunnel. The doc said to take up to 400 mg per day. It does help me and kept me from having to have carpal tunnel surgery for a few years. I still take it for the left wrist thought. Hope this helps you.
wrist pain
I used to have wrist pain years ago and thought I would not make it in this job. A hand therapist at the hospital I worked for evaluated my typing position and told me to be sure my keyboard was not tilted and was flat on the desk, and that my hand/fingers were level with the wrists, and the wrists were level with the elbows (90-degree angle); therefore, the lower arm including hand/fingers should be straight (not angled upward or downward) and level with the keyboard. This was awkward at first but amazingly, by the end of my first day, I actually had no more wrist pain or even shoulder pain.
Anyone know who sells wrist braces...

for relief?  I have a few but have gained weight, so need one for a "fattier" arm. 



What is the advantage of having the wrist pad detachable?